My Mom and I


To start out, I'm a 28 year old woman, I'm from a small farm town in the Midwest. Growing up, I was taught how to masturbate at 14 by my childhood friend, we'll call her Helen. She had been doing it since she was taught by her older sister. We'd lie side by side, stroke ourselves, and enjoy the sight of each other getting off. One time, my Mom opened the door just as we were starting to stroke at our outer pussies. I had never gotten a "bad girl" from my Mom about what I did in private, so we just stopped for a minute while Mom apologized for not knocking, told us that dinner would be ready in a half hour, and left, so we could continue. At the dinner table, my friend seemed a bit uncomfortable, but my Mom was very cool about it, and no big deal ever came about it. She didn't want to warp my mind with nonsense about masturbation being sinful, and let me know that she was glad that I had discovered masturbation, and how healthy, normal and enjoyable it is. After high school, my friend and I parted, since we were going to different colleges. I missed our fun times together, but that's life. I went to a large university, got my degree, and am living in a medium sized city in the west.

My masturbation habits went from fingers through my years with my friend, to a dildo and then a rabbit pearl vibrator. If you've never tried a rabbit, you should. Those rotating beads, and the clit tickler ears will make you cum like crazy!

I masturbate every night, it's a hell of a lot more enjoyable than using drugs to make you sleepy. After climax, I drift right off. On weekends, I usually masturbate two or three times a day.

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My Mom, who is 49, came to visit me for a week during the summer. For 49, My Mom is amazing, she looks like she could be 20 years younger, and more than a few people have assumed we were sisters. If there's a fountain of youth somewhere, my Mom has found it.

She also keeps herself in good shape. I was pleased to learn that she had become very health conscious, like myself, and I could have someone to go to the gym with me. At 5 feet 8 inches tall, and 135 pounds, my Mom has an awesome body. I'm an inch taller and 5 pounds heavier than my Mom, and am proud of the way I've been able to keep my shape as good as it was when I graduated high school ten years ago.

I picked her up at the airport, and insisted that she take my room, with the queen sized bed, I would sleep in the guest room with the double bed. I moved her into my room, and got a call from work! I was tempted to ignore it, since I had booked the week off for vacation, but, being the person I am, I answered, and went into work. I left Mom alone, and fortunately, the work only lasted three hours. I made a mental note to NOT answer the phone anymore during my vacation, and headed home. On the way home, I suddenly realized something. Since I masturbate every night, my rabbit is on top of the nightstand, right next to my bedside lamp! Even though my Mom was cool about masturbation, I didn't want her seeing her daughter's favorite sex toy on display!

Pulling up at home, I went in, and Mom was not downstairs. I headed upstairs, and heard muffled grunts and a buzzing sound coming from my room. Oh, she had found my toy, and was using it! I had to look, I opened the door a bit, and peeked in.

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   My Mom was stretched out on the bed, completely naked, her legs spread wide, my rabbit vibrator teasing the outside of her labia, rimming her vaginal lips, drawing a grunt of pleasure from her! She did this over and over, her nipples were enormous and stuck out stiff and hard, like the pink pencil erasers I used in school. She got up on her knees, bunched the pillows underneath her, propped my rabbit up, and pushed him just inside her creamy center. Mom was free to bring her hands up, she cupped her breasts, her fingers stroking and lightly tweaking at her hard, aching nipples. Her moans of pleasure as she did this were driving me wild, my panties were soaked! As Mom continues to caress her body, she pushed down slowly on the rabbit, impaling herself inch by inch. Finally, with a grunt, she took in the last bit, and my entire rabbit was stuffed snugly up her!

Watching my Mom do herself that close to me, I couldn't stand it! I stripped naked, and entered the bedroom. My Mom was surprised to see me, but I encouraged her, egging her on!

"Yeah Mom, go for it! Fuck yourself with my vibrator! Watch me, and do it!" I hissed.

At the side of the bed, my Mom no more than two feet away, I pulled up the rocking chair that is at my bedside. Just before I sat down, I took the remote control! I sat down, and draped my legs over the chair arms! The knowledge that I was about to masturbate in front of my Mom was almost too much! I reached down, Mom's eyes grew wide when she saw my bald pubic region! Recovering from the surprise. Mom started to hump at the rabbit, the spinning pearls going. I parted my lips, and dipped my fingers into my wetness. Spreading it over my labia lips, I started to stroke at my clit hood, I couldn't believe the intensity of the feeling! I knew I wouldn't last long, so, with a smile of desire, I switched on the ears!

Mom let out a gasp, and she started using very unladylike language!

"Fuck, oh yes, fuck me, damn, I can't believe how fucking great it feels, make me cum, make me cum!!, she cried.

