Tawny, Daddy's Little Girl Becomes a Woman - Chapter 2


“Tawny,” Ann’s voice rang out in the hallway. “Yes, Mom. ” Tawny had opened the door when she heard her mother’s voice. “Are you getting ready to leave?” “Yes, I am, why don’t you come down her for a while, your father is watching the television by himself. Come down and keep him company. ”After her humiliating spanking experience, Tawny avoided being alone with her father as much as possible, but with her Mothers work taking her away from home so often, Tawny often found herself in her dad’s company. She tried to sleep over at her girlfriends houses whenever she knew her mother would not be there, but this proved difficult and now with her mother getting ready to leave, she found herself about to be alone with him. Tawny came down the stairs, still in school clothes. She had been working hard at finishing up a paper for school and had not changed after dinner. She was still wearing the button down blouse and plaid skirt. She had shortened the skirt considerably, showing a long expanse of leg. Tawny at first cringed at the thought of staying in the living room with her Dad and watching television once her mother left. If Ann had only known what Michael had planned for his young daughter, she would have never forced the issue. But she did not know that she was giving Michael the perfect opportunity to force his perverted passions on their young daughter. “Beep, beep,” the taxi’s horn sounded. “Give me a kiss, Tawny.

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  ” Ann kissed Tawny goodbye. “See you in two days, Michael,” picking up her luggage and heading for the door. “Bye, honey, have a good trip,” Michael responded. “Tawny, your father seems so lonely, go into the living room for a while and keep him company. Do it for your Mother, please, you’re a big girl now and you need to take care of your father when I am not home. Just be a good girl and do whatever your father tells you, don’t give him any trouble. ” She pushed her way out of the door, walking fast towards the taxi. She did not see the troubled look on the face of her innocent daughter as she left. Tawny went into the living room, her father sitting on the couch. She sat on the overstuffed chair, tucking one leg under her. “Hi, daddy, what are you watching?“Law and Order, its just starting. ” Michael looked over at Tawny, his cock already hard watching her walk into the room. Her skirt had ridden up high when she sat down, her naked legs showing. Her small breasts pushed against her blouse, he could almost make out the outline of her nipples pushing against the material. “Come over here by your daddy,” Michael beckoned to his young daughter.

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   She was looking particularly hot, he thought, still in her school clothes. Tawny instinctively went and sat by him, still in the habit of doing so, up until recently, this had seemed a normal thing to do. She sat by him, thinking maybe his interest in her body the other day had been a just an accident. “Isn’t that better now, honey? It’s nice, mm? Just the two of us, no naggy mom around. ” Tawny couldn’t help but agree as she smiled up at her father. Her mother had been really uptight lately, the atmosphere was noticeably more relaxed when she wasn’t around. Michael allowed his arm to drop off the back of the couch, and on to his daughter’s shoulders, she rested her head against his chest, his little girl again. Michael grinned; his cock began to stiffen as he thought of the night that lay ahead, and the thought of Tawny, his baby girl, and what he was going to do to her. His fingers began to rub against her neck, massaging her skin, hearing her relaxed breathing as he continued. “Does that feel good, Tawny, is daddy making his little girl feel good?”Tawny looked up at her father, trying to read his expression, but was met with his smiling eyes, no hint of the lecherous look he had given her the other day. She snuggled against him further, “yes that does feel good. ” Michael continued to massage her neck, then moved down further onto her back. He pushed her sideways on the couch so her back was to him and her body was more available to his hands. He began to knead her shoulders and moved down to the center of her back. He felt her muscles begin to tighten as his fingers became more insistent.

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   “Relax baby, daddy will take good care of you. ”Tawny began to regret her mother’s decision. Her mother had delivered her into the hands of her father and by the way his hands continued to rub over her body, she knew that they would not stop with her back. “Please, daddy, I have to finish my homework,” and she began to get up, hoping to escape the awkward situation. “Daddy, no, please!” she struggled, but Michael had an arm around her waist, and held on to her tight. “Remember what you learned about obedience young lady,” he said sternly. “Its looks like Daddy is going to have to punish you. I think another spanking is in order for you young lady. ” He swung her around and over his knee in a flash. Tawny felt tears welling up in her eyes, thinking about last time, and how her fathers’ fingers had touched her so intimately. “Oh no, Daddy, please, not that, I’ll do anything you want,” she pleaded. “Yes, you most certainly will, any more struggling and this is what you’ll get,” with that, he lifted her skirt, exposing her white panties. His cock twitched in his pants as he saw her teenage ass, her panties drawn tightly over them, so firm and spankable. He ran his hand up her leg, toward her panty-covered ass. He felt her body shiver in fear as his callused hand ran over her smooth flesh.

