naughty stepdaughter part 2


Naughty Stepdaughter Part Two

I was working in my basement office one afternoon, when I heard the water start to run in the pipes, I figured that was my wife in the shower getting ready to leave for her sister’s for the weekend. I contemplated going up and climbing in with her for a little fun before she left when the door to my office opened and my stepdaughter, Ellen slipped in and closed the door with a slutty smile, she came over and positioned herself in front of me.

“Mom is in the shower and I can’t wait for her to leave” she pulled her t-shirt off releasing her beautiful 36D tits to the air, the nipples nice and hard. She got on the chair with her knees on either side of my legs and kissed me hard, her tongue wrestling with mine, grinding her pussy over my already growing cock.

This kind of thing had been going on for about a month, ever since that morning when I woke up with her sweet lips wrapped around my cock. We were fucking several times a week and between her and her hot mom I was about the happiest, most well fucked man I knew.

She broke the kiss and ran her tongue over the outside of my ear “ Think we have time for me to suck that horny cock of yours?” She breathed in my ear.

“ With your hot mouth, plenty of time” I smiled.

She giggled and slid out of the chair to her knees, pulling my belt and pants open, unleashing my hard cock. She grabbed it and stroked it. Lowering her head to it she ran her tongue around the head and licking down the shaft. I put my head back, closed my eyes and enjoyed.

She popped the head in her mouth and sucked hard on it, I moaned and put my hand on her head and guided her down on my cock she worked down my cock taking most of it, her tongue working on the sensitive underside, driving my pleasure almost to the peak. I released her head (she obviously didn’t need my guidance) I reached down and grabbed her tits, flicking her nipples with my thumbs. This always got her hotter; she loved to have her tits played with while she sucked cock. Sure enough she moaned and went crazy on my cock, her head bobbing and twirling as she worked her magic on my cock I knew I wouldn’t last much longer, she had worked my pants and shorts down to my ankles while she was going to town and was rubbing my balls while she sucked.

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“Yes baby, you are so good, you are gonna make me cum!” I moaned.

She just kept going, knowing the payoff was at hand. As I arched my hips and let out a groan she pulled back until just the head was in her mouth, working her tongue on the sensitive spot under the head.

“Ohhh fuck” I hissed, as I put my hands on her head and shot wad after wad of cum into her mouth. She moaned with pleasure, squeezing her tits as she drank down everything I was giving her. I finally couldn’t take anymore and pulled my cock out of her mouth, she sat back on her legs grinning and licking up the little bit of cum that leaked out, her chin wet with spit and semen.

“Umm, that was yummy” she said with a grin “ I want to fuck you so bad right now. ”

“I know, me too… but I think we better wait. ” I said. As I did the shower stopped. “See? Get cleaned up and get your clothes on before she comes out. ” My sexy stepdaughter got up and ran across to the small bath and washed her face quickly, she came back across the hall, still topless and kissed me, rubbing her naked tits across my chest.

“I hope I can wait till she is out of the driveway,” she said with a grin. She left, pulling her top on as she went.

The rest of the afternoon went quickly, Ellen helped her mom with dinner, giving me sly looks every chance she got and we ate, chatting about school, work and such.

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   As we were finishing dinner the doorbell rang I answered it, opening the door to find one of my stepdaughters friends standing there with an arm full of books. Her name was Debbie, a tall, hot redhead with big tits and great legs. I felt my dick start to harden in spite of me.

“Hi!” She smiled, “ is Ellen here? We are supposed to study tonight. ”

“Yeah, come on in. ” I called my stepdaughter and when she saw Debbie she looked surprised then shocked”

“Oh my god! I forgot you were supposed to come over! I’m still finishing dinner, go on up to my room I’ll be up in a few minutes. ”

Debbie smiled, agreed and went upstairs Ellen whispered to me “sorry daddy, I forgot she was coming. I promise I’ll make it up to you. ”

“That’s ok,” I said, hiding my disappointment. “Shit happens. ”

My wife had to leave for her sisters and left Ellen and I to clean up. As soon as she was gone Ellen told me she would get rid of Debbie as soon as she could, I told her not to worry, and to get her work done, we had all weekend. She went upstairs and I went about cleaning up from dinner.

Later I was watching TV, I could here music coming from upstairs so I went up to see if they wanted a snack and as I reached the second floor I heard more then the music, a sound I knew, my stepdaughter’s moans of pleasure. Aroused I moved to her door which was cracked open, as I got to the door I saw the most beautiful sight: two incredibly hot, naked girls locked in a sixty nine, Ellen on the bottom, Debbie’s head between her legs.

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   Debbie’s round firm ass was facing me, Ellen’s tongue working up and down her girlfriends dripping slit.

I stepped back and considered what I was watching and what I should do, I should leave them to their fun but I knew I couldn’t do that, I was too horny, I stripped my clothes off and went back to the door.

