Sister Kelli Home From College


My older sister Kelli just finished her freshman year away at college. She's 19 and I am 17, just entering my senior year in high school. And while it was nice to be the only kid at home with the parents, I missed Kelli too. For an older sister she was a pretty good Joe. While I could surely be the annoying younger brother, especially when we were younger. by our teenage years we got along pretty well.

Kelli even got me laid for the first time. She knew I had the hots for a friend of hers - a classmate named Audrey - but Audrey didn't even know I was alive. Kelli talked me up and one night after some stolen booze from mom and dad's liquor cabinet, Audrey and I fucked in a corner of the basement. That was two years ago. For about a year afterward Kelli teased me incessantly. Apparently Audrey talked about our encounter, and considering Kelli put her up to it, them chatting was to be expected. Kelli started calling me "stud" in what I figured was a very teasing manner.

Kelli dragged all her stuff home from her dorm room the second week of May. I spent and afternoon emptying her car and ferrying junk up to her room. And while I was glad for some company, considering I did most of the carrying boxes and junk up the stairs to Kelli's room, I was souring on her return rather quickly.


   She was nice though and promised me she would make it up to me, then she flashed a quick and knowing grin and said , "Gee, maybe I'll call Audrey. Would you like that, stud?" Even getting me laid for the first time was an opportunity to tease me. Well, if pussy was the price, I was good with it, but truth is I have had plenty of action since that afternoon two years prior.

One morning about 2 weeks after Kelli got home we were hanging around the house and she was calling friends she'd not talked to since at least Christmas break, so I busied myself cutting the grass. As I sweated through that delight I wondered why I still had all these chores around the house and Kelli didn't have to do anything except be pretty, and she did that quite well.

Kelli was 5'6" about 125 lbs, dirty blond hair and a really hot body. She was built like the average 19 year old in good shape but with a really round bubble butt, especially on a girl of normal proportions. Here tits weren't small, but they were not her best feature. Kelli could charm a bear with her smile. It was warm and genuine. Her teeth are almost perfect and her eyes sparkle like diamonds when she smiles. Everybody loves Kelli, and for that alone sometimes I hated her, but not really. Just jealous I guess - oh well.

After I cut the grass my folks told me I had to clean the hot tub cover of all the layered on pollen. I dug out the hose and a hard bristled push broom to do my scrubbing.

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   I figured if I finished quick I could get to Evan's house to cop the ounce he was holding for me, and since Kelli wanted to get stoked with me, I was on a mission. She was really funny when she was high and it was worth the hurry to spend an afternoon laughing at the silly things she says and does when she's blazing up.

It was almost 1:00 by the time I finished cleaning the hot tub coverings and it had gotten hot. It was about 85 by 1PM and that's pretty warm for May 21st, but then again this is Georgia, so hot late spring days are not that uncommon. I put everything back in the garage and jogged over to Evan's house to get my ounce. We hung for a few but he was getting ready to go to work delivering pizzas, so I got the goods and slipped 'em in my tighty-whitey boxer briefs and jogged back home. By the time I got there - about 1:45 or so, there was Kelli in the hot tub.

"So, mom and dad had me clean it so you could lounge, huh?" She laughed at me with that 'I'm the eldest and get away with murder' look and replied "looks that way. " "Bitch" was all I said. She laughed and said "Quit moaning and get me high. I haven't had a buzz in three weeks. "

I ran down to my basement bedroom, filled a big old glass bowl with weed and slipped out of my boxer briefs and slid my gym shorts back on. Kelli regaled me with more stories from college, all the guys sniffing around her, the frat parties and sorority rushes and all the general debauchery of college. It sounded like a blast. I was planning on attending the same school Kelli went to - it was mom and dad's alma mater, so it was the default choice for us, but I was fine with it.

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We toked the bowl, and Kelli jumped out of the hot tub and ran into the kitchen to grab two cold beers to quench our thirsts. Our folks were okay with us pilfering a beer or two on occasion as long as we acted responsibly and never shared that with our friends. They didn't want to be hauled to court over "aiding to the delinquency of a minor" and all that crap. Our folks were actually pretty cool. They even knew I smoked weed, but as long as I was cool about it, they were okay about it. But the best part was when Kelli jumped out of the tub - she was wearing a green thong.

