Phoenix Vacation


This story contains cigarette smoking, drug use, mother-daughter incest and she male sex.
Please don’t read if you find any of these offensive. Thanks.

It was 2002 and I was on vacation in Phoenix, Arizona. I’m a Canadian but I love my Newport 100’s, so the first thing I did when I left the airport was stop and pick up a carton. Now I know they aren’t the manliest of cigarettes but damn they are a good smoke.

I made my way to the condo I was renting for the week and checked in, I went up to my condo and unpacked and then laid on the bed and smoked I couple of Newport’s while I stroked one out. Hmm love the taste of a Newport while pulling it. It was around 5 o’clock and being early spring it wasn’t dark yet but the sun was going down. I decided to head down to the pool for a quick swim before it got dark and cold. I entered the pool area and noticed a very attractive younger girl sitting on the far side of the pool smoking and talking on her cell phone. She seemed a little upset which made her smoking a little anxious. She took long drags and snap inhaled then exhaled out of her mouth, with the occasional talking exhale. She also had a lot of residual nostril exhale going on and I thought to myself that I was going to have to try and introduce myself to this little lovely. She was probably around 17 or 18 I figured but a damn fine smoker and maybe she had and older sister or mother as I was 28 and probably a little too old for her. She smoked a second cigarette, I was able to see that they were cork filtered, and talked on the phone then left carrying a pack sack and her purse.

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   I watched as she left and noticed that she entered the same building that my condo was in. I finished my swim and went back to my condo and cleaned up.

I went out for dinner and got back to my condo around 8:00 pm and decide to sit out on the balcony as it was a nice night. While I was sitting outside I heard the balcony door opening next to mine and looked over only to see the same young lady I had seen down at the pool come out and light up a cigarette. Wow she was even better looking up close, and damn she could smoke. She took long hard drags and filled those young lungs with creamy menthol smoke then exhaled long tight streams from both her mouth and nose. I sat silently watching and enjoying. She finished her smoke and went back inside. I know, I know why hadn’t I introduced myself. Oh well there will be another time.

I went back inside to fix myself a drink and then came back outside, when I cam back outside I heard some one say “Oh shit” I turned to find the young lady exhaling a big cloud of smoke. Wow she was a chain smoker, cool, but when I looked down at her hands I didn’t see a cigarette but rather a crack pipe. I immediately started getting aroused. She just stood there and then tried to hide the pipe. I said, “Hey it’s okay you don’t have to worry about me I’m not a cop and I won’t tell anyone.

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  ” She looked at me a little sceptically but smiled and said “Cool thanks. Hey you got an extra cigarette. ” I reached into my pocket and pulled out my Newport 100 and she said “Alright there my brand too. ”I handed her a smoke and she lit it up. “I’m Carrie, what’s your name?” “Steve” I replied “nice to meet you. You seem a little young to be hitting the pipe. ” “I’m 19 and I don’t do it very often. I’ve just had a bad day. ” “ No, no I’m not judging you. ” I said. She then asked “ Do you mind if I do another hoot?” “Feel free I don’t mind at all. ” “Cool be right back. ” She opened the door and went inside and returned about a minute later.

She put a big rock on her pipe and proceeded to lit it. This girl was no first time user she took a long gentle hoot off the pipe with a couple of snaps in between.

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   She held the smoke in and looked at me and smiled and then let out a huge exhale. She stood there for about 30 seconds not saying anything but definitely looking like she was experiencing the euphoria of a good hit. “Whew, that was a good one. Hmmmm damn, I’m high now. Whew. ”

She took a drag off her cigarette and then to my surprise looked at me and asked “Would you like to do a hoot. ” Now it has been quite some time since I smoked rock and I really never planned on doing it again, but something about this little honey offering me a hoot I just couldn’t resist. “Ah sure why not. ” “I figured you might so I brought an extra rock just in case. ” She loaded the pipe and handed it over to me. I lit it upand took a hoot and held it then exhaled. “Hell you can take a bigger hit then that” she said. I put the pipe back to my mouth and proceeded to take a much bigger hit. Wow this was some good rock. I felt my heart start beating faster and got that tingly feeling all over my body.

