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Aaron sat down on his bed thinking after just finishing up moving his things in from the car.    Two days earlier, Aaron watched as his parents’ car, driving just before his was hit by an RV turning off from an onramp into the highway.   The RV crushed the small compact car, ultimately killing both of his parents.   His mother, in the passenger’s seat died instantly and his father died in the helicopter on his way to the hospital.   Aaron, age 16, and an only child, now had no family.   In consequence to this event, he was sent to live with his two cousins and their parents.
Aaron was pretty familiar with his two cousins; Carly, age 15, and Megan, who just turned 13.   Both were a bit on the late blooming side.   He spent  a lot of time with them  when he was younger but had only visited them two or three times in the past three or four years.   The lived across state and as he grew, new friends and interests arose consuming much of his free time.   Now he was to live with them.   Their father, a pilot, was gone more than he was home.   The vast majority of the time, it was just Ashley, the mother, Carly, and Megan.   The three would have seemed excited to have a male around the house more often but under the circumstances, none of them thought much of it.  
Just a week after school let out, Carly and Megan were home to help Aaron with his luggage as Ashley held against her will, stayed in at work.   As the lead lawyer in her team to a major investment company, Ashley didn’t have much say in requesting days off in short notice.

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As Aaron sat on his bed thinking, Carly and Megan sat downstairs in the silent living room not knowing what to say.   Carly figured that she should at least do something to try to cheer Aaron up.   She walked upstairs inside the miniature mansion that it was, down the hall, and into Aaron’s new bedroom.   Aaron looked up at her in her skin tight blue jeans and spaghetti strap tank top with two extra straps folded over her shoulders harnessing her bra.   Carly sat down on the bed by Aaron and asked him how he was feeling.   Aaron replied with a cold, “guess. ”  Carly leaned forward resting her elbows on her knees and said that she would listen to anything.   Aaron just peered over catching a glimpse down Carly’s shirt and loose bra to see the bare flesh of her small breasts.   He continued staring down, leaning right a little to see if he could see far enough down to the nipples.   Carly looked over, seeing Aaron jerk his head back to look at the floor.  
Carly would have never thought it; first, that Aaron would even find her body that interesting, and second that he could be thinking of something like that at a time like that.   Carly had a childish crush on Aaron since they were little kids.  She loved his personality and always thought he was cute, both physically and emotionally.   But now, she would be living with him.   Looking at him while being so serious made him look so mature, and how he didn’t cry or show much emotion portrayed to her, great strength, yet left her with tremendous amounts of pity.

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    Carly straightened back up and put her hands to her sides, one of them on Aarons leg, leaving just about four inches from the tip of her fingers to his penis, and pushed herself up.   She left the room telling him that if he needed anything at all, to just ask her.
That night, while everybody was asleep, Carly snuck into Megan’s room where they played their weekly truth or dare game.   Carly couldn’t stop thinking about how Aaron looked at her in the bedroom; she didn’t think she was that good looking.   The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to fantasize about doing something about it.   Megan picked dare.   Carly always loved when Megan picked dare because she would do anything she told her to.   Carly wasn’t paying attention to the game though; she was busy fantasizing about the look on Aarons face if she could act on his curiosity.   Unknowingly and instinctively, after just being prompted to talk, she said allowed what she was thinking in midsentence, “Lie naked on Aaron’s body. ”
Megan stared into Carly’s face in shock.   Never had she gone that far.   The farthest to date that Carly had taken it was the ‘pool time’ several months ago.   Carly and Megan snuck down to the kitchen and went out the back down into the large open dark backyard patio area, fenced in by an eight foot wooden fence.   Covering much of the dark surface area was the in-ground swimming pool which Megan had to perform the dare.   She proceeded around the pool to the far side.

