Sister Dear


"Moooooooom!""Happy birthday, son!", she said, the big smile on her face showing that she was just playing with me. "Now. . . get your butt downstairs so we can all have some cake. "With those words my mom turned around and walked out the room, closely followed by dad who was carrying the cake in one hand while licking some cream off the other. My sister laughed softly at that before turning my way, her long, pale white nightgown swirling around her. Leaning forward she kissed me on the cheek before whispering: "Happy birthday, bro. You'll get your present later. ""Forgot to do the shopping again?" I joked, as she had once gone out on the very day of my birthday to get me a present because she had forgotten all about it. "Maaaaaaaaaaybe. . . " she smiled, before turning around and dashing out the door. I stretched before tossing aside my duvet and stepping out of the bed. Letting out one final yawn I then made my way to the door, stepping out into the hallway in my pyjamas.

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   I slowly made my way downstairs, knowing that my parents would be waiting in the living room, the cake in pieces on the table and my presents hidden behind the couch. "Fiiiiiinally!" I heard my sister shout the moment I stepped through the living room door. "If you had taken any longer, I would've started on your piece too. "In fact, she hadn't even touched her own piece yet. Grinning, I stuck out my tongue at her, choosing to ignore the stuck out tongue I got in return. I sat down at the table and started on my cake, my parents and my sis not far behind. Only when all four of us were down did mom reach behind the couch. Instead of the big box I had expected she pulled out a small envelope and handed it to me. Wondering about the sudden change in gift-sizes, I slowly opened the envelope and took out the card inside. Written on it was:"In the year 2002, we, mom and dad, have concluded that our son spends more time on his fathers computer than his father does. Therefore we have decided that our son shall be given a computer of his own, which he may pick out at leisure this Thursday at a computer company of his choice. Mom and Dad"Reading their words again just to make sure I read them correctly the first time, I then jumped up and gave my mom a crushing hug. Standing slightly to the side, my dad grinned before adding: "Within reason of course. . .

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   We don't want to be left broke after you've been shopping"Too lost for words, I just hugged my mom some more before finally settling back again in my seat. "T. . . thanks. . . I. . . This is the best. "Laughing loudly at my enthusiasm, my sister turned to my dad. "No fair, dad. . .


   now how am I supposed to top that?""You're not supposed to. . . we're the parents remember. . . we're supposed to give the best present. "Favouring dad with the same tongue I got earlier, she then stretched and turned away. Calling out a final "time to get dressed" she then turned and walked out the door, leaving me and my parents alone. Figuring the first birthday guests would probably soon arrive (my grandmother always insisted on being first, so she usually walked in halfway during the morning) I followed my sister upstairs for a shower and some clothes. The day went by as a blur, my euphoria at getting my own computer making sure I spent it all in good spirits. Dozens of other presents followed, by uncles and aunts, grandparents and friends. But none could surpass the gift my parents had given me. Until finally, the last guests had left and I was left wondering when my sister would give her gift. I was all ready for bed when I heard a soft knock on my door.

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   Wondering who would come bothering me now, I was about to get up from my bed when I heard my sisters soft voice outside the door: "Ready for your present? I promise it'll be better than the one mom and dad gave you. "Grinning at her obvious attempt at mystery, I sat up on the edge of the bed before saying loudly enough for her to hear. "Come on in, sis"I don't know what I had expected, but I do know that whatever it was, it wasn't what happened. The door opened and my sister quickly stepped in, closing it again behind her before leaning against it. Instead of her usual white nightgown, she was dressed in a gorgeous white corset, her breasts tightly constrained by lacy cloth that showed the two dark circles of her nipples. Straps connected the corset with silky white stockings that glistened with her every move, the ensemble completed by lacy white panties. Seeing I was breathless and staring, my sister smiled and took a step closer, her smile widening as she saw my eyes follow her every move. "This, my brother, is my present. I don't want your first time to be with some silly drunk girl somewhere but with someone who loves you with all her heart. . . . and who could love you more than your own sister. "I swallowed loudly, the sight of her gorgeous body taking my breath away. With a pure show of force, I willed myself to speak, but all that came out was "but.