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  “Please, don’t do that, please daddy,” she cried as she felt his hand begin to run intimately over her flesh. She felt the cool air in the room on her naked legs and she could feel the hot stare of her father’s eyes on her near naked body. She felt the hand moving up, making slow circles on her inner thighs, forcing them to spread open more. They moved higher up, almost reaching her panty-clad pussy, a finger grazing the edge of her panties. Michael moved his hand up over her ass cheeks, feeling the young, resilient flesh move under his fingers. He fingers grabbed a piece of ass cheek, digging tightly into her flesh, feeling the muscles of her ass tightening up. He brought his other hand sharply down on her other ass cheek, the sound of the slap resounding in the room. “Relax your body for your daddy, or I will use a belt on your ass instead of my hand. Do you want daddy to use his belt on your ass?”“No, please, not your belt. I’m too old for a spanking, especially with a belt. Please don’t do this daddy,” she begged. She began to sob quietly as she relaxed her ass cheeks, his fingers again searching out her young flesh, fingers grabbing her ass and squeezing it tightly. Michael’s cock hardened as he continued the manipulation of his teenage daughter’s tender body. He felt her body slump and go limp in surrender. Tonight was going to be a good night.


   Tawny was going to learn many new things tonight and Michael’s cock was finally going to be satisfied, if not by his wife, then his daughter was the next best thing. His hand moved up higher, drawing her skirt up until it was high above her waist, her panty covered ass ready for him. He drew back his hand and spanked Tawny’s ass hard, hearing her wail in pain. He let his hand linger on her ass, feeling her flesh. He waited until her head was clear of the pain before he brought his hand down again, the noise ringing out in the room, even over the television set. Another yelp by Tawny, her body jerking on his lap, her stomach rubbing against his hard cock, making it jump and twitch in his pants. Soon she would take care of his cock, soon it would be satisfied. He caressed her flesh again, feeling the heat of the spanking on her ass cheeks. He felt her sobbing as he again spanked her hard. This was followed by two more in rapid succession, her body jerking up and down on his lap, rubbing against his erect cock. “Now are you ready to obey your father, are you ready to submit to daddy?”Tawny cried out each time the big hand hit her tender ass, the pain rushing to her brain. The fingers continued caressing her intimately as the pain radiated from her ass cheeks. Just when the pain went away, the hand came crashing down on her flesh again, igniting the feelings of pain in her ass anew. Tawny lost count of the number of times her father spanked her ass, but the last two were in rapid succession, the pain increasing. Her ass stung and throbbed.

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   “Ok, ok, I promise daddy,” she wailed. She felt his fingers move up her panties to the top and slide into them, his hand bulging them out as they moved intimately over her now naked flesh. Her sobbing increased in tone as she the fingers moving over her skin, a finger searching for her ass crack and beginning to push down between it. She tightened her ass cheeks, hoping to prevent the searching finger but a sharp pinch to her other cheeks showed her the error of her ways. “That’s a good girl, let daddy have his way and he will make you feel good,” his fingers pushing back between her ass cheeks, searching out her virgin anus. He felt her shiver as his index finger ran over the tiny asshole. He paused, pressing down lightly, feeling her anus fight the intrusion. “I bet your tight back there,” he said, not expecting an answer. He released his grip on her, “sit on your daddy’s knee. ” She slid onto his knee, her back to him, she felt his cock twitch against her ass, and instantly regretted her decision. Michael began to stoke her back again, this time his hand slipping between her arms, his hand moving along the side of her bra. His fingers moved around and grabbed her breasts. They were just starting to jut out from her body, small lumps appearing on her chest, young, tender breasts, waiting for their first experience. She felt her small breasts being mauled by her father, his insistent fingers pulling and prodding her breasts, fingers searching for her nipples. She gasped in pain as he found her right nipple, his fingers biting into the tender flesh, eliciting a gasp of pain from her lips.

