My sister neded more experience.


My sister needed more experience.
(My older sister is now 17 and I am 16. A reminder – we live isolated in the country outside a small town. We don’t get to spend much time with others our age. )
Every boy my sister tried to date was sure she didn’t have the experience to deal with their needs. (What did they know? They were clueless hicks like all of us. ) Their rejection of her just meant that she wanted to experiment with me more. I didn’t resist.
Our rendezvous loft in the barn became a frequent love nest. We now started with her removing her top and skirt leaving her only in her panties. (She still didn’t wear a bra since her tits were so firm. ) I took off my jeans so only my boxers and her panties were between us. She looked better and better as she developed. I started with passionate kissing (She needed to practice – all I was doing was helping her. ) and then moved to touching and pinching her tits. She always wanted me on top of her.

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   (Was she wishing the boys would assert themselves?)
I took a risk and moved my kissing down her neck to her chest, and then went for it. I kissed a nipple and then looked up to see how she reacted. She squirmed in a sexy way and I knew I would soon be in another level of heaven. I kissed her nipple again and then licked my way through the valley between her nipples and kissed the other one.
I didn’t need to decide that sucking was the next step – I had no choice – it was what I had to do. Sucking her nipples wasn’t just the next level of heaven, it was beyond ecstasy.  After sucking her nipples for two minutes, I came in my boxers. This time I’m sure she must have noticed. My cum must have gone through my boxers and her panties – after all, I was 16 and cum was in ample supply. She looked up at me with the sexist smile I have ever seen (like that was so many). I didn’t know what to do next. She did. She reached down and rubbed my cum against her panties and my boxers. (We were very discreet about how the laundry was done after this. )
We kissed like never before.

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   Our bodies were against each other with only a thick film of sweat and cum between us.
I was now totally in love – with my sister and I knew I was way ahead of the other boys at school.