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  . . but. . . "Soft fingers stopped my words as they pressed against my lips. My sister had crossed the room and was now standing directly before me, leaning forward as she whispered "hush". Before I could even think of saying another word, her fingers were replaced by her lips, their brush soft but insistent on mine. For a moment longer I was too dazed to do something before I slowly, gently returned the kiss. What started out as a short loving kiss slowly but steadily progressed into a deeper lovers kiss, my arms finding their way around my sister as she moved onto my lap, her hands holding my face as our kiss slowly grew deeper. Her lips parted and I felt the soft brush of her tongue against mine. Parting my lips in response I tentatively reached out with my tongue, brushing it against hers softly at first, but soon our tongues were gliding over and around each other in a deep passionate kiss. For what seemed an eternity we kissed, our bond growing stronger by the second as we passed that final bridge, as we made that final decision to be not just brother and sister, but lovers. By the time our lips parted we both knew that how this evening would go and, wordlessly, because words were no longer needed, we set out on consummating our love for each other in the only true way a man and woman can do so. My hands slowly slid up her back as hers lowered to my chest, her fingers lightly caressing my developing muscles beneath the thin cloth of my pyjamas.

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   Tangling one hand in her luscious curls, I pulled her close once more to give another quick kiss before it moved down again, joining the other hand as it travelled to her gorgeous breasts. No words could ever describe how soft her breasts were beneath my fingers. Softly I kneaded her beautiful breasts, my palms brushing against the lace-covered erect nubs of her nipples. As I explored the soft expanses of her breasts, her fingers were busily unbuttoning my pyjama-top, her hands slipping beneath it the moment she was finished to caress my bare chest. Moving my fingers up a little I tugged on the lace covering her breasts, the lace giving way before my fingers to expose my sisters lovely breasts to the cool air in my room. Lightly running my fingers over the bare flesh I sought out the erect nipples, taking each between thumb and forefinger, experimentally rolling and squeezing them as I explored their strange soft hardness. So absorbed was I in exploring my sisters wonderful breasts that I hadn't noticed that she had moved until she lightly took hold of my wrists, pulling them aside and away as she smiled broadly. Giving me a quick peck on the lips she then stepped clear of me, spinning around once to show off her string-clad ass. With twinkling eyes she slid her hands down her body, pushing the lace completely out of the way to leave her breasts exposed and within my eager sight. Her hands however slid lower and lower, brushing over the crotch of her panties once before moving to the straps on either side. Making sure she had my full attention, she then slowly bent over, taking her panties with her down those long shapely legs. For a moment more her pussy was hidden from my view as she straightened, her hand covering it in her teasing way before she slipped it up, brushing through her curls. For a moment I forgot to breathe as I took in the full beauty of my sister, her ebony curls, her twinkling green eyes, her long shapely legs and her firm round breasts, and finally the cute heart of curly pubic-hair just above her otherwise shaven pussy. Then reality dawned on me that, tonight at least, she was mine, every little bit of her. Slowly I rose and stood before her, the big smile on my face a close match to hers.

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   My arms once more found their way around her and my lips found hers in a kiss to rival the first, our love and lust now mingling freely as our tongues danced their private dance. For a long time we just held each other and kissed before I slowly pulled back a little, kissing the tip of her nose, then her chin, my kisses slowly trailing around her face. Both ears got a long nibble before I made my way down her neck, trailing kisses wherever I went. My hands lightly brushed over her breasts and nipples before cupping both, lightly massaging them while my lips edged ever so slowly closer. I will never forget the strangely intoxicating feeling of my tongue on my sisters bare nipples. Whether it was some instinct remaining from when I was a child, I do not know, but all I wanted right then was to nibble and suckle those nipples for the rest of my life. And so I did, I sucked on them until they were small cone-shapes, my tongue running around the hard tips that topped them, my sisters soft little moans only encouraging me to suck harder. I don't know how long I sucked and nibbled those delicious globes, but I do remember that my sister had to take hold of my face and pull me up to recapture my attention elsewhere. Her breath was coming slightly faster now as she slowly kissed me, her hands in the meantime pushing my pyjama-top off my shoulders and down my arms. Grinning at me she stepped slightly back before slowly trailing a finger down my chest and over my pyjama-bottoms, lightly brushing it over the rather clear bulge my erect cock was making. Her tongue briefly flicked out to lick her lips before she slowly sunk down before me, her fingers sliding up to either side of my pyjama-bottoms before tugging them down with her. I could feel my hard flesh springing forward the moment the pyjama-bottoms cleared it, lurching up to point stiffly at the ceiling. a soft "mmmm" was all I heard from my sister as she quickly pushed the bottoms the rest of the way down. I breathed deeply as her fingers returned to my cock, lightly brushing up and down the erect shaft before wrapping themselves around it. Slowly stroking my hard shaft with one hand, she reached below with her other, cupping my balls and lightly rolling them in their sac.

