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Topic: How it startedI want to say that I am so glad this place is here. Out side of my home, everything seems normal, but sometimes I wonder about inside my home. I really consider myself messed up.
A few years ago, while in high school, my older sister was home for the summer after her first year in college. She and I were very close. I missed her terribly. My Mom was an RN and taught me about sex in terms of informaiton. My sister taught me what it all really meant. I thought she was a pro, but a couple weeks before she graduated from high school, she woke me in the middle of the night. She was excited because she had just lost her virginity. She wanted to tell someone but my Mom probably wouldn't approve and my younger sister wouldn't understand. My Dad was a native of Bolivia and returned there when my Mom turned up pregnant with my younger sister.  My older sister told me all about first fuck and then went to bed. I was hard and unsure what to do. She didn't have sex again before leaving for college but I got to hear the story of the first time many times.
I didn't hear much from her while she was away.

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   And she spent Christmas break at her roommates house because no one had enough to bring her home. She was at a college 3 states away. She arrived home for the summer about 2 weeks after I was out of school. I had a dumb job trimming Christmas trees at a tree farm. My sister seemed to be rolling in cash.
I came home from my job early one day after my sister had been home about 3 days. Some idiot was goofing off and sliced through his arm to the bone. We all got the rest of the day off. I didn't think anything of it, but as I was heading to my room past my sister's room, there was some moaning going on. All the windows were open and my door was blocked open to keep it open. With even a small breeze, it would shut. I kicked the small rock away from my door, plopped on my bed and wait for the door to slam. I actually had to wait about 20 minutes and I was thinking about other things when it slammed. It startled me. But it scarred the crap out of my sister.

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   She grabbed her blanket, wrapper around her nacked body and came storming into my room. She was still shaken. I let her rant for awhile because I didn't understand what the problem was. With three women and me in the house, that was often my safest course of action. When she calmed down, she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek like she used to do. I then bear hugged her and she fell on top of me. We half-heartedly wrestled for a little bit then settled onto our sides facing each other on my small bed. Amazingly, her blanket was still around her. She apologized for yelling at me. She then said, "The real realson I was so ticked is I was remembering some of the sex I had at school and was masterbating. "
I said, "Whoa, that is so cool. " "Did you have a lot of sex?" I asked.
She replied, "Not at first, but about a month into the first quarter, I went to this party at a frat. They have a huge room downstairs for people to have sex orgies. I didn't believe them.

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   So I went and looked. The room is really there. And I just kinda stood off to one side and watched. There were 6 guys and 4 girls when I went in. While I was watching, 5 more guys and 4 more girls came in. I watched for probably 20 or 30 minutes. Then I felt this tap on my shoulder. There was this guy, a little short in height but with a big raging hardon. "
I oooohed and aaaahed through the whole story
She continued, "He said, 'Hey there gorgeous with the great tits, it's okay to watch but you might want to join in. I didn't know what to say so I just shook my head no but I kept looking in his eyes and back at his hardon. Then he said, 'Is there a problem?' I nodded my head yes. He waited for a little while. Then he motioned for me to follow him. He went out into the main hallway and started checking doors. At the third door, he entered and turned on the light.

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   There was a huge bed and a couple chairs. He patted the bed and then sat in a chair. I sat on the bed. He was silent for a little while. Then he asked, 'So, what's the problem?' I replied, 'I want a dick so bad. I am so wet. But. ' I was quiet for awhile. He then asked, 'Are you a virgin?' I replied, 'No, but I am nervous. ' He said, 'Had fewer than 10 dicks in you?' I said 'Yes, only 1. ' He smiled and nodded. 'About as close as you can get to being a virgin without being a virgin. ' There was a knock at the door. Then a voice, 'Ray, you in there?" The guy inthe room answered, 'Yeah. Come in.