"What the fuck Kel?" I exclaimed. "What" she replied. "Uh, your fat ass is hanging out there tubby," I joked her. I had always teased her about her J Lo like backside. She stopped, contorted herself to stand on her tip toes and turn her upper body to look at me and her ass. It was at that moment that I first saw Kel in a different way. She was hot as Hell. That ass was to die for.

She was so sexy.

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   Somewhat lithesome and ample all at once. She looked at me over her sunglasses, looked at her ass in that contorted position, looked back and me and shook her ass a little. "Nice, ain't it?" she joked. "Yeah, it's okay for being on my fat assed sister!" I shot back. She returned with a cold beer for each of us, handed both of them to me, and she jumped back into the tub, falling onto me as she did. But ever the acrobat I didn't spill a drop of the golden fluid. "Get off me fatso!' I exclaimed. She messed with me, grinding that ample ass on me, "Too much for ya stud?" she taunted me joking. "No, it's great if being crushed by my sister's junk in the trunk is my goal. "

Kelli slid off of me and looked at me a bit sincerely and said, "You don't know how lucky you are stud! Guys knock themselves out trying to get a peek or get their hands on this ass!" she proudly announced. "I'll bet," I shot back.

Kel and I spent an hour in the hot tub smoking and drinking. She decided to get out and lay on the deck in a lounge chair to start her Summer tanning routine. I felt sort of bad as I stared at her ass as it glistened with water droplets when she got up and out of the tub. She grabbed my hand to steady her as she got out and I felt electricity.

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   It was completely unnerving and exhilarating at the same time. After my chubb subsided I decided to get out too. I replaced the hot tub cover and told her I was going to my room to listen to some music and get a shower. I walked by her and slapped her on that fat exposed ass. "Ouch!' she squealed. I ran past her and her flying fist missed my balls by about 3 inches as she hit me on the thigh.

I trotted on downstairs and slid out of my wet gym shorts. I went to my bath and ran the shower. I stepped in and suddenly noticed from where the widow in the top of the shower was located, I could see Kelli perfectly. She was still lying on her stomach and her ass truly looked like one half of a flesh coloredbeach ball lying on her lower back. I mindlessly began to rub my cock a little, not really thinking of the ramifications of my sister making me feel aroused. Between the 2 beers and the fat bowl, I was feeling no pain, and my hand felt really good slithering up and down my 7 incher.

I stared at the curve of the small of her back as it rounded into that so awesome bubble butt. The contrast between the small of her back and the curve of that ass was too much. I began to stroke with Kelli in my mind's eye.

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   I closed my eyes. leaned my head against the cool tile wall of the shower surround and slowly rubbed my cock. My mind recalled all the times I saw her in tight little shorts and a tank top, or her in some little shorts she wore as bed clothes and how she'd hang around with me dressed like that. Before this I never really thought of Kel like that but now every mind's eye image I could recall came rushing back. I kept my eyes closed because I preferred to imagine the scenes from memory as opposed to just ogling her ass as I pulled on my pal.

I don't know how long I was there. The water felt good as it ran down my left shoulder as I rubbed my cock. I was lost in the moment and enjoying it. I felt a little guilty but not so much so that I stopped what I was doing. This was feeling way too good to stop now, sister be damned - it was only a fantasy anyway, I consoled myself and continued to slowly rub the underside of my cock and slowly trace my finger under the head.

"Need some help with that Micky?" I froze. I fell into a short of mortified shock for a second. Next thing I knew the clear shower curtain slid open and Kelli's hand touched my ass. "Here little brother, let me help you. You seem to be having a HARD time there.

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  " I could not turn around. I stopped stroking but still had a handful of cock. Then I felt Kelli's nipples on my back. She laid her head on my right shoulder and both her hands wrapped around my right bicep as I froze, cock in hand. "Here Mick, I can help. " She gently turned me half around tugging at my right arm. I turned to meet her eyes. I was embarrassed and scared.

