Naked Day part 1


When I was a kid we would visit my aunt and her family several times a year and they would come and visit us several times a year as well.
This was great for me becuase with each visit I would get to see my cousin Trish who was just about my favorite person in the whole world.
We kept in touch by email when we were apart, but seeing each other in person was the best thing of all and something we both looked forward
to everytime.

Due to a storm that had cancelled our last visit it has been nearly 4 months since we had seen each other, but she was finally coming to see
us after all that time and I was really excited, since she had sent and interesting, but vague email to me a couple days ago.

Hey Stick,

I can't wait to "see" you on Saturday we haven't "seen" each other in it seems like forever. Speaking of "seeing" each other can you find
a way for us to have our usual day together the day I get there, I've got a surprise for you, and if it has to wait it will probably get

See ya soon,

So the letter probably needs a little explaination. Let's start with the "see" references, for the last 6 years or so everytime
we have gotten together we have found a way to get away from the the family, or get them to go away and have what we called naked
day. When we were younger the family would just stick us into the tub together for baths. We realized a few visits after that
stopped that we missed the expirence to seeing each other in that way, so we had figure out how to have our time together with
the naked day. Actually in the last two years we had started having more than one naked day per trip, but the concept remains the same.

The Stick name is a reference to the fact that on our last naked day, I got a hard-on during our naked time, she's been calling me that
ever since. The BeanPole reference is to the fact that Trish has always been tall and thin.

The surprise well that's the rest of the story.

Hey BeanPole,

Yeah the Mom's have a plan to go out shopping pretty much as soon as you guys arrive, and don't plan to be back until after dinner.
The Dad's I am told are off to a football game and don't plan to be back until even later.

mpourdela athina 

So this one is easy we have the place all to ourselves, can't wait to "see" you,