My Mom's Surprise Part 2


After that day with mom touching my pussy andmasturbating me things have changed around the house. Mom has had this glow about her that I didn't seebefore. . I was not sure if it was because she changedor because I was soo much in love with her at thatpoint in my life.   I have always loved to help mom outin the kitchen and the next couple of weeks werepretty cool in that area. We would go into the kitchenand work on doing dinner and all and we would talkalot. She and I talked mostly about me being alesbian. She asked alot of questions. She wanted toknow like when I felt that way and if I ever felt anyattraction to men. You know the typical questions thatpeople ask about others that are different from them. The really neat part about mom was that she was neverand has never been judgmental about my lesbianism. Sheseamed and still does seam more curious then anything. And of course she has backed me up totally and has onmany occasions said she loved me. Which made life aloteasier for me. But on thing that she did avoid was what happen whenshe came into the room that afternoon. I wasn't surewhat to do about it but what I did get from her thatin a way she was feeling guilty about it.

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   I say thatbecause I brought it up a couple of times and shechanged the subject quickly and didn't want to talkabout it. Well that was not what I had in mind for thesituation so I put phase 2 into action. Plus my pussywould twitch everytime I was around mom. It all worked out really well and quite by accidentthat weekend. . Dad had a meeting he had to go to outof town and would be gone till sunday evening. Mylittle brother had a close friend that he had beenwanting to stay over night with for a while so mom lethim. Which left mom and me all alone saturdayafternoon and night. . . Mom was in the laundry roomdoing some laundry and I decided that it was now ornever. I went and started to talk to her. It didn'ttake me too much time and I started talking about mysexuality. If you know me I can be very outgoingsometimes and I decided that the best way of goingabout it was to flat out ask mom what she was thinkingabout that night.   She said she did enjoy it but shedid fell a little guilty about it also.

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   I asked herwhy she said she thought it was bad mostly cause shewas my mom and she was raised that incest was bad. Ismiled. . she asked me why. I told her that it reallymade me feel good that she didn't object to it causeit was with another women. . I told her then that I wasphysically attracted to her for a long time and that Iwanted to do more things with her. She turned red andthen asked what I wanted for to do tonight.   I toldher that I would really like to order a pizza and geta couple of movies to watch.   She agreed and we wentto the video store and did some shopping also. It was really nice to go shopping with my mom. We wentto the mall and walked all around had soo much funtrying on shoes and some clothes. . I would purposly gointo the changing room with her to get glimps of herhot body and if I could flash her with mine. We had aquick bite at the food court and then did moreshopping all afternoon.

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    We went to the video storeand picked out two movies. Then we headed home. It was about 7 pm or so so we ordered pizza on thecell phone on the trip home.   We got home and itarrived about 10 min later.   We sat at the table andate our pizza and talked some more. I had never talkedsoo much to mom and it was soo nice! And my pussy wassoaked from being soo excited all afternoon. Wefinished eating and then decided to go watch a movie. I said give me a min and I went up to my room andchanged into a nightie. . no bra or panties.   Came downstairs and mom was a little shocked that I was dressedthat way. I told her that no men around and that Iwanted to be comfy for the movies. She smiled and Iasked her if she wanted to get that way. She said asshe blushed that she would love to. So she went to herroom and came back with this really hot nightie.

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   Icould tell she wasn't wearing her bra but wasn't sureabout her panties. I would find out later that she hadon a really cool silk pair of panties. We sat thereand talked some more and was watching the movies andeating popcorn that I cooked while she was changing. It was then that I started my plan in motion. I askedher if she was thirsty and of course with eatingpopcorn and all she was. So as I got up I accidentlydropped a couple of kernals of popcorn and of coursehad to bend over to pick them up. I bent over so myass was right in front of my mom and gave her a goodlook at my bare pussy.   She didn´t say much that timebut when it happen the next time when I had to gopotty she slapped my ass jokingly and said that itcould be dangerous to show her that too much. . I knewat that time I had her just had to play it out so asto not scare her off too much. So what I did was whenI came back I sat right next to her. We had rentedsome suspense movie, not sure exactly what it was as Iwas more interested in mom then the movie. And then Iput the next phase into action. . as I sat next to herI got really close.