Kelli looked up into my eyes with incredible warmth. Without ever looking at my cock she took her feminine little hands and wrapped them both around my right hand. "Ewww, that feels so nice," she purred, still looking me in the eye, her face less than 12 inches from mine. She gently pushed my hand aside and grasped my cock with both hands. "Damn Micky! That's a nice cock. I knew form Audrey that it was nice, but seeing is believing. " She leaned her forehead on my chin and looked down at it in her hands.

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   She slid her hands up and down all the way to the base. "That feels so good in my hands," she softly said.

I sucked in my breath as she slid her hands ever so slowly from the base to the head and back again. Her hands were warm, gentle and skilled. None of that trying to pull it off your groin that some young girls do when they think they're doing ya a favor by practically pulling your cock off your body with their grip. She was so gentle and deliberate.

She looked up at me again. She pressed her body against me and my cock was smashed against her belly as she released it with her left hand but still gently fondled me with her right hand. She slid her left hand up behind my neck and looked at me like no girl ever had. She, in a barely audible whisper, said "Kiss me Micky before I lose my nerve. " I looked at her and she prodded me. "Kiss me Micky. Kiss me like ya mean it!" she encouraged. I leaned in and her lips parted. My tongue gently probed her mouth as she pulled on the back of my neck to get closer.

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   Our bodies were now almost completely intertwined.

She began to make little noises as we kissed so passionately. We broke the lip lock and she looked up at me. I felt the most awesome feelings of love, desire and comfort all at once. She smiled very warmly and lovingly at me. She let go of my cock and grabbed the soap. She eased my confusion with "Soap me up Mick. I don't wanna be the source of friction, do I?" I took the soap from her. She held her hands on top of mine as I ran the soap over her shoulders. "Uh, little brother, I have lots of places that need soaping," she chided. She could tell I was scared and eager all at once.

She guided my hand down to lathering her beautiful breasts. They weren't big, they were perfect! "That feels so good," she purred as she guided my nervous hands all over her stunning body. I was beginning to loosen up a bit by now. My incredulity turned to lustful desire, thanks to Kelli's awesome and gentle handling of me and my fear, trepidation, confusion and outright desire for this most wondrous female creature.

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"Hey stud, better soap both of those hands real good cause this phat ass needs a good lathering. It gets so dirty, ya know," she teased. She was smiling at me so lovingly as she said it. She guided my slippery hands down onto her hips and kissed me again. I let my hands drift onto the small of her back and down over the round globes of the most awesome ass I'd ever seen - or touched! I kneaded her ass cheeks as I slid my hands over them, in between the cheeks and along her butt crack. "Jesus that feels so hot Micky," she whispered. I kept up kneading her ample cheeks and crack.

She broke the trance "My turn now," she chirped. She took the soap, lathered up her hands and still smashed against my chest she ran her slippery hands all over my back, my ass then my thighs. I was enthralled with the feelings. I had never really had a woman touch my upper legs like that and I don't know why, but it was pure bliss. She allowed her little hands to wander all over me, lathering my cheeks and ass crack. She pulled me even closer as she slid a slippeyr fore finger into my asshole. I gasped a bit - from surprise and shock at how much I liked the feeling. When I gasped Kelli leaned back from my chest, looked up at me and said, "Just checking to see if you're gay," she laughed.



Then she stood on her tippy toes and kissed me again. My cock, still swollen and distended, had converted from steel like hardness and standing straight out, to hanging at a 45 degree angle. She looked down at it as she reached for it again. "God Micky, your cock is so pretty. " She busied herself slowly teasing me with her light little touches. "Here, let me wash your hair for ya. " She grabbed the shampoo and proceeded to work it into my scalp. "Feels good, don't it?" she asked. I sort of grunted "uh huh" as her fingers stimulated my scalp. "Having someone else wash your hair is so awesome,. It's the best part of going to get a haircut when they wash your hair for ya. It's like Zen or something," she added. I had to agree - it was mesmerizing for sure.

She gently pushed me back under the shower head and rinsed my head and body. Her little hands ran over my entire body as she rinsed me.


   She spent a good five minutes getting soap from my crotch, under my balls, my underarms - everywhere. She even had me lift my feet, first one then the other as she knelt and washed and rinsed each one. I was in a warm and comfortable place, and how I got there I didn't really give a shit. This was the most awesome thing I'd ever felt.

