Sherri & Me


     The Chapter Sherri & Me
 Graduation from high school is a milestone in every person’s life and mine was no different. Graduation marked the end of my life in the foster care system. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t a bad life but the walls that surround you in it limit both your mobility and your choices. One thing I learned during my years in its care is that there is a price to be paid for everything as nothing is freely given. The state used the money in my trust fund to pay my caregivers so that I may stay in their “loving” home. I also learned that everyone has an agenda whether it is the church foisting it’s brand of “faith” or meeting the expectations and “desires” of the males (regardless of age) of the family which creates an unspoken bond between the parties involved and made my life easier.
 I had kept in touch with my family over the years and my aunt and uncle kindly offered me a place to live (at a price $) until I got my feet planted. Dave was off to college and Candy had dropped out of high school and run off with her boyfriend Jerry and got married. Sherri still lived at home as did Jimmy but he was out more than in. I had little trouble getting a job as a waitress at a tavern on the corner of our street. It was less than half-a-mile walk from the house and afforded me the luxury of my own money. My goals were clear to me, forged in the dark hallways and bedrooms of the places I stayed. First, I would save enough money to purchase a used car (as it would grant me mobility which equated with freedom to me). Second, I would use that mobility to attend school, as furthering my education would allow me the chance to become one of the medical care-giving team who had so inspired me when I was young, as well as financial security. It took me several months of long hours at the bar, whose male patrons lived down to my lowest expectations of ass grabbing and thinly veiled sexual innuendo. I found a smile and a little flirtation greatly increased the size of my tips and probably made me the centerpiece of many a wet dream.

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   The day finally arrived when I could afford a car and from the moment I slid behind the wheel I knew I could never again live without a working car in my possession. For the first time in my life I felt I had an element of control in my life. Up till than I was restricted to the distance I could travel by walking, now the horizon beckoned.
 Sherry and I shared the same room Candy and her had. Such togetherness created the type of intimacy only roommates and sister’s can know. Late at night we spoke about the events that brought us to this point in our lives. Sherri had picked up all the slack left by Candy’s absence, helping Pat with cleaning the house, preparing the meals and doing laundry. Her ready willingness to assist with these chores forged a bond with her mother the other children had not. Dave, being the oldest, had the lion’s share of expectations fall on his shoulders. It was expected he would set the standard for the others to follow, both in scholarship and career aspirations. The weight of such responsibility had made him a somber and serious individual to be around. Jimmy was the polar opposite of Dave; his performance in school was lackluster at best. To his credit he had been the first to get a job and used his earnings to buy a car and partied at every opportunity. He ran with a fast crowd and ran at life very hard, drinking more than he should and engaging in sex with every girl he could. It had been rough on Sherri when Candy first left and both boys fucked her daily at least once but as time passed and the thrill of exploration wore off and the frequency of sexual activity tapered off to the occasional quickie.

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   Both boys moved on to making new girlfriends and rarely needed to relieve their tension with her. Sherri had developed an appetite for having her pussy stretched and didn’t have the luxury of being able to make time for a social life for herself with school and performing all the chores around the house she was expected to do. My arrival had been quite timely, as she had been considering running off as Candy had. She missed the intimacy the boys had shared with her when they were fucking her and felt like an unappreciated maid in her own home.
 I told her about my voyage through the foster care system during the intervening years. The men and boys who had visited my room to stretch both my patience and my pussy, always with the nagging knowledge these people were paid by the state to look after me. I was not loved, just a paying boarder in their home. Some people would have had their spirit crushed by such circumstances. I used it to forge the determination to take control of my life and shape my own destiny. My heart had grown cold over the years as I built a wall about it to protect it’s all too often abuse. We are only hurt when we allow others to hurt us and I was determined that would never happen again. Love is something you feel, while sex is something you do (like playing a sport). I learned the only real difference between a lady (as my catholic faith taught me to be) and the woman I was becoming was the courage to say yes when common sense says no. Between working and helping Sherri with the household chores the time passed quickly. I was able to save enough money to purchase a car and enroll in the local community college to begin taking the basic courses required to get a degree in nursing.

