Stud - Chapter 4


Topic: Virgin!Like I said I never had a bad experience in my life but there were always surprises, like the time I went to one house. Sarah wasn't exactly a regular but it wasn't the first time I been with her. "Cris" she started "I suppose I should have arranged this with Helen first but I've not asked you here today for me but for my daughter. ""Sally?" I exclaimed in surprise "But she's got a fantastic body and I bet she could get all the sex she could handle from the boys at school if she wanted!""Ah but you see she's never wanted! Today is her sixteenth birthday and she wants to learn how to make love properly and not lose her virginity to some smuck after a fumble at some grotty party. She knows about us and after she'd forced me to tell her how much I enjoyed sex with you she asked me to line her up with you. You are my birthday present to her! She's lying upstairs on the big bed in my room, showered, shaven and naked. ""You shave her? I queried. "Yes and she me. " with that Sarah pulled her robe open to show me her naked pussy. I whistled. "Do you two like. . . ""Make out together? No today was the first time we'd touched each other and that was only to shave. Both came a little though. "I could see her cunt glistening so I pulled my shorts down and took her where she stood.

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   "Have this as a freebie. I won't take it off Sally's time" I said pushing her to a blistering orgasm in no time before unloading into her. Sally could have extra time if she wanted I thought. Here was I getting paid for deflowering virgins now!"Yes - glad you did that. I've been horny all day just thinking about the two of you together. Go and make it good for her. ""Yes Ma'am - do you want to watch?" I said heading to the bathroom to clean up and undress but she declined saying some other time maybe, the first time was too special. So naked and erect I went into the bedroom and saw Sally lying sprawled out on the bed lightly playing with her pussy lips and one of her tits. I was just about salivating as I went and bent down to kiss her. "Hi Sally, I'm Cris, you have a beautiful body. ""Hi" she mumbled in reply. "Glad you like it - you're the first person except Mum ever to have seen it all. Like my naked pussy? It feels wonderful to me. "Taking this as a hint, I leaned down and kissed her on the lips finding her mouth eager, her tongue searching, before letting my hand join hers at her pussy. She tried to hump up at my fingers but I evaded only letting my fingers trace round her pussy lips.

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   "All in good time. " I said "We've plenty of time. I'd love to kiss those beautiful tits of yours. ""They're not very big. " she said sighing. "Look plenty big enough from where I'm standing - I love little tits. ""Mum said you knew just what to say to make a girl feel good; she also said that she loved having her tits sucked by you and that you were a mean pussy eater. Let's see if she's right. "I told her one thing at a time while settling down on the bed to suck her tits gently kissing her nipples at first then drawing more and more of her firm ripe flesh into my mouth on each round until her entire tit was engulfed. My fingers continued playing on her cunny lips and clit. I could feel her getting wetter and wetter so I knew I was doing OK. She told me to go lower so I gently withdrew her tit from my mouth and slowly, oh so slowly, kissed my way down her lower chest and tummy. My pace (or lack of it!) seemed to be an erotic torture for her just as I had hoped. Eventually, and I do mean eventually, using every ounce of my self-control, I found myself licking her rock hard clit. Somehow it came as much as of a surprise to me as it did to her as I sucked in her clitoris.

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   She screamed loudly and I had a glimpse of her mother in the doorway as she did so - Sarah told me later that she wasn't really looking, she was just concerned for Sally but knew really that there was no way I would hurt her intentionally. She was dead right there - I would go away as frustrated as hell doubled rather than hurt a girl or make her do anything she didn't want to. Full stop. Period. However this was sheer pleasure for Sally as she came against my tongue. God did she taste good! (That wasn't a question btw). "Well! Think you passed the first test Cris! Loved that!" she said. "What's next?" I queried. "Well. . . We need to fuck proper of course but I'm all kinda sweaty right now. Fancy a shower?" she beamed at me taking me by the hand as she led me back through to the bathroom. I still suspected Sarah was hovering in the background sneaking a peak whenever she could but what the hell? She was paying after all!We got into a rather impressive shower cubical with jets of water spraying out of all four sides - I'd only once seen anything like it and that was when we'd had an exchange house in Florida one summer before Dad died. I told Sally the bare bones of the tale and she laughed a tinkling, engaging laugh.

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   She said that was weird 'cos that's where her own Dad had got the idea not long before he died (Did I say Sarah had been widowed a while before she started seeing me? I think that's why she was an occasional rather than a regular - it wasn't a money thing as she was very comfortably off but in her way she was still grieving and only occasionally gave into her womanly needs. Anyway. . . )Sally and I soaped each other up in the shower - she revelling in having her tits soaped while her lather soaked hand was heaven on my stiff dick! "What's it like fucking?""From my point of view or yours?" I foiled. "Don't know - either, both really. ""Well I don't really have an answer from the girl's point of view but part of God's great plan was for us to procreate and in his infinite wisdom he made sure both sexes could get great fun with each other. " I kept the God bit simple (although exploiting it to a degree as I knew her Mum went to a very straight Church order) and avoided any dirty words. "I assume you've discussed this with your Mum? If you are not sure, we finish the shower now, dry off and walk away. I'll give your Mum a refund!"She just smiled. "Sure we'll finish the shower - but the only place you're walking to after that is that bed. You bet I'm sure!" So we finished off in the shower and went back to the bedroom. Sally spread-eagled herself on the bed. "OK Cris - I'm ready for you now. Put him in me.