I opened it slowly and quietly. They both were so involved with each other that they never noticed me as I came up to the bed, Ellen opened her eyes and saw me, she smiled and pointed at her friends pussy, wiggling her tongue, I knew what she meant and bent down and licked Debbie’s snatch, the taste was tangy and sweet, and Debbie moaned in to my stepdaughters pussy, burying her face deeper into her.

I tongue-fucked Debbie for a minute or two, while Ellen worked on her clit and we had her cumming and wailing into Ellen’s mound. My tongue met Ellen’s while we worked her pussy and we started kissing, Ellen riding through her own orgasm. Debbie got impatient and made a sound of frustration and wiggled her ass for attention.

Ellen broke our kiss and whispered in my ear, “ fuck her, she has been wanting you too for a while”

“Why do I think you set this up?” I asked, she just gave me an innocent look and said, “ Well if you don’t want too…”

I just shook my head and kissed her again and climbed up between Debbie’s thighs, guiding my cock in to her hot pussy.

I heard a muffled “ oh god yesss!” as I slide into her juicy box, sinking in to the hilt

I started to fuck her, slow at first and slowly gaining speed, she kind of gave up on eating Ellen’s pussy and just enjoyed the ride, Ellen started to use her talented tongue on my balls and the base of my cock, along with Debbie’s clit.

All this heavenly attention was going to send me over the edge, so as I felt myself about to come I pulled out and shot on my stepdaughters face and neck until she took my cock in her mouth and finished me off.

As I fell to the bed she climbed out from under Debbie and took her in her arms kissing and swapping my cum, and Debbie started licking my cum of Ellen’s face and neck, Debbie sat up and crawled over to me smiling, her body was as hot looking as Ellen’s was. Her tits were beautiful, huge and round, dark rose nipples that were even bigger then Ellen’s. She took my cock in her hand and started to stroke it.

“Mmm, this looks as good as it felt. ” with that she circled her tongue around the ridge, bringing to full size faster then I thought possible, at that point my stepdaughter, snuggled up next to me and started kissing me, and Debbie took my cock into her mouth and started to suck. 


I broke the kiss and said to Ellen “ why don’t you go help her”

“You like that idea?” she asked, I only nodded because Debbie was doing such a good job on my cock that I didn’t think I could speak any more, Ellen kissed me again and started to run her tongue down my chin and neck kissing down my body.
    She ran her tongue around both of my nipples and down to my navel, twirling her tongue in it, then worked down and started to run her tongue up and down one side of my cock as Debbie did the same on the other side, taking turns sucking my cock, I reached down and took one of their tits in each hand, I pulled Debbie up off my cock and kissed her, then pulled her tits to my mouth, pushing her nipples together and running my tongue over both. Ellen had moved between my legs and was working her mouth and tongue on my balls.

    I pulled Debbie into a 69 and worked on her sweet pussy while she went back to sucking my cock and Ellen worked on my balls.

    Ellen pushed Debbie off my cock and straddled me. “I’ve wanted to fuck this cock all day!” and sank down on me and started to ride my cock while Kissing her girlfriend and playing with her tits.

    Debbie started to shake and moan, cumming all over my face, and then she fell off to the side leaving Ellen and me to our fuck. Ellen Started to talk dirty, as she often did when she was starting to get off

    “Ohhh, fuck, daddy! That feels so good, fuck your little girl! Give it to me good!”

    I looked over and Debbie was rubbing her pussy, watching us with awe, she then sat up and started to suck on Ellen’s tits, I could feel Debbie's hand working on Ellen's clit as she pounded up and down on my cock.

    Ellen started to cum, crying out and jamming her pelvis to mine, grinding her pussy over my cock, shaking like she was having a seizure, this was one of the most intense orgasms I have ever seen her have,

    I let out an “ohhh fuck!” and shot my cum deep in her pussy. And she fell onto me and lay there for a minute before raising her head and kissing me hard, Debbie snuggled up against us and the three of us traded kisses and chatted about how great that had been for a few minutes while we recovered.

    The three of us squeezed into the shower together, laughing and playing while we washed each other’s bodies. Climbed out and got dressed (more or less). Debbie called her house and said she was going to stay the night and I ordered pizza because we were all starving from our workout

    We went downstairs and put on a dirty movie while we waited for the pizza. I was in pajama bottoms, and the girls were in sexy nightgowns that didn’t hide much, the three of us snuggled on the sofa, kissing and touching each other when I saw headlights turn into our driveway Ellen got up to look.

    “It’s the pizza guy… oohh, he’s cute! Debbie, lets answer the door together” she giggled and Debbie did too, as they grabbed the money off the table and went out to the door.

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       I could see the door from where I was sitting and the look on the guys face when the girls opened the door and he saw them in their nightie’s, was worth the cost of the pizza

    We spent the night in my king size bed, fucking each of them before we fell asleep and was woken up by both of them sucking my cock till I covered both of their tits with cum.

    Debbie had to leave after breakfast, but promised to come back that night, I couldn’t wait, but at least my sexy stepdaughter would keep me busy till then

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