My Mom started to twitch wildly, her whole body spasming! Shaking and shuddering, she let out a shriek as she came!

Watching my Mom explode just shoved me to a wrenching climax, my cries of orgasm joined hers, as my pussy exploded! She collapsed on her back on the bed, spent, while my satisfied body just went limp in the rocker.

Floating back down to earth, My Mom and I were silent for a few minutes. I thought I might be embarrassed, but I was surprisingly not self conscious at all about the fact that I had masturbated wildly in front of my Mother.

She looked at me, and with a grin said, "You don't know how much I needed that.

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   Ever since your Dad and I got divorced, I've been so horny, I almost feel like I've been jumping out of my skin!"

I was still in a wild mood, so I said, "How about if we do a little shopping trip down to the Adult Toy store, and get you your very own Rabbit?"

I saw her eyes light up, and very soon we were browsing the wares. It was priceless to see my Mom's reaction, she'd never been in an Adult Toy store before. Glass dildos, butt plugs, anal love beads, all kinds of leather undergarments, a whole array of wild and sexy toys! I was starting to get turned on again, and we soon had a brand new Rabbit Pearl for my Mom. I could feel my pussy starting to simmer, and my nipples were getting stiff and tingly.

We got home, and with a grin, I asked Mom if she'd like to christen her new vibrator! My Mom said that before she did, could I shave her pussy? She said that seeing me all bare and smooth, had really turned her on, and she wanted to try a bare, smooth pussy region also. I took a pair of hair clipping shears, and started clipping at Mom's bush. She had kept it trimmed, so it wasn't too hard to reduce it to a well trimmed patch. I led Mom into the shower, and after applying shave gel, I carefully shaved my Mom's pubic region. I was starting to really heat up, as my Mom's pubic region was revealed little by little. Soon, her pussy was as bare and smooth as mine, and the sight of her bare, smooth pussy region in all its glory had me going. As we toweled off, I could feel my pussy aching, I was drenched, I could smell my own arousal.

Back in the bedroom, after unwrapping her Rabbit and placing it next to her, my Mom took the headboard, and propped herself up against it. I took my Rabbit, with another erotic jolt, I realized that my Mom's cream was smeared all along the length, and I was going to use it! I took the end, and propped myself up against the railing. Mom and I were directly opposite each other, we braced our feet on the bed, our legs spread apart, our toes almost touching. Seeing my Mom like that, legs spread wide, with her bare smooth pussy spread out for my eyes, like some beautiful flower, glistening and dewy wet with her desire, built my arousal up to a fever pitch.

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   I wanted to just go crazy on my clit, but I wanted it to last more than a minute or two. With a smile of desire, I reached down, I could feel my nipples standing out hard and erect, the aureole reddened needing my touch. Both hands cupped my breasts, fingers stroking and tweaking my hard, aching nipples, sending pulses of pleasure to my hot center.

My Mom started stroking at her hard, straining nipples, I watched them grow longer as she lightly tweaked her stiff nipples. My Mom's breathing started to deepen, as she ran her hands down lower over her thighs, her hips, and belly.

My hands slid down, I ran my hands over my body, fully immersing myself in the joy of self love. My hands were everywhere, stroking my belly, hips and buttocks. My sex was burning, aching for release, and drenched with the slickness of my juices.

I had to cum or go crazy, my Mom must have been in the same way, we both reached for our Rabbits. I placed my Rabbit right at my entrance, and pushed him in just a bit. My Mom did the same, and the buzzes of our toys filled the room, as we slid our toys up our soaking centers! My rabbit started to rotate inside me, the beads spinning, making me grunt with lust!

My Mom gasped with pleasure, as her Rabbit went to work, rotating and spinning inside her!

I was ready to explode, the idea that we were both pleasuring ourselves wantonly, in full view of each other, drove me toward orgasm! For the final push, we switched on the ears, and our throbbing clits got the stimulation they were craving! That did it, my body just started humping up and down, it was like I had no control!

I cried out "Yes, oh fuck yes, I'm gonna cum fuck, I'm cumming, fuck, oh yes, YES!"

My voice rose to a scream, I screamed with pleasure, it felt like a supernova was going off inside of me, as I came in what felt like every part of my body!

I could hear my Mom cry out, "Oh my God, I'm cumming yes, yes! YES!!"

My Mom let out a howl of pleasure, her body shuddering and spasming, as she gave voice to her orgasmic explosion!

I did not sleep a minute in the guest room that week, as my Mom had some catching up to do with self love, and wanted my help.

