Sissy's Little Secret


Abby was the baby of the family. She had three older brothers; Mark, Mike, and Matt. The boys were 3, 4, and 6 when she was born. Mark, the youngest of the three boys, was the one who started calling her Sissy, and would correct anyone when they called her Abby, so the whole family called her Sissy. It was the summer before her freshman year at college. The campus was only a few miles away, and Sissy would be staying home with her mom this year to save on expenses. Matt and Mike had graduated from the same college, and Mark was in his senior year there. Their parents had divorced four years ago. The divorce had been hardest on Sissy because she had been Daddy’s little girl. She could never believe that her dad had cheated on Mom.
Mark was on summer break from college, and staying at Mom’s during the summer. He had a part time job at one of the record stores in the mall, and when he wasn’t working or out with his friends, he was at home, with his door shut in his own little world. Mom worked 60 hours a week as a legal assistant for a well-known criminal lawyer in the next town over. Sissy often had the house to herself. It was laundry day, and Sissy went into Mark’s bedroom to get his dirty laundry. When she stripped the sheets from the bed, she found one of his girlie magazines under a pillow.


   She knew how guys were; she wasn’t as innocent as she led everyone to believe. Sissy sat on the edge of the bed and flipped through the pages. ‘What do guys see in this junk?’ she thought to herself. Just as she was about to put the magazine down, the title to one of the stories caught her eye, "Sissy’s Little Secret. "
The story was about a high school girl who liked to watch her brother masturbate without him knowing, and after several times, seduced him. Sissy was tingling all over by the time she finished the story. ‘This is just fantasy,’ she thought, ‘brothers and sisters don’t really have sex. ’ Whether or not it was true, the story had really turned her on
Sissy shook her head, as if trying to wake up from a dream. She needed to get the laundry done and the kitchen cleaned up from breakfast. Her brother would be home from work soon, and wouldn’t be happy to come home to a stripped bed and no clean clothes.
Just as Sissy was putting the clean sheets on Mark’s bed, she heard the back door shut. Mark was home and would want his privacy. Mark walked into his bedroom, "Hi Sissy!"
She grinned at him, "Hey Mark! How was work?"
Mark rambled on about some shoplifter they had caught. "How was your day Sissy?" he asked, kicking off his shoes and sat down at his computer desk while she finished making the bed.

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"Pretty boring, as usual, until…" she paused, debating on whether or not to tell him that she had found the magazine. He waited for her to continue, giving her a puzzling look. She bent down and grabbed the magazine from under the edge of the bed, "Until I found this. "
Mark started laughing, "I was wondering if you would say anything. I forgot to put it away. " Sissy looked relieved, she was glad he wasn’t mad, she was afraid he would think she had been snooping.
Sissy tossed it on the bed, open to the page of the story she had read earlier, "You should really be more careful Bro, what if that had been Mom that found it?"
Mark winked at his sister "You know Mom is too busy with work to come snoopin’ in my room, besides she’s caught me with one before and this time I’m too old to ground. " They both laughed at this. Sissy shut the door behind her and went to start dinner.
As much as Mark loved his sister, he was glad she didn’t make a big production over the magazine. He stripped down to his boxers, grabbed his towel and was headed for the bathroom down the hall. He stopped in his tracks. What was it that Sissy said? Her day was boring until… Did that mean she enjoyed what she saw in that magazine? Mark walked over to the bed and picked up the magazine, and noticed the title of the story that had caught her eye. He scanned the first few lines. ‘Hmmm, definitely worth reading later,’ he thought.

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   He closed the magazine and headed for the shower.
Sissy heard the water stop. She called out to her brother that dinner was done. "Be there in a sec!" he called out to her. He quickly dressed and went to the kitchen. Sissy was a great cook, better than Mom. More than his privacy, Mark enjoyed Sissy’s cooking. They ate mostly in silence; each lost in their own thoughts. When he was home, and someone else cooked, it was Mark’s job to do the dishes. He didn’t mind most of the time, but tonight was in a hurry to read that story in the magazine. He had caught Sissy stealing glances at him while they were eating. ‘What was she thinking, what was she up to?’ Mark hurriedly fixed Mom a plate and put it in the microwave for when she got home, then washed the dishes and put the leftovers in the fridge and hurried back to his room and closed the door.
Sissy took a shower after dinner and was getting dressed when her cell phone rang. It was Beth, her best friend, and she was on her way over and they were going to the mall. A few minutes later a horn blew in front of the house.

