My sweet little Tanya part 2


 God the next day I was walking around with my head in the clouds with all the sweet images of Tanya circling about . When I got home Tanya was sitting in front of the air conditioner trying to cold down from the hot summers day she was wearing a pink half top shirt and a pair of short shorts witch showed of her pussy lips quite nice. I asked her where her mom was and she said Paulette was over Grammies. I looked at my baby girl and asked her how she was doing today since I fucked the living hell out of her last night I thought to myself, she said her cramps where a little strong but other than that she was well. This was great news since I didn’t want anyone to know what happen last night.
            Tanya turned to me and asked Daddy do you think I am pretty? I told her she was the most beautiful girl in the world, why you do ask sweetheart I said. Girl??… oh……. she paused, just wondering she said. I could not help thinking that all the talking I done may have worked and Tanya wanted to fuck me but did not know how to go about it. Ah its nothing daddy A couple of weeks went by and Tanya gave no hint or desire that she wanted to sex with me I couldn’t stand it I need to fuck my little 13 year old girl again but this time I wanted her to be awake I wanted to hear her scream I Cumming daddy, fuck me, yes fuck me daddy fuck me good.
            Just then Tanya came in the room and said daddy  could you please do me a super big favor pretty pretty please as she was batting her soft blue eyes at me . Sure sweetheart  you know that I would do anything for you. Great here is a couple of songs that I was wondering if you could burn for me, Yea baby no problem I said as I looked them over.
The music was up to date and some of the songs where cool THAT’S IT!! I said aloud looking around so no one heard me I know how I could get to fuck my little girl again and with what I went straight to work I surfed the net till I found the program I needed subliminal messages Yes perfect I thought to myself, for hours I pack her cd with all the messages for her to fuck me. The next day I called out Tanya honey there was no answer she was up in her bedroom listening to some tunes with headphones on I thought, so I when up to see her cause I wanted her to start playing her new cd.
            As I got upstairs I heard a soft sound coming from Tanya’s room her door was slightly ajar and my cock just went instantly hard there she was lying on her bed with her teddy on and no panties legs spread far apart and her little fingers rubbing her pussy I could she her juices flowing out of her like a river her head tossing from side to side as I could hear her whispering yeesssss oohhhhh yesssss faster pleaassseeee ggggooood don’t stop!!! My eyes glued to my baby I yanked out my cock and started pumping it to match her hand faster and faster she was rubbing her pussy with her other hand she started to work 2 fingers into my little love hole quickly pounding the hell out of it she started to cum again this time a little louder OH YES! YES!!  AHHA MMM THERE!! YES RIGHT THERE!! She screeched.

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That’s all it took and I came all over myself I kept watching as she finally came down of her orgasm. I went down stairs to clean up and a short time Tanya came bouncing in all cheery Oh hi daddy how are you she said quit bubbly I told her that I was doing great (after all I just had cum with my little girl who wouldn’t be) oh here is your cd sweetheart Tanya ran up to me put the arms around my neck hugged me and kiss my cheek and thanked me I just smiled and said no thank you.
            The next day came and went 3days and nothing 6 days still nothing I could hear her playing the cd Damnit I must of fucked up some how oh well I said it was great what I got I got that to hold onto .
By now a lot of you must of figured out that Paulette is hardly ever home she works late a lot and goes on a lot of trips witch leaves me plenty of time alone with Tanya. (Now that we know where my wife is back to the story).
 A week and half went by forgetting about the cd I was heading into the bathroom as I got there the door open and surprised a freshly shower Tanya so much so that her towel dropped to the floor. I stood there looking over her body and my cock swelled in my pants Tanya was not in no hurry to cover back up she slowly bent down and pickup her towel as she stood back up she let her hand graze upon my harden cock and head into her room. Holy shit did what just happen really happen I thought to myself she touched my cock! She closed her door just a little I could see that she was standing in front of the mirror checking out her body my god she is so beautiful.
Tanya call out Daddy could you please come here slowly I went to her door and knocked I figured that she was going to put her teddy and wanted to talk instead she was still naked. Um honey shouldn’t you cover up I said. No, why daddy don’t you think I am beautiful? I keep on having this dream she said and I can’t stand it no longer I love you more than I love my real dad and I want to show you please don’t turn me away every time I see you my pussy starts to tingle, I get butterflies in my tummy and makes my panties so wet that I need to change them, and with that Tanya walk up to me pressed her lips to mine and forced her tongue into my mouth she kissed me more deeply more passionately than anyone has done before.
 I wasted no time and kissed her right back a soft coo sound came from her throat Tanya let her hand drop to my bound cock and began to rub it with shaky hand . As we kissed I put on hand on her ass squeezing her tanned buns ever so lightly. My other hand came up and met her left orange size tit I pinched her nipple to make it harder than they already were . Tanya manage so undo my pants button and slid her hand down to grabbed my cock with the softest touch I ever felt.

