Staying at Uncle Jimmy’s, Chapter One



I was 10 when my mother died , since no one had any idea where my father was (some even claimed , no idea WHO my father was ) I moved in with my grandma .
When I was 14 grandma fell and needed a hip-replacement, there was only one relative left to stay with: my “queer-uncle “Jimmy.
“I hate to leave you with him “my grandma said ,” but he is the only one left and since you could not keep your hands off Mrs. Jensen’s daughter , nobody at the church will take you in , a child of sin becomes a sinner ,may God protect you , and be a good boy at your uncle’s “

So I went to Uncle Jimmy’s.
 After he got “caught in the act “with a high school football player in the local graveyard he had moved out of our small town and moved to a small apartment in Springfield where “men like him “had fewer problems.
My classmates still used to tease me with my uncle since his “perversion “had been the talk of the town for months, everyone, except Joe Smith, since it was his older brother Seth who my uncle was caught with. This was the main reason Joe and I became good friends.

“Well, this is your home for the coming two months Simon” Uncle Jimmy said “you can use the guestroom; the computer is also in there”. “I have earlier arrangements for tonight and may be home late, I assume you are big enough to take care of yourself, Pizza is in the fridge” and with a big grin on his face Jimmy left.
I ate some Pizza and surfed the web a little but al the happenings of the day had gotten me tired, so at 10 pm I went to bed.

 I woke up from the light shining through the crack of the door and my uncle saying: “hush idiot, you wake up the kid “. A slightly familiar voice answered: “kids that age sleep through anything, once I gave my little brother a blow-job while he was asleep and he came without even waking up”. “Seth Smith you are a perv “my uncle answered. “If I am a perv, I am your perv, Jimmy Boy “replied the voice I now knew to be my friend Joe’s big brother.
After a little bantering back and forth about perversion and little boys it became quieter, all I heard was once in a while a little moan or a loudly whispered “Yesss”
Restless in my bed I was wondering what was going on and, never very good in letting things be, I got out of my bed and looked through the crack of the door.

What I did see was shocking and attractive at once; Seth Smith was on the couch leaning back and holding his knees, his butt on the edge.

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   My uncle was sitting in front of the couch, on his knees, bend over Seth and his lips tight around Seth’s dick, meanwhile his fingers where playing with Seth’s ass!!!!!  Uncle Jim’s head was moving up and down and while I was looking two of his fingers slid into Seth’s butt-hole. This made Seth moan even louder and on his face was one of the happiest looks I had ever seen. My uncle was sucking and licking as if Seth’s dick was a Popsicle and his fingers where moving and twisting around in Seth’s ass, in and out they went in the same tempo as my uncle was sucking Seth’s dick. Sometimes only the tips of Uncle Jimmy’s fingers where in there, the next moment they where in as deep as they could be, all the while the ring of Seth’s ass tight around them. After a little while my uncle pulled his fingers out of Seth’s ass, released his cock and did put his hands under Seth’s buttocks, he first licked Seth’s balls, and then Seth’s ass and slowly I saw him stick his tongue up Seth’s butt-hole!!!
“Ah, Jimmy Boy “Seth moaned “You are the best rimmer in whole Springfield ““Yesssss, stick that tongue of yours up my hole some more”. Uncle Jim did obviously enjoy eating out Seth’s ass, pulling his buttocks wide apart  and getting in there as deep as he could , Seth’s moaning made clear he really liked being at the receiving end.    My uncle then stuck two fingers up Seth’s ass again and started licking from his fingers up to the top of Seth’s dick. Up and down my uncle went, sometimes adding his tongue to his fingers in Seth’s hole, sometimes sucking a while on the head of Seth’s dick. After five minutes Seth started moaning louder and louder, arched his back and his cum came shooting out of his dick like a fountain. Suzy Jensen had made me come while we played in the barn , but that was just a tiny little bit compared to what I saw Seth produce , my uncle managed to catch some of it with his mouth, but most of it he had to lick from Seth’s chest and even face !!

“Ah, Jimmy Boy, that was great “Seth panted “now tell me what You want!!!
“Be my bitch, Seth “my uncle replied “let me fuck that wonderful ass of yours “
“Ahh Jimmy; fill me with that great dick of yours. ” Seth said while he turned around and slid of the couch, ending up with his ass in the air and his elbows on the couch, my uncle on his knees behind him. Softly he parted Seth’s buns and dribbled a little spit on Seth’s anus. Quickly he stripped down his pants and boxers and positioned himself behind Seth. His dick was standing up straight like a flagpole. Slowly he places his dick on Seth’s hole and pushed the head of his dick inside, Seth moaned “I’m your bitch, Jimmy Boy, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME.

