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Alicia at the time was 19 and was in the local community college. She was about 5'6" and 120lbs. She has long blackish-brown hair that came past her shoulders when she let it down. She had 32 C cup breast with perky nipples and dollar coin-sized aerolas. She had a nice heart-shaped ass that was very noticable in just about anything she wore. Her legs were long and muscular with baby smooth skin you could eat off of. This was a hot february saturday and Reggie would sleep half naked only in his boxers. He bathed and got dressed with no plans for the day as he came into the living trying to find something worth watching on TV. Alicia came down the stairs in her sleeping clothes which were a pink tank top and some old track shorts. "Hey bro, what's up?" said Alicia as her eyes seemed to still be adjusting to daylight. "Good mornin' sis. I'm just channel surfing. " Reggie said. "The new TV Guide is over there" Alicia pointed to the stand next to the stand up lamp. Reggie handed Alicia the remote as he got up to fetch the TV guide. "Got anything planned today?" asked Reggie.

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  "Nope, you?""Nah"Reggie noticed a change in his sister's attitude. She seemed to be nicer than usual. In fact, she was sitting closer to him than usual too. Usually she'd say something like "What business is it of yours?" or something. He figured maybe she was in a good mood or something. Alicia's eye kept looking at her brother as he watched tv. He noticed her staring at him and he looked at her in the corner of his eye and Alicia would quickly look back at the tv. Reggie could see that Alicia's nipples were beginning to show though her tank top. Alicia got up to get a soda out of the fridge. "Want anything while I'm up?" she said. "Nope, I'm cool" said Reggie. She took a few sips of her grape soda and decided to go and take a shower. He watched his sister as she walked up the steps thinking about those long legs wrapped around his face. His cock beginning to awaken. He looked at his sister's soda sitting on the coffee table with a little of her saliva mixed with the soda.

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   He wanted to taste it so he picked it up and licked the outer part and sipped a little. Anything to taste her juices, even saliva. He has always wanted to make a move on his sister but was afraid that she would reject him and tell their mom. Their mother Janus walked down the stairs to tell Reggie that she would be leaving to run some errands and that she wouldn't be back for awhile. "Ok mom, bye" he said. Now was his chance to try to catch a glimpse of his sister in the shower. The thought of her naked body overrun with hot water and soap make him hard. He walked up the stairs slowly, thinking about what he was doing. Curiousity overcame morality as he slowly turned the doorknob and slowly peeked inside. He could see her through the hazy glass shower slidedoor. He took in the humid air and loved it. Not because of the smell itself but because it was coming from his sister. He came in closing the door a little but not all the way. Just then she finished her shower and turned it off. "Oh shit!" he thought to himself.

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   He quickly crept out of the bathroom and went to his room just as she was opening the slide door of the shower. His heart was racing. He wondered to himself "Did she see me? If she did I'm gonna get a good yellin' at from her. " As he caught his breath Alicia walked into his room with her towel wrapped around her and said,"Hey, do you have any lotion? I ran out. "He thought to himself how he would love to lotion up her tight body. "Umm, yeah I have plenty. Here you can keep it. " he said as he handed her the nearest bottle of lotion. "Thanks" said Alicia. "No prob"Alicia looked down at the bottom of the bed and noticed that white cotton panties were tucked under the bedspread but obviously not all the way. She walked up closer to him, bent down and picked up the panties and looked at him. Reggie's face dropped when he saw that she noticed her own panties in his room. He thought she would be pissed to high heaven but thankfully and oddly enough, she wasn't. "I knew I was missing a pair" said Alicia as she looked at her panties and at her brother's face who was still in a state of total shock, and uneasyness. "You can keep them" she said.

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  Reggie could barely muster up any words as he said "Umm, wait a sec, you're ok with that?". She nodded. "I know you feel something more for me than just as a sister. I feel the same way actually, but I didn't really know how to go about it". She hugged Reggie tightly feeling her breasts push into his chest. He wrapped his arms around his sister embracing her. "I love you she said". "I love you too sis". The bulge in his pants was aching from being so hard. She pulled away and looked at him with lust in her eyes. The sexual tension between them were thick enough to slice with a butter knife. Reggie leaned in and kissed her softly on her lips. She pressed hers against his and used her tongue to part his lips. Her lips tasted so good to him and now he was about to tongue wrestle with her. "Too good to be true!" he thought.