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   My breathing deepened as my eyes sunk closed and my head dropped back, the feelings coming up from my cock nearly unbearable in pleasure. So absorbed was I in the feelings of her fingers that you can imagine my surprise when I suddenly felt a soft pair of lips brush the head, quickly followed by her tongue gliding around the head. A groan escaped my lips as she sucked more of my shaft into her mouth, the warm wet confines of her mouth infinitely better than anything I had ever felt before. I groped behind me for the bed, slowly sitting down on the edge, my sister never once losing her hold on my cock as she stroked and sucked it. Leaning back heavily on my elbows, I groaned, my hips jerking with pleasure, my control over my body slowly slipping. Not wanting to cum yet, I reached out and touched my sisters hair but all she did was look up and flash a knowing smile before doubling her efforts, her head bobbing up and down my shaft and her tongue darting around the head. Figuring it was what my sister wanted, I finally let go of my self-control, my orgasm almost immediately following in its wake. Accompanied by a loud groan the first gush of my cum splashed into her mouth, quickly followed by a second and a third, my body trembling and spasming with the force of my orgasm. And all the while my sister was noisily gulping it down, her hand flashing up and down the base of the shaft as if wanting to coax more and more cum out. I felt I had shot several gallons of cum by the time I finally collapsed on the bed, my breathing sounding like I had run a ten-mile race. Letting my cock slip from her mouth, my sister licked her lips before crawling onto the bed besides me, a big smile on her face. I wanted to thank her, but before I could even open my mouth, she pressed two fingers against my lips, whispering a "shush" before pressing up against me, holding me close. As I lay there in a close embrace with my darling sister, my hands started wandering again, finding their way back to her lovely breasts, idly toying with the nipples as I basked in our love. As I played with her like this, I felt my arousal start to rise again and my hands became more daring again. Slipping one hand around her I pulled her on top of me, the hand back there gliding down her back until it came to rest on her firm ass.

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   Wriggling the other hand in between us, I slowly trailed a path down over her corset until brushing bare flesh beneath it. From there I slowly moved them lower and lower until I felt the first curls of the little heart she had shaved herself. Feeling oddly calm about it, I slipped my fingers lower a bit until they were lightly brushing the soft, hot skin of her outer lips. A soft gasp at my touch was all I needed to encourage me, my fingers slowly applying more pressure as they moved back and forth over her pussy, the middle two fingers slowly working their way between the outer folds to find the moist heat inside. Judging from the way my sister was starting to moan, I figured I was doing something right, so I continued to steadily rub my fingers back and forth between her lips, the tips searching out that place of wetness, lightly probing it. I was certain of my success when my sister started bucking her hips against my fingers, moving her pussy back and forth against them even as I rubbed it. My probing became deeper, my fingers disappearing further and further into the slippery hot wetness of her pussy. Rolling the two of us over, I moved down a little before slipping both fingers deeply inside her pussy, drinking in the sight of her glistening lips spreading to let them in. Soft moans followed as I started to move them in and out slowly, the moans growing louder as I picked up the pace, pumping my fingers in and out. Smiling I watched her body buck and shiver beneath me, the pleasure clearly driving her insane with lust. Only when I moved to get a better angle did I notice that my cock had fully regained its strength, it's hard length bumping into her leg. Apparently my sister had felt it too, because the moment it had hit her she tried to speak between her moans. "F. . .

