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Terry Gettsum was just a normal thirteen year old. He got average grades in school and had plenty of friends but would not be considered popular. He did okay at sports but was neither among the best or the worst. His mother and father still lived together but that may be unusual in most places. He had one baby sister, Dianne, two years younger than him that he considered a nuisance most of the time. It was a perfectly normal family by all appearances and, until that April, it had been. Like most boys his age, Terry masturbated regularly and had no idea his parents knew about it. Of course they knew. Every night at 11:00, his father would hear the squeaking floorboards and make a comment like, “There he goes again”, and laugh about it. It was kind of funny but his father was concerned as well. When he was that age, his mother had taught him better and, now, the responsibility fell to him. So, naturally, he invited his mother to visit. It had been a few years since Granny Gettsum had travelled across the country to visit but Terry remembered her fondly. She was a big woman but surprisingly active. Most of all, he remembered her laughter and her affection. She told crude jokes and swore, but always with a smile.

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   Terry’s mother was not so amused and she grimaced every time but that was part of the fun. Terry waited impatiently for his father to bring her back from the airport and when they pulled into the driveway, he ran out to greet her. She had gotten even bigger and Terry could barely hug her. She hugged him though and he nearly suffocated between her breasts. “Look at you. You’ve gotten so big”, she gushed, “You’re a man now”. His father asked Terry to get her luggage and opened the trunk. “Are you sure you’re big enough for MY bags, sweetcheeks?”, she asked. “No problem”, Terry boasted but when he lifted them he continued, “Holy shit, what have got in here, a car battery?”. “And spares. It never hurts to be prepared”, She answered and laughed, but directed at her son. Terry was just happy to get away with swearing. They all went inside and Terry put the luggage away while his grandmother said hello to his mother and sister. “So, whose bed will I be sleeping in?”, Terry heard his grandmother ask when he got back to the living room. Terry’s mother mentioned that they converted the den and that she will have her own room.

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   “That’s a shame. You shouldn’t have gone to so much effort”, Granny responded. “We didn’t want you to worry about the stairs”, assured her daughter-in-law. “I may be fat but I’m not old yet”, Granny said with a chuckle. “I was only concerned because I know you have bad knees”, Terry’s mother defended. “You’re very thoughtful”, Granny conceded, “These old knees are worn out. Damn football injury”. “You played football?”, Terry asked with a baffled expression. “Not exactly but you can say I was on the team”, Granny said with a grin. “How did you hurt your knees?”, Terry probed, more confused than before. “Picking up the soap in the locker room”, his grandmother retorted curtly, “Dinner smells wonderful”. The conversation shifted toward food and family. There were lots of stories about Terry’s aunts and cousins and Terry got bored. The aunt and cousins still lived in the same city where his father grew up and Granny lived in her own condo. They talked about that, too, all through dinner.

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   Terry finally got a word in and asked if Granny wanted to play a video game after dinner. She used to do that before but she sucked at it, to use her words. “Can’t tonight, sweety. Got a date”, Granny answered. “You have a date?”, her son asked in amazement. “Ya, I called up an old friend that I would be in town. He insisted on picking me up at the airport but I put him off till tonight”, Granny boasted. Terry watched his mother shake her head in disapproval but she always did that with Granny. “Tomorrow, we can play your game. You can kick my ass tomorrow”, Granny promised as she winked. “He’ll be here soon, she continued, “I better get changed”, and left the table. When she returned from the den, half an hour later, Dianne pointed out that she was wearing the same clothes. “He ain’t coming to see my clothes, honeybuns”, was Granny’s response. Terry didn’t get to see his grandmother before bedtime or even in the morning, before school. His mother said that she was still sleeping and to be quiet.