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   Needless to say I didn’t have time to cultivate a social life. It was soon Thanksgiving and the family gathered for the annual feast at which Uncle Cal announced he was taking Aunt Pat on a romantic cruise over the Christmas holiday. Aunt Pat was stunned, as were the rest of us, but her elation at the thought of taking an actual vacation was clear. In the days and weeks that followed we all chipped in to buy them a set of matched luggage for the trip. Sherri and I planned and prepared a going away celebration for them. All shed many tears, as this would be Pat and Cal’s first Christmas without their children. Dave and Jimmy packed the car and drove them to the airport while Sherri and I cleaned up the mess made by the send off bash. It had been a long day for the two of us and I went to bed early. I was soon engulfed by a deep sleep.
 I don’t know how long I had been asleep when I was awakened by sounds coming from across the hall. I glanced at Sherri’s bed to see she wasn’t in it and the door to our room was wide open. My curiosity aroused I got out of bed and crept across the hallway to see Sherri being fucked by Jimmy while she sucked Dave’s cock. I slipped out of my nightgown and panties tossing them back into our room. I strode into the room to stand naked by the side of the bed. I tapped Dave’s shoulder to get his attention and asked, “Mind if I join you or is this a private party?” Sherri paused in her ministrations of Dave’s cock to smile and take my hand placing it on Dave’s turgid cock while nodding her approval.

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   Dave was already aroused and needed no encouragement as he lept off the bed taking my hand to lead me from the bedroom to the living room. By the dim light of the Christmas tree he stepped back from me as he motioned for me to turn around that he might see my naked form in it’s entirety. As I spun slowly a smile crossed his face as he nodded his approval. He stepped forward placing one hand on my ass while the other went behind my neck to draw me close and kiss me. Our lips parted as we kissed slowly, deeply. Our hands traveled slowly over each other’s bodies seeking to familiarize themselves with territory long untraveled. As his fingers sank between the folds of my pussy I shuddered at his touch while grasping his cock with my hand. It felt good to touch and be touched. I sank to my knees too examine his long unseen tool and eagerly wrapped my lips around it to lick and suck it; he groaned his approval as I tasted and smelled his musky manhood. His strong arms pulled me to my feet and then led me to the couch where he seated himself sliding down the backrest until his back lay flat on the seat cushion. He spread his legs bending them at the knee to plant his feet firmly on the floor. He motioned for me to straddle his body while holding his cock erect to allow me to slide down it’s magnificent length while it’s girth took my breath away. It had been a while since my last fuck so I took my time wedging his saliva coated cock into my tight pussy. It felt wonderful to once again know the pairing of bodies fucking brings. I leaned forward bracing my hands on either side of his body to rock my pelvis against his, setting both the depth and pace at which we would fuck.

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   I bent further forward to gently brush my nipples across his chiseled chest as I rocked my hips. As I did so I felt hands spread my ass-cheeks allowing Jimmy to wedge his cock in my virgin ass. Mercifully he had just cum in Sherri’s cunt so his cock was well lubricated with their combined fluids. Each time I swiveled my hips to trail my clit over Dave’s cock my ass was filled with more of Jimmy’s. I felt Jimmy bend his body over mine so that his hands could reach around my body to grasp my swelling breasts. I had never been fucked by two men before at the same time, at times it felt glorious and at other times like I was being sawed in half. My virgin ass resisted his efforts but he eventually drove every inch of his cock into me. Each time I instinctively rocked my hips on Dave’s cock Jimmy’s ravaged my ass. The sweat rolled off me as my body accustomed itself to this new position and my passion soared. Jimmy began to pile drive his cock into me as I felt his cock swell, he groaned as he exerted every effort to stem the flood of jizz his body ached to release. I increased the tempo of my hips as my cunt muscles squeezed against Dave’s cock. Dave’s breathing became rattling gasps as his cock-head swelled deep inside my cunt. Dave’s hands grasped my head to draw my lips to his, our lips parted as our swollen tongues did battle. Dave sucked the air out me as he struggled not to come only to feel my cervix spasm as I came. He blew his load of hot life giving sperm into me, followed almost in the same instant by Jimmy’s.

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   Our exhausted bodies sank into a human sandwich with me as the meat. With Sherri’s help Jimmy staggered up as Dave’s hands encircled my body to hug me, he whispered in my ear, “You were my first and are still the best. ” I smiled and kissed him squeezing my cervix around his dwindling beast as I lifted my head to stare into his eyes and smiled. We lay together wrapped in each other’s arms as I felt a warmth I had not known before radiate from my uterus. We all returned to the master bedroom to suck and fuck until the rays of dawning light shown through the window.
 The week passed quickly with Sherri and I having our pussies stretched multiple times daily by the boys. It was almost a relief for Cal and Pat to come home as this gave both Sherri and I a break in the action. I was able to get an undisturbed night’s rest for the first time since they left. I could refocus on the task of achieving my goals. I soon realized the boys would use every opportunity that presented itself to satisfy their needs. When I missed two periods I realized all my dreams could be lost because I had acted stupidly and was torn apart by the dilemma I faced. Marriage was out of the question, as was having a child. The issue resolved itself but taught me the value of being prepared and to focus on the task at hand (finishing school).   

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