Summer of 61 - chapter 2


The walk back to the cottage was different than the walk to the beach. Sara just gave and I just received our first hand job and blow job. For two teenagers who barely knew each other that was quite an accomplishment. I could tell that an unusual bond was formed between us in the few short hours that we were together. A bond I hoped to take advantage of for the next three days of cousin Sara’s stay. As we approached the cottage, I could see the lights were dimmer than when we left. We reached the back of the house and both peeked in one of the windows. My mom was sleeping in a chair. I guessed she told the others to go to bed and she would wait for us to return. That was pretty smart since I didn’t know what the sleeping arrangements were. The cottage only has two bedrooms, each with a double bed. So if mom & dad slept in their room, and Aunt Tess & Uncle Paul slept in my room, where the hell were Sara & I going to sleep. The bedrooms were off of a large great room with a cathedral ceiling, fireplace and three couches. I figured we better go in and guide mom to her bedroom. As we entered Sara let the screen door slam shut by accident, which stirred mom from her sleep. Sara and I both noticed that two couches, one on each side of the room, were prepared with bedding.

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   Mom looked up, “Hi honey. You and Sara OK?” I placed a hand on her shoulder, “Yea mom. Are we sleeping on the couches?” She nodded and slowly stood, apparently a little buzzed. “Yes honey. I’ll see you two in the morning” as she made her way to the bedroom without looking back and bouncing off of a chair. Sara giggled and said, “I’m going to get ready for couch. Meet you outside for a smoke?’ “Sure. I’ll just change into a pair of shorts. ” My bedroom door was partially open and there were no lights on. I could hear my uncle snoring, so I quietly went in and grabbed a pair of gym shorts. When I came out, Sara was in the bathroom with the door closed. I quickly changed and headed for the back yard where I went to a large hammock at the far end. It was fairly dark out there and we wouldn’t be noticed from the cottage. Sara came out wearing a simple cotton night gown that reached to her knees with shoulder straps. I was a bit chilly from the night air in just a pair of shorts, and from the look of Sara’s tits poking through the cotton fabric, she was cold too.

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   I really wanted to see and touch her small taunt tits. Maybe even get to taste them. The thought made me stiffen somewhat and I had to wiggle around to let my cock straighten out. Sara noticed. “You uncomfortable there?” she said with a mischievous grin as she approached. I knew at this point we were going to continue our explorations and said, “Yea. I kinda got aroused when I saw your hard nipples poking out”. As Sara reached the hammock she stunned me by reaching up and sliding her straps down and exposing two beautiful tits, not large, but not as small as I expected. Two perfect circles about the size of a large orange cut in half. With her fingers she slowly rubbed the tips and said, “You mean these? They get even harder when I touch them”. I watched for a few seconds, Then reached out to touch my first titties. I wasn’t thinking of anything else and almost fell out of the hammock. Sara laughed. “How about I join you in there”? I nodded and held out a hand to help her. Sara obviously wasn’t experienced getting into a hammock.

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   They can be difficult at times. She studied it for a moment then turned and placed her ass on the edge. Her hands pushed the hammock down, then she jumped up and rolled on. As she did, Sara fell backwards onto the hammock and her night gown slipped up to her waist. She laid there on her back as the hammock swung with her tits exposed at the top and her ass and pussy exposed at the bottom. “Not very coordinated, huh?” she laughed. I reached over and helped her slid around so we were lying together face to face. She didn’t attempt to rearrange her gown as she immediately leaned forward and gently kissed me. As her hand came up behind my head and our tongues began to battle, I reached up and placed a hand on her right tit. It was smooth and firm with nipples that felt like pencil erasers. As I massaged and rubbed, the nipples grew and stiffened under my touch and Sara moaned lowly into my mouth. The feeling was electric, like a shock wave went through my body and ended at the tip of my cock, which was as hard as a rock and pushing at the fabric of my shorts. Sara relaxed and broke away from our long kiss. Moaning softly with her head back, I took the opportunity to slide down just enough to kiss her left nipple. She moaned louder and placed her hand on my head, running her fingers through my hair and gently pushing me onto her.