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   Her body moved in response to the pain but only succeeding in increasing the level of pain as her nipples was pulled tightly as his fingers grabbed the flesh harder. “That’s a good girl, daddy loves to play with your nipples and make them hard and erect. ” Michael continued to run his hands over her breasts, his cock hard, as he remembered the days when he was younger and budding breasts were always available. He grabbed her breasts with his fingers, squeezing the young flesh, forcing the blood to her nipples, his fingers then searching out the erect tissue. His fingers found both budding nipples and his fingers bit down onto the nipple. “Oh, please, daddy, that hurts, your fingers are hurting my nipples,” Tawny cried, his fingers bringing tears to her eyes. She shook her breasts, trying to free them from his fingers but only succeeded in further stimulating her father as he watched her breasts move about under her blouse, his fingers still grabbing the nipples tightly. She felt him push up underneath her, pushing his hard cock against her tight ass. Tawny thought she would die from the humiliation of what her daddy was doing to her, and making her do. Her mothers voice echoed in her head “do what daddy tells you…” ha, Tawny thought, if only Ann could see her husband now. His daughter astride his lap, squirming and weeping as he molested her breasts and allowed his hard cock to push against her ass so lewdly. Tawny swallowed and closed her eyes tightly, wishing the situation away. Michael’s voice broke into her fantasy:“Let’s take off your blouse, Tawny, daddy wants to get his little girls breasts naked for his pleasure. Are you going to be a good little girl and let daddy have his way, or is daddy going to have to punish you again?”“No, don’t do that, please don’t spank me again, I will obey you, daddy,” Tawny cried, her fingers moving to the front of her blouse, slowly unbuttoning the buttons, attempting to delay the inevitable, when her breasts would be naked and unprotected from his searching fingers. His fingers left her breasts, allowing for the removal of her bra.

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   Tawny pulled the blouse from her skirt and felt her daddy pull it backwards, off of her shoulders and down her arms. He became more insistent, wanting to get back to molesting her breasts again. His fingers returned to her near naked top, moving over her bare stomach, up until he reached her bra, his fingers moving over the silky material as they began to grab her tit flesh again. He grabbed her breasts, hard, his fingers tightening on the young flesh as she groaned in pain again. He slipped one hand into her bra, he caressed her young breast for a while, getting hornier by the second. Her nipple hardened under his touch and Tawny gasped as her father squeezed. She felt the fingers on her naked breasts, the first time they were ever touched by a male before, her shame showing on her face as her father molested her tender flesh. It was not suppose to be like this. It was not what she had dreamed about. She squirmed on his lap, his cocking digging into her ass, his fingers grabbing her naked flesh, her nipples now pinched tightly by his fingers, digging into the erect flesh. “I want to see your naked tits,” his fingers moving out of her bra but moving behind her back. His fingers unsnapped her bra, his hands slipping the straps off of her shoulders and down her arms. Tawny’s hands moved up, covering her breasts as her father pulled the bra off of her body. She was now naked from the waist up, his cock twitching underneath her. She felt his hands on her arms.

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  “Turn around on my lap,” he ordered her. He turned her around on him, this time facing him, her legs on either side of his. She felt his cock hard, pushing between her legs. The bulge in his pants felt huge against her body. He looked in her eyes. “Put your hands down, daddy wants to see your tits, baby, obey now, be a good girl. ”Tawny slowly lowered her hands, her nipples hardening in the cool air as she watched her father’s eyes, staring at her naked breasts. It felt like slow motion as she saw his big hands move up her naked stomach until they reached her naked breasts. She shivered as his fingers touched the underside of her breasts and move up until they came to her nipples. They were over an inch long, seemingly begging to be grabbed and fondled. Michael’s fingers touched the hard nipples and ran over the aureole, it was a dark brown, contrasting sharply with the pale skin of her breasts and the pinkness of her nipples. He saw little goose bumps begin to pop out as his fingers gently ran over the delicate tissue. He put his fingers in her mouth. “Get them wet,” he ordered. He saw her obey, her mouth sucking the two fingers deep inside, her tongue bathing the digits.

