My Ride to Practice Pt. 4


Topic: My Ride to Practice Pt. 4 My Ride to Practice Pt. 4
It’s been a few hours since my sister and I made love.   I haven’t had the nerve to look at her, or even be in the same room as her.   I’ve been dodging her the entire day.   For the past few hours I’ve tried to stay in my room.   As I lay on my bed I only think about what I’ve done, and what may become of and, and how that would go over.  
At the moment, the only thing I’m currently wearing is my Lycra body suite.   The leotard like peace of clothing fits tightly along my body, not making it the best peace of clothing to wear at this time.   Every time I think of what I and my sister did, I begin to rise to the occasion, a bad thing considering.   I immediately try calm myself down, but the feel of my member pressing against the tight fitting material only massages it, making it hard to retract it.  
I an effort to control myself, I rotate towards on the clock.   Its only five pm.  
“Great. ”  I say to myself.   My parents are out of town, stuck out of town, and I’m snowed in here.

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    The worst part is I’m getting hungry.  
Figuring it best not to starve myself, carefully I leave my room, and head downstairs.   To my surprise, I see my sister there, dressed in the black skirt and tights from earlier.  
“Hey,”  she starts, then looks me over, “at least now I know why your suppose to wear shorts with that. ” 
Look down, and notice that like this, the body suite’s thin material leaves little to the imagination.  
I run back up stairs embarrassed.    I pass into my room, and throw on a pair of sweat pants.   I then go back down stairs, hoping to not meet my eyes with hers.   But what I do manage to see surprises me.   An entire candlelight dinner is set up, and my sister, standing on the other side of the table.  
“Hey, dinner’s ready. ”  She says.   Her face appears to honest for her to not have a hidden motive.   I take a seat at the head at the table, while she sits on the opposite end were she immediately begins, “Before we continue, I think you should know that I’ve been taking birth control pills for the last year to regulate my periods. ” 
“WHAT!”  I say, my head flying up from my view of the table.

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   “Here I am thinking I knocked you up for half the day, and yet you’ve been taking pills?” 
“Sorry, I would have told you earlier, but you ran out of there so fast that I didn’t have a chance.   Afterwards I figured you wanted to be left alone. ” 
I must admit, I did.   I stare back down towards the table.   “Yeah, I guess. ” 
“So, since everything’s okay, lets eat. ” 
After a decent meal (she no cook)  we returned back up stairs.   We watch a movie, and as ten o’clock comes around, she asks,
“So, you have any evening plans. ”
“No why?” 
“Well, since we’ve already gone all the way, might as well still have some fun. ” 
“Alright. ” 
My sister and I return to my parent’s bed.   Once again we both strip off our clothing.   My sister’s young firm body does nothing but force my member to full extension, and since I’m no longer nervous, I think it may be an inch longer than before, or at least it feels like it.   There’s so much back pressure on it, it hurts.  
We come up to each other.

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    We immediately embrace each other and kiss passionately.   Our tongue intertwine, and attempt to make the trip as far down the other ones mouth as possible.   I make sure my tongue studies every part of her mouth in which it can access.   It rubs the inside of her teeth, the top of her pallet, and the bottom of her own tongue.   I even convinced myself that I’ve touched her uvula.  
We separate leaving  a trail of saliva hanging between us.    With that Sarah lies on the bed, breaking or spit connection.   She then pushes back towards the head of the bed, and lies sensually on top of it.   I maneuver on top of her and kiss her again.   But my interest immediately lead my attention down her body and to her luscious breast.   I begin to suck on the left one, while playing with the right.  
“Uh, Uh. ”  My sister emits.  
As she groans, I can feel her nipples firming up under the pressure of pleasure.   I make sure to squeeze her breast before I switch.

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    I repeat the process with the right breast that I started with the left.  
He breathing deepens and her body shivers slightly.   This is my signal to move farther south.   I arrive at her special section to find her juices already finding their way out.   I immediately lap up what has emerged, and then dive in for more.   I continue to massage her breast, ensuring to keep to flow going.   I take my tongue in and out of her, making sure to hit her clit both on the way in and out.   This send a convulsion in and out of her with every round.  
As time goes on, I feel as if its time to move on, and finally re-enter my sister.  
“Wait. ”  She says as I sit up.
“First put this on. ” She reaches over to the night stand, and picks up a small vile of Vaseline.   “Your about to go were no one else has gone before. ”  I take the plastic, ovule shaped bottle, not realizing what she means.