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   Fuck. . . fuck. . . fuck me. . . bro. . . fuck. . .


   fuck. . . fuck your sister hard. . . "This was too much to take for me. When my own sister begging me to fuck her brains out, who was I to resist. Quickly climbing back onto the bed completely, I spread her legs wide, leaning on one hand next to her while grabbing my cock in the other. Moving the last bit forward, I placed the head at the entrance to her pussy, her repeated "yes. . . yes. . .

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   yes. . . " a clear indication of what she wanted. And so I gave it to her. One firm thrust was all it took. Her soft pussylips spread easily for the swollen head of my prick, her slick pussywalls guiding me in until I was deeply embedded inside of her. A soft low wail escaped my sisters throat at being filled so completely, my own guttural groans forming a perfect counterpoint. For a long moment I just reveled in the feeling of my sister all around me before I slowly started moving, my engorged cock easily moving in her juice-slickened pussy. For several minutes I spent my time watching my sister as I slowly pumped my cock in and out of her, drinking in the sight of her body shivering in pleasure, the sounds of her soft moans and whispered encouragements. I tried to memorise every little detail, never wanting to forget this moment of absolute bliss when me and my sister became as closely bound as anyone could ever hope to be. Only when I was 100% certain that I would never forget this sight did I speed up my thrusting, my hips movements slowly speeding up as my cock pumped in and out from between her swollen pussylips. Moaning louder again, my sister started to buck up towards me, wanting to feel me as fully as she could. We moved to the rhythm of unheard music, our bodies moving in time with each other to maximise the pleasure of each thrust, her pussy clenching my cock like a velvet glove, my rod as hot and hard as it had ever been. My grunting mingled with her high moans, our bodies slapping together wetly only to bounce apart again, gearing up for the next thrust.

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   Sweat coated our bodies as we drove down the highway of lust together and we were both lust in a red daze of pleasure. For how long we fucked I do not know, but our movements rose to a fever-pitch, my sister beneath me gasping and moaning, her nails digging in my back as she pushed her hips back at my thrusting cock. Her breath came faster and faster until suddenly she let out a deep groan, her body tensing as she trembled in orgasm beneath me. Hissing between her teeth, she arced her back before suddenly releasing me, dropping back on the bed exhausted. I had slowed my pace to a crawl, slowly sliding my cock in and out, keeping myself on the edge while giving my sister time to recuperate. A big smile appeared on my face as my sister looked up at me, the blissful look on her face more rewarding to me than anything in my entire life had been. Pulling me down on top of her, she gave me a long tender kiss before wrapping her arms around me, her lips close to my ear as she whispered: "Go on. . . finish it. . . "I didn't need any more coaxing, my hips starting to buck again of their own accord, my cock driving rapidly in and out her clinging pussy, pushing me ever closer to the edge. I looked down at my sister, her loving smile encouraging me as I knew she wished for me to feel the same pleasure she had felt earlier. My groans grew louder and my thrusting more frantic, but I still kept looking into those big green eyes, wanting this to be a shared experience.


  It didn't take long before I passed the point of no return, the point where I could stop thrusting and climax, yet I continued thrusting, building the pleasure to unbearable levels until finally I couldn't hold out any longer. With a loud groan the first of my cum shot out into her clinging pussy, my cock pushing it in deeper as I slammed it all the way up her. My hips jerked as I sprayed load after load of my seed deep into my loving sisters pussy, placing the final seal on our incestuous come-together. I collapsed on top of her, a big smile on my face that I seemed unable to wipe off. Kissing my sister lovingly I held her close, relishing the soft touch of her body, the sweaty heat of our love-session. Only one thing was remaining to make this the most perfect event, and I knew perfectly well what this one thing was. So with all my heart, I leaned closer, giving her another kiss before softly whispering. "I love you, sis""and I love you, brother dear".

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