My sister


I would say that it all started when I was 14 years old and my sister was 15.   She was about 5' 6'' with brown hair and very nice breasts. They were big, but not too big, and she had a nice body, not to skinny, not chubby at all with a gorgeous ass and nice olive skin.   I myself am lighter complected about 5'10" with a decent build and blue eyes.   My sister and I had never really fought and as we got older we became comfortable talking about anything, sexual or whatever.   Summer break before my freshman year and her sophmore year was a turning point.   We hung out pretty much all day everyday while our parents were at work then went and did our separate thing at night with different friends, but we'd always come home at midnight (which was curfew) and hang out some more. It had gotten to a point where we didnt even mind changing to into bathing suits or whatever as long as our back was to the other an we'd say "ok dont stare im gunna change"  But of course i would watch out of the corner of my eye and shed give me glimpses of those tits  an I in turn would let my dick fall out of my boxers or something to that effect once in a while.   It was a hot summer day and we both were up around 10.   We made some food and hung out watchin t. v. an talkin.   She was wearin a wife beater and some colorful undies, it was very obvious she had no bra on. I myself was just in my boxers and feeling very horny that day.   After a while she drifted off to her room and once I noticed shed been gone for a while i went to see what she was up to.   She was laid out on the bed readin a book.


    I plopped down next to her an said whatcha doin?  She said nuthin much juss readin, what do you wanna do today?  I told her it was a good lazy day an I thought I'd hang out around the house and maybe swim a little eventually.   She said that sounded cool with her.   I bothered her a little more while she was tryin to read with some pokes and stupid questions, the whole time just starin at those tits and getting so hard.   We were both layin on our backs talkin and she plopped one leg over the both of mine to stretch more. Not only did this spread that beautiful pussy out but it made me rock hard.   She got up after a bit and said she was ready to swim.   I said cool with me.   We were deciding if we should steal a couple beers to have in the pool and she was still sittin next to me and just took her shirt off, plainly showing me for the first time both tits, about 8 inches from my face.   I said "damn sis lettin em flop today?"  she said im just not really embarasses in front of you and i said she shouldnt be.   She turned around and took her underwear off only letting me see her stark naked from the back.   I waited til she got the bikin on then said i was going to change.   I went in my room and dropped my boxers knowing i was rock hard and wanted to whack it so bad but i couldnt.   I left my door open and my sis passed it but didnt come in to see me change.   She was teasin me bad. We went out to the pool and swam around and laid on the rafts for a while.

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    After a bit she took her top off and asked me to oil her.   I was rubbing her back, very imtimately when she turned over and told me to rub her tits.
      I did as i was told and rubbed them both with the utmost care and concentration.   Feeling her hard nipples and touching every piece of bare skin.   After a while i got out and said i was going in to shower an watch a movie.   I had to jack off.   I got in the shower and just started jerking it when my sister walked in cuz she had to pee.   After she got dont she plain as day said "can i get in there with you?"  I nervously told her yea, if she wanted to.   She got in an immediately we kissed digging in each others mouths with our tongues.   She dropped right to her knees and proceeded to take every bit of my 6 inch cock back and forth in her mouth.   I was rubbing my hands through her hair telling her to suck my cock.   She was moaning and I knew she was getting pretty hot herself.   She tried to come up but i told her to suck me til i came.   I was skull fucking her by this point because I just couldnt take it.   She was moaning so loud as i made that last thrust and shot my load all in her throat.

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        She choked a little but swallowed it all.   I laid her on the floor of the shower and went to town on that hot 15 year old shaved pussy.   I licked both sides of her pussy, the clit, her ass, in and out i strted fingerin her in the ass and pussy as i licked anywhere my tongue could fit.   She was jerking violently and tell me to suck her pussy  "Suck my pussy brother, suck your sisters pussy"  After a while of this i lifted her legs up to my shoulders and slid my cock right in.   It was so warm and nice i almost blew a load right there.   The water from the shower was pounding down and her big tits were rocking and she was moaning, alomst crying from pleasure as i was just beating this pussy up.   Fucking her so good that i was practically screaming.   After about ten minutes of the best sex i could ever imagine i told her i was going to cum  She pulled my face close to hers and told me to look in her eyes and say im gunna come in ur pussy big sister so i said it over and over til i blew the load  she screamed and dropped limp.   We both had the most intense orgasms ever.   After that day we fucked regularly.   Nobody will ever compare to my sister.
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