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   I am sure she could smell my sexas I could and it was a huge turn on. I then layed myhead on her lap as I have done most of my life. Thistime was alot different as I was just inches away fromher hot pussy and could tell she was wet and wantedher soo much!  She was a little surprised that I layedmy head on her lap but she didn´t protest she juststarted to caress my hair as she did in the past. Butthis time it meant alot more to me. I pretended to bescared a couple of times and would grab her legs andbring her closer to me and she would say how it was okand was just a movie.   When the movie was over shejust sat there and kept caressing my hair. It felt soogood and my pussy was soaked from it and I could tellfrom the heat that was radiating from her lap that shewas getting wetter and wetter. Then I turned around soI was laying on her lap and facing her. We talked someand the way I was laying my nightie wasn´t coveringmuch. . actually on purpose I let it ride up so mypussy was exposed some. As we were talking againwithout realizing what I was doing my hand moved to mypussy and I was rubbing myself. Mom didn´t noticeright away and I am not sure when she really didnotice but I know I was really rubbing it and she saidthat if I kept it up would make a mess on the couch. It was then that I asked her if that was a huge thingand she said no. "mom, I would really love it if youhelped me cum like you did before"  She noded and saidshe would.

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   "mom, it would really help me if you tookoff your nighty and let me take of mine. "  she didn´tsay a word just motioned me to sit up and as I didslid off her nighty. It took me about two maybe threeseconds to take mine off and I layed back on her lap. It was then that I realized that she had on a verycool silt pair of panties that had a huge wet spot onthem. She didn´t have any bra on and although I haveseen her bare breasts before they never looked soonice as they did then. I wanted to suck on them soobad that it hurt. Then I snapped back into real lifeas I felt my mom rubbing my pussy. She took one handwas still carressing my hair and the other hand wastouching my pussy. I spread my legs as wide as I couldand she was working my pussy like a pro. She wouldtake her fingers and slide them up and down my slit. . she said over and over that she really loved thefeeling of it being soo smooth. She would go all theway down to my ass and back up. . teasing my clit asshe passed it and making me soo wet.

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  . Then as sheslide her fingers up and down she would slide onfinger in me. I was soo wet that it sliped in veryeasily and then she would slide it up and run it overmy clit and it would twitch. . . she did this with twofingers and then three. . I was soo hot and wet and shewas a master at working not only the clit itself butright above it where it is very tender and drives mecrazy when it gets rubbed.   I realized that the wayshe was working my pussy meant that she masturbatedalot. So I asked her if she did. She admitted thatthere were alot of times when Dad was out of town forbusiness meetings and all that she would be very hotand masturbate. This made me soo hot it was soo hardnot to cum right away. But I wanted to hold off till Icouldn´t take it anymore. "mom, could you play with mybreasts also? Please!" "of course dear!" and then withher hand that was carressing my hair was nowcarressing my breasts. .

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   I was soo hot and on fire itwas unreal!! I have had some pretty hot orgasms in mylife and the one previous with mom helping me waspretty hot but what happen next was out of this world!I had squirted before but this was unreal. Moms handwas soaked as was the couch. . And what was awsome wasthat she didn´t quit, she kept on shoving her fingersin my pussy and rubbing my clit like it was the mostimportant thing in the world! My nipples were stickingout soo far and soo hard! I couldn't stand it muchlonger and wanted to cum soo bad. . . I think that momrealized that as it was then that she concentratedsoley on my clit and my god I came soo hard it wasunreal!! I cryed out and clamped my legs on her handand was soaked!! As I came to my senses which seamedlike forever I could see my mom's face and it had onit a huge smile. . . I thanked her over and over. . "itis ok sweetie, I loved doing it!"  Mom said. Then as Irelaxed some I again had a full view of my mothersbreasts. . .

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   they were sooo hot!! I wanted to suck themsooo bad!! "mom, you have helped me out two times nowand I can tell from the heat between your legs andyour nipples that you want me to help you don't you?""yes dear I do soo much. . ". . . to be continued. . . .

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