My Mom and I took several minutes just recovering from the thunderous climax we had both enjoyed. We got dressed, went downstairs and we went out for dinner at a nearby steakhouse.

Over dinner, Mom opened up, and told me many things about her early years. Her Mom had been surprisingly liberal for the time that my Mom was a teen, and taught her that masturbation was healthy and good.

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   As a consequence, she was determined to pass along the same positive things about masturbation that she had learned, to her children.

Mom said, "When I walked in on you and Helen playing with yourselves years back, I made sure to not overreact, and I figured that since you had learned already, I did not need to teach you, and that's why I never said much about it, except to make sure that you knew it was healthy and good for you. After your Dad and I got married, he was always horny enough that I never needed to masturbate. After we divorced, I started to masturbate again, but there always seemed to be something missing. It was almost like eating Chinese food, an hour later, and I was horny again!" she laughed.

I smiled and said, "That must have been a bit of a surprise, seeing your daughter's sex toy on display like that! Since I use my rabbit every night, the idea of putting him away in the drawer never really crossed my mind. "

My Mom replied, "I'm glad you didn't. When I saw it, my mind and my pussy lit up. I couldn't stop, I just had to try it out. And I am so glad I did! Now that I have one of my own, maybe I won't have to settle for Chinese food masturbation again!"

She continued, "I know that you were going to use the guest room, but I was wondering if you'd like to stay in your own bed, with me this week. I want to make up for lost time, and if it hasn't made you feel too weird, I'd like us to masturbate again together while I'm here. "

I could feel my inner recess start to churn, my Mom had just answered the very question I was going to ask her. I was glad that she wasn't freaked out about what we'd done, and very happy that she wanted to do more!

With a smile, I said, "I would love to do more with you Mom. Would you like to go back to our adult toy store, and see what other fun things they have?"

"Love to!" she exclaimed.

Back at the toy store, I noticed Mom was very interested in the butt plugs.

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   Anal sex was something that I had done, and enjoyed very much. My boyfriends had done me that way, and when masturbating, I love to finger my asshole as I drive myself to orgasm. Butt plugs were something I was also very interested in! I was also interested in the butterfly vibrators, the idea that I could bring myself off without using my fingers, or my rabbit was something I really wanted to try! After looking at various types, I settled on a model called the Venus Penis. It's a hands free butterfly vibrator that has a two inch dildo on the inside, that should vibrate very nicely just inside my horny center! I bought two vibes and two butt plugs, and gave my Mom a most wicked smile! On the way home, she admitted to me that she had never tried anal sex or any type of vibrator before my rabbit, but was very interested in trying them out, if I would help her. I told her how this was my first try with a butterfly style vibrator, about how much I love anal sex, and assured her that she'd love it too!

Back at home, we hit the shower, and washed each other down. Stroking hot soapy lather all over my Mom's gorgeous body was a very erotic, sensuous experience for me! My Mom felt the same way as she stroked soapy lather all over my body from head to toe. Giving and receiving pleasure like that is wonderful!

Back in bed, naked and horny, I told Mom to get on her hands and knees. I stroked my hands all over my Mom's very sexy ass, bringing soft moans of pleasure from her. I got some KY lube, and started to stroke the lube all over my Mom's asshole. Her moans of pleasure grew more intense as I ran my fingertip around and around her tight, twitchy rim.

"Oh yes, that feels so good!" she whispered.

Encouraged, I put a big dab of KY on my finger. Applying my finger back on her asshole, I pushed slightly against her, and my fingertip slipped into her. She let out what sounded like a startled gasp, but encouraged me on!

"Don't stop, please, keep going in!"

I did so, spreading the slippery lube up her back passage, enjoying the passionate sounds she was making! I took one of the butt plugs, and slipped it up her pussy to get some of her natural lube on it!

I whispered, "Mom, are you ready to lose your last bit of virginity?"

She gasped, "Oh fuck, yes, more than ready! Let me have it, plug my asshole!"

I slid my finger out, and in one easy movement, slid the butt plug out of her pussy, and up her back door! She grunted, made passionate sounds of pleasure as it slid up her! With a final push, the plug slid into her, and her butt-hole clamped tightly around the stem of the plug!

I strapped the butterfly around her hips, and let her adjust the straps until it fitted her just right. I was about to lube up my ass, but Mom grinned at me and told me that I had to receive as well as give! On my hands and knees, my ass upthrust and ready, the feel of my Mom's fingertips sliding around and around my rim was almost unbearable pleasure! She slipped a well lubed fingertip up my ass, and I was beyond making sensible sounds, all I could do was let constant sighs and moans of pleasure.

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   I let out a grunt of pleasure as the butt plug slid up me, and then my Mom strapped my butterfly on me, and I soon had it adjusted!

