Summer with Uncle Billy


I walked into moms room and woke her up, telling her that her boss was on the phone. She didn't look all that happy about it, but she got up and spoke with him. I had gone into the living room to watch some TV when the door bell rang. Naturally, I ran to open it. Uncle Billy was right there and I gave him the biggest of hugs. His large hands roamed over my little frame and pulled me tight against him. He would often run his hands over my young ass when we were alone and told me to never tell anyone. I didn't because I liked the way his hands felt. Since mom was still on the phone, Uncle Billy pulled my nightie up a little higher and moved my panties out of the way to look at my little cunnie. He never touched me down there, but he would love to sneak a peak and I would always try to give him one whenever I could. I never thought anything bad of it and didn't mind him looking because he never touched me down there. Mom told me to tell her if anyone ever did, even Uncle Billy. I knew he never would though, so it never crossed my mind to tell mom about him touching my bottom. Plus, I loved my Uncle Billy. Mom hung up the phone and came into the living room where Uncle Billy and I sat talking and watching cartoons. She smiled at him and started off a regular converstation.

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   An hour later when I went off to change, Uncle Billy kept looking at my chest through my nightie since it wasn't that thick and I knew mom would soon notice if I didn't change. He was also making me feel just a little uncomfotable. When I was in my room, mom asked Uncle Billy if he could watch me for the summer. He made a little scene like he had plans for the summer already, but since he knew how much mom needed to go on her buissiness trip, he agreed to watch me. I came back downstairs and mom told me what happened. I was a little mad at first because she had promised me that we would spend time together. My anger soon went away when I realized I would get to spend a whole summer alone with Uncle Billy. I ran straight to him and gave him the biggest hug any little girl can give a full grown, 30 year old man. Uncle Billy laughed gave me a big kiss on the cheek. Mom asked since he was already there if I wanted to go pack and leave with him today. I was so happy and said I would. Uncle Billy didn't mind at all and said he would wait till everything was packed. It was a six hour drive from his house to ours, so mom figured it would be easier this way. I soon left for the summer with Uncle Billy, not knowing what was in store for me than just a summer of fun at his ranch riding the horses. I would soon learn how to ride other things and learn of new kinds of 'fun' that he would have.

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   I fell alseep on the way out to his place. I woke up when Uncle Billy ran his hand down my chest and was rubbing my tummy lightly. I opened my eyes and looked into a pair of handsome eyes that were gazing on me lovingly. I smiled up at Uncle Billy and gave a long stretch. Uncle Billy picked me up and carried me inside and sat me down on the sofa. He told me to make myself at home while he brought my stuff in. I took my tennis shoes off and sat on the sofa for a little while and watched Uncle Billy bring my stuff in. It was a little warm so I pulled off my shirt. I had always done so in the past because I had known Uncle Billy so long. After Uncle Billy had brought all my stuff in, he noticed me and gave my chest a long stare. He walked over to me and started to rub them. He had never done that before and it startled me. I gazed up at him and tried to scoot away. "Uncle Billy, what are you doing?""I'm feeling you, Suzzie. You make me go crazy with these cute little titties of yours.

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  ""This isn't right. "Again I tried to scoot away and take his hands from my chest. This seemed to anger him and he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back so he could look into my eyes. "You're here for the whole summer, Suzzie. You are going to learn to please me instead of tease me the way you used to around everyone else. " That scared me and I again tried to pull away from him. Uncle Billy moved his hands to my chest and ran them over my young breast cruely before crushing his mouth against mine. His tongue invaded my mouth when I tried to give a cry. He pinched my nipple and I felt his other hand shoving my skirt up around my waist. I started to cry and shove at him. He wouldn't budge and he seemed to be getting mader and mader at me. I felt a harsh hand yanking my panties down around my ankles and then a finger rubbing around my little cunnie. I started to cry harder when I felt him touching me down there. He had never done this before to me and I was scared. He moved his mouth away from mine and moved his mouth down to my nipple.

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   He bit and tongued them roughly which caused me to cry harder. This caused him to slap me and say. "Shut up Suzzie. Stop being such a baby you fucking little tease. You've teased me for so long, you're going to learn what that does to a man. " I pleaded and begged him to let me go which seamed to make him even more crazy. "Please Uncle Billy, let me go. I don't want to do this. " Uncle Billy ignored my plea and started to fumble around with his pants. I looked down and just then his huge piece of meat sprung out of his pants. My eyes grew wide as I saw it and he started to laugh. He rubbed the head against my little cunnie. "Sweetie, Uncle Billy is going to stuff you full of his rock hard cock. " Just then he lunged forward and burried himself to the hilt inside of me. A loud cry escaped my lips as I felt him rip past my virginal barrier.


   Tears streamed from my eyes and Uncle Billy enjoyed it. He started to trust deep inside of me. They were hard and deep thrust that caused me to shout in pain at every thrust. Uncle Billy put his mouth back on mine and shoved his tongue into my mouth just like he was shoving his cock into my little cunnie. He soon threw his head back and started to grunt. I felt something shoot into my cunnie and heard Uncle Billy shouting that he was cumming. "God, Suzzie. Uncle Billy is cumming in your little pussy. I'm filling you with my cum you little slut! YESSSSSS. . . . " Uncle Billy fell ontop of me and rested there while I was still crying. His breath slowed down and he pulled himself out of me before rolling off of me. He looked down at me and picked me up.

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   He then carried me to his bedroom and threw me on the bed. He told me to stop my crying because there would be more. A lot more to fill our summer together. He closed the door and I curled up on the bed, dreading what was to come. . . . To be continued.