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The whole show was starting to turn me on and while my uncle slid deeper into Seth I started pulling my meat, imagining it was me who was fucking Seth in the ass.
From where I was looking I saw my uncle’s dick sliding deeper and deeper into Seth.
Faster and faster my uncle started pumping into Seth’s ass, louder and louder Seth was moaning, enthralled I saw the ring of his ass move inward and outward with the movement of Jimmy’s dick. Suddenly Uncle Jimmy grabbed Seth’s hips and pulled himself as deep as possible into his lover and while my uncle sprayed his cum deep inside his lover’s guts I came all over my hands.


As I came, my knees got weak and I lost my balance, which made me stumble through the door opening, into the room where Seth and Uncle Jimmy where making out. “What the fuck” Seth exclaimed as I ended up on my knees about 5 feet away from them. “See Jim, your nephew has been watching us “and seeing my still dripping hard-on he smiled “and enjoying it’.
Uncle Jimmy pulled his cock out of Seth’s ass, not really knowing what to say or do.
“Eh, eh “he stammered “don’t tell your grandma what you saw ……”
“Don’t act so stupid Jim “Seth reacted and crawled quickly to where I sat, took my hand and showed the cum on it to Uncle Jimmy. “A boy that enjoyed what he saw that much will not tell on you. ” 
Than he licked some of the cum of my hand “ not bad “ he said “ tastes more like yours Jim, than like my little brother’s . ”



As Seth licked the cum of my hand uncle Jimmy turned red and said : “ for god sake Seth , he is just a kid “, “Just as old as my little brother Joey” Seth replied “ and Joey knows how to keeps his mouth shut too “ . Despite his arguments my uncle’s cock started rising again, obviously seeing me and Seth this way turned him on.
“It is time you pay for the show “Seth said “and I know just the payment I like “
Quickly he put his lips around the top of my dick and started sucking.   By now Jimmy had clearly forgotten his protests about my age and his dick was fully erect again.

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Seth took my dick out of his mouth and said: “Hey Jimmy boy “are you going to leave all that cum in there, or are you getting out your treat “
Uncle Jimmy clearly could not refuse that invitation, positioned himself behind Seth and started licking his cum out of Seth’s ass. Meanwhile Seth’s experienced hands and mouth had my cock standing straight and throbbing. Seth clearly was the one who was fully in control here.

From my position in front of Seth I could see my uncle’s tongue dart in and out of Seth’s ass. Seth’s ass was still open a bit from having my uncle’s dick in there, so my uncle had to part Seth’s behind just a little to get in deep. Round and round his tongue went, once in a while coming back with a little bit of cum on it which my uncle swallowed with savor. While his ass was being emptied by my uncle and his lips where around my cock Seth’s hand moved around my back until his fingers where on my ass. Slowly his finger pushed inside me, first with a little tightness, but after the first part of his finger had passed my sphincter, with an ease that amazed me.
Up and down his head bobbed on my dick, while his finger was massaging the inside of my rectum, and my uncle was licking the last of his cum out of Seth’s.

Cum started to bubble up in my balls again and I stammered “I think I am going to come. Seth pulled back his head and said: “not to quick little boy, I want full payment for the show your uncle and I gave you”. Slowly he pulled his finger out of my ass. “And besides, your uncle needs a payment to, turn around Jimmy Boy.
 I looked at my uncle who was clearly full in Seth’s control.   My uncle turned around and went down on all fours “Ahh, little boy, we will teach you how real men fuck “Seth laughed.

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   He took me by my dick and moved me behind my uncle, took my dick one more time in his mouth and got it all wet, and guided it against my uncle's butthole.
“Your uncle’s ass is a great place to have your dick in Simon, just push and you will slide in”. Coached  by Seth my cock entered my uncle , a feeling I had never felt before , the muscles of his ass grabbed on to my dick , and I felt in heaven !! Cheered on by Seth I pushed deeper and deeper feeling tightness and ridges all massaging my cock. “If you think you are going to come, just stop moving, your uncle hates quickies, don’t you Jim?? “all my Uncle could do was give a grunt that sounded affirmative.

Slowly I started pumping in and out my uncle’s ass , stopping as instructed whenever  the feeling got so intense I thought I was going to come , meanwhile Seth laid down on the floor and started sucking my uncles dick . Suddenly I felt his hand under my balls , for a while it caressed up my shaft and around my uncles ass , Seth and my uncle moved around a little , and the  end result was  them in a 69 position sucking each others cock while I was slowly fucking my uncle .
For a while Seth’s hand kept playing with the shaft of my dick, than with my balls, and slowly again his fingers came back to my anus. Again one finger started traveling its way up inside me , stirring around , and giving pleasure in areas I did before this evening not even know existed . suddenly I could not hold it any longer , “I’m gonna come” I shouted , as I sprayed my cum inside uncle Jimmy , he grunted: “ Me too “ and  I felt his ass tighten around my dick ‘ at the same moment Seth arched up and came in Jimmy’s mouth .

After this joined orgasm we moved to the big bed in Uncle Jimmy’s room where I fell asleep with the tongues of Uncle Jimmy and Seth cleaning off my dick.
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