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    “Use it liberally. ” 
I take a huge clop of the stuff and rub it on my dick.   It doesn’t take me long to realize that I use too much.   I begin looking  some place to dump the extra when Sarah says,
“Now rub the rest around my butt. ” 
“Go ahead, stick some of it in too. ” 
I take the large glob of petroleum jelly and find the small, shut looking whole at the back of her body.   I place my jelly covered figures around the rather smooth looking area, and rub it on.   I make sure to place as much of it on the mutely winking spot as possible.   I then pass one of my fingers inside and push it in as far as possible.   I then retract it completely.   I realize that, treating this like her vagina may be warranted.    I place my figure back inside of her, and remove with increased intensity.
My sister adopts a face of mixed views. I can see the pleasure, and yet I can also see some discomfort.   I decide to continue with my assault, and insert another jelly covered finger into her.

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“uuuggh. ”  She emits.  
I stick another figure, and this time maneuver it around try to widen this extremely tight passage.   As I press my fingers on the inside of this extremely hot hole I begin to feel the walls ease.   I figure that there’s no time like the present and remove my fingers.   I take a hold of my dick and take it to her hole, I press against the hard, outside walls, noting a decent amount of resistance, but there still is enough give, and I push in.   I force myself into her, causing my sister to immediately arch her back.
“Ahh. ” 
I can tell she’s in pain, but some part of me makes me not want to ease up.   I push into her, rather slowly, but steadily.   Her body flexes and pulses. Her anal tube tries to constrict, making this hole much harder than her vagina, but somehow much more interesting.   Eventually, I find myself all the way to my balls, and can go no further inside of her.  I take my hands and grab onto her sides.   Its now that I begin to reciprocate, ensuring that I only do so slowly at first, not wanting to hurt her to much.

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    I start slow, trying to read her facial expressions.   Each time I see her switching to pleasure, I increase my speed.   Eventually, I my manhood almost completely emerges from her, but I ensure that it goes all the way back in.   I come down on her, rotating her lower body up, allowing me to use her whole while I kiss her face.   I continue beet inside of her, reciprocating at a high rater.   Each beet makes it harder and harder for her to return my kisses.   Eventually, her head cocks back once again, and her breaths are tuned to the beet of my attacks on her 2nd love passage.   As I go, I begin to feel a pressure coming up inside of me, I beginning to cum.  
“I’m starting to cum. ”  I barely say.  
“So am I. ”  My sister forces out.  
I continue my assault at my current pace making sure to we cum together.  
“I can’t take it any more. ”  She yells.

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“Nether can I. ”
“I let my fluid fly into her.   While I feel it is no where near as much as last time, the feeling is the same.   And as before, my sister lets out a screaming orgasm, and I feel my fluids all over my waste.  
We spend the night holding each other under the covers.  
Before I realize it, its day light outside.   I turn around and see Sarah still sleeping, not to mention, 
“Oh, sorry dear, I didn’t mean to wake you. ”  Says my mother.  
Immediately, every ounce of blood drains out of my body, and my mind makes every attempt to rip out of this physical form and head for the hills.  
“Mom?”  I say in fear.   “Your not suppose to be home. ” 
Sarah wakes, sees my probably bone white face, then turns to see mom.   “Oh hi mom. ”  She says sleepily.   Of course it doesn’t take long for a “MOM?”  to come out of her.

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Suddenly dad walks in.    “You know, we don’t mind you two sleeping with each other, specially if you take the right precautions, but not when there’s tons of snow on the driveway, and not in our bed.   Now as soon as you two are ready, we need to shovel the drive way and the street, the car’s stuck a block away. ” 
“You’ve got to be kidding me. ”  Sarah says.  
“What?”  our mother starts, “You’d rather have us be mad and send the two of you away to some sort of purity camp, no.   We’re fine with it. Your both human, and old enough. Better each other, than some dirty stranger.   But, we really do need to get the car out the street, so hurry up. ” 
“Well good, because Jason wants to be a girl. ” 
“What, I do not!” 
The End.  
Well, not completely, I do have sequels planned using the same characters, but they’ll all be in different categories.   So keep on the look out.   As for the big delay (it was finished in March), work got in the way, and this was the first opportunity.

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    So keep looking out.