Private Island – My Cousin Ashley pt. 2


Picks off right after the first one:
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Private Island – My Cousin Ashley pt. 2

After such an intense time in the sauna, Ashley and I slept throughout most of the afternoon. I actually woke up before her and decided to take a quick shower. When I got out, I was surprise to see her awake and getting dress.

“Hey you,” she said to me. “I feel like going for a jog up and down the beach. You wanna join me?”

“Sure,” I said as I dropped my towel right in front of her and began to dress. Minutes later we were both racing up and down the beach trying to outrun each other. Being in the high school track team before, I could have easily outrun her, but I pretended to fall behind and catch up every now and then to get a better view of her awesome body. She wore a white sports bra with black shorts, exposing most of her belly and legs. Whenever I “fell” behind, the sight of her toned ass starts to get my dick hard at the thought of pounding that ass.

It was as if Ashley could read my mind, because now she was running towards the stairs going to the house. I tried to catch up, but my boner was keeping me from running too fast. When I finally got there, she was all sweating from the run.

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  Ashley was halfway up the stairs, leaning forward on the rail while sticking her ass towards me. As I jogged closer to her, she said: “You forgot to fuck my ass yesterday. ”It’s true. Our time together was so intense that I didn’t bother changing positions. Well it looks like I’m going to get my chance now.

“Alright then. Let me make it up to you. ”

I walked closer to Ashley and started rubbing her sweating body. I caressed her belly with one hand while rubbing her leg with the other. My hand soon went down her pants and her hips started moving as I fingered her. She started moaning softly, squeezing one of her luscious tits. When her pussy started getting very wet, I fingered her faster and even started dry humping her.

“I want you! I want you so bad!!!”The whole thing must have really turned her on because now Ashley was humping me back, making sure my hips really smack her against her ass. I couldn’t take it any longer. I pulled my hand out and kicked off my shoes.

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   I slammed my shorts off really quick and slowly pulled her shorts off. Turns out she wasn’t wearing any underwear. I straightened her just a bit, pulling her sports bra off and throwing it aside. She turned around and started kissing me, so the two of us started to make out intensely.

After a few seconds of hot tongue, I turned her around again and had her lean against the rail. Pulling my already hard cock from the front opening of my boxers, I started to line up with her pussy. I used the tip to tease her a bit, making her moan a little and beg for me to just shove it in. Who was I to deny her?After lining the tip of my cock at just the right spot, I jam it straight in causing her to scream a little. I gave her a few seconds to calm down and started sliding in and out.

I started off slowly and passionately, wrapping my arms around her and pulling myself in to smell her beautiful hair and kiss her shoulders and neck. “Faster, faster,” she told me so I quickened my pace as I pulled her up and started to fondle her breast. With my orgasm coming, I decided to play with her clit, hoping we would cum at the same time. I started to fuck her even faster, slamming my pelvis against her amazingly hard ass.

“Oh yes, oh yes!!”Ashley came all over my cock, lubing her warm pussy. My cock responded by letting out a huge load into her, causing her to moan more softly and passionately.

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  We both began to slow and soon found ourselves leaning against the rail.

After a minute or so, Ashley got up and had me pull out without a word. She took my hand and started dragging me up the last of the stairs, leaving all our clothes behind. She took me onto to the deck and led me into the hot tub. As I took off my boxers, she turned towards the edge, wanting another ass pounding, but I had another idea. I stood at the center of the tub, taking her arm and pulling her as close as possible to me. We started making out again as I picked her up and had her wrap her legs around me. I slid my fully erected cock back inside her and slowly moved her up and down. It was probably the most intimate moment we’ve had so far: making love slowly in the tub and we played with each other’s tongues. The best part: she was actually enjoying it. Halfway through, we started talking, but with a soft kind of voice that you’d expect only lovers to use.

“Hey Ashley, aren’t you worried of getting pregnant?”

“Ha ha!No silly, I’m on the pill. ”She kisses me for a few seconds. “Besides, even if I wasn’t, I absolutely would love to have your baby. ”



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  You’re smart, hardworking, and honest. You’re so respectful and decent in public, but that doesn’t stop you from being such a great fuck. ”

“Thanks Ashley. ”

“I felt so alone after my dad died. With my mom already gone, I’m glad I have you. I’m glad my dad gave you the island. Now let’s finish up. I’m hungry”

With that she kisses me again as I set her on the area of the hot tub that lets you lie back. Since her legs were still wrapped tightly around me, I laid on top her, returning her kisses with as much passion and tongue as I could. I got straight to the point and started off thrusting hard and fast. Ashley moaned and moaned under each kiss. It wasn’t long until my orgasm kicked in, making me fill her up with another load of seed. We took a minute to catch our breath before getting up and going into the house.

After getting dressed, I prepared an awesome dinner for the two of us as she took a shower. She had me turned on through the whole meal as she came back with nothing but a short blue, silk robe.

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  As she went to get us drinks, I snuck up from behind and we ended up having a quickie against the fridge. “Naughty naughty boy. You’re supposed to have dinner before dessert,” was what she said as we sat down.

When dinner ended, she had me lie down on the bed naked as she went in bathroom. I closed my eyes for a bit only to hear her calling my name. When I looked, there was Ashley standing at the edge of the bed wearing amazingly hot lingerie. Dressed in nothing but red, she had on a smooth corset with a thong and leggings. She started crawling slowly towards me, giving me such a lustful look. When she finally reached me, she straddled me and slid her thong to the side.

Slowly, Ashley took my already hard cock in and started to move herself up and down. She started off slow, leaning forward and kissing me as she did. I was able to bend my knees a little and started fucking her back. After a few minutes of cowgirl, I grabbed Ashley and stood up on the floor. I had her lean against the lamp table and started fucking her from behind. Once I felt lubed enough, I pulled out and did what I was really planning on doing.

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  I slowly slid my cock into her asshole, struggling against it tightness. Ashley and I were moaning loudly as I push in, but I soon had it all in. I let her catch her breath, but I started slowly thrusting against her ass.

“Oh my god Paul! It hurts so bad!Please go slow!”

Not wanting to hurt her, I did thrust slowly. Her moans slowed down, but got louder with each push. After a while, I pulled out and reentered her pussy. I fucked Ashley slowly, giving her time to catch her breath again while also building up my own strength. Without warning her, I ripped off the corset and picked her up from behind, wrapping my arms around her legs. I held her tightly against me chest as I leaned up against the wall for support. Once I felt that my grip was good, I started thrusting again, fucking her in reverse carry.

“Oh Paul!Faster!Faster!”

I complied, thrusting my cock up faster into her pussy. I’ve been waiting to try that position since I first saw it, but now my legs were beginning to tire. I slowly let her down and led her back to the bed. We were both so tired from having so much sex in one day that we decided to go to bed now. I lay right beside her, lifting her leg as she guided my cock in.

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  Letting go of her leg, I thrust as fast as I could, playing with her clit with my free hand.

“Oh Paul!I love you so much!”Moaned Ashley.

“I love you too!”

And with that I released a huge load into her, holding her as tight as I possibly could. We both let out a loud moan at the same time, but as soon as we settled down, we fell asleep with her in my arms.