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   He pulled them out, glistening in the light. He reached back again and touched her nipples. Tawny gasped as his wet fingers touched her super sensitive nipples, her body shuddering as it felt like her nipples were going to bust open. “No, please, no daddy,” she cried, but arched her back, pushing her immature breasts forward onto the wet fingers searching for them. Michael watched the expression on her face, saw her surrender to her own passion. His fingers grabbed the large nipples, grasping them and pulling them out, watching as they stretched. Her body arched up, attempting to relieve some of the pressure, only succeeding in forcing her father to pinch tighter to keep the nipples securely in his grasp. His hands moulded her breasts, his fingers milking her nipples as she squirmed on his lap, his cock massaged by her tight ass. Tawny watched her father as his head slowly lowered to her chest. She knew that any second now, his lips would make contact with her super sensitive nipples. Her hands reached out to her daddy’s head, holding it on the side, not sure whether she was trying to stop him or pushing him down. “No, daddy, please, this isn’t right, what would mommy say?” She felt his hot breath on her nipples as he spoke. “It’s all your fault, baby, if you hadn’t teased me so much with your body, showing me your naked body in the hallway, always walking around half naked. Now you’re going to have to take care of daddy. If mommy found out, she would be mad at you.


  ” Tawny thought about this, what if daddy was right? Tawny so hated to upset her parents, mommy had said she mustn’t give daddy any trouble and here he was, telling her she had been a tease. She thought back to all the times she had flounced around in her mini skirts, tight tee shirts and sweaters. The times he had caught her coming out of the shower with a skimpy towel barely covering her damp young body. She gulped. Hopefully daddy wouldn’t say anything to mom and Tawny certainly wasn’t going to mention it, mom when she was mad was a very frightening figure. Tawny looked down at daddy, about to apologise, but stopped as his head moved down and his lips moved over the hard nipple, grabbing it, sucking it into his mouth, his hot tongue running over the tip.
    “AAAGGGGHHH, ppppllllleeeeassse,” her body trembling as she felt his lips suck her breast into his mouth. His rough tongue lapped at the delicate morsel, rasping over the nipple as he sucked in her breast harder, pulling into deep into the hot confines of his mouth. She had never felt like this, her whole body growing weak, unable to resist, sitting limply on his lap as he molested her body. It felt like her nipple would burst, swelling under the oral ministrations of her father. Michael’s cock felt like it was going to explode inside his pants. He would soon have to get some release and Tawny was going to be taught to do it. He continued to lap at her breast and nipples, sucking her flesh as she arched her back and pushed his head down into her chest, moaning as she allowed his sucking. He moved his mouth off of her right nipple, his tongue rolling wetly between her breasts until he came to her left nipple. He felt her body shudder as his wet tongue bathed the nipple and then he placed his lips on it and sucked it into his mouth, his tongue rasping over it as it pushed in deep.

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       His other hand went to her right breast, his fingers searching and finding the wet nipple and squeezed the tender nipple tightly. Tawny groaned in pain and pleasure as the fingers and mouth of her father tortured her nipples. She shuddered in pain as the fingers pinched her nipple tightly, pulling it from her body, feeling like he was trying to tear it from her chest. Her other breast shuddered in pleasure as his lips sucked tenderly the nipple into his hot mouth and his tongue bathed the morsel. She squirmed on his cock, rubbing her ass against it, not sure what she was doing, unable to stop it. “Can you feel what you’re doing to daddy, honey?” his voice was thick with desire. You have my cock so hard, your ass rubbing against it. “Are you going to take care of daddy, are you going to take care of daddy’s cock, baby?”He nudged her backward, and to Tawnys horror, unzipped his pants and eased them over his hips. His cock bulged in his shorts, almost unable to contain the erect member. He pushed his shorts down, his cock sprung up, released from its confinement. Tawny couldn’t help herself, she stared hard, it was so big! Her heart was pounding. Michael took hold of his dick, and pointed it toward Tawny; she blushed, and looked away. He took her hand, and guided it toward his throbbing cock. She resisted at first, but remembering his warning, she reluctantly allowed him to put her small hand around his rock hard tool, Michael’s eyes semi closed. He put his hand over hers, and pumped it up and down, slowly at first, increasing pace and grip in time.