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   After school and after homework, as his mother pressed, Terry got his chance to “kick her ass”. Good thing his mother didn’t stick around because Granny swore up a storm then. She even called him names, like “little shit”, but it was all in fun. Some of the words, Terry hadn’t even heard before. She nudged and tickled and tried to get distract him but she still lost every game. “You got another date tonight”, Terry asked. “Naw. It’ll probably take him a week to recover”, she answered abstractly, “I need a younger man”. “How about you”, she flirted, “You can be my date tonight”. “Okay, but I have to be home by ten”, Terry joked. She laughed so hard that the windows rattled and then gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. Later that night, around 11:00, Terry heard a soft knock on the door. He pulled the sheets over his hard cock and the magazine and squeaked out a “Ya“. Granny came in and sat on the side of the bed. The bed groaned under the weight and Terry braced himself from rolling into her.

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   She didn’t say a word. She just reached under the covers and pulled out the magazine as if she were psychic. She leafed through the pages and paused at the centrefold. “Is this the kind of girl you like?”, she questioned. “I guess so”, Terry mumbled. “You know the problem with these kind of girls?”, Granny asked rhetorically, “They’re not real”. She told him not to be ashamed about jacking off but that he shouldn’t brag about it either. She said that the biggest problem is that it was such a waste. Then she suggested that he demonstrate his technique. “I can’t do it in front of you”, Terry complained. She held the centrefold in front of her face and asked, “You can do it in front of her”. “But I can’t… It won’t… It’s soft”, he whimpered. “Now that’s something I can take care of”, his grandmother offered. She didn’t wait for a reply. She threw the covers back and Terry rushed to cover himself but lost his balance as he rolled toward his grandmother.

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   “Oh my God, you got pubes”, Granny commented, “That’s a shame but you are a young man now. You will be by the time I get through with you”. She cupped his balls and his youthfully small prick in her wrinkled hand and squeezed softly. Terry wanted to scream but he loved his grandmother and didn’t want to get her in trouble. He was helpless and vulnerable with his fate in her hands. Her hand shifted to the shaft and she tugged and massaged it. He couldn’t help it. It felt so much better than his own hand but not nearly as soft. He began to relax and just enjoy the sensations and, as he got harder, her tugs became strokes. “That’s my big guy. Show me what you got”, Granny cooed. He had closed his eyes, trying to convince himself it was just a dream, but he opened them when he felt the bed move. He watched as her mouth engulfed his prick and felt something entirely new and indescribable. “Oops, I almost forgot”, Granny said as she paused. She pulled her false teeth out and handed them to him, asking him to put them on the side table.

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   He did what he was told and treated it as just more dream of the night. “You’re in for a treat now”, Granny said proudly. Terry had nothing to compare it to. It felt amazing but he had no idea how good she was. If he only knew that it will probably be the best blow-job of his life. Her tongue was like an instrument and even her gums and the roof of her mouth was a trained chorus of pleasure. She sucked like a Hoover and, being a young man, it didn’t take long for him to cum. He shook as though he were having a seizure. It was unprecedented but so many things were for him. She managed to hold him in his mouth and swallowed every drop. She got up and wiped her mouth with her hand. “I’ll see you tomorrow night”, she warned, “You can owe me one”. He lay in bed, convincing himself that what had happened was real. He couldn’t be dreaming because he felt so alive and his prick was still twitching. He didn’t think he would get to sleep but he did and quickly.

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   The next morning, he avoided the eyes of everyone and especially, his grandmother. He knew they had done something wrong but he wasn’t sure why. She didn’t really hurt him, just the opposite. He wasn’t sure what to do, so he did nothing. All he knew was that he couldn’t say anything to anybody. Not only would it hurt her grandmother but it was just embarrassing. Granny acted as though nothing had happened at all except for a pat on the butt she gave him as he left for school. She gripped it a little too long to be just playful. When he got back from a quiet day at school, life just seemed like it was before. He did his homework and played video games. They had dinner and talked casually but Terry knew better. He was just pretending as if it hadn’t happened. He kept looking into his parents eyes to see if he had given away his secret. He went to bed that night with a mix of dread and anticipation and, for the first time in months, did not abuse himself to sleep. He just waited and waited until his eyelids became too heavy.

