The Beginning of My Incestual Life Pt. 1


Note: This story is completely fictional. My sister, Tammy, had just really started highschool when this all happened. She was 15 at the time, and most guys stared at her as she walked by on the streets. Her long, blond hair would waver slightly as a small breeze danced by, immideitly causing errections to most guys who would see her. She was about 5' 4", and had the nicest, round butt that anyone ever would see in their life. Many guys she's dated have tried to get her to do things with her, but she kept telling them she wasn't ready for anything yet. A few times, I caught her naked as she came out of the shower when all the towels were in the laundery. She'd quickly walk to her room at the other end of the hall, and I'd sometimes get quick look at her shaven pussy. It was really just those times that I got an errection from her, being a hormone-driven boy just starting puberty.             I would occasionally read stories online about guys who have had sex with their sisters. Because of this, my love for my sister become more than brotherly. I always tried to think of a plan to be able to get us into that kind of situation, but never figured out one that'd be good enough. Just thinking about being able to get her to get down on her knees and give me a blow job nearly made me orgasm.            After school on a sunny day, I decided to go outside and lay in the grass (Something I do quite often. It's nice to just look up into the sky and let your troubles get swept away with the clouds). I heard her the front door of the house close, and figured my sister was home.

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   Usually she'd look around the house for me to see if I was home, then she'd go watch some TV, but this time she quickly went to her room and closed the door. After reading all those stories, I wondered if she went to masturbate. I never knew if she did or not since we don't tend to share about that kind of stuff to each other.            I quietly made my way back into the house and crept to the door of her room. I listened intently, and started hearing her moan.  She was definatly doing something to pleasure herself, and I knew I just had to see.           In her rush to get to her room to finger herself, she didn't quite close the door all the way. I opened it a little more so I could get a good look, and there I salw her. Laying on her back, legs spread wide with her fingers in her pussy, moving slowly in and out, but gradually increasing in speed. Of course, by this time, I my dick was hard and at it's full 6". I wondered weither I should jack-off right then. There was the possibilty that she'd see or hear me. As I kept watching her I thought, "Oh, what the fuck. " and unzipped my pants.           I started stroking my dick when I saw her take a pen and start to push it into her pussy.

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   She started moaning more loudly, making me more hard. I began to jack myself off when a moan was let out of my mouth. I didn't care, I was too into watching her and getting off to care if she caught me now. Apparently she was to into doing herself to hear me. I moaned a bit louder, not being able to control myself when she started climaxing. At that point, I let loose, and let out one last loud moan, not paying attention to her anymore. Just standing there with my eyes closed, cumming all over my hand and a little on the door. When I came back from my orgasm, the door was wide open, my sister standing there. She looked very suprised. I started trying to say an excuse, only stuttering nonsense. My dick was getting soft and I was getting scared. Would she tell on me? Life isn't exactly like in the stories I read online. She might not just grab my dick and start blowing me! It was the most awkward moment in my life as we just looked at each other, neither of us knowing what to Be Continued)--Sorry for this being somewhat short! This was more just an introduction! Give me some feedback and ideas on what you would all like so it'll be a great story from now til it ends!--