“Okay daddy. ” Answered Nadia. “We can’t leave at all?” I asked. “No, you need to stay here and look after your sister. ”“Fine. ”Well Friday came, and my parents packed up the car and left. I was looking foreword to spending the weekend with Nadia, but not being able to have friends over, or leave the house sucked. “Hey Jerk, what do you want for supper?” Asked Nadia. “How about your pussy. ” I whispered. “What”“Umm, nothing, how about pizza. ”“Sounds good. ”Ding dong. . . “I’ll get it.

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  ” I cried. I went and got the pizza and put it on the kitchen table. “Nadia, supper. ”Nadia came down the stairs, and I almost passed out. She was dressed in a tiny bikini. It was white, and kinda see through. She looked HOT! The triangle top did nothing to hide her breasts. Only her nipples were covered in real fabric, the rest was mesh. Her bottoms were much the same. The bum was real fabric, and so was a strip down the centre. I don’t think that she had any pubic hair. My penis began to throb. I had a serious hard on. I quickley sat on a chair, and crossed my legs. “Come on silly, lets eat the pizza in the den.

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  ”We are not allowed to eat in the den, but if mom and dad weren’t going to be here, why not. I followed Nadia into the den. I couldn’t take my eyes off her beautiful ass. It was the shape of a heart. And when she walked, one cheek moved up, and the other jiggled. My penis was in hell. Nadia sat on the leather sofa, and I sat on the recliner. We finished our pizza in silence. Nadia put her plate on the coffee table, and laid on the floor on her tummy. “Adian, will you please massage my back? I am really tense. ”“Ah. All right. ” I answered. I moved onto the floor, and straddled Nadia’s bum. I began to rub her shoulders.


   Her top tie for her bikini was getting in my way, so I untied it. I don’t know if she noticed it, because she didn’t saw anything. I moved lower down her back. The other tie was now in my way, so I untied that one too. My penis was straining my underwear. It was getting very uncomfortable. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I really wanted to go to my room and wank off, but I wanted to see if this could go any where. I moved lower, so I was massaging the top of her thighs. I untied the ties on the sides of her tiny bottoms. I went lower still. Pretty soon I was rubbing her feet. I took one in my hand and moved it, causing her to spread her legs. “Oh Adian, that feels so good. I wish would you massage me more often.

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  ”I wanted to keep going, I could see a pink pussy lip peaking out of her bottoms. I was in heaven. Suddenly the phone rang. I jumped. I don’t know why. I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I stood up to answer it. It was for Nadia. I handed her the phone, and went and sat on the couch. When she was done with her call, she stood up. She must not have realized her bikini was undone, because the thing fell to the floor. I almost came right there in my shorts. My sister was gorgeous. I was right, she didn’t have any pussy hair. Nadia gasped, and grabbed for the bathing suit.

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   It was no use though. I had already seen everything. She tried to cover her self up, but, really, what was the point. Being the nice guy that I am, I handed her a blanket. “Thank you. ” Said Nadia. “Not a problem. ” my penis was throbbing away. I really needed relief. Nadia sat next to me on the couch, naked except for the blanket. I pulled a little corner of it for my self, and draped it over my penis. I unzipped my pants, and began to stroke the throbbing member. I was dreaming about Nadia. I felt Nadia shift under the blanket. I opened my eyes, and she was looking at my penis in my hand.

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   “What the fuck are you doing?” “Ah, nothing. ”“Your wanking off, aren’t you? What do I turn you on?” Nadia climbed out from under the blanket, and stood up beside me. “Do you want to touch me. Come on, you know you want to. ”I stood up, and went to touch her, I had almost reached her breast, and she slapped me. “What the fuck do you think you are doing? You are fucking disgusting. I can’t believe that you really wanted to touch me. ”I couldn’t take it. I grabbed her hand, and I shoved her onto the floor. I sat on her hips, and pinned her arms above her head. “What do you think you are doing, you little slut. Prancing around here in next to nothing, then asking me to give you a massage, then telling me I could touch you, fuck, you’re a tease. ” I hissed through clenched teeth. I was so angry. I wanted to fuck her brains out.

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   But I couldn’t. I wanted to have sex with her, but I wanted her to enjoy it. I let go of one of her hands and began stroking my penis once again. I was going to shoot cum all over her. That would teach her to be a tease. I think she was getting scared, she began to breath heavier, and wiggle around. All that was doing was turning me on more. I continued to stroke my penis. I knew I was getting close. I could feel it. Then the strangest thing happened, Nadia took her free hand and began to rub my balls. I couldn’t hold it in any longer. “I’m going to cum!”Nadia lifted her head, and took a shot of cum on her chin. The rest didn’t have as much force, and landed on her breasts and stomach. She looked so fucking sluty, laying there naked, with cum all over her body.

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   I pulled her up, kissed her on the mouth, and we walked to the hot tub together. I stripped off all my clothes, and hopped in, she jumped in beside me. Nadia came and sat on my lap, straddling me. We began to kiss. She is an amazing kisser. My hands began to wonder. I caressed her bum. Then her beautiful breasts. Her hands made their way down my body to my penis. I was rock hard again. I wanted to fuck her. But I knew I would have to wait a little longer. I let my finger dip into her vagina. I moved it in and out. Nadia began to moan and groan.

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   She began to move her hip, trying to get my finger deeper. I grabbed Nadia around the waist and lifted her out of the hot tub. I walked into my bed room, and deposited her onto the bed. I spread her beautiful legs apart, and dove into her beautiful pussy. I parted the lips so I would have access to her clit. I stuck my tongue deep inside, and rubbed her clit. “Oh god, oh yeah, I’m gonna cum, oh. . . ah. . . ” Nadia coated my mouth with her wonderful tasting juices. I licked her all clean. I couldn’t stand it to bring her to another orgasm.

