My Sister's Ways


Warning: This story contains explicit sex with minors and incest!(Please excuse my writing; English is not my native language)(This is my first attempt at writing a Sister's WaysIt probably all began when I was 15. My sister was 13 at the time. really pretty with short brown hair, dark brown eyes, not too tall or too small. I had spied on her a few times before - like most brothers do - when she was bathing or showering. I was in full blown puberty and not with a girlfriend. I really liked her body and her cute butt, the hairless pussy. Everything was perfect. I hadnt really thought about my sister in that way before. At least not too much. But one day she became more than just my little sister. She became my fantasy. It was in the summer. And one weekend we went to a nearby nude beach with our parents. Not that we were nudists or anything or walked around the house naked. No we just went nude swimming sometimes. Nude beaches are really normal where I come from.

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   And from this day I saw my sister in a whole new light. At first we were laying out our blankets amongst the other people and we undressed. I am a little shy so I wasnt looking at her while I changed. And when I turned around I got a real treat. There she was. lying on her back in the sun. She wasnt tanned too much so her skin was almost white with just a shade of pink. exactly how I like it. And what was really captivating, were her breasts. Not too big, she was only 13, but not too small either. Just enough for a hand. And they were so soft and firm, so inviting with their little rosy nipples standing out a bit. I could have kissed them right then and there, if my parents wouldnt have been there. And there was her pussy. Two lips without any hair on them, really pink and tight and never touched by any men before.

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  After seeing all that, there was only one thing I could do. I layed down on my stomach to hide my rapidly growing erection and hoped she hadnt seen it. And I tried to think about other stuff fast to get my dick to cool down. When it was soft and limp again I raced to the water, swam a little and masturbated under the water til I came. No one noticed and a few minutes later I was able to get out of the water again. And from this day on I was almost obsessed of my sister. I tried to get to see her nude whenever I could. And I tried to touch her whenever I could. But my big day should come. The same year, the same summer. We went on a vacation with our parents. We had two bungalows near a nice lake. One for my parents and one for me and my sister. And I knew this would be my chance. On the first evening we were watching TV together and talking about this and that until it was time to go to bed.

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   I went into the bathroom first, took a quick shower, brushed my teeth and changed. I was sleeping in a t-shirt and my boxers. When I came out my sister went into the bathroom. Of course I snucked a peek at her through the keyhole. I saw her nice firm ass when she was undressing before my eyes. And she didnt put anything on until she had showered and soaped every inch of that fantastic body. And she spent an extra amount of time between her legs, rubbing the soap really all over the lips of her pussy. Her fingers even pushed in and out a few times and she moaned softly. I kinda had the impression she knew I was standing there and wanted to put up a show just for me. And all the while my cock was out of my boxers hard and hot and was stroked by my hand. I didnt cum, though. I guess I wanted to save something for later. When she came back into the room she was wearing a big t-shirt, one of my old ones i think, that didnt even cover her cute white cotton panties. And her nice tits were pressing against the thin fabric of the shirt without the cover of a bra. The nipples were still hard and perfectly visible.

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  I of course was watching all this through my almost closed eyes while I was pretending to sleep. She climbed into the bed and tuned off the light. But as much as I wanted it I couldnt get much sllep that night. Not with all the pictures in my head and her warm body that close to mine. An hour or so after we went to bed I suddenly noticed a movement. I must have dozed off for a while because she was now lying almost completely on my side of the bed. I openedn my eyes and saw her back facing me and in the next moment her ass in her panties was touching my boxers. Or more exactly my now hard and throbbing member was pressing against my boxers and her crack. And even though she clearly must have felt it, she didnt move away. No, she even started moving her ass up and down along my dick and I realized she was doing it on purpose. And who was I to rob her of her fun. I was just afraid I would cum too early. Then, after a few minutes her movement stopped. Just before I thought I would shoot my load right then and there in my boxers, I felt her turning around. I quickly closed my eyes and I could sense her looking at me for quite some time.

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   Maybe she wanted to be really sure I wasnt awake. And then she got even braver. . . Without any further hesitation she pulled away the blanket that had covered her and me. I didn't even have to look to see what her eyes were watching now. They were concentrated on the huge bulge in my shorts, were my 6" dick was lying and poiting in her direction. Her small hand crawled forward, touched my leg for a second and came to rest right on top of my erection. Only a thin layer of fabric was preventing her from feeling her first real cock. And this feeling was really starting to get too much for me. I knew I had to help her in some way to take my boxers off so she could touch my burning flesh. But I still didn't want her to I wasn't sleeping, it could have ruined everything. When I felt her hand moving up a little and trying to lift the front of my shorts up to see what' inside, I took my chance. I slowly turned around til my back was facing her direction and while doing that I made sure that my boxers, hold by her hand, weren't really covering anything enymore. Maybe she was a little dissappointed, because the price she had been looking for, was now on the other site.