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   Sissy knocked on Mark’s door.
"What is it?" he sounded annoyed.
‘He’s reading that story,’ she thought and a big grin crossed over her face. "I’m going to the mall with Beth, I’ll be back later. " There was a pause.
"Umm…. Ok Sissy, I’ll probably be gone when you get home. Have fun!" he finally replied.
Mark was annoyed at the interruption. He was reading "Sissy’s Little Secret" and was almost ready to cum. This was one of the hottest stories he had ever read. He didn’t read the stories that often, is this what he had been missing? Why had Sissy left the magazine open at this page? Is this what she wanted to do with him? Was his sister a closet freak and he had never known? All his friends had thought she was a hottie. He never looked at his sister that way before. Mark started reading the story again, imagining it was him and Sissy; that it was her full 34B (almost C) tits bouncing above him. Mark’s dick was harder than it had ever been.

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   He needed relief and knew exactly how to test and see if she wanted to fuck him. He walked down the hallway to Sissy’s bedroom, and got a black pair of panties from her drawer. He lay on her bed, stroking his cock with the black silk.
There would be no doubt of what he had done, he came so hard it was all over her panties, his hands, his belly and chest. He left her panties under her pillow, and went to the bathroom to clean up. He was going out with the guys, and needed to get going. Dressed once again, he wrote Mom a note to let her know where they both were and that her dinner was waiting in the microwave. He also left Sissy a note on her bathroom counter, "I left you a present. Sweet dreams sis. " Sissy had her own bathroom, and even if Mom looked in Sissy’s bedroom to see if she was home yet or not, she wouldn’t look in the bathroom.
Sissy came home to find her mother enjoying her dinner in front of the television.
"Hey Mom," she greets her mom with a kiss on the cheek.
"Hi Darlin’. How was your trip to the mall?" Sissy plops down beside her mom on the couch and pulls out her new outfit.
"Don’t you just love it?" Sissy asks, hoping her mom will not rant and rave about the skirt being too short or the blouse to see through.

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"That’s cute Sissy," her mom replies, distracted and trying to concentrate on the TV.
"How was work?" Sissy asked trying to get a little of her mom’s attention. Her mom had been so distracted these days.
"Same stuff different day honey, boring lawyer stuff," her mom replied. Sissy took the hint and left her mom alone to relax and be in her own little world.
Sissy went to her bedroom and put her new outfit away. She was hoping for a special occasion to wear it soon, but had to wait for the right moment. She lay down on her bed, not even suspecting what her brother had done just a couple of hours before, and switched on the TV. As she was flipping through the channels trying to find something good to watch, her mind went back to the story she read earlier. Would it be possible to seduce her brother like in that story? He had a really hot body, and from the sounds coming from his bedroom when he used to sneak in his girlfriend, he knew how to please a girl. Finding nothing to watch on TV, Sissy put in a movie.
She started to get sleepy, so she got up to brush her teeth, wash her face, and put on her pajamas. She found her brother’s note as she reached for her toothbrush. She finished getting ready for bed, and looked around for her present. It was no where to be seen in her room.

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   She went to Mark’s room and looked around, nothing obvious there. She didn’t feel right nosing around in his things, so she went back to her room. She sat on the edge of her bed wondering where he might have left it, and what it could be. She was tired, and wasn’t in the mood for games. Sissy turned out the light and crawled into bed. Sissy slept on her stomach, and as she tried to get comfortable, one hand slipped under the pillow and she felt something slightly damp.
"What the hell!" she exclaimed. She sat up and turned on the lamp beside her bed. She picked up the pillow to see what was underneath. She gasped at what she saw. A pair of her panties, coated in a white substance. She picked them up and smelled them. She recognized that smell, it was cum, and her brother’s cum at that. He had read the story, not only had he read it, he was thinking of her while he read it. That thought turned her on.


   She was flushed, her nipples hard and there was a dampness between her legs.
Sissy stripped out of her pajamas; tonight she didn’t want to feel the constriction of clothing while she masturbated. She got a red pair of panties out of the dresser. ‘One gift deserves another,’ she thought. She hadn’t realized how good silk would feel against her bare pussy. She hadn’t realized how intense an orgasm could be ‘til now. She slipped into her robe, just in case Mom was still up, and tucked the wet panties into the pocket. She tiptoed down the hall to her brother’s room and put the panties under his pillow. She went back to her room and sent her brother a quick e-mail. "Mark, loved your gift, but it is better to GIVE than to receive. Love, Sissy. " Sissy let her robe fall to the floor and she crawled back into bed.
Mark came home late, and the house was dark. He flipped on the light in the hallway. He knew Mom would be dead to the world, so he carefully opened Sissy’s door.

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   He noticed her pajamas on the floor by the bed, he knew Sissy never slept naked. He gave his eyes a minute to adjust to the light; he could see her covered to the waist with the sheet. She was lying on her side; the perky nipple of her supple left breast was visible just below her left hand. She gripped something dark in that hand, he tried to see what it was, but the light was too dim. He guessed it was the present he had left her. He shut the door to her bedroom, and went to his own room. The click of the door latch woke her up. She waited, holding her breath. She heard footsteps going toward the end of the hall and a door open and close. She got up and looked out the window, and she breathed a sigh of relief, it was just Mark coming home.
Mark sat down in front of his computer to check his e-mail. Just as he was hoping, an e-mail from Sissy. He got up and went straight to his bed. He knew right where she left his present. He stripped down to the buff and reached under his pillow.

