My sister and mother.


Hi people, am raj from south india. Am 18 years old and my height is 6 ft 2 inch and weight 90 kg, by this you can say am huge boy . My mother's name is mamatha and my sister is bhanu. My mother mamatha is 40 years old and sister 22 years. My sister's height is 5ft 2 inch. And weight 55kg. Her figure is 34-28-36. She is very sexy. In home, we'll be very close to each other. My sister used to tease me a lot. She have a habit of wearing my buniyan in home. As am too tall, she is short my buniyan looks like petticoat and it comes till her hips. It covers her ass cheeks completely. It continued a long time. But once my all 4 buniyans were in her room. She always wear them under her dress as petticoats.

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   I got angry and asked, my stuff back, but she started teasing me and dint give the stuff back. I went to my mother mamatha and complained, but she said its ok darling let her wear. . Then i told like so i'll wear her petticoat as buniyan. . Mom said, do whatever you want. I went to sister's room and took her petticoat and i put on me, it was a cotton piece and it looks good and i felt great on my body. It almost covered my stomach. I showed my sister. She started teasing me like hey you'r a girl. . I went to mom and showed, mom said it's looking good. From then onwards, i started wearing my sister's stuff. In the night, i took her nighty and put on, its silky and felt more feminized on my body. Next morning after i took bath, it was a sunday.

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   So after taking bath, i covered with her petticoat which she always wear under saree and came to hall. My mother said, what the hell?? I said mom, sister can wear my stuff and why cant i wear her's?? Then mom said do whatever you want, i don care. . As it was sunday, all were in home. I asked my mom to make me a girl, i want to tease sister like that. My mom accepted and told me to shave completely. Then she called me to her room and gave me her saree, petticoat, blouse, bra, panty and told me to wear. I felt so happy and she left. But i called her again and told i don know how to wear saree. She told she can wear for me, if i wish. I said ok and she took the bra in her hand and told me to put my hands inside the bra strap, i did as my mom told. And she told me to turn back and she brought the bra straps on my shoulders and she is on my back and she pushed my chest up to fill the bra cups and hooked the bra, she adjusted the straps and came front of me and slightly lifter my chest and the bra fit properly. It was very sexy black bra. And she told me to wear panty. The panty was matching to the bra and panty was silk black colored.

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   I put my legs in the panty and pulled around my hips, the material of my mother's panty felt awesome around my cock. Then she took her petticoat and i slided in to my mom's petticoat and she tied the petticoat threads around my hips below my navel. Then she took her blouse, red colored in to her hand and told me to put my hands in the blouse. I did. She did it for both hands and she came to front and tied the hooks of blouse and adjusted properly and pushed my bra straps inside my blouse. And she wrapped the silk saree around my petticoat and adjusted the pallu of the saree on my shoulders , so that it cover my breast. She then adjusted the blouse so that small cleavage is visible and adjusted my saree below my navel. Then she gave her ear rings to me and put the lipstic to me. My saree was red and so lipstick matched my saree. Then i applied cream and i put bangels on my hand i felt like a indian woman. Then i saw in the mirror. I was looking so good. My mother kissed me on my cheeks and told me to go to my sister bhanu. i went to her room, she was sleeping. She was wearing nighty.

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   I went to her and disturbed her. She saw me and got up in a shock. Her eyes went broad and told me i am looking beautiful. I said thanks. She pulled me and told me sit my sister. From now she is going to call me rani. She kissed me on my lips. She asked me whether she can hug me. I told yes akka u can do anything for me. She closed the door and came near me and hugged me tightly and removed my pallu and kissed on my blouse in between my breast. And removed my saree completely and took a photo and she took the handy cam and she started shooting me from top to bottom. She then kept the camera on the table so that it will point me and record. She slowly unhooked my blouse and removed the blouse , now am in my bra and petticoat. She kissed me on my bra cups and started rubbing my back. She lifted my bra up and started licking my nipples.

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   I was moaning. She removed my bra and hugged and kissed on my lips passionately and started squeezing my breasts. She was playing wit my tongue with her lips. She then removed my petticoat and started kissing on my black panty. She removed the panty and she removed her nighty, bra and her panty and we both were kissing like lesbians. And i started licking her nipples and inserted my tongue in her pussy. She told me to fuck her. I did. .