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   But I changed that a few seconds later. It didn't take long until her hand made contact with my dick. She was grasping it a little and stroking up and down, but still very carefully. And then I felt something else, something warm and wet on my cock. Her tongue had started to lick it slowly, slipped under my foreskin and in my pee hole and so she got to taste the first few drops of my precum. I didn't know if she liked it, but she stopped. I didn't wanna risk opening my eyes to see what she was doing, but there was no need to do so. I felt her moving around on the bed and the rustling of clothes, before she lay down again and pressed herself against me. You have to imagine the fully naked warm hot body of your little thirteen year old sister pressing against you to know what I was thinking in this moment. Her soft round butt lay against my cock so it was slipping right between the two beautiful cheeks. In this moment I wanted nothing more than to push my dick into her tight pussy, cover her body with mine and fuck her hard and fast til morning. And that was what she wanted, too. Without waiting she spread her legs, took my dick in her hand and put it to the lips of her awaiting pussy. I could feel her juices on the head of my cock. She was already so wet I would have no problem pushing in her.

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   And then she pushed her body back against mine and I slid into her all the way and teared open her virgin hymen in one stroke. I had only a faint idea of how she felt, but I knew she had to be in a lot of pain. She head lost her virginity to me, her most precious gift. And I was afraid the pain would be too much for her to continue. So I lay my arm around her and stroked her face softly. "Shh. It's okay. It gets better soon. "She sounded surprised even though she must have known I couldn't stay asleep during all that. "You're awake?" she whispered. "The whole time," I explained. "But it's okay. I always wanted to do that with you. " After that I could feel a little smile forming on her face. "Me, too," she answered softly.

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  "Does it still hurt?" I asked and she nodded. Slightly I began to pull my penis out of her, but she grabbed my hand and made me stop. "Please," she whispered. "Please do it! I want it so much.
    ""I know," I said and pulled out of her completely. Her face looked so disappointed when she turned around to me, and it was hard to talk with this vision of beauty lieing before me. A tear was running down her cheek and I collected it with my finger. "I just wanted to see all of you. "I slowly got on top of her and saw that she was smiling again and spreading her legs wider for me. I could see a little blood on the bedsheet and was a little hesitant to push into her again. The head of my cock brushed against her slit and I felt all the wetness that had formed there. Looking in her eyes I discovered a mixture of embarrassment and desperation. It was the first time anyone had ever seen or touched that much of my sister and I knew it had to be very difficult for her. But on the other hand she wanted to get taken. She wanted to be fucked so desperately and she wanted it to be me who did it.

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      And no one could have resisted those eyes. So I leaned down and pressed my hungry lips on hers for our very first kiss. I felt her warm enticing mouth on mine and her tongue was slowly sneaking out and massaging mine, while she stuck it deeper and deeper in me. After a minute or so I was finally able to pull away and look at her again. "Say it," I whispered. She looked up at me so innocent, so full of lust, and nodded softly. "Please do it," she said. "Please fuck me. "Even though I had wanted it so badly, I was kinda surprised to hear those words. My little sister begging to be taken - just the thought of it had me almost cumming again. And I couldn't wait any longer. My long hard shaft parted the awaiting lips of her pussy and pushed into it in one short stroke. She cried out as pain and pleasure were overwehlimg her. Her breathing became faster and harder and I could feel the hot air carressing my face. Since she was still in pain my next strokes came very slowly.

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       I pulled out of her almost completely and pushed it back inside very carefully, as not to hurt her any more than necessary. She still whimpered each time, but I could feel it was getting better. Her moeans of pain were turning more and more into those of arousal and pleasure with every new stroke. I took her hard little nipples in my mouth and licked and sucked them. While I felt her hips bucking up against me. More of her soft small breasts was pushed into my mouth and I bit down on them very slightly to receive a hard short gasp from her lips, before I pushed my dick into her again. It was the best feeling I had ever had. The muscles of her tight channel squeezed my cock so hard that I was cumming instantly. All of my sperm shot out in one huge eruption and filled her womb. I kept ramming her hard because I knew she was almost there, too. With each stroke more of her wetness coated my staff and flooded out of her slit, now mixed with my sticky white cum. As she felt my hot fluids shooting into her she moaned so loud I was afraid she would wake our parents even though they were sleeping twenty meters and one house away. And a few seconds later her whole body shook so heavily and her breasts and hips moved upwards as if she couldn't control them anymore. In the next moment she went completely still. An amazing amount of juice came gushing out of her and she fell down on the bed.


      It was such an amzing sight I'm still dreaming of it almost every night. Exhausted I layed my head down on her breast and listened to her labored breathing, until she had calmed down enough to be able to speak again. Her hands had began to wander over my back. "I. . . I don't know what to say. . . " she studdered. "That was fantastic. "She took my head in her hands and pressed her lips on mine again for another hot kiss. "Can we do it again?" she asked and looked at me with a grin on her face. I nodded. "Yes.

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       I hope we can do this as often as possible. " I kissed my way from her lips down to her neck and tasted her beautiful skin. "But maybe we should wait a few hours til I'm all ready again. "She looked at me askingly. "You mean we can't do it right now?"My mouth left her neck and went even further dopwn. "We could. But I don't think I have anything in me anymore. I may need a little while to. . . recharge. "She laughed happily. "You mean. . .

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       your sperm. "It sounded a little crazy coming from her mouth. And the next second her face grew darker, she lifted her arms and pushed me down from her as fast as she could. Her hands began to feel her pussy and the remains of my cum that were leaking out of it. "You came in me!" she cried in horror. TBC.