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      It felt strange to Tawny, she could not believe anything could be that hard and hot. It continued to grow as her hand continued to move up and down his cock. Michael removed his hand from her and watched as she continued to stroke his cock. He saw the look of amazement on her face as the head of his cock pushed out the end of her hand, her hand gripping it tightly, moving up and down, each time taking longer strokes. “Wet your fingers of your other hand and rub it over the head,” he ordered her. Tawny pushed her fingers into her mouth again, wetting them again. She knew what they felt like when applied to her sensitive nipples, she knew that she would bring him great pleasure when applied to his cock. Her fingers reached down and she ran them over the head of his cock, her saliva glistening on the large head of his cock. She ran her fingers over the tip and saw a teardrop of clear liquid formed at the top of his cock, Tawny gazed at it, as it trickled slowly down the shaft, and onto the side of her small hand, glistening and sticky. Her other hand continued to pump up and down the hard cock, her fingers gripping it tighter as it moved over the ring on the head, caressing it tenderly. “Oh yeah, that’s a good girl, you make daddy feel real good,” Michael groaned, his head rolled back. Michael’s breathing got heavier, he pinched at her nipples with his free hand, twisting the flesh in his fingers, feeling her body shuddering in his touch. “Grab my balls, baby, they are full of hot cum, waiting for you to make daddy cum. Tug at them gently, make daddy cum, baby. ”Tawny was confused, excited and embarrassed, all at the same time.

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       Her body was betraying her, her nipples overly excited, her hand was masturbating her father, proud that she was exciting him so much, but embarrassed that her father was forcing her to do this, it was wrong, but also felt so right. Her hand reached down and felt for his balls. She found them, hot and swollen, her hand tugging at the hanging balls, her other hand pumping faster on his cock. She knew it would be soon, he would soon climax. All of a sudden he came, shooting wads of thick, white cum at her belly. Tawny gasped out loud, she had heard girlfriends talking about this stuff, but had never done or seen anything like this. She felt the hot fluid land on her naked stomach feeling like it was burning her flesh. Her hand continued to pump his cock her other hand squeezing the cum out of his balls. She could feel the cum shooting up his cock, his cock getting bigger. She was mesmerised as she first saw the cum shoot out, shooting out over a foot to land on her. Her hand pumped the cock, his cum lubricating her hand as she continued her forced masturbation of his cock, his cock glistening as he continually pumped more and more cum out all over her body. Michael laughed at his daughters’ worried face. “Its ok, baby girl, its just daddies cum, you better get used to it!” he chuckled. No way was that going to be it for the evening, oh no, he had plans for his little girl. Michael stared at his daughter, her face flushed, her hand still gripping his shrinking cock, cum all over her fingers, her nipples swollen and red from the fingers and lips that had abused them.

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       “You did a good job, you made your daddy cum, daddy is so proud of you baby. ”Michael watched as his half-naked daughter ran from the room, her breasts bouncing around on her chest, flushed from the recent encounter. Michael let Tawny flee the room. She ran up the stairs, the cum on her hand beginning to dry. She rushed into her bedroom and threw off her clothes and rushed into the bathroom, turning on the shower. She grabbed the soap and began to wash her body, ashamed of what had transpired. Tawny was enjoying the feel of the water on her skin, washing away all thoughts of her cruel father. Soon, the heat and moisture became too much, and her hand found its way between her legs, to her dripping cunt. She began to touch herself, tracing her fingers along the slit, and feeling her clit swelling under her touch. Michael heard the shower running soon after she left the room. He still sat on the couch, his cock out. The thought of his daughter soaping that young, hot body made his cock begin to grow again, he stroked it absently, then, with a leer on his face, stood, and made his way upstairs. Tawny froze when she heard the door open, and made a grab for a towel from the hook beside her. “Oh no, don’t let me stop you Tawny” her dad called through the mist, “I thought you might need help washing your back. ” Tawny groaned inwardly, why couldn’t he leave her alone? His big, hairy hand appeared, followed by the rest of him, as he drew the shower screen back, revealing his wet little girl, who now cowered in the corner.


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