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Topic: Slutty Jenny Jenny was a pretty and innocent 14 year old girl. She was about 5'2" and had straight blonde hair. She was athletic so her body was toned, she had a perfect bubble butt, and her tits were just starting to get big. Jenny and her 13 year old brother and her parents lived in a neighborhood that was close to an abandoned industrial centre.
It all started on a hot summer evening when Jenny decided to go for a walk. She had been tanning all day so she was only wearing her bikini. She started out when the sun was just starting to set and headed down the road toward the old abandoned industrial site. Jenny liked to go there because there was no one there to bother her, and it was peaceful and quiet.
When she got there she went into on of the warehouses to explore. She wandered around amongst the rows of empty crates and boxes for a while. As Jenny approached the back of the warehouse she thought she could see something laying on the ground up ahead. Jenny crept towards it.
All of a sudden, something growled behind Jenny and she whirled around, caught her foot on something on the ground and fell flat on her face. Quivering in fright, Jenny peered up from the ground to see a very large dog in front of her. Hearing another noise, Jenny looked behind her to see another slightly smaller dog standing up from where it had been laying.
Jenny got up onto her knees to stand up but the big dog growled at her again so she stayed in that position as still as possible.

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   Then she felt something wet slide across her butt. Jenny turned to see the other dog licking her ass, which then proceeded to begin licking at her slit and anus through her bikini bottoms. It felt sort of good but Jenny was disgusted by it.
The dog started to grow frustrated and nipped at her ass. By accident his teeth caught in her bikini string and with a tug, they were ripped off of her. At this, Jenny began to cry. With all of her goods revealed, the smaller dog went back to work licking her, growling at her when she tried to resist. She turned back to the large dog in front of her to see his red cock starting to poke out of his sheath right in front of her face.
Just then the licking stopped and Jenny sighed in relief, right before the dog jumped on her back. Jenny gave a small scream as the furry weight landed on her, almost making her collapse. The dog’s forepaws gripped her tightly around the waist, scratching her skin. Jenny knew what the dog was planning as soon as she felt something warm and wet prod her ass, looking for a hole.
“You can’t do this to me,” Jenny cried aloud. “I’m still a virgin. I don’t want it to happen this way.

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Feeling the dog’s cock approaching her pussy, Jenny quickly lowered her butt. Jenny knew this was a mistake as soon as she felt the dog’s cock touch her small puckered anus.
With one powerful thrust, the dog sank all 10 inches of its cock into Jenny’s tight and unlubricated asshole. Jenny screamed in pain as the dog’s massive penis ripped apart her ass, the burning pain making her asshole feel like it was torn.
The dog then began to piston in and out of her at an amazing speed. Making her sphincter burn in pain. The dog continued on like this for quite some time while Jenny was crying in pain, until she started to feel something even larger banging on the outside of her asshole. With a sudden powerful thrust, the dog pushed his tennis ball sized knot into her ass causing her to scream in pain again.
Jenny didn’t know how, but her ass managed to take all of this without any damage, even though it still hurt like hell. The dog continued with short shallow thrusts until she felt his cock surge and he unloaded a gallon of cum into her raw and abused ass, which felt almost soothing to it. The dog got off of Jenny and turned around ass to ass with her, his cock still lodged in her ass. Jenny sobbed and collapsed onto her elbows.
After a little while the dog gave a tug and with a plop, his cock pulled out of Jenny’s ass. The other larger dog circled around behind her, smelled her cum dripping ass, and jumped on top of her. On her elbows, Jenny’s ass was perfectly positioned and the dog plunged half of his 14 inch into her previously virgin pussy in one great thrust.

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Jenny screamed again as her hymen was ripped apart under the dog’s massive cock. The dog pulled out a bit then slammed back in getting even more of his dick into her extremely tight pussy. He began to fuck her like the animal that he is, and Jenny noticed that she was actually wet. Her pussy had been reacting to the painful anal fuck so her pussy was well lubricated.
Just then there was a flash of light and Jenny looked up to see her younger brother Mike holding his cell phone, taking pictures of her being fucked by this large dog. He had a shocked and aroused look on his face.
Being only one year younger than Jenny, Mike had been watching Jenny mature for the last 2 years with a little more than brotherly love. He always followed her around and spied on her, trying to see her naked. Mike had fantasized about his sister for quite some time and masturbated about her regularly…
Jenny moaned in pleasure as the dog’s massive cock bottomed out in her vagina, hitting something solid. Mike walked up to Jenny and removed her bikini top, saying, “You’re so fucking hot Jen. I love to see you with a large dog cock stuffed up your pussy. You are now going to be my slut, since I have pictures of you and can send them to everyone if you do not cooperate. ”
“Aahhhhhh! Mmmmmh! Aahhhh!” moaned Jenny in response. “Fuck, Oohhhh!” Her body was betraying her and she could feel her orgasm building up. “Fuck me.

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   Fuck. Yes!”
Mike dropped his shorts and pulled out his rigid 6 inch member, yelling, “Suck it sis. I know you want to you little slut. ”
Jenny took her brother’s cock in her mouth, sucking on it for all her worth.
As the dog’s cock was pounding away in her cunt, she felt something give and the dog’s cock slammed in all the way except for the knot, which she now felt banging on her pussy. Her cervix must have opened up and allowed the dog’s giant cock into her womb. Jenny moaned around her brother’s cock as she experienced a whole new level of fullness.
Jenny started thrusting back at the dog, trying to get as much cock into her as she could. With one final strong thrust, the dog shoved his orange sized knot into Jenny’s cunt and unloaded his seed deep inside her womb. Jenny loved the feeling of the warm cum filling her up. Just then Mike pulled his cock out of his sister’s mouth and shot his sperm all over Jenny’s face and in her hair.
Jenny finally went over the edge and began to writhe as she orgasmed for the first time in her life. It was very powerful and she felt herself sink into unconsciousness, everything fading to black.

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