Swimming With My Mother (Strip Poker part 3)


I did as I was told without a word. I got out of the shower, took a towel to dry off, and paced back and forth lightly on my feet so as not to disturb my sleeping sibling and dad. Soon enough, the shower curtain sprung open to reveal my naked dripping mother smirking with mischief. "Let's go. I'll dry off real quick and leave those sleepy heads a note-- something like 'Sam and I went down to get some ice, we shouldn't be long. ' You go outside and make sure they are sleeping. I'll be out in a sec. "I pushed the door open and peered out into the dark room. Both of them lay motionless and silent. "Dad? Adam?" No answer. I looked back at my gorgeous mother nearly dry. "We're good to go, Mom!""Great, sweetie. " She slipped into a white t-shirt and panties, then put on the complimentary bathrobe. "Let's get moving. "We left the room, making sure to take the room key card with us. We took the elevator down and looked in through the glass door to the pool.

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   No one was in there, and there was still 15 minutes to closing time. "Brilliant," my mother smiled. "C'mon, let's go. " She opened the door and led me to the women's bathroom and into the stall farthest from the door, locking it from the inside. "Stand up on the toilet with me," she whispered. "They only check underneath when they lock up. "
"Okay, what are we going to do until then?"
"What do you think, silly? Take off your clothes. "I removed my shirt, shorts, and boxers and rolled them up with her shirt, shorts, and bathrobe and propped the pile up behind the toilet seat. "Attention all swimmers: The pool will be closing in five minutes," came a voice on the loudspeaker which we could barely hear from the bathroom.
"That seems like enough time," she said.
"Time for what-" and she broke me off with a kiss. We reached around and palmed eachother's asses. I rubbed my dick against her pussy hair as she dry-humped me back. Just then we heard the door open. Footsteps came clumping closer to our stall- a pause-- the sound of shoes skidding around, and more footsteps towards the day.


   Then we heard a man's voice, "Anyone still in hear? 'T's closing time. " We stood quiet, trying not to breathe hard. The man then flicked the lights off and closed the door. My mother let out a deep sigh of relief. "Whew," she whispered still, "alright, let's get down and wait a minute till they check the other bathroom and leave. "I got down first, my bare feet hitting the cold tile. I heard her going through out clothes. "Whatcha lookin' for, Ma?
"Nothing, dear, it's a surprise. "Surprise? What could that be? I wondered anxiously. "Go crack the door and see if they are still there. " I did and looked just in time to see the janitor walk out the poolroom door, locking it behind him. "Coast is clear, Mom. I just saw him walk out and lock the door. "
"Great," she said as she walked over towards me and the door in the dark with the pitterpatter of her bare feet against the cold ground. We trailed around the edge of the pool and slowly lowered ourselves in, but not before I got a fantastic look at my naked mother's fantastic body again.

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  "So what was that surprise, Mom?" I asked while kicking my feet to keep afloat.
She smiled at my and raised her closed fist. She opened it and showed me a condom.
"No way, Mom!" I exclaimed, shocked.
"Yes way, Sam," she giggled.
"Are you sure?"
"Yes, of course I'm sure. Now get your butt over here so I can put this on you. "I didn't need to be told twice. I swam over to her faster than I ever swam before. She giggled again and ripped the wrapper. She reached underwater for my cock, rolled it on, and grabbed me close. "Fuck me, Sam," she said in a low, sexy voice. "Fuck me hard. "I grabbed her ass with both palms as she took hold of my cock. I brought her pussy closer, and she guided my throbbing dick inside.

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   I began to push in and out of her. My rythmic thrusts created ripples in the pool in every direction. "Faster, Sam," she just barely whispered in my ear. I took her ass still in my hands and shoved her onto my impaling cock harder and harder, and she began to whimper in pleasure. "That feels fantastic, Sam!" she whispered again, her head right next to mine. She wrapped her legs around my back in a tight, whole-bodied embrace. "Mmm, sweetie, I love you.
"I love you too, Mom. At that moment, I came hard, and my knees buckled in the shallow end, and we fell underneath the surface of the water, where she kissed me deep in the pool. We re-emerged, and climbed out of the pool, silently smiling. We gathered our things from the bathroom, and made our way back to our room.
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