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   He held the moist treasure to his face, the sweet and musky smell of his sister rich in his nostrils. His cock, which had started to awaken when he peeked in on his sister, was now fully erect. Mark opened his door slightly; an open invitation should his sister wake up.
Sissy waited, Mark should’ve gotten her e-mail and found the panties by now. She slipped on her robe, but left the belt untied, and crept down the hallway. The door to Mark’s bedroom was slightly open. Sissy started to knock, but decided she wants to take in the view for a moment. Mark was lying on the bed, his fully erect cock in his hand, he used Sissy’s panties to stroke. Sissy was glued to the spot, watching her brother stroking his cock. She felt a tingle between her legs and reached down to her aching clit. Her slit was already moist, and as she touches it a moan almost escaped her lips. She knew this was wrong, but can’t seem to stop, doesn’t want to stop. She slipped a finger, then two inside her already wet pussy. She finger fucked herself until she’s about ready to explode, and can’t take it anymore. Sissy pushed the door open a little more and walked towards Mark’s bed.


   He looked up, slightly shocked at first, but happy she’s there.
Mark held out his hand, for his sister to join him. She hesitated, "What if Mom wakes up?" Sissy slipped off her robe, paused for Mark to look at her body, then she took his hand.
Mark pulled Sissy down to him, stroked her hair, "You know that she sleeps like the dead, don’t worry Sissy. "
Sissy grinned at him, "You’re right, besides we’ve gone too far to stop now," as she guided his hand to her love hole below. Mark used his other hand to squeeze one nipple, then the other. "Yes, that’s it Bro, harder," Sissy moaned.
Mark’s hand found her throbbing nub and Sissy began to moan. She grabbed his cock and started to stroke. He slipped a finger, then two into her wet hole, and Sissy let a stifled moan escape her.
"Damn, Sissy, you have a tight hole!" She looked at him and smiles. Mark rolled over on his back and pulled Sissy toward him. She straddled his body, rubbing her juices all over his throbbing cock, teasing. He pulled her close, kissing her hungrily.
Suddenly, Mark grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face just inches away from his, looking her in the eyes he growled at her, "Alright Sissy, enough teasing! Ride my cock you dirty lil slut!" Sissy’s eyes went wide and she obeyed her brother’s command.


   She reached between her legs and guided his cock into her pussy.
"Ooh Bro your cock feels so good!" she cried out. She started to ride his cock, slowly, feeling his cock deep inside her.
He reached down between their bodies and rubbed her clit, "Fuck me harder bitch!" She thrust her hips hard and fast over his cock, as he reached up and twisted her nipples. Every muscle in Sissy’s body tensed up, and Mark twisted harder, "You like the pain, don’t you, slut?"
"Ohh yesss!" Sissy said. Mark thrust his hips against hers, looked Sissy in the eyes, watching the look of ecstasy on her face. "Aaahhh yesss I'm coming Bro!" One final thrust and her whole body relaxed.
"Mmm Sissy that was so fucking sexy!" Sissy grinned at Mark, and slid off his wet cock. "What. . . where are you going!?" She put a finger to his lips and slithered down his body. She started to lick her cum off his throbbing cock, knowing he needed relief too.
"Ohh," he started to moan, "you're a dirty little slut, Sissy. "
Sissy looked up at him, "Yes, Bro, but I'm YOUR dirty little slut.

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  " She licked his cock and balls completely clean, slowly, teasing him and savoring every drop of her own juices. She looked up at him, "Bro, I want to taste you too. Cum in my mouth. " She took the head of his throbbing cock into her mouth, running her tongue all the way around, teasing. She sucked his entire cock into her mouth, flicking her tongue all around.
"Mmm that feels so good Sissy, you nasty slut. " She moved her mouth and tongue faster, as Mark reached down and gently grabbed Sissy’s hair on both sides of her head. She let him set the rhythm and he thrust his hips toward her face, face fucking her. Mark started to moan, and she knew he was close. She tightened her lips, and he thrusts even harder, while she flicked her tongue all around his cock. "Here it is slut, are you ready?" Sissy looked him in the eyes, sucking for all she’s worth.
"Ooohhh!" One final thrust and he exploded in her mouth. "Damn Sissy that was awesome," and he pulled her up to him. Mark leaned over and kissed her deeply.
"What other tricks you got Sissy?"
She smiled, "You'll have to wait until next time Bro, Mom will be up soon.

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Sissy slipped on her robe and went back to bed. ‘Now I have a secret of my own,’ she thought.
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