teaching the kids part 3


She had teasd them that morning, wearing her short robe. She had teased them both, finding it enjoyable. But it was her son who had fucked her, satisfying his hot balls. Bobby had probably sat in the living room, his young balk aching, while she fucked her son, then sucked him. It wasn’t right to make a boy suffer that way, she told herself. If she was going to tease, she should deliver. Jackie never had any good to say about girls who teased and refused to put out.

She washed her luscious body with the fragrant water, spending most of her time on her cunt and ass, her tits. She enjoyed smelling good, feeling like a woman. She enjoyed being clean and fresh. She dried herself with a huge towel, then naked, brushed her hair until it gleamed with golden highlights. She applied faint eye shadow, then a tight coat of lipstick to her full, moist lips. Back in her bedroom she slipped into a frilly pair of bikini panties, the lace and nylon hugging her rounded ass, the crotch fitting tightly. She slipped into a summer sweater, then stepped into wrap-around skirt. The skirt was cotton, cool for the weather. Sliding her feet into sandals, she gazed a moment at her reflection.

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In her early thirties, Jackie was beautiful. Her hair was more a wheat color than light-blonde, hanging just below her shoulders. It was feathered out from her face, and she looked hardly twenty years old. She certainly didn’t look like the mother of a young boy, a boy who had balls full of hot come-juices.

Pleased with her appearance, she left her room.

Her wrap-around skirt flowed about her long legs, flashing halfway up her thigh. As soon as she entered the living room, she was aware that her nephew was looking at her differently. She glanced at her son and saw that in his innocence he had told Bobby what they had been doing in her bedroom. It was in Bobby’s eyes, those young eyes gleaming so hotly. Yet, like her son, Bobby was innocent, too. He was looking at her like a naughty boy.

Jackie smiled at both of them. She lifted her shoulders, causing her tits to push outward, her nipples making two, points. Although she had not agreed with her son to fuck her nephew, Jackie knew, somewhere in her mind, that she was going to do it.

Entering the laundry room, she began sorting clothing, tossing some into the washer.

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She heard, the boys, before she saw them. Turning, Jackie stared at both, leaning against the washing machine. A shiver went through her body, and she felt her cunt tightening. She became aware of the throbbing in her clit and noticed her son and nephew were getting hard. She wasn’t really surprised that her son was getting a hard-on after coming three times. He was young, and had no difficulty. Her eyes moved from the front of her son’s shorts to her nephew’s pants. She swallowed, licking at her lips. Her knee pushed through the flap of her wrap-around skin, her thigh exposed halfway up to her hip. That was where both boys gazed.

She moved her knee, swinging her thighs open, then closing them, her eyes still on the swell of their pants. She was breathing swiftly, her tits rising and falling. When her son stepped closer, lifting his hand, she didn’t move. When Timmy closed his hand about one of her tits, she made a soft gasping sound, but stood there while her son felt her tit.

Bobby watched, his eyes enormous and his cock straining inside his pants.


   Jackie’s cunt bubbled with wet heat. The two fucks her son had given her, then her third orgasm on his finger as she sucked his cock, had done little to cool the burning. While her son fondled her tit, sliding his hand under her sweater to feel the naked flesh of it, Jackie gasped and lowered her hand to his cock. She squeezed it through his shorts, looking at her nephew. No one said anything, but the breathing of all three was loud in the small confines of the laundry room.

When Timmy pushed her sweater up to her chin, revealing her tits, Jackie shoved her hand into his shorts and pulled his cock out, closing her fist about it, stroking him, still staring at her nephew. Timmy pulled one of his mother’s pink nipples into his mouth and started sucking it.

“Ohhh,” Jackie whimpered, squeezing her son’s cock hard.

She lifted her free hand in a motion for her nephew to come closer. Bobby made a gulping sound, but stepped forward.

“Ooooh, baby, baby!”

When her nephew was close, she pulled his head to her other tit. Bobby eagerly closed his mouth on it, and Jackie stood clinging to her son’s cock, feeling their hot mouths pull on her nipples, sucking strongly. She made a low sob in her throat as her nipples were sucked, dropping her hand to the front of her nephew’s pants. She felt his hard-on through them, and her pulse raced. Holding her son’s cock, jacking on it, and feeling her nephew’s cock through his pants while they sucked her nipples sent a fiery hunger racing to her cunt.