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   He was awoken by being shaken. His grandmother stood above him as reality took hold. “Had to wait till your parents got to sleep”, she whispered, “Tonight, we’re gonna rock ”. She removed her bathrobe to reveal her bra and panties and the mounds of folded flesh. Terry watched in horror as she removed her bra and her tits flopped out and under her armpits. This didn’t look like the pictures in his magazine. Everything was loose and dangled. Her arms flapped like the flippers of a walrus and her sheer bulk frightened him. There was almost three times as much of her as there was of him. “Tonight, you’re gonna learn how to pleasure a real woman”, Granny began her lesson, “Shove over”. To Terry, she seemed mountainous lying beside him but he had to be close because there was no room left in the single bed. She rolled down her panties, if that is the correct term for anything so large, and dangled them above his head. “Take a whiff, I’ve been wet all day waiting for this”, she encouraged. He almost gagged on the aroma before asking, “What do you want me to do?”. “It’s an acquired taste but you might as well get used to it”, she began her instructions. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

   Terry did what she told him and positioned himself between her legs as she asked and she pulled his head right into it. “Stick your tongue in there. Lick it like a dog. Ya, right there. That’s the spot. Hope you didn’t have a big dinner” He kept at it and she slowly got wetter until the pussy juices flowed. It was musky and kind of funky tasting and Terry wondered if all women tasted like this but he still kept at it. He didn’t have a choice, his head was gripped between her thighs and she thrust her hairy pussy at him. Eventually, she quivered and bounced and the bed shuddered. He couldn’t lap up the juice as fast as it gushed and he wondered if his mother would think that he wet the bed. She relaxed her grip on his head and he popped up to ask if they were done. “Not by a long shot, honeylips”, she stated, “Give granny a kiss”. Terry climbed over her stomach and hesitated because he had never kissed her on the lips. She grabbed his head with both hands and tugged it toward her. She pushed her tongue between his lips and gave him his first French kiss as he straddled her girth.


   She sucked his tongue like she had sucked his dick and Terry was overwhelmed by her passion. Her hands lowered to his ass and she squeezed those little cheeks like toys. His dick began to swell against her bellybutton. “Feels like you’re ready for the home run”, Granny suggested. Terry was beginning to listen to his other head but it wasn’t sure what to do either. “Just stick it in there, big guy”, Granny led. He slid back down but found that it would only fit in if he kneeled between her legs. It slid in easily and it was so warm and soft. Instincts took over and he thrust inside her while watching her face. It gave him joy to give her joy. It gave him ecstasy to take hers. He felt different. He felt like a man. After she had left for her own room, Terry knew that things had changed. He was not just a victim, he was an accomplice.

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   He looked forward to tomorrow. He got home late from school the next day. Hockey practice had kept him. He got home to find his grandmother alone in the house. Apparently, his mother was out with his sister. It didn’t take them long to get naked but, this time, it was in her room. She gave him another blow-job but stopped before he lost his load. Then, she knelt on the bed with her face on the pillow and her huge ass in the air. “Spank me”, she ordered Terry was confused. He was confused for several reasons, not the least of which was the vagueness of her request. He was reminded of when his friend said that he would meet him in the park. Problem was that the park was several acres and he didn’t know where to start. He was faced with a similarly imposing amount of real estate. “Slap that puppy”, she insisted. So he did, again and again, over here and over there, until it became red.

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   She moaned and screamed in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Terry was not only enjoying this, he was aroused by it. “Mom, are you alright”, came Terry’s father’s voice from the other side of the door but he didn’t wait for an answer. He opened the door to see his naked son behind his mother’s big red ass. Terry looked back at his father in terror as his heart raced. “Oh, sorry. I thought you were hurt”, his father apologized, swallowing a laugh. “No problem”, his mother stated, “It’s been a long time since you had a gummer”. He considered it for a while and shrugged. Unlike his son, he knew how talented she was. He walked to the other side of the bed and undid his belt. “Whatcha waiting for sweetcheeks”, Granny said to her grandson, “Give it to me”. His father asked, “How does it feel to barbeque a sacred cow?”. Terry had no clue what his father was talking about but his grandmother said, “Moo”. Any normal guy would be limp as a noodle after all that but Terry was not normal.

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