We lay on our sides, next to each other, and switched them on! The quiet hum started, and my pussy was soaked! It was wildly intense, and I knew it would not take long!

"On my god, I don't know how long I can last!" I cried.

I reached out, and started to caress my Mom's body! I just could not stop, I had to stroke her awesome bod! After a few seconds, my Mom did the same, her free hand sliding all over my belly, my breasts, my nipples! She lightly tweaked my stiff, tingly nipples, sending wild pulses of pleasure right to my hot, creamy center, and I was more than happy to do the same to her, enjoying the sounds of pleasure she made. Watching the joy and delight playing across my Mom's face just added to my own joy, and I could feel my orgasm getting ready to explode!

My Mom cried out, "Are you ready baby?" I nodded, and she said, "let's do it then, I'm gonna cum, fuck yes, I'm gonna explode!"

Just as I reached my peak, I felt my Mom reach out, grab me, and pull me into a tight embrace! I wrapped my arms around her, and I just exploded! I could feel my pussy wrench and start to spasm crazily, my asshole pulsing around the tight butt plug in time with my pussy! I howled, the pleasure was almost too much, and my Mom screamed, her scream of pleasure joining my howl, as her orgasm crashed into her, our bodies jerking and shaking with the force of our orgasms!

After our orgasms had spent their force, and we had floated back down, My Mom grinned at me.

"Wow, I haven't had such sexual pleasure like this for ages! I hope I did not hug you too tight, I just had a need to hold your body close to mine as we came. Your Dad used to do that to me just before climax, and I wanted to hold you close while we came!"

Needless to say, I did not mind at all. The rest of the week was just as much fun as that first night, and we used various combinations of our toys and our fingers, cumming again and again! The last night, after her assurance that she would not be weirded out by it, we stroked each others bodies from head to foot. We then sat closely, with our legs intertwined like a pair of scissors, our bodies touching. I reached out and cupped Mom's pussy. I let my fingers lightly glide up and down her slick, swollen vaginal lips, tracing the folds. With a feather's touch, I eased in between them and filled the void. As my finger slipped inside, I could feel my Mom's sweet moisture flow out, her moan of pleasure letting me know how much she liked it!

My Mom slipped her hand between my legs and found I was just as wet as she was! She let her fingertips glide lightly up and down my opening, tracing the contours of my slick lips! She slipped her fingertips into me, I breathed deeply and closed my eyes. My body reacted to the soft touch, I could feel my breathing increase, and my moisture started to flow, slicking up the two fingers Mom had slid up me.

"That feels so good," I whispered.

She found my clitoris with her thumb and she rubbed it until it was rock hard and erect. I was slowly moving my hips to the rhythm of her fingers.

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   I could feel my slick fingers find her clit, as I slid them around and around my Mom's hard pleasure bud.

Knowing that my Mom would like it, I rolled her onto her back. Her legs parted and I got between them! She wrapped her legs and arms around me, and as we moved our hips together, our clits, straining and erect, touched each other and our bodies responded! A wave of raw sexual energy shot through us and we both cried out as we ground our clits together.

I slid my hands down to my Mom's ass cheeks, and held her tightly against my crotch! I was consumed by the soft body under me, the heat of our arousal, the intoxicating scent coming from between our legs, and my Mom's delicious cries of passion! My cries of passion joined hers, as we clung to each other, my body humping wildly at my Mom's, our hips humping and grinding together, rubbing our throbbing clits together. Our bodies were covered with a fine glaze of sweat as our straining bodies rubbed and slid against each other. I could feel my pussy aching, my clit throbbing and burning with desire, as my Mom's straining clit rubbed against mine! I could feel it coming at me, I knew I was going to explode, we were both gasping, making breathless sounds of passion as we swept along towards our climax! My pussy wrenched wildly, and I howled with passion as I could feel my pussy explode! My Mom's howl of orgasm joined mine, her body exploding in orgasm! Our cries of orgasmic delight filled the bedroom, our bodies shuddering and writhing together, our pussies squirting, soaking the sheets with a flood of our juices, as an orgasm that felt like liquid fire tore through our straining bodies. After the first massive explosion of passion, our hips jerked in spastic little aftershocks as we continued to rub our throbbing clits together, sending bolts of pleasure racing through our bodies, until we collapsed, completely spent!

The next day, I took her to the airport. She grinned and said, "I have all my toys safely packed away, hope I am not singled out for a more intense screening! And, thank you, thank you so much for introducing me to a whole new world of pleasure. Chinese food masturbation, no more!"

After she got home, she gave me the good news that her toys stayed uninspected!.

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