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Her fingers fumbled with the fly of Bobby’s pants, and when she had them open, she shoved her fingers inside. Clinging to her son’s cock, Jackie pulled her nephew’s prick out. She pumped them both while they sucked her tits, listening to their excited cries, and feeling their hot breath on her naked tits. She began to jack both of then pumping her fists back and forth, twisting her ass while the heat in her cunt turned fiery, becoming unbearable. She clenched the cheeks of her ass tightly, smashing her inner thighs against her dripping pussy.

With her mind spinning, unbelievably excited to hold both these young hard cocks, Jackie turned slowly, their mouths pulling from her tits. She faced the washing machine, leaning over it slightly, jutting her ass backward. Timmy lifted his mother’s dress, shoving it up to her waist. She felt the boy’s eyes looking at her thighs and pantied ass, and found it impossible to keep still. She wiggled her ass, moaning softly.

“Timmy,” she whispered huskily.

She felt her son’s finger hooking into the crotch of her panties, pulling them away from her pussy. She pushed her ass backward, and lowered her hand to her nephew’s cock again. She squeezed it, making Bobby gasp with delight. Then she stroked it, jacking him, feeling her son pushing his cock to her pussy.

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“Ohhh Timmy!” she moaned breathlessly, shoving her ass to him. “Ohhh, yes, baby!”

Timmy slipped his cock into his mother’s cunt.

“Oooooh, yes!” Jackie hissed, pumping her nephew’s cock fast, grinding her ass to her son.

Bobby stared down at Timmy, watching him fucking his mother white Jackie leaned over the washing machine. He was gasping with hot excitement, not only from what he was seeing, but because of the way his aunt held his cock so hard, pulling it with short jerks. He could see one cheek of his aunt’s creamy ass where Timmy had pulled her panties away, and his balls drew in tight at the base of his cock.

“Bobby, hold my tits!” Jackie hissed throatily. “Ohhh, hold my tits, Bobby!”

Bobby grabbed one of her tits, digging at the firm flesh, still staring at Timmy’s cock pounding into Jackie’s cunt from behind. Jackie pumped her fist swiftly on her nephew’s cock, shaking her ass while her son drove his cock into her cunt hard and deep. She moved her free hand between her thighs and caught her son’s swinging balls, moaning and sobbing with rapture. Being fucked by her sob while her nephew watched was more erotic than any time she had fucked with her sister and boyfriends. Jackie’s emotions swirled about. She cried out with ecstasy as she rammed her ass back to her son, pulling hard on her nephew’s cock.

“Suck my tits, Bobby!” Jackie cried out. “Please, Bobby, suck my tits!”

She twisted her shoulders and Bobby shoved his mouth to one tit, taking her nipple deep into his mouth, playing with the other one.

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   She gripped Bobby’s cock very hard, then yelped in strangled voice, “Drop your pants, Bobby! Drop them now!”

Clinging to his aunt’s tit, Bobby opened his pants and shoved them down. Jackie grabbed his cock and balls hotly, shaking her ass while her son rammed his cock in and out of her wet, fiery cunt. Holding her nephew’s balls and cock with her son fucking her cunt sent Jackie into trembling rapture. Her skirt, now above her waist, exposed her ass beautifully, and she wiggled and gyrated it for her son. Her pussy was pulsating, squeezing her son’s cock. Her clit was bulging, and she began sobbing with the intense ecstasy.

“Ohhhh, I’m… ohhh, Timmy!”

Her cunt convulsed tightly, the orgasm making her shake, the hairy lips of her pussy pulling on her son’s cock hard.

“I’m gonna come, Mom!” Timmy shouted, ramming his prick into her contracting cunt deep. “I’m gonna come!”

“Yes, baby, yes!” Jackie urged, straining to him.

She screamed softly when she felt her sot’s cock gushing into her pussy. The power of her orgasm increased, and Bobby was sucking hard at one tit, squeezing the other. She was about to pull his cock off when her cunt filled with the boiling juices of her son’s young balls.