After devoting herself to my body she rinsed herself off and turned off the water. I was afraid it was over before it had begun. I first thought she was teasing me but not carrying through, but I misjudged this devouring lioness of a young woman. She opened the shower curtain and grabbed my bath sheet and dried me as if she were my Geisha. She then dried herself as I stood taking it all in. She looked up and me, smiled very lovingly at me and grabbed my by the hand. "Come on stud!" she said, dragging me out of the bathroom. She almost skipped to my bed and jumped onto it.

"Show me what Audrey ran her mouth about how hot you were!" she encouraged me. I followed her and slid beside her. She slipped her arms under my neck and pulled me on top of her.

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   "I'm on the pill Micky, so make love to me Stud!"

She worked her hips up and down on my crotch as my cock returned from half mast to full on nut busting ready to go hard on. I hovered over her as she kissed me on my neck and shoulders. I slid the head all over her wet labia and my cock head penetrated her. She cooed as it did and told me how awesome it felt in her. I pushed, she pulled on my ass and after a few strokes was in her to the hilt. She rocked her hips encouraging me to rhythm. Soon I was slowly pushing in and pulling out, her hips in time to meet me as our pubic bones smashed against each others, then the long pull back and return to home. Her nipples hardened and she locked her hands behind my neck.

She was moaning softly, her eyes closed but her eyelids fluttering. She contorted her face, especially her lips, as I drove in and out of her, slowly, then more passionately, then slowing again. I was taking her close then backing her off. I'd always heard this was to prolong the build up thus supposedly heightening the release. I worked her pussy for all my 17 year old ass could muster.

We kissed passionately as she pulled me all the way down on her. "I want to feel you against me Baby Brother," she whispered in my ear.

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   I was lost in lust and complied willingly. She pulled her legs up to clasp onto my hips on the side and she pushed against me really hard as she pulled me to her so tight I could hardly breathe. She then started to make a huffing sound. Her mouth hung agape, her lips dry, her eyelids open just a smidgen as she rocked into the nether world of pleasure.

I gently licked her lips as she came. She pushed back against my hips real hard and held me to her so tight I couldn't pull back without lifting her back completely from the mattress surface. "Jesus!" was all she said as she came and came again. The first one slipped gently, but then there was a pause in the release and then a few seconds later she grunted as the last waves of pleasure washed over her. She continued to hold me tight.

"Fill me Sugar," she prodded a I built to my own ecstasy. I pumped a little deeper and more deliberately. She encouraged me with little whispers in my ears. "Shit Micky, fuck me!" I did. She told me how great it felt as I neared my own release. "I'm close again Baby," she encouraged.

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   I kept up my rhythm and as I felt the cum building in my tummy she came again, this time a little more gently, but it lasted longer. She looked at me very intently. Her eyes betrayed a warmth and loving I was shocked and pleased in.

"I love you Mick!" she whispered as I came in my beautiful sister's pussy. She joined me and we rocked back and forth in pleasure. "I love you too Kel," I found myself replying. She held me to her tightly as the waves of pleasure dissipated. She then moved her face from mine and kissed me more passionately than I had ever been kissed. She was so hot and sort of lost in a lustful and happy place. We broke our kiss but she held onto me as I sweated all over her. "Don't move. God this feels so incredible" she cooed in my ear.

I let my weight rest on her and she wrapped her legs around my waist and locked her ankles. "This feels so good I don't care if it ever ends," she told me. I laid on her and regained my breath and composure.

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   She was peppering my neck, cheek and chin with little kisses. At that moment I was in total agreement with her - this could go on until Hell froze over and I would be quite happy with that.

I actually fell asleep still laying on her. It was only for a few seconds or so I thought. I startled a bit and opened my eyes. I had drooled on her shoulder as I laid on her. She purred in my ear "You snored once Baby Brother. " I felt a little embarrassed but she told me "i thought it was cute. I don't even mind that you drooled on me while you slept with your mouth hanging open. " I lifted myself off of her. She was glistening with my sweat all over her chest and neck. I slid out of her and laid beside her exhausted. She rolled toward me, took her leg and traced her foot over my legs and laid her head on my chest.

"I have dreamed of what this would be like for a long time. And it was better than I could have dreamed," she added.