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    She pulled her soft, light blue cotton night top off and dropped it to the concrete, revealing her slim and weak flat-chested body.   A lock of her long blonde hair fell onto her chest, as she dropped the shirt, where the ends of it laid, just teasing her nipple.   Then she put her thumbs to her waists and slipped them under her panties and matching cotton night pants.   Slowly, while looking around to check that the coast was clear, she pulled her panties and night pants down to her ankles.   Her slim flat chested body crouched down just behind her legs with her small butt sticking slightly out into the air.   Her small vagina, curving directly to her ass hole leaving no excess fat to dangle, sat tightly between her crouching legs and inches above the cement.   She stood back up and lifted each leg out of her pants looking at Carly walking to her from across the pool.   She picked up her underwear, waded it up in her small hands, and threw it as hard as she could to the center of the pool.   Her task now was to retrieve it, and go back to her room to get her clothes back from Carly.   Carly picked up Megan’s night shirt and pants and walked back into the kitchen to watch.   Megan got down to her hands and knees and backed into the pool slowly.  
Carly watched from the kitchen seeing only Megan’s small tight butt cheeks stretched out showing her ass hole as she tensely backed her feet into the cold water.   Megan put one entire leg in and gasped for breath as the other leg entered bringing the cold water to her small hairless vagina and butt.   She stopped, catching her breath, then proceeded, slowly lurking down into the cold water.   Cool, funny sensations ran throughout her body as the water slowly rose to and past her naked belly, and on top her nipples, all the way to her neck.

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    She turned around and slowly swam her way to her underwear.   She clenched them with her hand and slowly made her way to the other side of the pool where she grabbed the ladder.   Her body jittered as she stretched the muscles in her upper legs and butt climbing the ladder.   As she rose from the ladder, water rolled from her chest down her belly and between her legs into the crack of her vagina while water from her back rolled down into her butt crack, across her ass hole, where the two waters met and dripped from between the two holes.   She wiped her feet and the excess water from her body, with a towel outside, as Carly left upstairs to her room to wait.   She then proceeded through the house naked and wet with her underwear in her hand, upstairs and to her room.
Carly came back to focus after realizing what she just said.   “Oh no, you don’t have to do that,” she exclaimed.  
“But you said so,” Megan cried, “and besides, I kind of wanna do it. ”
“You can’t though, he’s our cousin, tonight’s his first night here, and what if he wakes up,” Carly retaliated.
“First, I’m not doing anything to him, second, if he sleeps like he always has when he visits, he’s not going to wake up, and third, I want to do it,” Megan demanded.
Carly and Megan walked silently into Aaron’s room and closed the door behind them.   They knew that if they were caught, there would be no getting out of it so there would be no need to escape.   Carly walked away from Aaron giving Megan the go ahead.   Megan lifted her shirt off slowly without making a sound.

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   Megan moved her thumbs just below her belly button and dipped them between her panties and night pants and slowly pulled them down, front first.   She moved her thumbs apart gradually as the tightening strap along the back of her night pants began pulling her underwear down.   She let the back of her underwear be pulled down by her pants as she slowly bent over to expose her butt to the air.   Her heart was pumping maniacally as the cool air touched her slightly sweaty butt as she thought about lying naked on top a guy.   She sat her naked butt checks onto the carpet and pulled the pants off her legs.   The carpet, extending up into her stretched open crack and on her butt hole felt amazing in the dark tense silence.   Megan wasn’t the only one who was being turned on by the situation; Carly, watching her younger sister undress to get on top of their hot cousin was filling her panties with juice.   Megan pulled her panties up to her knees while looking down to her small vagina glistening as the street light transcended through the window to reflect of her wet vagina.   She pulled her underwear down to her ankles, then pulled one leg out at time.   She stood up and stuck her small hand between her legs and rubbed the wetness around so it wouldn’t build up in one place and drip.
She walked over to the bed and looked at Aaron laying there.   Aaron laid sound asleep on his back in a white t-shirt and a pair of boxers with his sheet strewn over to the side of the bed against the wall.   Carly walked over silently to help Megan on the bed gently.   Carly took hold of Megan’s thin waist and helped prop her up onto the bed.   She then leaned over the bed and help pick up Megan’s right leg and maneuver it over Aaron’s body.