When he finished coming, Timmy pulled his cock from her cunt, stepping back. “Now you fuck her, Bobby,” he said.

“Oh, God!” Jackie cried out.

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   “Oh, this is crazy!”

Timmy pulled her panties downward, sliding them to her knees. Jackie didn’t protest, clinging to her nephew’s cock hotly. Her naked ass was exposed now.

“Do it, Bobby!” she hissed. “Fuck me, too!” She turned her nephew’s cock loose, arching her ass. Timmy stood to one side, watching his cousin’s cock moving into his mother’s cunt.

“Ohhh, fuck me, Bobby!” Jackie sobbed. “Timmy, baby, suck on Mother’s tits! Ohhh, please, suck my tits! Bobby is going to fuck me now!”

Bobby lunged his cock into her fiery cunt, making Jackie gasp. She gasped again when her son began sucking her tits. She moved her hand to his cock and balls, finding his prick wet and soft. She cradled his soft prick and balls in her hand, fondling them while he sucked and licked her tits, shaking her naked ass for her nephew. She ran her ass back as Bobby came forward, listening to the moist sounds as the naked cheeks of her ass slapped against Bobby, his cock deep in her cunt. With her son sucking her tits, her nephew fucking faster and faster into her cunt, Jackie grew weak. Her slim thighs shook as the exquisite feelings ran through her body.

Although this was not her first time with two lovers, it was her first time to be the only girl, the center of attention for two boys.

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   This was much better, she felt, taking two cocks, one after the other. She wiggled her naked ass without shame, with wanton enjoyment. She was going to come again, too. Already the wet heat of a growing orgasm was turning into liquid heat inside her cunt. The friction of her nephew’s cock along the hairy lips of her cunt sent wild sensations through her. At this moment, she would have done anything her son and nephew wanted of her, anything at all. She had never felt so much heat and wetness in her life.

“Ohhh, I’m going to come again!” she wailed. “Oh, I don’t believe this! I don’t believe I’m doing this! But, oh, God, I want it! Don’t stop! Please don’t stop! Fuck me, Bobby! Ohhh, baby, fuck Aunt Jackie… I’m about to come!”

With a choking sound, Jackie came. Her cunt grabbed at her nephew’s cock with flexing waves of wet heat, puffing on it. Bobby wasn’t saying anything, but he was pounding his cock in and out of her contracting cunt faster and faster. He was groaning, his hands holding her hips tightly.

Timmy left her tit. “Come in my mom’s cunt, Bobby!” he yelped. “My mom loves to have cock-come in her cunt, don’t you, Mom? Don’t you want Bobby to come in your cunt?”

“Yes, yes!” Jackie sobbed.

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   “Hurry, Bobby! Ohhh, hurry and come in my fucking cunt! Fill my pussy up! Come in me, Bobby!”

Bobby rammed his cock deep, and held it there, his young body going stiff.

“I’m gonna do it now, Aunt Jackie!” he shouted.

“Yes!” Jackie screamed.

She screamed again as her nephew sprayed the walls of her steaming cunt, the rapid spurts of his come-juice gushing powerfully into her. She found her cunt clutched with renewed spasms, and she began to come again and again. Bobby slipped his softening cock from her cunt, and Jackie leaned over the washing machine, her legs shaking badly. She felt come-juice seeping out of her cunt, sliding hotly down the insides of her thighs. Her panties dangled at her knees, her breath coming in hot gasps.

Timmy and Bobby stared at her exposed ass, watching her asscheeks quiver.

Then, giggling, Timmy leaned down and kissed his mother’s ass.

“Oooooh!” Jackie moaned.

“Nice ass, Mom,” he said.

“And hot, Aunt Jackie,” Bobby said, giggling like her son.

Jackie stood, turning to face them. Holding her wrap-around skirt wide-open, she adjusted the crotch of her panties, taking her time, watching the two boys gaze at her cunt.

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“Okay, you two, that’s about enough,” she said, but she was smiling and her eyes were flashing. “I’ve got things to do. Go play and leave me alone. ” Her eyes took in the still-exposed cocks. “But only leave me alone for a little while, okay?” She stroked both cocks and balls, then turned the boys around and pushed them out of the laundry room.