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   They continued kissing passionately for what seemed like forever to him but he enjoyed every lustful second. Alicia broke the kiss and lightly started kissing his neck. She whispered something in his ear that stuck with him for a long time "Ohh, I want you now. Do you want me?". He looked her in her eyes and replied "Hell yeah. . . ". She grabbed his dick through his jeans and told him to take them off. He obeyed his older sister and took them off hastily. "Those too. " pointing to his boxers. He first took his shirt off and flung it to the side of the room. Her eyes were glued to his crotch he pulled down slowly to his ankles and off. "Damn bro, I didn't know you had it like that! It's pretty big!" said Alicia with a grin on her face.

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   She took her right hand grabbed it. Reggie felt as if he could cum right then but he knew he had to save it for her pretty pouty lips and her pussy which has been yet to be revealed. Alicia slowly stroked her brother's erection looking him straight in the face. "Damn does that feel good" he whispered. She let go of his hard cock and stepped back 2 steps while Reggie took his erection in his hand and slowly stroked himself. "I bet you've been wanting to see me for awhile haven't you?" said Alicia. His eyes moving back and forth from her eyes to her breast and to crotch as she slowly and seductively removed her towel and let it fall to the floor and kicking it the side. "I know milk does a body good, but damn girl, how much milk have you been drinking?" Reggie said looking onward at her perky tits and bald pussy. Alicia giggled a bit and came closer taking his right hand and placing it on her left breast. He looked at his sister's eyes as she smiled softly at him. He took his hand off over his 8" monster and put the other hand on her other breast. She moaned in approvement as he squeezed them and played with her nipples. He leaned forward and took a nipple in mouth and sucked on it, biting it gently, lightly pulling at it and rub it. She moaned again with her hand on the back of his head. He took his left hand and reached for her bald pussy.

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  She instinctively spread her legs allowing him better access. He used his index finger and middle finger and rubbed her. Her juices made her bald, smooth pussy easier to navigate. He slid his middle finger inside her as she moaned softly in his ear. He inserted his index finger and went in and out of a pussy. He took his fingers out and put them in his mouth licking them clean. "Wow, you taste better than I imagined. " She smiled. Their mother wasn't due back home for another 5 hours so they knew they had plenty of time. He took her hand and guided her over to his bed. She grabbed his cock and was getting ready to blow him when he said "Nope, sorry, I've got taste some more of you first". He sat her at the edge of he bed wrapped her legs around his neck and lowered his head. She leaned back on her left elbow, put her other hand on his head and closed her eyes. He smelled the sweet smell of his sister's puss and loved it to death. He kissed her lips and started to lap her.

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   "Ooohh, that's real nice" she moaned. He insert his 2 fingers and and slowly finger fucked her as she moaned, occassionally looking at her brother's face buried in her pussy. He began to lick her inside and out, sucking on her clit and tasting her sweet juices. Her breathing became heavier and in shorter breaths. He knew that she would cum soon and he wasn't about to lighten up either. She pulled his face closer to her as she pressed against his face, her breathing becoming sporadic, her body twitching. This motivated him to increase his efforts and a few seconds later she yelled "OH SHIT BRO, I'M-I'M GONNA CUM!! OHHH!!!". Reggie's face was washed with tidal wave of love nectar and he'd be damned if he missed a single drop but he did anyway, but it was a valiant attempt. Alicia layed back on the best exhausted, catching her breath with a smile on her face. Reggie kissed her again and rose a bit and kissed her up to her neck and whispered "Did you enjoy it as much as I did?". She grabbed his face and they passionately kissed for a few minutes. She asked him "Hey bro, have you ever had a blow job before?". "No" he said. He was so busy concentrating on his sister that he forgot about a possible bj.
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       I'll make it special for you. " Alicia said as she winked to him bringing a small smile to his face. She leaned up and got off the bed and crawled in between his legs. She looked him in the eye and took his meat into hand and it felt good to him. She played with his balls squeezing them and fumbling with the balls. She lower her head and licked the head of his prick. He pulled the hair from her face to get a better view. She slid this head of his manhood into her mouth and he did everything in his power not to blast his load in her pretty mouth. She took inch by inch into her cock-hungry mouth. He could not believe how wet and hot her mouth was sealed around his prick. Reggie moaned from pure incestious pleasure. Soon her head was bobbing up and show his 8" shaft with his hand guiding her head, coating his dick with her saliva. She kissed the head licking up and down his pole and sucking his balls. It had to have been the most beautiful thing her ever did see. As she continued to do this he raised his hips slighty to meet her bobs.

