My mother saved me, but


My mother moved to a new town,where a new job was. I had re-adjust to the new school. Like i all schools hazing was something one had to live with. You have to learn to survive it. My first day school nothing much happened, which was surprising - I was introduced by my teacher to the entire class, felt embarrassed about that, when I had stand up before all of them. The next day was different, this time I was stopped at the gate with some tough looking boys.
"Ah so you're new, here . . . now let me what the rules are. . . " Richard said. His name tag said who he was.
". .

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  . . I have to give you my lunch money or my lunch, heard it all!" I say.
"Wiseguy, huh"
They drag out of my school and throw me on a puddle nearby.
"What the fuck, was that?!'
"Stop acting like a wise ass and never talk unless you are specifically told to do so, hand over your money"
I dig it out of my back pocket and give it to him. The rest of the gang leaves me alone. But that was just the beginning of my misery. These guys would hang out outside and look for a likely prey. I had promised myself not to tell Dorothy my mom. I did.
"Where are they?" She asks.
"You stay here, I'll talk with them". Instead of stepping out, she ran upstairs and changes and comes down and gets out of the house. What I could see was the back of her dress,It was a backless!. She starts talking with Richard who places his hand on her shoulder.

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   She stamps her feet and comes back inside.
"Justin, can you come out with me, please?"
"Of course"
She is ahead of me and I follow. Richard is talking on his cell phone. A large van stops by. The back doors open, the gang, Dorothy and I were in it and stopped by a large building. We get off.
"So where do you want do it" Dorothy says sounding anything I heard sound like. Richard his friends and a whole bunch of men came over. Dorothy stripped. I was held back by one of the men. Dorothy was being gang banged right before my very eyes. She was enjoying herself - I could see it and I was hating her for doing that. When it was over.
"You don't want to be beaten up again do you" She asked stinking of cum.
"But I don't want you do that, again"
"You would get hurt"
I was completely confused.

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   I had seen Dorothy naked, I had seen her get fucked and sucking several cocks. My body was saying something completely different than I what I was saying. We were dropped home. Dorothy bathed along with me. She sucked me off. A part of me was saying this was wrong another was going wild with ecstasy.
Richard never bothered me again. But Dorothyhad some kind of insatiable lust. She would disappear into the night to be fucked by him and his and gang, then ask me to fuck her.
She liked it when I watched being banged. She had become familiar with those guys.
"Show me what you can do with Justin, I want to watch"
I was horrified when she said. They stripped me and began forcing me to have sex with them. I did not know ifI would be able to bear, leave alone enjoy it. But it happened.

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   After the initial shock was over they fucked both me in my and ass-hole. One big hard cock after another. I knew it was hopeless to resist. The first time Richard beat me up, I had pissed in my pants - I was too scared do anything about this.
Later Dorothy licked the cum off from my body and sucked me off in front of all them.
"Wow!" All of them said. That started a whole new chapter in my life.

The next story some other time. .

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