As she went about her work, Jackie felt anticipation building inside her body.

She was amused that, she had fucked both her son and nephew, almost like a gang-bang. She had taken them both on, one after the other, shamelessly. She had no qualms about fucking them. She was sure her sister would, after she returned, attempt to involve her with her new husband. Marlene would not care at all, that Jackie was fucking Bobby, she knew. Marlene would probably find it just as exciting as she did.

As she finished up her work, she wondered about Timmy. He was the most virile boy she had ever known. He had fucked her three times that day and she had sucked him off, but still his balls had been full of come-juice.


   A grown man would have had difficulties, but Timmy’s cock seemed as insatiable as her cunt was getting. He could achieve a hard-on almost on demand, she thought with pleasure.

Later, her work over, she fixed a late lunch for the boys, who wolfed down the sandwiches and milk hungrily. They kept looking at her, their eyes twinkling with anticipation. Jackie went out of her way to touch them, caress a cheek or rumple their hair, anything to show her affection for them. While they finished their lunch, she went to her bathroom and stripped her panties off. She washed herself carefully and douched her cunt. Sliding her long legs into a fresh pair of panties, she felt ready for them. Although she wanted her cunt clean, she didn’t mind if they failed to wash their cocks. The taste of them after being inside her cunt was exciting to Jackie. In fact, she preferred that taste to a well-scrubbed cock.

Returning, she found the boys back in the living room. They were sitting next to each other, and she knew they had been talking — probably about her. Jackie sat in a chair across from them, crossing her legs and pulling her wrap-around skirt from her thighs. Immediately their young eyes were on her, grins on their handsome faces.

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   She rocked her sandaled foot back and forth. They could see her creamy thighs to her hip, and above them a brief glimpse of her panties.

After a moment, she deliberately uncrossed her legs and swung them wide-apart. Their giggles excited her as she flashed the crotch of her panties at them. Jackie wasn’t shy or hesitant. She shoved her ass to the edge of her chair, holding her legs wide-apart. She traced a fingertip along her panties, dragging it up and down the slit of her cunt.

Bobby and Timmy glanced at each other, and then pulled their cocks out.

“Oh, that’s beautiful,” Jackie hissed as she saw them again. Her eyes moved from cock to cock, her finger rubbing up and down the slit of her pantied cunt. “But it would look better if you two took your clothes off. ”

Quickly, her son and nephew stripped as she rubbed at her crotch and watched, her eyes shining with increasing pleasure. They stripped completely, unhesitatingly, without shyness. Naked, they sat back down on the couch, both young cocks swelling.

Jackie watched them stiffen, her tongue mow big about her lips.

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   She pulled her panties to one side, revealing her blonde-haired cunt to them. She agitated her clit for their pleasure.

“You know what I’d love to do with those cocks,” Jackie whispered thickly.

Timmy gazed at his mother, slowly stroking his cock. At his side, Bobby had huge eyes, staring at his aunt’s blonde-haired cunt with fascination, his prick gripped tightly by his fist, his other hand cradling his hairless balls. Jackie felt good about seeing them this way, about exposing her juicy cunt to their young eyes. She tenderly brushed a fingertip along her inflamed clit, massaging it to greater hardness. Widening her legs as far as she could, Jackie moved her finger down, sliding it slowly into her cunt. A soft mewl came from her, her ass twisting gently.

“What would you like to do with our cocks, Mom?” Timmy asked, his voice shaking as he watched his mother fuck herself with her finger. He pumped on his prick with a firm fist, his excitement showing on his face and in his sparkling eyes.

“Yeah, Aunt Jackie,” Bobby grunted, leaning forward and still clutching his cock hard. “What do you wanna do with them?”

His eyes burned into Jackie’s crotch, hot and slightly unfocused, yet seeing the sugary pink wetness of her pussy clearly.

Jackie ran her tongue back and forth over her lips suggestively, her eyes fiery as they shifted from one cock to the other. She straightened her finger and flipped it in and out of her cunt, making soft wet slapping sounds upon her pussy lips as she fingerfucked her cunt wantonly.



“Eat them,” she whispered softly, her voice showing emotion.

