So Wrong, So Very Right


The Chapter so wrong, so very right 
 I suspected from the beginning that my affinity for my brother’s cock was wrong. I had been raised to believe that but my cousin had opened Pandora’s box and it would be years before I finally came to understand it. Jimmy (my younger brother) had fucked me also but did not elicit the churning deep within my body Dave did. I avoided both as much as I could over the next two years but would succumb to Dave’s charms more often than not. I married young and ran off with Jerry to the other side of the country to live for almost five years. When we returned to our hometown my husband purchased my parents place for us to live in. It stirred many memories good and bad. How could I tell anyone that the cock that aroused me most is that of my own brother? That is not to say my husband was not a good fuck but Dave took it to another level. We had not been home long before the inevitable day Dave came to visit and I had to confront my demons. I was a housewife and my husband often worked long hours. I had a young son who had started half-days at school the day Dave came to visit. In hindsight I realize now my sister Sherri had scouted the territory with her visits and told him the most opportune time to visit. I had just returned from dropping my son at school and began my daily chores by doing laundry when a knock came at the back door. It was Dave and he had arrived with a house- warming present, a basket of fruits, cheeses and wine. We made small talk about our time apart and the life we had each made for ourselves. I found myself distracted by the bulge in his pants.

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   I could feel a familiar warmth in my belly and the petals of my labia moistened with forbidden desire. I had to get away from his gaze and went to the laundry area to take a load out of the dryer and refill it with another from the washer. I carried   the basket of laundry to the kitchen table where we had been talking to fold. It was my hope that by focusing on the task at hand my eyes would not stray to forbidden territory again. Dave began to assist me in folding the laundry. He said, “You left and never said goodbye. Why?” I thought a moment and answered, “I was afraid if I stayed, I could never let you go. ” I didn’t realize I was folding my bras when his hand-grasped mine saying it had been a long time since he had seen them. I blushed and tried to avoid his gaze but his hand grasped my breast and he pulled me close to kiss me. God help me I kissed him back. He needed no more encouragement as his hands quickly unbuttoned my blouse. I pushed him away and stepped back, thinking about the can of worms I was about to open as my arms slowly slid my open blouse from my body. My arms reached behind my back and unfastened the hooks of my bra to allow his gaze to fall on my breasts aroused state. He gasped at the sight of my breasts and his arms reached out to me. I opened my jeans and pushed them over my full hips never taking my eyes from his.

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   I stepped forward into his embrace as his head sank to suckle my breasts. To my surprise my hands went to his back not to embrace him but to pull off his shirt. I wanted to feel his bare chest against mine again and he gladly obliged as he wrapped his arms around me to kiss me again. I shuddered at his touch and the level of my own arousal shocked me. In an instant he was naked and I could feel his hard cock pressing against me. I sank to my knees, grasping the object of my incestuous desire in one hand while the other trailed down his back to his ass to pull him closer. My eyes feasted on his blood-engorged tool as my nostrils filled with the heady aroma of his male body. My lips parted as my tongue darted across its head drawing an approving groan from him. His hands cradled my head as I took his cock into my mouth and deep into my throat.
 Dave lifted me on the kitchen table knocking the now forgotten laundry on the floor and I spread my legs wide to welcome this intruder. I chose to forget the fears of my youth as my passion rose and embraced the moment.   His magnificent cock slid into my weeping orifice drawing a loud groan of approval from deep within me. His cock sank into me inch by glorious inch until I felt his low hanging ball sack slap against my ass cheeks. My cunt creamed and my abdomen convulsed as his cock brushed against a part of me only he seemed to find. Years of pent up semen spewed from deep within my body filling my uterus and encasing his cock in its warm cream.

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   It was than I realized a woman’s greatest dream and my own personal nightmare. The length of his cock, its girth, the way it bent was the unique fit every woman desired but few ever experience. He unerringly found my G-spot, a rare and wonderful thing for any woman but a nightmare for me because this was my brother. I saw his eyes glaze and heard him groan his approval. I watched as he slowly withdrew his cream covered shaft that he might scrape some from it to lick from his fingers. Our eyes met as he smiled and said, “Best eats anywhere” and offered me the same, which I eagerly licked from his fingers with a smile. Each stroke of his cock brought the flow of more juices and caused my body to shudder. “Christ, I missed you, missed this,” I groaned as he pounded his cock into me. I wrapped my legs around his back and gave in to lust, long denied. Debbie was right, sex wasn’t about love, it’s about lust. The hardest thing any woman can do is surrender to her own base desires. Surrender to the moment and damn the rest. Men do it all the time and are lauded for it, while women are cursed and derided for it.
 Dave’s cock was drawing one orgasm after another out of me both clitoral and cervical. My juices pooled on table under my ass and dripped on the floor in a constant flow as each stroke of his cock brought a more mighty response than the one before.

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   When he finally came his hot cum filled me with a sense of fulfillment and well being I had only known with him. As he withdrew his shrinking member I slid off the table and sank to the floor to suck the object of my passion’s desire back to life again, savoring our fluid mixture as it stirred to life again. As soon as he was hard again I sat him on a kitchen chair and straddled his lap inserting his cock back where it belonged merging his manhood into the heart of my womanhood. I wrapped my arms around his neck and drew his head to suckle my breasts luxuriating in the feelings he engendered. We spent the better part of the next hour rocking slowly in each other’s arms until he came again. He looked deep in my eyes as he did so and said, “Promise me you’ll never leave me again. ” I laughed and kissed him deeply saying, “I promise. ”
 After he left I sat naked on the coach reflecting on earlier events while running my hand over my abdomen and remembered Deb’s wise words that for a man he comes and leaves but a woman carries a part of him inside her all her life and I savored the feeling of his warm life enabling spunk churning deep within my body.    
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