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*Chapter 1* Sister Fucker Shawn was sitting home alone one day as his mother had taken his sister ro dance class. Shawn usualy used this time to play loud music, watch TV show his mother didn't let him watch and, jerk off to his father's stack of porn secertly hidden in his closet. But on this day Shawn was getting bored of the same old porn and same old strat up jerking off. Shawn wanted to "spice things up a bit". Shawn was sitting at his desk, located in his room, were he was veiw some porn he had found on his favorite web site www. AL4A. com . He got up from his set and un zipped his pants, took them off and started to rub his 8 inch, 14 year old cock. As he looked at the porn he couldn't help but think of his smoking hot 13 year old sister, Jessica. He tried to shack it off, It was his sister and all. He could stop it was just to hard. All though Jessica was only 13 years old, she had produced bigger boobs then most 16 year olds had. She danced which gave her an amazing ass, and nice strong sexy legs. She also had the blondest and most beautiful hair any one has ever seen. She was every pre-teens dream. Shawn had always thought his sister was a little on the sluty side, she wore thight jeans, usualy didn't wear a bra and, would put more make up on then most girls.

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   Shawn didn't realy think much of it though. Shawn got up from his computer chair and entered his hallway. He looked down the hall to see the door to his sisters room. He couldn't fight it, he had to go look around. He put his hand on the door and slowly turned the knob. He hadn't been in his sister rooms in months and it was nice to finaly be back. He opened the door as a sweet smell of perfume hit his nose. He loved the smell and closed his eyes to take in all of the sweet aroma as he could. The room was small but, had many places for Jessica to hide her things. About three months earlyer Shawn had found his father's porn, so finding any thing in Jessica's room would be very easy for him. Shawn started by looking around the floor, searching for anything he found find. He found some books, a t-shirt, and some pants. Shawn then looked throw her tv stand, finding nothing. Her searched the whole room untill he came to the closet. He knew if she had any thing at all it would be in there.

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   He opened the door, looked around and moved some things. He started to look through he dance thights, thinking that they would be soft on his 8 in. shaft. He took the tights and slide them on his cock, his nerves were over stimulated by the soft thights. He didn't want to exploed so soon so he took the tights off and placed them in his pocket for later use. She had billions so he didn't think that she would notice. She moved on to her panties. They were beautiful, thought Shawn. Shawn stared digging through all of them smelling them as he did. He started to dig deeper. He then felt some thing hard under a pair of black panties. He moved it to lay eyes on a blue dildo. He was shocked, his little sister owned a Dildo! He was stunned but, some how managed to put every thing but to normal and made his way back to his room to finish jerking off with the thights he had stolen from his sister. The next day Shawn's mother had to go to the supermarket so, Shawn had to stay home and watch Jessica. Shawn didn't mind.

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   This would give him a chance to have a talk with his sister, Jessica. His mom lefted for work and Shawn watched from the window to see when his mom was out of sight. Shawn then went into his sister's room and sat on the bed. "Hey, Jessica we need to talk. " said Shawn. Jessica was puzzled but sat next to Shawn on her bed. "Jessica have you had sex before?""no" answered Jessica"Ok, have you masturbated?""Ummmmmm""Tell the truth" said Shawn"Yea"Shawn looked straight in her eyes and said "I found your Dildo""Oh my god!" screamed Jessica"Don't worry I I'm not going to tell mom""Oh good" "For a price" said Shawn"What do you want, money, a date with one of my friends?""No some thing better"Shawn leaned over and kissed Jessica on the neck. Jessica was shocked by what was going on. Shawn reached up and grabed Jessica's large pre-teen breast. "Shawn what the fuck are you doing, I'm your sister. Isn't there another way?""Sorry but I don't think there is. "Shawn told Jessica to take off her shirt.
    She gave in because of having no other choice. Shawn grabed Jessica's chin and looked right in her eyes. He then forced a kiss on her lips.

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       Jessica tried to get away but Shawn just over powered her. Shawn then grabed her lovely ass and told her to take off her pants and panties. Shawn sat back and watched the show. Jessica then started to take off her pants and she started to cry. She almost stoped but Shawn reminded her that he knew were the dildo was. She then took off her panties and shawn grabed her forcing her to the bed. He took off his pants and shirt, exposing his 8 in. shaft. Jessica was then flipped so her back side was exposed to Shawn. He looked at his little baby sisters perfect ass, and went to town on it. He inserted his cock into the work of art that is her ass. He slowly pushed and pulled his dick in and out her ass. Jessica started to scream from the pain of his large dick from sliding in and out of her small ass hole. She keep on screaming for awhile but, then started to enjoy it alittle more. Shawn then pumped one last time and flipped her over on her back to work on her virgin pussy.

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       Shawn looked at his sisters huge tits, bit and sucked them and inserted his shaft in to the virgin wet pussy. Shawn started to slide it in as jessica screamed in pain. Shawn keeped going for awhile and took it out. He stated to rub his cock and move his cock closer to Jessica's face. Shawn looked into Jessica's watery eyes, and laughed. He then started to speed pump his dick and was about to explode. He set the tip of his cock close to her eye and told her to keep it open or he would tell there mother about the dildo. She started to close it but shawn saw it in time. He held the eye lid open and exploded a huge cum shoot into her eyes and chest. Shawn Grabed the panties and took her to clean up. Soon after the two were dressed and Jessica's eye turned a little red. The mom walked in the door and Shawn went to meet her there carring the bags his mom had got from the supermarket. They walked up the stairs to see Jessica watching TV. There mom stoped to ask if Jessica's eye was ok. Jessica looked at her then at Shawn.

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