“Eat us?” Bobby gasped, his eyes opening even more. “You wanna eat our cocks, Aunt Jackie?”

“I’d love to,” she murmured, pulling her finger from her cunt and twisting her knotted clit with her thumb and forefinger. “I’d love to eat them, both of them. ”

“Do it, Mom!” Timmy urged. “Eat us!” Jackie cried out softly as a delicious sensation shot through her cunt. She pinched her clit her hips jerking upward as her eyes glazed for a moment.

“Oooh, I almost came then!” she whispered. “I almost came. ”

She rubbed her fingers up and down the hairy lips of her cunt, focusing on those two young cocks, so hard and beautiful. She considered having them come to her, to stand on either side, so she could turn her face from one to the other, but then maybe she should kneel between them, sucking first one then the other. It was the boys who decided it for her.

Timmy and Bobby stood together, almost on signal. Jackie’s eyes glowed at the way their cocks stood straight out, firm and throbbing, both of them dripping from their piss-holes. Her mouth watered up with hunger as they started toward her.

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   Timmy moved to her right, Bobby to her left. Jackie scooted her ass lower on the chair, her legs parted very wide, her cunt showing.

“Why should I keep these fucking clothes on?”

She laughed, and peeled herself naked. Now, leaning back with her son and nephew on either side of her, she gurgled in pleasure as each boy grasped a tit, squeezing and fondling it. Throwing her long legs open, Jackie began rubbing her cunt once more, feeling a hard cock brushing at both her shoulders. She rubbed both her palms against her juicy cunt, then brought her hands up and cupped both pairs of balls. She caressed them, twisting her ass, keeping her crotch tilted for their viewing pleasure. Jackie turned her face toward her son’s cock, kissing his cockhead. Then she kissed the swollen head of her nephew’s prick.

“Ohhhh, Aunt Jackie!” Bobby moaned. “Your lips are hot!”

“My mouth is hotter,” Jackie mewled, pulling at both balls.

She flicked her tongue out, swiping the tip across her nephew’s piss-hole, tasting his hot juices. She made a purring sound, turning to her son. She lapped her tongue in wet circles around the head of Timmy’s cock, her eyes glancing up at his excited face.

Timmy was puffing at her nipple, and he pushed his cock forward, wanting it inside his mother’s mouth.

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   Jackie laughed teasingly as she pulled her face away.

“Don’t be in such a rush, darling,” she said. “Let me do it my way. You won’t be disappointed, I promise you. Besides, we have time for everything. ”

She turned to her nephew and lapped along the rigid shaft of his cock, twisting her tongue about his smooth cockhead. She placed her lips over his dripping piss-hole and sucked it, her tongue flicking. She felt Bobby shaking as he looked down at her, his hand gripping her tit tightly. When Bobby tried to shove his cock into her mouth as Timmy had, she pulled away.

“My, you two are anxious, I’d say,” she teased, twisting her ass, the lips of her hairy cunt tightening, her clit bulging visibly. “I like my men to be anxious. ”

“Suck me, Mom!” Timmy gasped, clawing at her tit. “Come on, Mom, suck me now!”

“Suck mine!” Bobby urged. “Suck my cock now, Aunt Jackie!”

“I can’t suck both at the same time,” she giggled with pleasure. “I’d love to suck them both together, but that’s impossible.

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   I have to take turns. But don’t worry, you guys, I’ll suck you. I’ll suck both of your hard cocks off!”

Timmy and Bobby tried to shove their cocks into her mouth at the same time. Jackie giggled with delight, grinding her open crotch about as if she were being fucked. She was enjoying teasing them, playing with them awhile, but they were awfully anxious. She allowed her nephew to push his cock halfway into her mouth.

“Mom! Suck me first!” Timmy protested, his prick throbbing against her cheek.

Jackie removed her nephew’s cock from her mouth. “Don’t be so greedy, darling. I’ve sucked your cock it’s Bobby’s turn now. Here, let me give your sweet balls a kiss, then wait your turn. ”

She buried her face into her son’s balls, kissing them, tasting the wetness of her cunt there. She licked her son’s balls a moment or so, then grasped his cock with her fist. She jacked on Timmy’s prick and turned her face to her nephew. When her lips touched the dripping head of Bobby’s cock, she moaned softly and let him shove it into her mouth.