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   I opened my mouth more and took as much of her tit into my mouth as possible. Swirling my tongue around the nipple and sucking like a baby, Sara started breathing heavier. I was in heaven. I slowly released her tit and licked my way over to the other and started the same treatment. At this point Sara had both arms around me holding me closely to her chest. It’s sometimes hard the think when you’re in this position, being that erotic emotions for two first timers are running rampant. I finally remembered that there was another place to explore which was still exposed. I slowly started moving my hand down Sara’s torso until I reached skin on her lower belly. As I rubbed her belly, only inches from her virgin pussy, and continued sucking and licking her tits, Sara’s moaning intensified. As I slid my hand down over her peach fuss, she let out a small gasp as her hips pushed her into my hand. For Sara’s first time being touched by a boy, and my first time touching a girl, It occurred to me we were doing pretty good. I began exploring the confines between Sara’s legs as she opened wider to my touch. I gently slid my finger around searching for something. I wasn’t sure what, but I guess I found it when Sara jumped. My finger found a slit that was wet and slippery, and when I ran my finger toward the top of the slit, Sara was obviously in extreme pleasure.

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   It felt like a pearl hiding within the folds of this warm slit and touching it made her tremble and moan louder. I didn’t know what it was. At thirteen my limited knowledge of sex hadn’t gotten to the point where anyone had told me about a clit. All I had heard was that girls rubbed themselves down there and it felt good for them like when we boys jerked our cocks off and came. And I knew that both of these experiences, for boys and girls, were called orgasms. My senses began to return and I now had a goal. Sara had told me on the beach that she didn’t think she had ever had an orgasm. My goal now was to help her have her first. My hand now completely covered her young pussy and I continued to run my fingers thru the wet slit, hitting the pearl occasionally and evoking more and more juices flowing. I finally applied some pressure and my middle finger began to penetrate the slit. Sara began pushing against my finger, attempting to get more of it inside. Now her breathing was fast with short breaths, and the moaning was louder and constant. I looked up from her tits and her head was thrown back and moving from side to side. Her grip on my hair was tight as my finger slowly sank into her up to my second knuckle where it reached an obstruction. I started moving my finger in and out as Sara bucked her hips to the same rhythm.

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   By accident my thumb ran across the pearl while my finger was buried in her now very wet slit. Sara jumped, raised her head and let out a soft scream. “Ohhhh… Yes… Oh God…” Sara said uncontrollably. I began rubbing the pearl and continued pushing into her as her motions became more rapid along with her breathing. Again by accident on my part, my very slippery index finger slid down to her asshole as I tried to get a better grip on her pussy. Her movement made the tip of the finger rub right against the tight little opening. Sara went fucking ballistic. Her head shot up, her whole body started trembling violently, her pussy began to tighten around my finger as I felt juices starting to run around my finger and down her ass crack. She bucked strongly and her movement made my index finger slide right into her tight asshole. Sara began screaming. I immediately moved up to cover her mouth with mine. I mean shit, we didn’t need to wake the parents at this moment. It was like she was having a seizure. She bucked forcefully under my grip. She was oblivious to the world around her.

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  My thumb still rested on top of her pearl, my middle finger remained about two inches into her pussy slit and my index finger was sunk into her asshole up to the first knuckle. I didn’t remove my hand, but I stopped all movement and let her control the feeling. The goal had been achieved. Sara had her first orgasm, and I did it. My first time to provide pleasure to another person. I was quite proud of myself. Sara’s orgasm went on for about a minute, then she started to slow down and eventually reached down and removed my hand. We kissed and held each other while she caught her breath. Finally she looked into my blue eyes and said, “That was absolutely unreal. ” I kissed her nose and said, “For me too. That was fucking awesome”. We then laid there silently for a few more minutes before I brought my hand up to my face. I tentatively smelled it and was surprised that it didn’t smell like old fish, which is what I had been told. I then licked my finger. It tasted good, but there wasn’t much there to taste.

