Sarah and Steve 7


Topic: Sarah and Steve 7I woke up really early and just kind of layed in bed.    On one hand I was pretty happy with what had been going on the last four days.    I've lived out some of my fantasies, I now know I can go naked at home even when Steve is here, and I've been able to play with three different cocks.   I wasn't even thinking of Steven's cock as my brother's, I was just thinking it was another cock, one that I know he'll let me get the cum from.
On the other hand, I was a bit concerned that we let our best friends in on all of this.    They didn't seem to mind, in fact, they seemed to really like it.    I was just worried that they would keep their mouths shut.   Steve asked, "what are you thinking about?"  I jumped, I didn't hear him come into my room, I was so deep in thought.
I told him my concerns.    He just grinned and said they won't say anything, they're in the middle of it.    Besides, if they do, just ignore it.    Well, I guess he was right, if they said anything, they would be admitting to everything that went on, including what they did, not very likely.   He was right, we've known these kids since we started school and they lived near us.
I told Steve not to go anywhere, I had to pee.   When I got back to my room he was sitting on my bed.   I wasn't actually horny, but Steve had a hardon and he was stroking it, slowly, but still stroking it.

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     I just gently pushed him back on his back and straddled his legs while facing him.    I got his cock in my hands and started rubbing it while cupping and squeezing his balls.    Then I started to tell him how much my friends liked watching him and playing with his cock, they want to come back soon.    As I stroked his cock I moved up a little bit and rubbed the head of his cock on my pussy to get it wet, it's a lot more fun when he's slippery.
The head of his cock felt really hot on my pussy and I guess I was more turned on than I thought, because I got lots of pussy juice on it.   As I was stroking his cock I started talking about how the girls would really like to see his cock shaved and so would I.    We think it would be more fun and it would look bigger.    I got up again and rubbed his cock on my pussy, this got it even wetter and kind of sent a little tingle up my spine as his cock touched my clit as I slid back.
I moved over to the side of Steve, I put a couple of fingers into my pussy and got my pussy juice on them to rub on Steve's cock.   After that I started to lick the head of his cock while gently stoking his balls.   My pussy juice mixed with his precum was delicious, I couldn't believe how much I liked it.   Then I moved his cock further into my mouth as Steve started to move his hips like he was fucking my mouth.   He didn't say anything, but by the sound of his breathing and the stiffness of his legs I know what was going to happen and he started shooting his cum into my mouth.    It was fantastic and hot and creamy and it felt good to let it play on my tongue as I moved it around.    When I was sure he was finished I went ahead and swallowed, Steve fell asleep.

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I pulled my covers over him and went into the bathroom.    I didn't want to walk around with a dripping pussy so I washed up a bit.    While washing I did admire my shaved pussy, it really did look sexy like that but I really thought Lisa did something fun with the V.
After cleaning up a bit I looked in on Steve, now he was snoring.    Nothing more to do than go downstairs, I decided to make some tea, I like coffee, but I prefer tea, especially green tea.    I toasted an English muffin and sat at the counter.   It was then that I realized just how long I haven't had on any clothes, it was going to be really not fun to have to get dressed all of the time again.    I just loved the feeling of being like this and then I got startled as the phone rang.  
Before the third ring I picked it up.   It was mom and dad checking on us.   They wanted to know if we were getting along, I told them most of the time.    Mom wanted to know if I was listening to Steve and staying out of trouble, they trust him more than me, I guess it's because he's older.    Mom also said she just got off the phone with the neighbor lady that was watching over us and she said we've been very good, and she could see we were taking care of everything the way we were supposed to.    Mom also told us she was making lasagna today and was going to bring some over for us for our supper.   By the time I got off the phone, Steve was coming down the stairs and asked who it was and I told him.