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  ' This came guy came in only wearing a tank top. His dick was very nice and hard as well. The new guy said, 'Carmen says you need to hook up with Judy tomorrow or there'll be hell to pay. ' He then turned at left. Ray looked at me and said, 'Let's talk for awhile. THen maybe next time you come to one of our parties, you will fell more like joing in. ' I said, 'Talk? How about, do me now before I change my mind?'
I then asked, "Did you get laid?"
My sister replied, "Yeah. I got fucked good. When he was done he said, 'Damn, baby. You got about the tightest pussy around!"
I asked, "Is that a good thing?"
She said, "Ray certainly thought so!"
I asked her, "So did you have more sex?"
She said, "Buddy, I screwed another guy that night and started having sex 2 or 3 times a week, sometimes more. "
I lay there in awe and she sat there wwatching me. I didn't say a thing. The she leaned in, showing me her right tit completely and most of her left as the blanket slipped down. She came close to my ear and said, "I haven't had sex in three weeks. I'm horny.

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   So I was fingering myself. Why don't you come back to my room where there's a bigger bed and you can watch me?"
She got up off the bed, the blanket now around her waist, both breasts naked. She turned around and while she was walking out of the room, the blanket fell away from her ass and she just dragged it at her side. I jumped out of bed and followed her into her room. She climbed on the bed where she already had some pillows stacked against the headboard. She leaned back, spread her legs and started running 2 fingers in and out of her pussy. I stood at the end of her bed, mesmerized. She then switched hands and put the fingers wet with her pussy juice in her mouth. She switched off a few times before she held two out. "Have you ever tasted pussy juide?" she asked.
"No," I said adn starte forward on the bed. I sucked on her fingers. There didn't seem to be much flavor, but I kept sucking them, trying to immitate her. She smiled, and after a while, she pulled out her fingers. She asked me, "So, you been with a woman yet?"
"I've kissed a few.

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   I have even fondled some breasts. But no, I've never seen naked breasts or naked pussy. "
She posed a few poses while lying there in bed. She asked, "You want to learn how to please a woman with your mouth?"
"You bet!"
"Come here. . . Closer. . . CLoser. " I was kneeling between her spread legs. She pulled me forward. She brought our lips together adn sent her tongue into my mouth. I put my hands on her breasts and she started moaning. Then she pushed me away a little and said, "I was going to show you how to suck my tits, then suck my pussy, but I am too wet right now.

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Then she pushed me on my back and open my pants. She then pulled down my pants to just above my knees. She then pulled down my boxers. She stopped for a moment and looked at my hardon. As she leaned forward, she said, "After my first time of having sex, I decided I didn't like the look of dicks. But sex in college changed my mind. Dicks are gorgeous when hard. And yours, Bro, is incredible. " She then kissed the head of my dick a couple times. Then she stood up on the bed, walked over until there was a foot on either side of my hips, she bent forward at the wasit and then said, "Get ready to have your virginity fucked out of you!" She then straightened up and lowered herself onto my dick. I just lay there, not knowing what to do. But it felt incredible. I was moaning, she was groaning. She punded her ass up and down on my dick, her breasts bouncing in a delightful manner. Her groaning became screaming.

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   Suddenly I exploded in an orgasm. I said, "I came. I'm sorry. " She gorund her hips around and then climbed off and laid next to me. She kissed me on the lips and said, "Don't worry about it, Bro. It was your first time. You lasted way longer than a lot of the guys I screwed at college. And I'll let you fuck me until either I find a fuck friend or I have to go back to school. With my training, you'll be great in no time. " We then french kissed for a little while. But I drifted off to sleep.
I woke up about an hour later. I was still sticky from the sex. My sister wasn't in her room. I grabbed my clothes and headed into the bathroom.

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   I started the shower. While I was there, my sister came into the bathroom and opened the curtain. She was dressed. "Hey there, stud-in-training. Nice dick, I must say. I was hoping for a little mutual sucking, though. "
"I'm sorry," I said.
"Don't worry about it, Stud. But I think you owe me. I need my tits sucked and my pussed sucked and you're the stud to do it. "
Just then, music started playing from downstairs. SHe said, "Mel's, home. We'll talk more later. "
She left. I finished my shower.