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The tingling, throbbing heat of his cock seemed to send sparks to her cunt. Closing her lips tightly around Bobby’s young cock, sucking on it, she released his balls and shoved her hand to her cunt, rubbing and stabbing a finger into it, all the time jacking her son’s cock.

Bobby pumped his prick in and out of her lips as Jackie bobbed to and fro. The taste of her nephew’s cock excited her. She rubbed the wet head of her son’s cock about her neck and cheek, feeling the hot wetness smear her flesh. She moaned softly as she sucked, pleased that her nephew fucked back and forth into her mouth.

She glanced up at him, seeing his almost awed expression, his eyes glittering. Bobby was squeezing her tit hard, and her son was twisting and pulling her other nipple. Jackie fingerfucked her cunt faster, humping her ass up and down. She jerked on her son’s cock, holding his seeping cockhead against her cheek. She looked at her son, seeing his hot eyes watch her as she sucked Bobby’s cock. Her lips burned with a sweet, stretching sensation, her tongue licking as Bobby plunged his cock back and forth. His balls bounced against her chin, her lips smashing at his base, feeling his round, smooth prickhead brush at her throat.

“Ohhh, Aunt Jackie!” Bobby gasped hotly. “Oooooh, your mouth is so wet and hot!”

He fucked into her mouth vigorously, and Jackie moved her face back.

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“Not so fast, honey,” she laughed. “I don’t want either of you to come too fast. Let me enjoy this before you come. ”

She turned her head to her son’s cock, gulping it deeply, her lips pressing at his wiry cock hair, her hand sliding to his balls. She pulled her hand from her cunt and grasped Bobby’s cock, jacking him and rubbing his hot cockhead about her cheek and neck as she had her son’s. She sucked back and forth on her son’s cock, her tongue pushing it to the roof of her mouth. She swallowed as Timmy dripped his hot fuckjuice into her mouth.

Timmy and Bobby kept watching her stretching lips on their cocks, darting their eyes to her tits then to her cunt, then back to her sucking mouth again. Jackie sucked strongly on her son’s cock, feeling it throb against her tight lips. She sucked juices from him, swallowed, then turned to suck her nephew’s cock.

Going from one cock to the other made her shiver with rapture. She had never sucked off two cocks at the same time. There was only a little difference between the size of her son’s cock and her nephew’s. Both were strong, hard and hot. Both dripped, and both tasted so very sweet in her mouth.

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   Timmy moved his hips, fucking his mouth as his cousin had done, but not so swiftly.

Jackie pulled her mouth off her son’s cock. “Ohhh, this is wonderful!” she squealed in a tight voice. “Tasting you both is so good! Look at those balls! You two are loaded, aren’t you? Is all that come-juice for me, for my mouth?”

Her eyes stared lewdly up at them, her legs wide and her cunt glistening wetly. Her face was flushed with erotic heat, her cheeks gleaming from the juices of those cocks she had rubbed about them.

She felt her nephew’s cock sliding along her cheek, and turned her mouth to it.

“Mmmm,” she moaned as Bobby’s cock filled her mouth.

This time, when he fucked her vigorously, she let him. The rapid sliding of his throbbing cock past her lips and into her mouth caused her cunt to twitch, her clit to burn and tingle.

Both boys kept feeling her tits with tight fingers, and Jackie felt the heat and increased swelling of their cocks as she moved her mouth from one to the other. It would not be long before they squirted creamy come-juice, and she was becoming as anxious for it as they were. Jackie ground her ass from side to side, arching her crotch upward, squealing around the cock in her mouth. Her cunt was very wet and hot, with juices dripping from her sugary, blonde-haired pussy-lips, running along the crack of her ass. When she closed her thighs to create pressure against her pussy, the inner flesh of her crotch glistened as she flung them open again.

With both cocks throbbing hard, both sets of balls becoming tight, Jackie began turning her head from one to the other quickly.