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   “That’s it. Nice isn’t it. ” “Yeah that is some good stuff. Thanks” “No problem, so you gonna be around all night cause I will be back. ” “Yes I have no plans. ” “Cool see you in a bit Steve. ” she said as she gave me a wink and went back inside.

I was laying on the bed watching TV and about a half hour had passed since my encounter with Carrie. All of sudden I could hear someone calling my name, I went to the balcony and Carrie was out on her balcony and said “Hey I’ll bet your ready for another hoot. ” She was right I was ready for another hoot. Now I don’t know if it was the hoot or watching her do a hoot that had me so anxious, probably a combination of both. “You bet I am. ” I replied. She put the pipe to her mouth and again took a long gentle pull on it and again took a couple of snaps in between. She was just about to exhale when her balcony door opened, we both jumped a little bit and she blew out all the smoke, out on to the balcony walked a gorgeous tiny blonde lady probably about late thirties maybe early forties.

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   “Hey you got a hoot there for me, Lynn is in the bathroom and I really need one. ” “Yup here” replied Carrie as she handed the pipe to the older lady. It was weird she didn’t even seem fazed that I was standing there. As she proceeded to take a quick intense hit off the pipe, Carrie said “Steve this is my mom Traci, mom this is Steve he’s staying next door and we were just doing a hoot. ” Traci, exhaled a large plume of crack smoke took another intense short hit and then grabbed Carrie’s cigarette and took a couple of quick hard drags. As she exhaled she said “Nice to meet you I’ll talk more when my guest leaves, I gotta go” and turned and went back inside. Carrie started to laugh and said “Nice, she really seemed like a hardcore crack head there more interested in having a hoot then meeting the neighbor next door. Well where were we, oh yeah your turn to do a hoot. ” Carrie and I talked and did a couple of hoots and smoked a couple of cigarettes for the next 30 minutes then she said she would see me again soon and went back inside.

I was taking a piss when there was a knock on my door. I looked through the peephole and it was Traci on the other side. I opened the door and said “Hello” “Hi listen my guest, actually it was a co worker, has gone so if you want to come over to our place and party that would be cool. ” Now I am no idiot I was all over that invitation. I grab my open pack of Newport 100’s plus a fresh pack and followed Traci next door. Carrie was sitting on the couch doing a hoot when we walked in and Traci sat next to her so I sat in the chair.

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   As soon as Traci sat down she reached for her own pipe and took hoot. As she exhaled she said “Hmm I have been waiting all night for this and handed the re loaded pipe to me, which I willingly accepted and took a big hoot of my own. We all sat and smoked cigarettes, funny we all smoked Newport 100’s, and talked between sucking on the glass dick, as Carrie called the crack pipe. I learned that Traci was a nurse at the local hospital and had the next week off on suspension because she refused to pull the plug on a patient. Carrie was a courier and as it turned out her bad day was that she had drove all the way to pay for and pick up a parcel as per her clients request when she returned it turns out her client was a crack dealer and the parcel was his supply of rock, someone else didn’t like said crack dealer and shot and killed him. So Carrie now had four ounces of rock that was paid for and no one to deliver it to, so it was hers. It turns out she use to do these runs about twice a month for this guy and he paid her in rock. So her and her mom would party twice a month with her pay.

I was pretty high so it took me a little by surprise when Traci leaned over and started kissing Carrie. I guess she could see the surprise on my face and said, “I hope you don’t mind when we get high we have a tendency to get horny and fool around. ” “No I don’t mind at all, it’s actually quite hot” I replied. “Good cause I got a craving for some pussy juice” stated Carrie and proceeded to unbutton her mom’s pants and pull them off, now to say Traci had a great body was an understatement. She was a petite lady but had nice full breast and a sweet ass with a fully shaved pussy. Carrie lost her clothes and if it’s possible was even hotter then her mom. She grabbed a big rock of crack put it on her pipe and took a huge big hoot.