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  " Put that way it sounded a bit clinical but then she added "Make it as good for me as you did for Mum just then on the stairs. " I smiled and went to her hooking her legs outside my arms and letting her guide my cock to her blocked entrance in her own good time. "Uha, uha - now push Cris!" Gently I eased forward and then she bucked up at me taking my bloated knob into her pussy with a yell! "Is he all in me?" she asked "I feel so stretched!" and then she looked down to see that there was plenty more to come. "Fuck - get him all the way into me. I want all your cock!" Demureness was cast aside as this girl began to explore her womanhood. Slowly, oh so damn slowly because she was so tight I slid all the way into her. When I was about half way in I pulled almost all of the way out before thrusting forcefully forward again this time managing to get all the way in but it took a while and it was all I could do to keep from coming, the feeling of her tight, hot, wet and until very recently virginal vagina wrapped round my monster rod being so fantastic. Sally sighed below me and said something like "That starting to feel good Cris - not as sore as Mum warned me it might be. " Taking this as a good sign I started to slowly pull nearly right out before pressing forward again. Soon Sally was humping back at me and gradually the tempo upped until she came yelling loudly once more but I just kept on pumping in and out of her keeping her on a high until she begged for me to cum in her. I was only too ready to obey and shot a heavy, thick load up her recently deflowered canal, she cuming all the harder as she felt the first wave hit her cervix. We came apart and both lay panting until Sally hugged me to her and said "That was absolutely brilliant! Mum didn't tell me half how good it would be! I'm glad I did it with an expert first!" I had to blush and told her how exciting she had been for me too. "Now I want to suck your cock -  I want to taste me on you. Mum's told me just what to do so lie back and enjoy! This one's on me!"I thought "Wait a mo, I'm the one getting paid for this!" but, what the hell, if that was what she wanted to do, there was no way on earth I was going to stop her! She set herself down at my temporarily flagging dick - it only took a few licks from her hot tongue, her savouring the mixture of her juices and my cum on him, before he was back up again and she wolfed all of him straight down her throat, She bobbed up and down on me making me really hot - you'd scarce believe this was the first time she'd done this, apart from Jenny I'd seldom been sucked better. After a while, she pulled him out flicking her tongue over my knob as she did so.

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   "He's not to cum OK? Make me stop before he does OK?" I just nodded as she went back to the bob, fucking me with her mouth. Soon, in fear of boiling over, I had to pull her from me. We lay cuddling and I told her how well she sucked cock asking her why I hadn't to cum. "Well, you see, we're getting through the list quite nicely. You made me feel ever so good sucking my tits and pussy, fucking was, well, out of this world, definitely put me into outer space, sucking your dick was real fun - quite a turn on knowing I was making you feel so good and I loved the way he throbbed as I sucked, so I reckon I've only one virginity left. . . " she gushed ". . . my arse - up for it?" Too right I was so I drew her up on all fours and thrust into her tight cunny once more drawing her to climax once again before prying her smooth, tight bum cheeks apart to let me sight my next quarry. If I hadn't had a lot of experience of this kind of thing under my belt, I might have thought her pucker to be impossibly small for my huge pole but I did know better and, well lubed from her pussy as he was, he broke into her sphincter with relative ease and just a small moan of delight from both of us. Once she felt me lodged there, Sally strained back at me as I pressed forward but it took an age before I was totally within her back passage and she reached beneath herself to cup my balls. "Nice Cris nice! Like that - Mum said I would! Now come on - ream my arse and cum in me. " So I pulled back slowly and this time rammed forward making her squeal.

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   "Yes, Yes, Yes! More! Again!" She was really getting into this so I sawed into her as fast as the resistance of her arse would allow (which wasn't very!) as she bucked back at me. "Yes, Yes! I'm cuming, I'm cuming, I'm. . . " she just totally lost it at this point and I took that as cue to unload. I had a really massive climax as I made the most of this sexy young girl. Slumped on the bed again, Sally said "Guess that just about completes the list, except. . . " she raised her voice "Mum why don't you come in instead of skulking in the hall?" Ruth came into the room totally naked and looking abashed. I'd known she'd seen most of the goings on but hadn't known that Sally knew. "Do you know what I've not tried?" Sally asked. Ruth shook her head while I racked my brains. "Well, there are lots more positions to try. " I ventured.

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  "No - something completely new. " By now I'd twigged but as Ruth was still shaking her head I played dumb and said no. "I've not eaten puss!"Ruth was totally taken aback at first blustering about Sally being her daughter and that time was running out. I said time wasn't a problem and anyway they didn't need me for that but I'd like to stay and watch if that was OK. With Ruth's resolve weakened, Sally said "You bet you can stay but you'll be doing more than watching! I'm going to - what's the term? 69? Yeah 69 with Mum and then when I tell you to I want you to fuck Mum - that's something else I've not done, see people fuck. Heard you earlier but I didn't see it!"So that's what we did. Sally lay back and her mother lay up over her and the two of them ate each other to climax with me lying back watching stroking my cock keeping him hard - not that the show on its own wouldn't have as I love watching girls together! As Ruth came, Sally motioned me to join in so I got myself up behind her and pushed my large purple knob up between her puffy pussy lips and right into her vagina holding nothing back. At first Sally just lay below us watching, savouring the detail of my cock fucking her mother but then, and with her mother still eating and fingering her, she joined in again laving at Ruth's clit until we all came again, simultaneously and tumultuously. This time we were all spent. While praising how sexy both Ruth and Sally were, I rose to go. Ruth noticed the time. "Sorry Cris. Guess I own you some more for that last bit?" I said no (how could I charge more?) but asked to use the shower again. As I left refreshed (but totally knackered) Sally came to me, still naked and gave me a big hug thanking me for everything I'd done. I reached into my bag and produced a brand-new and quite large dildo-cum-vibrator from the selection of sex toys I always carried with me - well some ladies like that sort of thing - and told her "Happy birthday - hope you'll always remember it!" She beamed at me that she was sure she would and that she must show her Mum my present!To be continued.

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