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   Each time she turned her face, a cock was quickly shoved into her mouth. She wasn’t sucking so much as being fucked in the mouth now, but she didn’t mind, either way sent wildfire to her cunt. She wiggled her ass, pumping up and down as if she had a cock stabbing at her cunt. She was letting each boy fuck her mouth with a few thrusts before she turned to the other. There was no way she could tell who was going to come first, but that didn’t matter to her either.

“Ohhh, Mom, this is so good!” Timmy grunted, thrusting his cock into her throat. “Just like your cunt!”

Jackie pulled away, turning to her nephew’s cock, feeling it slide over her cheek to her mouth. She swallowed it hungrily.

“Suck hard, Aunt Jackie!” Bobby yelped. “Ohhh, suck my cock real hard! My balls hurt, Aunt Jackie! My balls hurt and I’m really gonna come!”

Jackie wasn’t holding a cock as she sucked now. She was shoving the forefinger of both her hands into her cunt, fucking herself wildly as she turned her face from cock to cock. She churned her naked ass up and down, making wet sounds with her fingers. Her eyes, wide open, were glassy and unseeing. Timmy and Bobby watched her plunging her fingers almost brutally in and out of her cunt. Jackie kept turning her mouth from cock to cock, ready to take the creamy explosion of come-juice from both.



She was sucking hard at her son’s cock when it happened.

Timmy grabbed the back of his mother’s head with one hand, clawing at her tit with the other.

“Don’t move now, Mom!” he shouted.

Jackie clung to her son’s cock with her lips her tongue pushing it to the roof of her mouth. His swollen cockhead was in her throat. With a grunt, her son came, the hot, creamy juice of his balls gushing into her throat.

“I’m coming!” Timmy shouted. “Fm filling your fucking mouth, Mom!”

Jackie’s eyes wobbled as her mind spun. She shot her crotch up hard onto her buried fingers, her flat stomach rippling. She squealed with a wet sound as she came, her cunt clutching her fingers tightly, her hips grinding. She gulped at his thick come-juice hungrily, her throat working as her son’s cock spurted time and again down her gullet. She felt her nephew’s cock against her cheek, the wetness more pronounced.

Just as soon as her son’s cock finished, Jackie sucked back on it, drawing a final drop of come-juice from him. Swiftly, whimpering, her cunt still contacting with sweet, ecstatic orgasms, she turned to her nephew’s cock. She closed her lips about it just in time.

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“Ohhh, take it, Aunt Jackie!” Bobby shouted, his cock spewing across her tongue. “Swallow my come-juice, too!”

Jackie’s eyes rolled up as she swallowed his hot, sweet come-juice hungrily, her cunt still pulsating with orgasm. She pressed her fingers as deep as possible into her cunt, feeling her hairy cuntlips squeeze hard. Soft, wet gurgles came from her as her nephew filled her mouth time and again. While Bobby came off in her mouth, she felt her son’s cock drooping and resting on her naked shoulder.

When Bobby pulled his cock from her mouth, his knees sagging, Jackie’s orgasm faded. She lifted her fingers from her cunt, letting her hands fall past her hips. Her tits lifted and fell as she breathed deeply. Her lips felt bruised, with a nice sensation to them. She ran her tongue about inside her mouth, tasting the come-juice from their young balls. Getting two cocks to come off inside her mouth, one after the other, had caused her to enjoy an extremely powerful orgasm.

She slumped in her chair, her cheeks wet with the juices of their cocks. Her lips glistened too, and the taste lingered in her mouth for some time.

Jackie had to refuse the boys’ request to sleep with her.

Timmy, although he had wanted her to fuck his cousin, showed signs of jealousy when Bobby said he was going to sleep with Jackie.

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“It’s my Mom,” he had retorted. “I’m the one who’s gonna sleep with her. ”

Jackie had stopped it before it developed into an argument.

“I’m sleeping alone,” she said.

Both boys pouted for some time, but she wasn’t giving in. Bobby had suggested they all sleep in the same bed, but Jackie refused. She knew that one or the other would slip his cock into her when the other was sleeping. She wouldn’t have minded that, but she was afraid it would cause further argument.

“I’m sleeping by myself, and that’s the last word on it,” she said, firmly. “Now, if you two don’t settle down and stop this, I may just stop fucking both of you. ”

That settled them down fast enough.

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