My sweet little Tanya part 3



Every day that went by Tanya got more and more bold. She started wearing a skirt all the time around the house with no panties on so when her mom would go to take a bath she hurry up to me suck me until my cock was hard ,and then ride it so she could cum before her mom was out of the shower. At the dinner table she used her toes to rub my cock hard and then drop something on the floor so she could crawl under the table to give me a few quick jerks . Tanya was not happy that her mom got to sleep with me and she could not.


Paulette was horny this one night she went down on my cock and began running her tongue all over it she circled the head with her tongue and kissed and sucked my shaft. Paulette knew that I was pretty hot so she engulfed my entire cock right down to my balls she was humming to make it more pleasing bobbing her head up and down faster and faster. She moved her body where her cunt was right over my mouth!


Her juices flowed out of her like a river ready to spill it banks!! Paulette was cumin so hard that her cum dripped into my mouth without even touching it. I darted out my tongue and just grazed her bud and I could feel the electricity shoot right through her!! I reached up and grabbed her ass and pulled her pussy into my sex staved mouth I started sucking her clit hard and fast cause I was near to cuming myself Paulette was blowing me faster and harderÂtrying to keep up with her own cum I could hear my balls slappingÂagainst her chin.


Her body was quivering when I entered a finger into ass!! She was moaning so loud that it tickled my cock into cumming Paulette felt my wad flow down her throatÂand nearly drowned me with her own orgasms “OK big boy” she said FUCK ME NOW!!!


I made Paulette lay on the stomach grabbed both her hands and held the in the small of her back I guided my cock right to her ass and started to work it in. ÂHer screams were muffled by the pillows and I pick up the tempo and went in deeper and deeper”OOOWWWW PLLLLEASE SSSSSTTOP”she cried with my free hand I started to rub her clit soon her cries turned in pure lust “YES FUCK MY ASS BABY FUCK IT HARDER COME ON FUCK IT!!!FUCK IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT!!”


And I did her ass was turning red from my balls slamming her OH GOD OHHH GOODDD AHHA YEA YEAÂOOOOOOOOOOO YA YES BABY YA OOOOOOOOOOHHH GOD YESSSSSSSSSSSS she screamed and I pounded my cum up her ass.


 I could tell she still was hot so I quickly pulled my cock out of her ass and rammed it up her cunt with stiff hard long strokes paulette cryied out “NO MORE NOMORE I CANT STAND IT AAHHH OOOOO MMMMMMM GOD BABY MAKE MY CUM STOP OOOOOO LET ME FINISH ONE BEFORE YOU START THE NEXT!!!!!PLEEEAAASSSE BABBBBBBBBBBY AHHHHH AHHHHHHHHH AAAAHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYEAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! She soaked my cock with multiple orgasms I blew my load deep into her pussy and collapse on top of her rolled off and fell asleep.


About 3 hours later I felt my cock being suck off again what you want more I said teasingly SSSSSSHHHHHHH DADDY its me!! Tanya what are you doing I whispered your going to get us caught I said. Tanya whispered in my ear I hear you fuck mommy and my cunny is so so hot I need to fucked right now and back to my cock she went!!



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   Tanya was hot and bothered she quietly blew me until I was hard she crawled in bed spread her legs and pull me on top of her. FUCK DADDY MOMMYS PUSSY TASTED GOOOOD dose mine taste as good she whispered No even better I said I heard her say good as Tanya was stuffing my cock into her wet cunt. As I push my cock into her deeper Tanya let out a soft coo grabbing my ass to get my cock in her faster she was thrusting her hips up as well.


 Paulette stir a bit and we both froze I could feel Tanya’s pussy squeezing my cock it was driving me nuts! Fuck it if she wakes she wakes I said to myself and slowly began fucking Tanya. It was so hot to do her next to my wife and Tanya thought so too she was cumming hard! Yyyeesss she screamed out before I coverd her mouth I could still hear she was cumming even though I muffled her words!ÂOOOOOOOOO AAAAAAEEEEEEÂIIII UMM III UUUMMMING Tanya was counter fucking me so hard that the bed was shaking I thought for sure it would wake up Paulette I could not hold back and came deep in Tanya’s pussy I removed my hand and Tanya thanked me and trotted off to her bed.