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We decided that today was no friends over and we would catch up on the stuff we wanted to do.   Most of the day was just being naked and doing our normal stuff, it was nice.    I just can't get enough of watching his cock bounce around as he walks.    After lunch he surprised me, he said we should really water the flowers and if we started in the back yard, we wouldn't have to put on any clothes until we went out front.   Just two days ago he didn't want me topless in the back yard, now he wanted to go out naked too.    So we did, it felt good to feel the sun on or naked bodies and I finally noticed what a cute little butt Steve has.
After about an hour and half in the back, Steve said he'd put on some shorts and do the front, that way I wouldn't have to get dressed, he is so nice.    I went upstairs and made our beds, straightend up a little and cleaned the bathroom just in time for Steve to get back in.    When I got downstairs he still had his shorts on and was sitting in a chair in the living room, I couldn't resist, I scolded him and said "no clothes on the furniture, get those off of there now. "    He laughed pulled off his shorts and tossed them at me.   I ran over and started to pinch his nipples and as he was fighting me off, playfully, he grabbed my nipples and said he'd squeeze if I didn't stop.    I stopped and sat on his lap, I could feel his cock growing on my ass as I slid around a little bit while he said it wasn't fair, I kept getting him hard.
It was only the second time today, I reminded him that he said he jerked off some times three or four times a day.   He grinned and blushed and said it was pretty cool to not have to jerk off.    He was going to miss all the attention when mom and dad got home.

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     I told him it wasn't going to stop.    It's summer, they are at work all day except the weekends, so we have five days a week, all day, plus when school starts we have a couple of hours every afternoon.    This doen't have to stop, we just will have to slow down.   Steve said if I didn't stop sliding around on his cock with my ass he was going to cum all over it.   He was right, as I slid off his lap and put his cock in my mouth he started to cum almost immediately.    Since it had only been a few hours, there really wasn't a lot of cum, but I got it anyway.
I told Steve to get up.   Then I sat down and put my legs up on the arms of the chair and asked him if he knew what I wanted.    He didn't answer, he just got on his knees and slowly went from just below my pussy all the way to my clit, licking and sucking the whole way, he looked up and said my pussy really tastes good, he wants to taste my friends, then he went back down to mine.    After a few minutes of just licking and sucking everywhere, he pulled my clit into his mouth and started to suck on it while licking it at the same time.   Then I felt a finger go inside me, that gave me a rush, then a second finger went in and I quivered all over.   It felt good to feel that tightness in my pussy (at this point I didn't have a dildoe and had only felt my own fingers in me).    I wasn't sure if I could handle it, but I wanted more, I told Steve to very carefully put another finger in, almost as soon as he did I started to climax, one massive wave after another as my pussy convulsed on his fingers, by the third orgasm I was pushing his face off my clit, I couldn't take it any more, I was spent.
We both heard it at the same time, a car door slam, I ran for the stairs and Steve scrambled to get his shorts on.   By the time the doorbell rang, I was upstairs and heard the neighbor lady and Steve talking, she was delivering some lasagna.

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     Steve kept thanking her telling her how much he loves her lasagna.    When she left I came back downstairs and Steve said he hoped she couldn't smell my pussy all over his face, I told him all I could smell was lasagna, don't worry about it.
Everything was back to normal for the rest of the afternoon.   Steve volunteered to fix us a salad to go with the lasagna and I heated it and some garlic toast in the microwave.    We did dishes together, watched TV and went upstairs around 9:30 to get ready for bed.    Steve took his shower first, then I did.    As I was coming out of the bathroom, Steve asked me to come into his room, as I stepped in he asked, "what do you think?"  I asked think about what, he pointed at his cock.    I told him I liked his cock but I liked it better when it was hard.   He looked disappointed and said come over here and look closer.    I did, then it hit me, he shaved the shaft of it and his balls, hardly noticable from a bit of a distance.    I liked it, I really did, I wish he would have done the rest and I told him so.    He insisted one little bit at time, then he asked me if I'd like to try 69.   I'm pretty naive at this point and didn't know what he was talking about.
Steve was nice he stepped me through it and we got into position, it's a good thing I'm short, it worked out great.   I was licking on his balls and stroking his cock while he was nibbling at and sucking on my clit.

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     Then I felt his fingers start to go in, one at a time until three were in my pussy.    I went from sucking his balls to sucking his cock and rubbing his balls.    I wanted to climax first so he wouldn't lose interest so I ran lots of hot horny stuff through my head until I could feel my pussy tighten on his fingers and then it hit me.    While I was having a terrific orgasm he started to cum, I guess me climaxing drove him over the brink.   
After I got all of his cum we both sat on the side of his bed and he smiled and said it's going to be hard to act like I don't like you when mom and dad get back.    I told him I'm sure I'll be able to do something to piss him off.    He gave me a gentle punch on the arm and said he'd see me in the morning.    We can figure out what we're going to do over breakfast and he's cooking.   He's right, it's going to be hard to act the way we used to torwards each other.    I guess we can just tell them that by being alone together we just started to like each other a little bit.