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   I looked at her sort of shocked. "Really?" "Don't be surprised Mick. Audrey told me you were the most awesome fuck she'd ever had, and we all know she's a bit of a slut!" "Really?" I replied again. "I didn't know Audrey was a loose woman," I added. "Oh yeah, she's been with like 10 guys or something," Kelli informed me. "10 doesn't sound too awful slutty to me, I answered her.

"Well, your only the 5th guy I have ever been with," she informed me. "I think I feel honored by that Kel," I told her. "You should Baby Brother. I don't roll in the hay with just any old guy. " I smiled at her comment and offered, "Good thing I ain't old then!" She hit my shoulder and said "You know what I mean . . . " she said as she stared up at the ceiling.

We laid in each others arms for another 15 minutes or so.

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   "Cmon Mick," she chided, rising and grabbing me by the hand. "Where to?" I inquired. "Another shower silly! We're dirty now!" She headed for the shower, stopped, hit that looking over her shoulder pose, her upper body turned to look at her ass and me, and added, "this phat ass won't wash itself ya know!" She had a point, I had to agree. "C'mon Mick, before mom and dad get home. I looked at the clock. It was almost 4 PM. I jumped up and into the shower with my super hot, sweet and loving older sister.

As she turned on the water and got in she looked at me and said "C'mon slow poke. If ya hurry we can fuck standing up in the shower before we have to get cleaned up. You up for it?" she teased. I stepped into the small shower stall with her and grinned, "What do you think?" My cock was beginning to seek her phat ass again. She turned away from me and told me to rub it on her ass cheeks and the crack of her ass. As I did so I took my soapy finger and stuck it in her ass. She squealed and I remembered her words from before. "Sorry Kel, just checking to see if you are an anal slut," I said smiling.

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She remembered her little act form earlier and smiled. "Smart ass," she told me. "Phat ass," I replied. "Yeah, and you love it, don't ya little brother?" I nodded vigorously and she smiled, then she whispered to me as if she was afraid someone could overhear her "I have always been dying to have someone fuck my asshole. Maybe you'll do it for me. I'd hate to have to go to a stranger for that," she teased. "Whatever!" I answered.

"Your turn," she said, handing me the soap. "Now wash me like my slave," she encouraged, and I did. I fucked her standing in the shower and we had an awesome time. After we finished I laid on my bed and drifted off to a short nap in complete bliss. I could hear Kelli wandering around up stairs as I snoozed for a minute or two.

"C'mon up Micky. I made ya a sandwich. I don't know about you, but I am famished.

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  " I slipped on a clean pair of Nike gym shorts and headed up the steps. There she was, barefoot, a tight pair of shorts, a tank top and a smile. "After that workout, we both need something to eat. After all, it's going to be a long summer ya know. I wouldn't want ya to fail on me now, not when I just discovered the best fuck buddy in the world, and one that's both my best friend and my Baby Brother too!" She walked over to me, kissed me with a peck on the lips and said, "Eat up Stud, and this time, when I said Stud, I mean it!"

We sat and made odd small talk as we scarfed the food. She told me she had a date tonight, but that she was looking forward to a good movie, but she had been so well fucked the boy she was going out with wasn't going to lay a glove on her. She smiled at my puzzled expression and informed me "I'm very discerning Mick. Now that I have notched my belt with new "buddy" I think I'll freeze my conquests at the number 5 - at least until something better comes along . . . " she hung out there. Then she smiled at me very sweetly, took her hand and rubbed it beneath my chin, assuring me "as if that could ever happen!"

It was going to be a great Summer, and it was only late May. I smiled at the prospects as I watched my gorgeous sister eat and wondered aloud what she'd wear for her movie date. She toyed with me,"Should I go conservative, or should I tease him but leave him wanting but hanging?" she wondered. She teased me hoping for a reply.

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   "Whatever," I said as if I didn't care, but we both knew I did, and the sweetest and kindest sister in the world just added one more thought. "No worries little brother," she offered. "For the rest of this Summer at least, all this" she said standing and hitting a 'ta-da" pose, "is yours. " I grinned and she did too. "I knew that would please you," she smiled, trailing off as she took the dishes to the sink.

Yep, this was going to be a Summer for all time. .

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