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   Tanya broke off our kiss and said that it’s much bigger than she saw in her dream.
I asked Tanya if she knew what she was doing and how much trouble we could be in she said yes daddy I do but I don’t care because I love you and with that Tanya hooked her thumbs and pulled down my pants and underwear down she help me step out of them and as she was coming back up both hands wrap around my cock and my head disappeared into her mouth. OH MY GOD BABY!!!! I screamed as my knees almost bucked out from under me. Pumping my cock with both hands and her tongue and lips working my swollen head she suck and bobbed her head like a little pro. I could here that she was totally enjoying herself by all the purrs coming from her. She looked up at me with her big blue eyes and jerked my cock even faster Tanya could see that I was enjoying every second of her blowjob. She pull her mouth off my cock and said to me oh daddy, please daddy cum in mouth I need to swallow you daddy, please fill my mouth with your hot steamy cum!! She started sucking me off again more determined to make me cum she never took her eyes off of me as she pumped and sucked away . OH YEA BABY! YEA! YA TANYA! OH GOD SUCK ME! BABY SUCK YOUR DADDYS HARD COCK! DO IT !YES DO IT! AHAHAHAHBBBAAABBYYYY IIIMMM GOING  IMM GGOOOOIING TO CUMMMMM!!! I said as I shot my load down her throat she gagged a little but was careful not to lose a drop of my hot seed. MMMMMM Daddy you taste good I want more she demanded. I asked her how she knew how to do that? she said come on daddy I am 13 years old we have sex ed in school you know, your don’t touch cds helped me as well , and the rest I learned on the internet, and  
 I am going to try every thing I learned out on you! Daddy see what you do to my pussy she spread her legs apart and I could see her love juices flowing down her leg. I pick her up and carried her into my bedroom and laid her down in the queen size bed. I looked her into her eyes and said your turn to cum Tanya lit up lit a light bulb when I said that sprung up and kiss me hard again oh daddy I do love you do what ever you want to me I am yours.
 I laid her back down and started kissing her long skinny neck moving straight down to her delightful firm tits I squeezing them softy and then ruff and back to soft I ran my tongued around her rock hard nipples and every time I ran across them Tanya thrust her chest up in hopes that I would suck them hard, my cock came back to life as I listened to my little girl cum over and over. Finely I took her nipple into my sex starved mouth and started sucking hard Tanya grabbed my hair and pushed her tit deeper into my mouth. YESSS! OLLL YESSSSS!!AHHHHHAAA!! ooooOOOOOOO YA!! she was hissing SUCK EM DADDY !!SUCK MY TITTIES HARDER!!!!!! She said as her head thrashed from side to side.

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As I was sucking them hard like I was trying to get juice out of an orange I slip a hand down toward her pussy just grazing her soaked pussy lips she gasped and push her hips into my hand. I moved my head down to her belly and kissed it all over making circular motions. With each pass I drew closer and closer to her soaked hairless pussy. Now just above her bud Tanya’s body was acting like someone was sending jolts of electric through her jerking every time I licked by her bud. Then Tanya screamed out
 OHHH YESSSS DADDDYYYYY!! As I latch onto her bud sucking it as hard as I could running my tongue all over it lapping up her juice of love UUUUUUGGGHHHH!! GGGGGOD IT…IT FEELS SO GOOOOOD DADDDDYYYYY!!!!!!!!! PLEASE DON’T STOP!! MORE! MORE! And I gave her more I started to work one of my fingers up her pussy and then a second holy fuck your pussy tight Tanya I said. Thinking she was not this tight the first time I fucked her!!
 Tanya was lost in the world of orgasms moaning and grinding her pussy into my face YES DADDY EAT ME!! She screamed SUCK MY FUCKING PUSSY!! She grabbed my hair pulling my mouth deeper on her cunt. FUCKING LICK ME DADDYYYYY. Her whole body was shaking from the most intense orgasm ever. When Tanya stopped cumming she collapse on the bed breath hard like she ran two miles.
 Come here daddy I crawled up to her Tanya looked my in the eyes an said I Love You Daddy now fuck me with that hard cock! I was a little shocked to her Tanya talk like this but my god it was turning me on like no tomorrow. Tanya reached down and took held of my cock and was guiding it into cunt. Wait honey I said as I pulled out the k-y jelly rub this onto my cock it will help me get in you. Ok daddy . She lubed my cock so good I thought I was going to cum right then. That’s good sweetheart, now are you sure you want me to fuck you? More than anything daddy as she guided my cock back into her steaming hot pussy.

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   I started to thrust my cock into Tanya OHH OUCH ITS SO BIG DADDY!!!! she said almost crying. God she was not this tight the first time I fucked her god it feel so good I said to myself and with that thought I slammed my cock in her . PULL IT OUT DADDY PULL IT OUT IT HURTS PLEEEEEAAAASSSSSEEEEE PPPULLLL IT OUT!!!! As tears fell down her face.
 Shhh baby Daddy will make it feel good I promise. And I started rock my hips slowly in and out of her. Tanya’s tears started to turn into soft moans I pick up my tempo and started to fuck her faster and faster, her soft moans where turning into lust filled screams. YESSSS DADDY!! OH YESSS IT FEELS SO GOOOOOOOD YESSS DAAAADDY FUCK ME!!! Hearing those words done me in OHHH TANYA BABY I GONA CUM I GOING TO CUM BABBBY! Tanya locked her leg around my back and was screaming at the top of her lungs YOU FUCKING CUM IN ME!! CUM IN ME NOW DADDDY!! I tried to pull out but her legs were to tightly locked.
NO TANYA I CANT you might get pregnant! DO IT DADDY! CUM IN MY PUSSY YOU GOT TO FUCKING CUM IN ME! PLEEEEEAAAASSSSSSEEEEEE!!!! I could not hold out any longer and over loaded her cunt with my seed . OHHH NNNNNNNN YAAAAAA DA DA DAAADDY FILL MY LITTLE FUCKING HOLE UP WITH YOU CUMM YESSSSSSSSSS!FUCK IT!!!! OHHHHH DADDYY I LOVE YOOOOUUUUUU DADDYYYY. Tanya’s orgasms almost knocked her out Tanya unlock her legs and started to kiss me passionately Thank you Daddy that was wonderful could we do it again? Please! I told her yes as much as she wanted! BUT that’s another story.        
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