My neice moves into my house and the family fun begins


My niece and I are very close in age. . In fact we grew up more like brother and sister then niece and uncle. . We played together. . We went to the same schools and even had same classes. . We would have graduated together but I had to make up a class in summer school that year. . .

So needless to say when she needed a place to stay stare her apartment building burned down I was happy to help. . It had been a few years since we last saw each other and it was nice to see her every day just like when we were kids. . That was until she started getting more comfortable and walking around my house in just her bra and panties

Before this story goes any farther let me describe my niece.

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  . She is about 5'8 with dark brown hair, bright blue eyes and 34 C chest. . She kinda' looks like a mix of Megan Fox and a young Jennifer Connelly. . Up until she moved I never realized she was this hot. . . Every time I saw her I get a raging hard on that I just can not seem to get rid of

To make matters worse I think she knew it and enjoyed teasing me. . He panties turned to thongs and her bras got skimpier and even see though. . .

Every chance I had to be alone I was jerking off to the thoughts of my hot as hell niece. .

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   When I was out banging one of my many girlfriends I was imagining I was fucking the hell out of my niece. . I even went as far as when I was doing the wash I would jerk off in her worn panties or bras. .

I was horny 24/7 and no mater how much I got laid or how much I masturbatedI could never satisfy my self

One day I opened up my hot tub for a nice relaxing soak. . My niece saw me and asked if she can join me. . I said sure and she left to get into something more appropriate. . She came back in a bikini so revealing that you could see her areolas in the top and her pussy lips barely peeking out from the thong bottoms. . . It took every bit of self control not to start playing with my self right there

She then said to me "I have a surprise" and brought out a cooler filled with ice and booze. .

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  . In no time we are drinking almost frozen vodka and run and getting plastered

After a bunch of drinks my niece goes "I see you cam into the hot tub naked so maybe I should do the same". . It was right then and there I realized I was not wearing anything and my raging hard on is right there for my niece to see. . . Before I could be embarrassed my niece took off both her bikini top and bottoms right in front of me. .

I tried not to stare but right in front of me was the most amazing pair of tits I have ever seen and a hairless pussy that would make any man happy. .

Right then my niece sits down next to me and says "Looks like you have some pressure built up, let me help you with that"and she grabbed my cock and started rubbing her hand up and down my swollen shaft. . I knew I should have protested but I was in heaven. .

What happened next I am not sure if I should blame the alcohol or the fact that my niece was playing with my cock but I started to suck on her amazing tits.

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  . She led out a loud moan. . . She then asked me to sit up on the edge of the hot tub so I did. . .

She got in between my legs and started giving me the most amazing blow job I ever had. . She would tongue the head, use her hands to stoke off the shaft, she would suck on my balls and she would use her thought muscles to work over the entire length. . I said to her "I am about to cum" and she deep throated me as I shot my cum deep down her throat. .

She smiled and said "Mmmmm you taste sweet like candy". .

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   She got up and turned around and I think she was abut to leave the hot tub but I had something else in mind. . I was still hard as a rock and I was going to do something about it. . As she got up and bent over to pick up her discarded bikini I grabbed her hips and started to eat out her pussy. .

Her legs instantly tightened and she squirted hot, sticky cum all over me and the hot top. . I then started to stick my tongue deep inside her tiny little pussy and I fingered both her pussy and asshole. . She was in ecstasy because she came over and over and over again non stop each time quaking and quivering. .

I then stood up and before she could say no I was ramming my cock into her wet pussy. . She moaned loud and I fucked her doggy style.

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  . The loader she moaned the harder I trusted my cock in and out of her like a piston. . Again she came one right after another

I was fucking my niece harder and faster then I have ever fucked any girl. . . We kept at it for a while but then I started to feel the familiar sensation in my balls as I was abut to cum. . I don't know why I did this but when I finally came I shot my incestuous load deep inside my nieces unprotected pussy. . She also came at the same time. . We both laid over the edge of the hot tub for like 10 minutes catching our breaths. . She then asked me "Did you cum inside of me?'.

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  . I told her yes and asked her if she was on the pill?. . she replied "No. . I guess we have a problem on our hands". . I apologized but she didn't seem concerned. .

That was the first of many fun nights with my niece but those stories are for another time

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