        ÂThe next day the phone rang Paulette answer it. Yes mom……. I think she would love that ……Tomorrow? . . . .

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  . . Sure ok… See ya then love you bye.

What’s up I asked my mom is taking Tanya to her place for the week for a vacation. (Good I said to myself fucking her 2 to 3 times a day is wearing me out. ) Oh good I said Tanya loves her Grammy and it been a while since they saw each other. Yes it has I’ll go tell her and Paulette set off. OH BOY!!! Tanya yelled out and started to pack.

    Paulette said she was going to the store to buy some food and some new clothes for Tanya and would be back in a few hours. I gave her a quick peck and saw her off. I raced upstairs to Tanya’s room and sat on the bed, she was crying Daddy I’m missing you already she walked up to me and started French kissing me we started to make out.


    Â I started to fondle her orange size titties and slowly unbuttoned her blouse yes she hissed you make me so hot daddy, take me now, please daddy, TAKE ME!!! Tanya nearly ripped my clothes off of me and threw them on the floor In a blink of an eye she was naked laying in bed with her legs spread wide open.

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       OH GOD YA DADDY!! YOU FEEL SO FUCKING GOOD!! FUCK ME HARD YESSSS OHHH YESSS FUCK ME FUCK ME OHHHH DADDYYYYY I CUMMMMING!! HARDER HARDER BURRIE YOUR FUCKING COCK IN ME!!! she screamed  Tanya’s head was thrashing side to side her hips her in perfect tune to mine she locked her leg around me and pulled me deeper than I was ever in her pussy before this new area made my cock explode deep into her wome. YESSSSS DADDY RIGHT THERE AHHHHHHH MMMMMMM.


    We both collapsed and laid quite for a while just hold each other. I Love You Daddy she cooed I wish you were my husband so I could fuck you any time I wanted and not wait until there’s no one around. Her voice just drifted off we got dressed and went downstairs Tanya just sat and cuddle next to me all night.

    Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â

            ÂThe next morning Tanya’s gram was her to pick her up let me tell you about gram I call her Tee short for Tanya my stepdaughter was named after her. Tee had Paulette when she was 14 years old and Paulette had Tanya when she was 13. Now Tee is very hot looking for a young 40 year old 5’-8” dirty blond hair, aqua eyes, 36 c tits perfect size, a tight round ass, and long lushes legs. She could give a dead man a hardon she so hot hell she even gave me a boner a few times. Well any way Tee live about 2 ½ hours away in a nice hide away house I think her nearest neighbor is 10 miles away and she liked it that way.


     Paulette and Tee where talking about some stuff when I headed upstairs Tanya quickly snuck out of the room and hurried up catch up to me. I love you daddy she said and kissed me like I was going to be gone forever her hand started to rub my cock and I fondle her tits fuck me daddy before I got to go. With that she laid on the floor hiked up her dress she didn’t have panties on to my surprise hurry daddy bury your cock in me before I die she pleaded.


    Â I pulled my cock out and slid it up and down her moist pussy I slowly push my head in and Tanya was already starting to cum! UFF NNNN OH FUCKING GOD DADDY you make my fucking pussy feel so fucking good she whispered in my ear. OOOOO YA OOOOOYAAA DADDY MMMM AHHH YA AYYYYYY DADDDDDDDYYYYYYYY!! Tanya was fucking the shit out of me her sweet legs wrapped around me tight grinding her cunny deep onto my cock Tanya kissed me hard and was screaming into my mouth as the orgasms hit its peek. I was starting to cum as well and came deep in her again like I always do.


    Â Thank you daddy you are the best she kissed me again and when into the bathroom to clean up. No sooner than Tanya was done cleaning up Tee call come on honey its time to go. Tanya grab her things kissed Paulette and I. Bye see you in a week miss youÂshe called out before she close the car door.

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       We wave bye as they pull out of sight. “Gram” Tanya said. “Yes dear “ Tee repliedÂwanta listen to a cool CD……… Â

    Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â

    Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â

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