   I ran to my room and got dressed.
My sister was true to her word. The next day when I got home, she was wearing a tank top cut off to expose the bottom curve of her breasts and a very tight pair of panties. Her nipples were poking through the gabric of her shirt. She came forward, kissed me on the lips, exposed a tit and then guide my mouth to it.  My dick wasn't in her that time, but I was her fuck friend for the whole summer. We had sex about once a week until I quit the tree trimming job. Then we had sex almost every day. At least, every day I was able to get hard. What she did gave me a lot of experience and a lot of confidence. The times she had told me about oral sex before hse left for college, I was appalled. But once she started teaching me, I grew to love it! Even before she left, I was having sex with another girl in the neighborhood. Maybe I'll tell that story later. She started having sex with me because her father had made a rude comment.
So here's a quick look at some of my other incest experiences I want to share-
About 2 years later, my younger sister would spy on me having sex with my girlfriend.

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   And that would lead to us having sex. At a family reunion at a national forest, I seduced a cousin. Her Mom invited me and my sisters back to her place for an extended visit to give my Mom a break. After my Aunt discoevered me with her daughter, I would end up having sex with my Aunt and one of her best friends. A few months later, the cousin visited my house and we had sex frequently. The next family reunion was in a big city hotel, a group of us cousins got togehter and screwed each other, 7 girls and 3 guys. I loved those odds! Every summer for a little while, I would screw my older sister. My younger sister, though a year younger, graduated in my class. We went to the same college. We went to rent a small house together. The landlord said we were such cute newlyweds. He would be thrilled to rent to us. He asumed we were married because of the same last name on the driver's licenses. I was about to correct him when my sister pulled me close by the arm and thanked him. She wanted to run with it so for a little over a year and a half, we were mister and misses.

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   The landlord said there was no need to thank him. He live across a small courtyard and loved to listen to newlyweds having sex. A lot of sex happened in that house. After I graduated, I moved back home for a break. Not long after, my Mom lost her job. Then she had trouble finding one because she was over qualified. This depressed her. My Mom and I used to share a bed when I was younger. One night in her bedroom, where she had spent the whole day, I was talking to her about memories. I mentioned that one. She smiled. She would ask me to climb into bed with her that night. I did. We slept together every night for about 2 weeks. Then one night, she asked me to spoon with her and cup her breast.

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   We both had clothes on but it wasn't long before I had a hardon and then her ass was rubbing my dick. And shortly after that, the clothes came off. I will go into more detail in another posting but after we were done, she told me she had screwed 3 men before my father, then my father, and then nothing for yearly 20 years. She had forgotten how much she enjoyed sex. And she couldn't stop gushing about how incredible having sex with me felt. My mom lives across the street from me even now, though I have moved several states away form my boyhood home. And my mom still invites me over to cuddle with her. I had met a woman in college and we were serious about each other. It turned out she had had sex with 2 of her 5 brothers. Her sister had screwed two of the other brohters. Her mom had screwed the last. It didn't bother her that i had had sex with my sisters and mom and others. While our married life was a joyful thing, our sex life was a real issue. I'll explain that in a later post. We started having kids even before we were married.

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   I had landed a very high paying job, so she stayed home to raise the kids and she was thrilled with the idea. But we would only have sex occassionaly unless making another baby was the issue. After three girls, I asked if we didn't have enough. She said she would going to have kids until she either wore out her uterus or there was at least 1 boy in the family. We know have 7 girls from our procreation and have adopted an 8th only a couple days younger that our oldest. My wife is also pregnant at the moment. Unbeknownst to me, when my wife announced we were going to try having another kid, my 2 oldest daughters decided that they wanted to go through the pregnancy experince with her. So I have three pregnant women in my house at the moment. My wife told me one day when our first one was only a few years old, she wanted to raise them to feel free in expressing themselves with their bodies. We became nudists around the house. My girls had seen me and my wife display physical affection towards each other with quick kisses or sucks on the nipples, dick or pussy. Eventually, they wanted the same attention. My wife encouraged it. When my first daughter was a week away from 15, we had sex. A month later, I had sex with my adopted daughter.

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   These are the two that are also pregnant. But since they wouldn't let me touch them for a couple months, I am not the father. But since they discovered they were pregnant, they have been incredibly horny and have enjoyed the freedom of not needing birth control. Once I started having sex with my oldest two, my wife insisted we let other kids watch that are older than 13 if they want to. And she also insists that she watches whenever I have sex with the girls. I have had sex with more than just the 2 oldest girls but I won't say which ones or how old they were when we started. But that is why I consider myself messed up.
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