My understanding dad.


Yes,I felt very lucky with my dad. He had been so understanding about everything,but then he always has been. Widowed some while back,for a dad I suppose he was quite old being 30yrs. my senior. But what happened to give me this understanding in this instant was what I had experienced as he put it 'Pure bad luck'

I'd let what became my husband have sex. It wasn't a one night stand as such - I knew of him since school - But that very first and only time,he'd knocked me up! So,he did the decent thing and we were married. Then the baby was born - a girl - from then on my world fell apart. Barely two months later,he just burst out, - 'Hey Ang' I just can't handle all this baby crap,its just not me,I mean how I thought it would be' and walked out there-and-then.

I suppose thinking about it since,it wasn't a love thing as such - I love the resulting baby mind - NO! It was pure animal lust by both of us. God did he make me cum! everytime he got me. Pure raw sex at the extreme for us new to it.

I told dad,he just said,well its bloody sad,but if you two can't sort it. . . We or I did,it just wasn't going to go anywhere. It was over.

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   I mooched around in our home for some months until we finalised the divorce. Only then did dad say,if things get too much,feel free to come on in here with your litt'lun. I dared not ask,but hoped to hear him say that. Elated,I moved in and I felt my life had changed for the better.

By now,I had frankly missed sex for what seemed ages. I found I went to sleep thinking of penis and woke up thinking of penis or rather the lack of it. So,this evening,I sat in my PJ's watching a not porny movie,but the nipple scene came on and I shifted conscious of this being the first time ever I'd sat watching the sex act with dad watching it as well. - I realised he was looking at me and I flushed up a bit, - "Affecting you is it? You can switch it over if you want,although,after your mum died,for months I found I was as horny as hell,just seeing a woman's tit like she's showing" - "D-A-A-D!" - "Its just a tit baby - I looked at it again - okay so the guys sucking it,that's no big deal is it!"

I felt so guilty because what dad had said about after mum's demise was just how this was making me feel,my pussy felt damp and it made me feel guilty as tho' dad could see my love juices trickling out on to my PJ bottoms. - I'll make us a drink, 'Hot Chocolate' okay for you?" - "Yeah,fine" - Of course I knew dad's understanding move was to relieve me of my embarrassment. Timely he had been, - by the time he brought the drinks in,the scene and film had ended.

"Funny ending don't you reckon?" - I realised then that he had watched the ending on the tiny TV in the kitchen. - "You know,we're both grown up. With no mum,if you want to talk that stuff,I'm not really that much of a fossil,you know loaded gun and all that!" - It was then that I realised perhaps he was also a bit embarrassed,because after he left the room,I'd pulled my PJ's away from my pussy,worried that my juice may show a wet patch that dad could see and now glancing at his groin area I realised he'd gone and changed into a very baggy loose fitting jogger thing. - I wonder if he had the same worry over precum?

Had I missed dad being stiff down there in my selfconscious moment. I felt tingling in my nether region.

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   - "Dad,thanks. Do you wonder whether you're going. . . you know,with another woman ever again?" - "Sort of hon' but I sort of sort it,if you know what I mean!" - I did,my sorting had been by hand and any object that resembled a penis,I'd been too chicken to go in the shop and buy a dildo, - How embarrassing to let a female shop assistant see how big your pussy fancied the penis should be! - I had sneaked in guiltily and chosen the size I wanted,if ever I built up courage enough to take it to the counter.

"Angela! Hey, Angela! Your drinks getting cold" - Coming out of a trance where my mind was back on penis, - Why in those films,do they always show women's breasts,but never the men's penis or balls? Its so unfair! - In the next instant,I feared In my trance I'd spoke out loud. - "Try that,I'm off to bed,put the light out when you come up, - Dad gave me a knowing smile - and was gone" - Had the man read my mind? - probably not,but the blank dvd title space gripped my curiousity immediately. I popped it in and up came 'body beautiful hunks with hard penis's doing what the porn men do.

I wasn't sure whether to be annoyed with dad or happy that he seemed to understand,where my sex life was. But he had missed the fact that I wanted a real penis,not a dvd penis. Nonetheless my hand went into my PJ's and done what I usually done up in my bedroom. With legs stiffly outstretched my orgasm took me to a world of sexual fantasy. Then back to earth, - I switched the dvd off and tv/light. Up to bed I went. Into the bathroom,switched on the light for a pee only to be confronted with dad's penis in his hand,- "Sorry babe,didn't bother with the light,drunk that choc to late,needed a pee"

I found myself looking at his penis and thinking.

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  I bet that would be the size of my chosen dildo. - The thought brought my blush back up as earlier - "Gosh dad you really startled me here in the dark" - "Sorry!" - I'd been pondering for sometime a thing in my head. Because of the recent experience I'd had,I'd concluded I wouldn't go looking for another relationship,well not at this time,especially with the young irresponsible type that had got me where I now found myself.

Okay,maybe later on! but not at this moment. Having pee'd I lay now in bed and fell off to sleep thinking about my dad's penis. My mind was saying, 'What are you crazy,its your dad's thing you are thinking about,get a grip girl,dad's are out of bounds! Nonetheless,the thought was still with me at breakfast. - "Dad,last night,why did you leave me with that dvd?" - "Oh, That! Just thought it might take the edge off things" - I suppose my masterbating had,but the sight of dad's penis had had more effect on me because it was real living flesh. I couldn't say that tho' - "Oh,I thought that was what you were thinking" - "Nothing else then?" - "Nothing,like what?" - "Oh,nothing,I guess you didn't hear what I said to you just as I went out the room" - "No,what?" - "Oh, it doesn't matter now,just one of my weak moments really"

"Hey dad,go on tell me,you don't get weak moments" - "NO? I did last night then" - "Oh dad you can be really annoying,go on say it,I'll say nothing after,Go on!" - "Dad looked embarrassed, stupid now really,I just said. . . said, 'if you find yourself wanting,my beds warm and cosy!" - "I looked at him in disbelief,he looked down at the floor. - "I shouldn't have said it and least of all repeated it now" - In total shock at what I think my dad was meaning,I moved in and hugged him as I became aware my pussy had tingled at his suggestive implication. - "I wished I'd known that" - He smiled, - "Its not shocked you?" - "Why should it? We are grown up here!"

I couldn't believe I'd said it,but it had been spoken from the heart. Trembling still as I cuddled him,yeah,I did want some t. l.

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  c. and I did want it from him,not some idiot kid and yeah,if it included sex! Well that as well! I knew dad could feel my milk filled breasts against him, - "Hey better get them emptied,she'll be creating hell if you don't feed her" and he was gone. I sat with Daphne thinking about our conversation and what it would be like to sleep with dad now I was a woman. Would my body make him hard? Would his body freak me out if his penis touched my pussy?

I know one thing,now I had a real fleshy penis to think of,my pussy needed masterbating as soon as Daphne was asleep.

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