Sarah And Her Brother


"Sure I don't care. " He replied within a few minutes. Sarah finished up in the bathroom, and still in her dark blue panties and baby-Tee, she walked into her brothers bedroom. Josh's bedroom was bigger than Sarah's, but he also had more personal stuff. He worked the last two summers saving enough money to buy himself an expensive computer, and video camera. His room was neat and organized, and his computer and equipment was arranged on a big desk that he had towards the back wall of his room. "Hey Sis. " Josh said. Josh and Sarah look similar for brother and sister. They both shared the same blonde hair and blue eyes, the same skin tone. Sarah is 5'4, weights about 100 lbs, with firm 32 b cup breasts, with a well shaped ass. Nice for a 16 year old. "Hey Joshua. . . " She said.

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   Whenever they were friendly or not fighting she would call him that. "You know, you need to get out more often. Find yourself a girlfriend and get away from that computer. What do you do in here all day anyway?""Oh come on. Just check your email and be done with you. " He said playfully. Sarah bounced over and sat on his lap. She looked good in the blue panties, and the shirt. Josh could feel her soft legs touch and rub against his. Sarah typed a few lines, and was checking her email. "Ahh. . " She said discusted. "Seems like all I ever get is porn. .

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  . . But you wouldn't mind that would ya Josh. ""Of course not. " He said. "I am still a guy, and I'm still human for christ sakes. ""Well what do you think about her. . . " Sarah said after she opened one of the porn emails. And almost immediately she could feel how he felt about her in his shorts. Sarah was now sitting on a big erect cock. "Geez Josh, I didn't know you liked her that much. " She said kidding around with him. "It wasn't her that made me horny.

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  " He said. "It was you. "Sarah looked up at him and blushed a little. She could feel his hudge member press against her, and she suddenly got wet between the legs, and her nipples began to harden. Josh looked over his beautiful sister from head to toe. She looked sooo good and soo young just sitting there on his lap. That turned him on even more. Josh put one hand around her waist, and the other hand he slid down the front of her panties. He felt her soft pubes and her erect clit. He played with it between his fingers, and kissed Sarah on the back of her neck. He lifted sarah up and laid her on his bed, and slid up next to her. He pulled up her shirt, revealing the bottom of her breasts. Sarah took her hands and started to pull down her panties. Josh got up for a minute, took his camera, positioned it, and hit the record button. Sarah finished with her panties, and watched as Josh came back.

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   She didn't care if the camera was on or not. Josh got on top of her, and removed his clothes, and took of her shirt. Sarah took her hands and forced Josh's face between her breasts. It felt so good to be touched. Her last boyfriend and her didn't really do much together, so it had been a long time since she got any action. Josh lifted his head, and spread her legs. The camera had a nice shot of her pussy. She had a nice, trimmed pussy with blonde currly hair. Josh licked one finger, then slid it up her tight slit. Sarah felt his finger slide in and out of her hole. Ooh it felt so good to finally be fucked, even if it was a finger. She moaned loudly and bucked her hips. Josh took his finger out and stuck it in his mouth, sucking the juices. "Time to be fucked. " Josh said, and with that, he guided his erect 6 1/2 inch cock into his sister.

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   Sarah felt her brothers thick cock inch by inch slide into her. He moved slow at first, then picked up his pace. Faster and faster he fucked, and louder Sarah moaned with each stroke. Her tits bounced with each motion, and her ass lifted higher so he could get deeper. "Oh Josh. . I'm going to cum!!!" She screamed, as she clawed into his back with a big orgasm.
    Josh cummed too, and collapsed on top of his beautiful sister. "So you want me to tell you what I do all day in here?" Josh said. "Sure. . . " Sarah said, trying to catch her breath from that experience. Josh walked over to the computer, and did a lil typing. He opened up a web page, that was porn based.

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       "I designed my own porn web site. " He said. "I get donated pictures from girls all around the area, and post them. "Sarah looked at the web site, and noticed all the girls. She even reconized a few of them. "Wow Josh, thats pretty cool. Do you think I have what it takes to be a model?" She asked. "Definately. In fact, thats what the video was for. I'll upload it, and we can see how many people download it, and read the reviews. ""Really, thanks Joshua. " She said to him, giving him a kiss, and collecting her clothes. She slipped on her panties, and put on her shirt, making her way back to her room. "Oh Josh. .


      . " She said. "If you're ever lonely in there, give me a call. "She stood in her room and looked at her mirror, and noticed the boys across the street noticed she was in her room. She could see them moving the telescope around, so she removed her shirt, and pulled off her panties a second time. Instead of just a peep show, she grabbed her brush, lifted one leg on her chair, and fucked herself with the brush. It didn't take long for her to cum all over it, and she could see across the street the boys were doing there own thing. The EndMore Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.
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