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   She put the pipe down and turned to her mom and said “Okay let me at that cunt. ” She buried her face between her mom’s legs and started to go at it, she pulled her head up and exhaled a huge cloud of crack smoke and then buried her face again. “Why don’t you come over here and feed me that cock of yours” Traci ordered “I want you to fuck my face. ” I got undressed and was already hard as rock but Traci really new what she was doing with a cock and managed to somehow get me harder. “Why don’t you put that tongue to work and eat my daughter’s cunt” she directed me. Hell who was I to argue. I started teasing Carrie’s clit with my tongue while Traci sucked my balls into her mouth and Carrie was sucking and slurping greedily at her mom’s twat.
“I want that cock” stated Carrie so we switched around with me going down on Traci, Traci going down on her daughter and Carrie going down on me. I was getting close to cumming so both Traci and Carrie started sucking on my cock. I was in heaven and then I exploded a huge load of cum all over both of there faces. The two of them sucked me dry and then proceed to lick my cum of each others faces. “Mmmm I love the taste of cum” said Carrie “Well I guess that’s something I passed on to you” replied Traci as they both swallowed my cum that they had just licked of each other. Traci then dove into Carrie’s crotch and started to eat her out like there was no tomorrow. “Oh fuck yes that’s it mom eat my cunt. Suck my clit.

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   Make me cum on your face” screamed Carrie as she started to convulse in mind numbing orgasm. “My turn” said Traci and Carrie happily obliged. This young lady new how to eat pussy and it wasn’t long before Traci was moaning, “God yes that’s my girl make mommy cum, make mommy cum. ” Her legs started to quiver and then her hands as she started to moan louder and louder until she spewed her juices like a volcano.

We sat back down to gain our composure and smoke some more rock. After an hour or so I was starting to feel a rise between my legs and I guess Carrie must have noticed as she said “I want you to fuck me in the ass well my mom fucks me with a strap on. ” Traci went into the other room and came back out with a strap on between her legs and I don’t know if it was because she was so petite but that cock looked huge. “Why don’t you suck on my cock and get it nice and lubed up so I can fuck my daughter” demanded Traci as she shoved the strap on in my face. She proceeded to fuck my face with the strap on encouraging me the whole time. “That’s it baby take it all down in your throat, Oh yeah you’re a good little cock sucker I guess that makes three of us. ” When the strap on was nice and wet Traci laid down on the floor and Carrie climbed on top and inserted the dildo into her cunt. “Now put that cock in my ass and fuck me hard” demanded Carrie. I pounded her ass like a jack hammer breaking through concrete. She moaned and writhed in pleasure as Traci ordered “Fuck her ass Fuck my daughter’s ass harder, harder, harder make her cum. ” Soon Carrie was screaming in ecstasy as she gushed her way to another orgasm.

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   Carrie then put on the strap on and I entered Traci’s pussy and Carrie mounted her ass. I thought Carrie was going tear her mom’s ass apart with how hard she was nailing it. Traci just moaned in pleasure as she reached another climax.

We rested up and were laying smoking Newport 100’s when Traci said “You really seemed to like having your face fucked have you ever been with a she male.
    ” “No, I haven’t but I must admit I have fantasized about it. ” “Cool let’s get a she male escort to come over” said Traci. We went on line and checked out the local escort page and found a very attractive she male called Morgan, we called her up and asked if she would be into partying with two ladies and a guy and she was all for it. As we waited for Morgan to arrive we smoked some more rock. Traci said she had heard of something she wanted to try and now was a good time she went and got a plastic bread bag and took all the air out of it. She then took a hit of the pipe and when it came time to exhale she blew it into the bag the bag went from being transparent to being full of smoke. She then told Carrie to suck all the air out of the bag. Carrie took the bag and sucked all the smoke into her lungs she waited and then exhaled “Whew yeah that works I got a good hit from that. ” We experimented a little and came to the conclusion that it was better to inhale into the bag wait a few seconds then suck it all back into your own lungs. This seemed to work better because you were already feeling the effects of the first hit of the pipe and then the second hand hit while wasn’t as intense as the first hit was still great.