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    Once Megan’s small naked body hovered over Aaron’s body, Carly stuck her one hand under Megan’s chest, and the other between her legs, gripping her ever wettening vagina lips.   Slowly, Carly helped lower Megan down to Aaron’s body where her head rested on his shoulder and her legs meeting just at his waist.   Carly carefully moved Megan’s hair out of Aaron’s face and asked her if she was alright.   Megan said that it was the most intense thing she had ever felt.  
Aaron, being aroused by a dream, acted with his dick growing erect.   With Megan having shifted his boxers, Aaron’s penis shifted outside the whole in his boxers, growing to its full length just below Megan’s vaginal opening.   Megan moved her arms up around Aaron stretching her naked body over Aaron to better position herself as Carly looked on with her hand down her night pants and panties rubbing herself.   Megan lifted her petite chest up and slid back unsuspectingly into Aaron’s cock.   She felt it as the head of his circumcised penis penetrated her soaking wet vagina.   She moaned loudly at the surprising sensation and lost grip and slipped, having her arms push her back farther.   Her virgin wet vagina stretched and expanded between her wide open legs as Aaron’s penis thrust through her body immediately.   Megan clamped her mouth shut with her teeth as sheering pain mixed with pleasure leaped through her naked body.   The flap of skin inside her virgin vagina ripped as the penis was jammed into the tiny vagina, leaving blood slowly seeping down it reaching its way to the outside.
Carly stopped instantly what she was doing and stared at Megan as she laid on top of Aaron breathing heavily through her nose.  
“It hurts,” Megan cried quietly.

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“What happened?” whispered Carly.
“His penis went inside me,” she moaned.
Carly moved over behind Megan and leaned over to look very closely at Aaron’s penis lodged inside the tiny vagina of her sister.   Then she looked at Aaron’s face; still sound asleep, but looking as if he was having a wonderful dream.   Carly then saw drops of blood falling from the stretched lips of Megan’s vagina and rolling down Aaron’s penis.   Carly knew exactly what happened, though not from personal experience yet, through learning at school.   She told Megan that the worst was over and to now pull forward to get it out.   Megan pulled forward a little but stopped and cried that it hurt too much and to make the penis go small.   Carly deduced that as long as the penis was inside a vagina, it wouldn’t go small again so she told Megan that she would have to make him cum and it would go small.   She instructed Megan to try to move up and down just a little to massage the penis inside her.   Megan pushed her chest into the air with her hands by Aaron’s sides and lifted up her pelvis and dropped back down just a little, repeatedly.   Her vagina moved up and down stroking the entire length of the penis.   Megan looked down her chest past her hard nipples to where her legs met and watched her vagina move with her body as she could feel the massive object inside of her, now surprisingly beginning to give her pleasure.  
“Try rubbing yourself down there to give it extra wetness so it slides easier,” Carly told Megan.
Megan carefully lifted one hand up and moved it below her belly and began rubbing, spiking her pleasure as she could feel herself getting wetter and easier to move the dick inside her around.

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    She could feel that she would be able to remove it without all the pain but the pleasure she was getting was way too much to do something like that.   She put her hand back on the bed and began stroking the dick inside her even faster and longer with her tight vagina.   She kept her teeth on her bottom lip to keep from moaning as she watched the unbearable pleasure fill Aaron’s sleeping face.   Then she could feel herself about ready to have an orgasm.   As it drew nearer and nearer she pushed harder and harder on the dick and bit her lip increasingly harder.   Then her abdomen started convulsing and her vagina spiked in pleasure queuing the penis inside her to ejaculate its hot cum inside her tiny body, filling her insides.  The hot cum shooting up into her vagina pushed her into a second simultaneous orgasm adding to the intensity of the first one.   She barely had the muscles left in her arms to rest her naked body onto Aaron’s chest without waking him.
Carly watched almost jealously as her little sister laid naked on Aaron’s body gasping for air with cum and blood coming from her vagina.   Carly then prompted Megan to get up so they could leave.   Megan pulled herself forward, pulling the dick from within her body and sat up in the doggy position as Carly used Megan’s underwear to wipe the cum from her vagina as to keep as little as possible off of Aaron.   Carly helped Megan off the bed and told her to hold her panties between her legs to catch the cum that drained from her tiny overflowing vagina.   Carly then wiped all the blood she could and as much cum as she could from Aaron’s penis and boxers with her hands so Aaron would assume he had gotten carried away in a wet dream and leave it at that.   Megan opened the door with her free hand, picked up the rest of her clothes and quietly walked to the bathroom with Carly holding her cum filled panties against her pulsing vagina.
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Feel free to tell me what you think.

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    It's my first time writing this type of thing and I just prefer the less violent and provocative words.   But your the critics, tell me any suggestions or ideas, though I am already pretty full of ideas.   Email me at hanes_el@yahoo. com

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