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   I wanted to, but, I was ether going to shoot my load in her vagina or all over the bed. I moved foreword so the head of my penis was inline with her hole. I slowly began to enter her pussy. I got about a third of the way, when I came across resistance. I backed out, and pushed foreword with all my might. Nadia cried out in pain, and I grunted. I continued to thrust, and Nadia’s cries became moans. After what seemed like forever but not nearly long enough, I came, deep inside my sister. “Oh god, that was wonderful. ” I told Nadia. Nadia jumped out of the bed, “Fuck, what did you do, you fucking raped me. ”“Hang on a sec. I did nothing of the sort, you were willing. ” “Well, now if I am pregnant then what are you going to do?”“What, I thought that you were on some sort of pill, or something. ”“Well, fuck you Adian.


  ”Nadia left the room. I was a little worried. I didn’t want her to become pregnant. I didn’t want to be a dad. Especially not to my sisters baby. I got off the bed, and walked into Nadia’s room. “I’m sorry sis, I didn’t know. ”“I’m sorry to, I really wanted to fuck you, and I have for a long time. I just was angry, because if I get pregnant, mom and dad will kill me. ”“I’m sorry. ” I sat down next to Nadia. I took her into my arms, and we both fell asleep. I woke up a couple hours later, and I thought that I was dreaming. I thought I saw my sister sucking my dick. I closed my eyes again, and opened them.

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   Yup, there was nadia, naked, between my legs giving me head. It felt wonderful. I got off the bed, broke contact with Nadia and my penis, and came around behind here. I lined my penis up to her vagina, and pushed my head into her hole. “Oh my fucking god, that feels good!” cried Nadia. “Oh yeah, fuck me harder, harder. . . oh yeah. ”I was in heaven. I was fucking my sister. I wanted to try something different, I wanted to fuck her ass. I let my finger explore her ass hole. And she didn’t complain. I spread her cheeks apart, and slowly inserted my finger.

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   “What, no, oh yeah, come on Adian, that feel so fucking good. ” I continued to finger fuck her ass, and fuck her vagina. I wasn’t going to last much longer, so I decided to switch. I pulled my penis out of her pussy, and rammed it into her ass. I pushed it so hard, nadia screamed in pain. “Oh my god, that fucking hurts. Owe, no, stop. ”I didn’t stop, it felt too good. “Come on Nadia, take my penis up the ass, come on. . . ” I said to her. Soon nadia’s screams began that of pleasure. I couldn’t take it anymore. I shot my load deep inside her ass.


   After I pulled out, I fell asleep. When I woke up, Nadia was gone. I went to the kitchen, and I saw that Nadia was on the phone. “I’m talking to Juliet, can she come over, I really want to play with her?”“Sure, but I want to too. ”“Sure, bring your bathing suit, we will be going into the tub, and hurry. ” replied Nadia into the phone. I walked into the sunroom and turned on the jets for the hot tub. I climbed in, naked, and Nadia joined me. “Juliet will come in, I put a sign on the door. ”I grabbed Nadia’s hips, and pulled her onto my lap. I took her bottom lip between my teeth, and began to suck on it. She melted in my arms. We were kissing madly when Juliet came into the room. My now erect penis, lurched when I saw her. After breaking our kiss, nadia stood up and went over to Juliet.

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   She was wearing a light pink bikini. The bottoms were a thong, and the top barley covered her nipples. I began to stroke my penis. Nadia untied Juliet’s bikini, letting it fall to the ground. Juliet took one of Nadia’s nipples into her mouth, and Nadia let out a pleasure-filled groan. Nadia’s hand dipped, and her fingers began to toy with Juliet’s pussy. Nadia slipped one finger inside, then another. I was getting so turned on, watching the two girls. “Girls, come on, into the tub. ” I cried. Juliet and Nadia climbed into the tub. I pulled Juliet towards me, and deposited her onto my penis. Nadia began moving up and down on my shaft. I couldn’t believe it. Nadia came up behind Juliet and began to fondle her breasts.

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   Tweaking her nipple. I couldn’t take anymore. I shot my load into Juliet. Nadia replaced her friend on my lap, but facing outwards. Juliet and Nadia began to kiss, their hands exploring each others bodies. I was getting all turned on again. I moved Nadia, so I could penetrate her pussy with my penis. I lifted her up, and sat her down, she took all of me deep inside her. After I came inside my sister, I got out. I needed some sleep. My penis needed sometime to recuperate. I went into my room, and climbed under the blankets. Nadia and Juliet came into my room. “Hey Adian, we thought that you might like a little show? What do you say?” Said my sister. My jaw dropped.

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   Juliet laid down on her back on the floor, and Nadia climbed on top of her in the 69 position. Both girls began to eat out each others pussies’s. They were really going at it. Both girls erupted into orgasm at the same time. Nadia climbed into bed beside me, and Juliet did the same on the other side. I was in heaven. We woke up the next day around noon. I knew that mom and dad would be home soon. I knew I should be getting up, but I couldn’t bring myself to it. I woke Juliet up, and got her into a doggie style, I lined up to her pussy, and pushed my penis deep into her. She yelped in pleasure. We continued to moan and groan, and finally Juliet came, and I shot my seed into her. I let Juliet go and get ready to go home, and I woke up Nadia. I had her lying on her back, and I pushed my penis into her awaiting hole. I was about to cum, when my bedroom door flew open.

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  In walked my dad, with Juliet trailing behind him. I shot my load, more out of fear then sexual arousal, and quickly got off my sister. “What the fuck is going on here?”“Ah, nothing dad. ” I said. .
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