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       He moaned a little louder. "Oh shit, Alicia this feels wonderful, don't stop". She looked up at him and said "I wouldn't dare stop". She felt his cock getting harder and knew that he was close to cumming. "Shoot your hot stuff in mouth bro, I want it all!", and with that he yelled "God yes!! I'm cumming!!!" and he exploded his man juice his her hot wet mouth. She tried to swallow it all but it was a bit too much and some of the cum dripped the sides of her mouth and chin. She put her finger to the cum spot on her face and was about to lick them up when Reggie exhaustingly said "Hold on a sec, I want this image forever burned into my memory" he looked her and nodded, smiling. She took her index finger and scooped the cum up and put it to his mouth. "You taste good little brother". She rose to meet her face with his and kissed him lustfully. She pulled away and hugged him tightly and said to him softly "I love you so much". "I love you more" he said kissing her shoulder. After a couple of minutes of holding eachother, Alicia said "Have you ever had sex, Regg?". "No" he replied embarassed. "Maybe someday when I'm old I can hire a disease-ridden prostitute for my first time.


      . . " Reggie said jokingly. Alicia laughed and replied "Not while I'm around" and with that she kissed him and straddled him. A smile came across his face and she guided his rock hard prick inside her. His breath hastening, his loins enflamed as he felt his sister's tight pussy clamp around his cock. She wasn't a virgin but she hadn't sex in awhile either. "Wow, you're tight" he said, barely managing to speak. She sat down on his cock all the the way to the base. She stayed still for a second to feel his cock inside her and it felt wonderful to her. Reggie could tell from the expressions on her face and her moans. His hands instinctively went straight to her hips to guide her beautiful body on top of his. She rode him like crazy and he loved every minuted of it. He put both of his hands on her bouncing tits and she put both of her hands over his as she bounced up and down on him. "Mmmm" they both moaned together.

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       "I want to be on bottom now" she said. She got off of him and she lay there, legs spread, pussy hungrily awaits it's meal. He got in between and fumbled his cock a few times but he finally found her puss. He started slow and she told him to go faster. The found their rhythm and it was excellent for them both. Alicia felt her orgasm coming nearer and so did Reggie. She got on her knees doggy-style and he re-entered. Their breathing was almost in sync and so were their rhythms. Alicia's muscles contracted and she alerted him that show was going to cum. "OH YES!! FUCK ME REGGIE! I WANT YOU IN ME SO BAD, I'M GONNA CUM!! DON'T STOP BABY!!" She came harder than she could ever remember cumming before. Soon after Reggie's erection grew to it's full potential as he unloaded shot after shot of his love nectar deep inside his sister's pussy. They both collapsed, exhausted from their play time. She layed her head on this chest as he stroked her now softly and kissed her head. "Thank you sis", while rubbing his stomach she thanked him too. "Any time you want to make love or fuck, let me know.

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      " she kissed his chest. They continued to make love the rest of the day, even when their mom Janus returned home. At the times mom was home they had to be silent. As weeks went by they crept into eachother's rooms to make love. Sometimes they had to stage fights in front of their mom as to not raise suspision on their relationship. Even today as older adults (21 and 22) they still often make love and cuddle with eachother. That day they became closer than they had ever been, and Reggie would not trade it for anything in the world. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.
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