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   I thought for a moment then began to slide my body down along Sara’s torso. I stopped briefly and kissed her tits, then continued down to her belly. There I kissed and licked, tasting the salty moisture from a sweaty orgasm. Sara just laid there motionless as I explored her belly button with my tongue. Her hands again moved to the back of my head as her fingers intertwined through my hair. She gently pushed me further down. I ran my tongue down across her stomach and just before reaching her pussy, moved to the left and licked down her thighs. I started moving between her legs, still licking and kissing her inner thighs now. Sara remained silent and opened her legs as wide as she could. It was fairly dark so I really couldn’t see very well, but my senses of taste, smell and touch were acute. I could see the glistening of her juices around her pussy lips and down her ass. I slowly dove in and took a big tongue swipe from her asshole, through the slit and up to the pearl. It tasted great! Sara’s body stiffened and her hands grasped more tightly in my hair as I heard her whisper to herself, “Oh my God”. I stopped for a moment after that first swipe to savor the taste and very briefly reflect on the fact that I just tasted my first pussy, and only minutes ago I had touched my first pussy and sucked my first tits. And all this with my naive cousin who was starved for sexual knowledge and experience.

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   But let’s not reflect too long. We’re not done yet. The taste of Sara’s pussy juices almost made me crazy. This was so intimate. I covered her entire pussy with my mouth and started exploring with my tongue, slowly sliding it in and out of her tight love hole. More juices flowed as I ran my tongue over the pearl and gently flicked it with minimal pressure. Sara started moving her hips and pushed her pussy more tightly against my mouth. I began to suck the juices out as I continued to flick my tongue. Sara was really beginning to move now and just like before, here breathing became fast and she started moaning uncontrollably. I knew she was going to cum again soon. It occurred to me that I hadn’t even thought about my rock hard cock throughout this entire episode. When I slid down to get to Sara’s pussy, my shorts rode up my thigh; my cock was sticking out of my pant leg and was hanging down between the hammock netting. It was throbbing now all by itself with no help. I thought about reaching down and stroking it, but both of my hands were full of Sara’s ass holding her legs up while I devoured her wonderful pussy. I made another long tongue swipe to get some of her juices that ran down her ass crack.

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   When I hit the puckered hole, Sara went off again. She shuddered and stiffened. I covered her pussy again and juices started flowing fast as I darted my tongue in and out and sucked as fast as I could. Each time my tongue hit the pearl, she jumped and screamed and the flow seemed to increase. She held my head tightly and continued to push herself into my face. Then I came like a volcano. I spewed cum all over the ground through the hammock. I shuddered and sucked Sara’s pussy as hard as I could. I wanted every fucking drop of her. I wanted to taste and drink it all. I wanted her to love my tongue because I wanted to lick her for the rest of my life. I licked every bit of her bottom and pussy as she calmed. I then slowly kissed my way back up her body until we were face to face once again. Sara looked into my eyes and kissed me. She then licked her remaining pussy juices off of my mouth, chin and cheeks.


   “I taste pretty good, huh?” she whispered as she ran her tongue across my ear. I responded with, “You taste incredible. That was the sexiest thing. Your pussy is so nice”. Sara giggled and said, “Your tongue is incredible. My first two orgasms. Isn’t that what you called it earlier tonight down by the water?” “Yea. That’s what an orgasm is. How’d it feel?” Sara peered at me for a moment then said, “Like nothing I’ve experienced before, and something I want to experience again and again and again. ”Sara reached down and grabbed my cock, which was lying on top of her thigh. “You don’t seem very excited. ” She said with a grin. I laughed and told her I shot my load on the ground the same time that she came. She pouted and said, “That’s a shame. I love the taste of your cum.

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  ” With that said, we kissed again and Sara said, “We better get to bed. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. ” I nodded and we both jumped off of the hammock and headed to the cottage. I jumped right on my couch and Sara went into the bathroom. I guess I fell asleep immediately since I don’t remember Sara coming out or going to bed. Suddenly I awoke. I looked down, a bit startled coming out of a sleep, and saw Sara with my cock in her mouth. I was semi-hard, but gaining ground very quickly. She furiously jacked her hand up and down my cock and sucked hard with a rhythmic bobbing of her pretty face. I filled her luscious mouth within a couple of minutes with all the come I had left in my balls. It couldn’t have been a lot since it was the forth time I came tonight, but Sara seemed to enjoy it. Sara nor I said a word. She let my limp cock fall from her mouth, gave me a kiss and went to her couch and went to sleep. I closed my eyes and did the same. .

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