    We were all really high by the time Morgan pressed the button to be let up.

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       Traci went and opened the door and welcomed Morgan into the condo “Hi I’m Traci and this is my daughter Carrie and our friend Steve. We are in the middle of a party and are smoking crack. We have lots and would love for you to join us if you are interested. ” “Fuck that is the best offer I have had in a long time in fact if you’re supplying the rock I won’t even charge you as long as you keep me high” answered Morgan. She sat down on the couch and reached into her purse and produced her own stem. She grabbed a big rock off the table put it in the pipe and took a hoot. “Alright hmmm yes nice, nice okay lets party. ” I looked at Morgan and I couldn’t believe that this woman had a cock but as she got undressed and took off her panties there it was. She wasn’t hard so Carrie reached over and started to stroke it. Traci knelt down and took Morgan’s manhood into her mouth Carrie followed suit and I sat and watched as the two of them took turns teasing Morgan’s cock with their tongues. “Aren’t you going to join the party” asked Morgan. “Our friend has never sucked a real cock before” explained Traci. “Well that’s about to change right now” stated Morgan as she stepped before me and ordered me to open my mouth. She fed her semi hard cock into my mouth and I started to gag a little, “Relax honey I’m not going to hurt you. I’m just gonna turn you into a cock sucker.


      ” I started to relax and really began to enjoy sucking on Morgan’s cock. I could feel her getting harder and harder and it just made me suck it faster and faster. “Oh that’s it baby suck my cock, you’re a quick learner. I’m almost ready to cum. Do you want me to cum in your mouth?” I wasn’t sure but Traci and Carrie both chimed in “Oh yeah you got at have her cum in your mouth don’t swallow it all though cause we want some of it. ” “Well this party just keeps getting better and better lots of rock to smoke and a couple of cum sluts to boot” replied Morgan. “Oh here it comes Steve, get ready oh yes I’m about to blow. ”Then boom, Morgan’s cock exploded in my mouth. She blew her load and pulled out and Traci took it in to her mouth and sucked it dry while Carrie came over and sucked the cum out of my mouth she then turned to her mom and spit some into her mouth then Morgan said she wanted to taste some of her cum so Carrie spit some into her mouth. Carrie then came back to me and started kissing me with a deep open mouth kiss pushing the cum back and forth between my mouth and hers.

    It was quite sexy. We all swallowed and sat down to smoke some rock. Morgan pulled a pack of Misty Menthol 120’s out of her purse and lit up, the rest of us reached for our Newport 100’s and Morgan stubbed out her Misty and said “Yeah a Newport does seem to be a more appropriate cigarette when smoking rock and sucking cock” as she took one from Traci and lit up. I never left the condo for the first four days of my vacation and Morgan spent the next two days with us. The only time we left was to go to the store and buy more Newports.

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       Between the four of us we smoked almost the whole four ounces of crack and probably three cartons of Newport 100’s. I sucked Morgan off 3 more times and fucked her ass as well. We both fucked Carrie and her mom Traci numerous times. The on the 3rd day I was really, really high and Traci put on the strap on and fucked my face while Carrie sucked my cock and Morgan fucked my ass. I was so high that it didn’t hurt as she pounded the hell out me. When I was about to cum and Morgan was all up inside my ass I took a hit off the pipe and wow what an orgasm. There were bells ringing, train whistles blowing and my body was shaking uncontrollably. I haven’t gone back to Phoenix since that vacation. I don’t know if I would survive a week like that now a days.
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