My Sxy Little Sister


My sister has from a very young age looked at lot older than she really is. She developed early, and at the tender age of twelve, she had gotten beautifull breast, just the right size, smooth and silky. In plain english, she was a babe.
I myself, am a pretty good looking guy. I play soccer so I´m in good shape. I´m 6ft 2 inches. My cock is a good 7 inches erect. I´m four years older than my sister.
When my sister reached the age of fifteen, I started to wonder a bit. I´d never seen her with any boys. This stroke me as odd. Most of her girlfriends had been dating several guys over the last couple of years. But then again, it wasn´t my business.
 One night, our parents went away to a party at our neighbours house. My sister and I stayed at home. I made us dinner and we watched TV, and had a pretty good time.

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   After a while I got tired and went to bed. My sister stayed up.
I guess I´d been asleep for a couple of hours, when I suddenly felt a very familiar feling "downstairs". I didn´t open my eyes, just lied there, trying to find out if it was a dream or not.
A pair of soft hands was stroking my cock and gently playing with my balls. Not before long I felt a warm, wet tongue starting to lick the tip. That made me sit up and switsh the light on. There, completely naked, was my sister. She lokked up at with with big brown eyes and said: "Please bro, don´t be mad at me. I´ve wanted you for so long now. I haven´t been able to think about anything else for months now. Let me be your lover, teach me how to please a man. "
Naturally I was shocked. But she treated my cock so good, I couldn´t resist. "I´m not mad sister dear," I said, "I´ll teach you everything I know.

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With that said, I told her to take my cock in her mouth, and move her head up and down. She was a fast learner, and not before long she was sucking me like a pro. She held the root of my cock with both hands, and used her tongue all over the tip. She took it all down and rotaded her tongue around my now aching cock-head. The saliva was pouring out of her mouth as she continued to please me orally.
Out og nowwhere she started to talk dirty to me: "Oh your cock is so big and hard. And you balls are so big and full of juices, aren´t they bro? I bet you wanna cum in my face? Mmmmm, let me lick your shaft bro. I love you, I´ve saved myself for you. I wanted my first time to be with someone I loved, and who´s better?"
Needless to say, I was ready to blow my load right in her face, then and there, but I remebered my promise. I was gonna teach her how to please a man.
I gently removed her head from my cock, an plased her on all fours. My cock was still dripping with saliva. so there was no problem sliding it in. I rubbed her clit and pussy lips a bit with the tip of my cock, before I gently slipped it past her lips. My god, she was so tight, but at the same time so wet.

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       I moved in and out pretty slowly, afrais I was hurting her. But she said to me, in a low, husky voice: "Fuck me hard, bro. I wanna feel that big juicy cock move around inside me. "
    That sent me over the top, and I started pounding away like an animal. God, I had never felt anything like this before. She used her muscles to squeeze my cock, and her moaning and hizzing made me wanna cum so bad.
    After a couple of miniues, i couldn´t take it anymore. I withdrew and ordered her to turn around and open her mouth. She obeyed me, and took my cock in her mouth and started wanking and sucking it like crazy.
    I came with a guttural groan, and deposited my load all over her face and in her mouth. She slurped happily, and swallowed every single drop.
    I fell down on my knees, panting. She came to me, put her hands around me and gave me a big hug. "I love you bro," she said happily, "and I think I´m gonna need a lot more learning, don´t you?" I grinned and said: "Well sis, if you feel the need, you know where to find me!"
    Hope you like this story. I would really like some feedback, both negative and positive.

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