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Finally it was night! I waited and waited until she went to sleep. I had been thinking of the perfect plan all day. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. Finally the time had come. 2 in the morning, an hour and a half after she had gone to sleep. I turned the hall light on so I could see what I was doing but it wouldn’t be bright enough to wake her up. She was in the same position, lying on her side. She wasn’t as hot when she was asleep. I shook her trying to wake her up. To see if she was sound-asleep. “Danielle! Wake up!” I said at a normal tone. Not wanting to yell. She was dead to the world. I pulled back the blankets again and she was wearing the same thing. I slowly and quietly pulled down her shorts. She was wearing a blue thong with sparkles on it.

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   I put my hand up againced her pussy. It was really warm and my dick started to get really hard. I pulled down her panties very slowly, Now her pussy was exposed. It was freshly shaven. My dick was harder than ever before. I put my finger over her bare pussy and slowly rubbed it againced her pussy then slid it in a little. I didn’t want to get to rough because I was scared I would get caught. I then pulled up her shirt rubbing my hand againced her stomach as I pulled it up. I reached her soft, warm breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Her beautiful bare nipple had now been exposed. I rubbed my hand over one of her nipples. Then I pulled her clothes back onto her and left. I did this very often. Almost every night I started spying on my sister in her sleep.

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   It was time to do live action. She it was early in the morning and she was taking a shower. The bathroom door didn’t lock so I walked right in. our shower was really load so the door didn’t make any noise at all. I had decided if she noticed me I would say, "oh sorry I was just getting my toothbrush” It was a perfect plan. The bathroom didn’t have a bathtub just a shower and it was indented in the wall on my right so she couldn’t see me unless she stuck her head out of the shower. I creeped over to the curtain and opened the shower curtain a tiny bit. I kneeled down so I wasn’t eye level to her. I looked up at her completely naked body. She rubbed soap over her breasts and then around her pussy. I was about to cum in my pants this was so great. Her body looked so much better in the bright light. She now rinsed off and started to jack off with her finger!!!! It was the best! She rubber her hand over her pussy and the other one she pinched and teasted her nipples. She stuck 2 of her fingers into her slit and started to do an in and out motion. Then she set the shower to massage and took it off the stand.


   She put the head of it over her pussy then up her body. I grabbed the bottle of lotion next to the sink and started to jack off. To her beautiful tanned body. Then she put it back and turned off the water. I jumped up and ran out of the bathroom just as I heard the shower curtain slide open. I waited for her on the couch as she came out in her robe. Then went into her room. She came out in her bikini. “Hey Danielle. Going to the pool?” I asked“No I’m going to tan in the back yard. Want to come?”“Sure, let me get my swim suit on, ill meet you outside. ”I hurried and put it on and ran outside. She was laying on sitting on the end of the fold out tanning chair. She was wearing a white and red Pokka-dot Bikini with a matching thong bottom. It was very small.

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   Only 2 inches from her pussy. Most are about 3 or 4“Here, will you put this lotion on me?” she asked. I put a little in my hand and rubbed it againced her smooth warm skin, first her stomach, I rubbed it around her belly button, then up to below her breasts. Then down to above her pussy. I got to rub very close because she wore such a small bikini. Then I rubbed it over her legs and on her ass. It was the first time I got to rub my sister’s ass. Then I rubber some right below her pussy. Rubbing the side of my hand againced it to get it so close. Then I did her back and above her boobs. Then she rubbed it on me. She put rubbed it all over my chest and stomach then on my legs, she started rubbing it up my swim shorts and I didn’t think she would stop but unfortunately she did. We tanned for a while until I got board and went inside. Then looked out the window and she was topless! Rubbing suntan lotion all over her boobs! This was my chance to get some more action. I walked outside pretending I didn’t know she was topless.

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   I walked out and sat on my foldout chair. Her eyes were closed. She probably didn’t know I was there. “Hey Danielle! Where’s your bikini top?” I asked like I just noticed this. “Oh, I decided to get my boobs tanned a bit, Do you mind?” She said very calmly like it was no big deal. “No! I don’t mind” said “Why don’t you get you pussy a little tanned while you’re out here?” I asked“Yeah that’s a good idea. Want to put some more lotion on me?” She stood up and handed me the bottle. I pulled down her bikini bottom exposing her bare vagina again. This was so great! I put some lotion on my hand and rubbed it around her pussy lips. My dick was getting extremely hard. There wasn’t much to lotion because she was wearing such a little bottom but I got to touch her pussy. “Thanks bro. Now its my turn” she said. “What do you mean? You want me to take off my shorts?”“Well duh!”I slowly pulled them off, exposing my hard penis. The warm outside air hitting it felt good.

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   “Wow that’s a big one you got there, Josh. Mind if I lotion it up?”“Go for it”She put some on her hand and rubbed the lotion all over the top of my legs. Then she put the bottle down and started to kiss my dick. Then she started wildly sucking my dick. I started to cum in her mouth as fast as she could swallow it. Then she stopped and grabbed my dick with her hand and started to play with it. “You want to have sex?” She asked me “I’m a virgin too”“Hell yeah I wanna fuck you!”I then rubbed the head of my penis againced her slit. While making out. I then inserted it slowly into her wet warm pussy. And put one hand on her ass and one on her boob and started fucking her as hard as I could. “OH JOSH! FUCK ME HARDER! HAAAARDER” We then switched positions where she bent over the chair and I fucked her into the pussy like an animal. I ran my hands up her stomach and squeezed her boobs. They were soo soft. I started to cum again. This time it was in her pussy.

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   I didn’t care, I was so horny I just kept pumping harder and harder. "Oh and Josh, i knew what you were doing to me at night. I do the same to you".

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