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The next morning I went down stairs and my mom was at the table. "I was just seeing if there was anything wrong" I told her "I understand" and then she said something I couldn't believe. She said "You are becoming a big boy" and she had a grin on her face. I was speechless I just kind of looked away, then she just got up and left the room like nothing had happened. I secretly liked what she had sad and it maid me feel good. It was strange because I started looking at my mom differently. My mother is about 5'6 and I am about 5'11. She is 41, She is kind of bigger, not fat, she has thick thighs and a nice big butt. her tits are alittle large, but nothing really to speacial. She has beutiful hair (she always likes to look her best). I started having these strange feelings. Like this one time I was masturbating and nothing was really working, and then I thought to my self "should I try masturbating to mom, why not it will be like an exparement" so I started thinking of me and my mom having sex. My dick became almost has big as it was that night my mom was touching it. Then I just started thinking to myself "should I be having these feelings" but then I said "fuck it, I don't care. "Nothing really out of the ordinary happened after that until I had my accident. I was skateboarding and tripped and broke both of my wrists.

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   I was in the hospital for a very long time because the doctors said I shatered both of my wrists, and I would have to have on two casts for afew mounths. I didn't think it would be that bad at the beging, but it became horrible I was not able to do something that I used to do all the time, masturbate. After two weeks I was going crazy, I tried everything, but nothing would work. One day I was trying in vain to masturbate. Then all of the sudden I see the door open and my mom walked in. She looked at me and gasped,I was so embaressed. Then she started grinning and said "you poor baby, it must be hell for you. " then she came and sat down by me, and said something that I wanted to hear for the longest time "Would you like me to help you out" I grined and said "yes please" and she said "You know I would do anything for you, you just have to ask" and she started running her fingers up and down my cock. Then she started jerking me off. I was just looking at her and she was looking at me and we just started kissing, are tounges where going all over one anothers. At this time she was moving her hand up and down as fast as she could. I was getting ready to cum and god did I cum. I cummed all over my mom. She just said "I'm gald I could help you" then she gave me a kiss on the lips and left the room. The next morning I found a note that said "I'll be back later, had fun last night.

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   Love mom. ". All day I couldn't stop thinking about last night. Then She came home and I ran up stairs. "Mom I couldn't stop thinking about last night, would you do it again?" she said "You are a good boy, I will do that anytime you want" and I was just looking a her thinking how good looking she was. She had one a nice skirt and a shirt that showed off her tits. I said "could we do it now" she said "sure, but lets just try something new" she unzipped my pants and started robbing my cock until I got a bonner and then she got on her knees and opened her mouth and started licking my cock up and down. She was started sucking on the head of my cock. her tounge was just rolling around the head of my cock and she seemed to be loving it as much as I was. then she started sticking the entire thing down her throught and my cock is about 7'1/2 inches. she started nibbling up and down my cock. Then she went back to sucking. We were going on 10min and then I finally came, wave after wave of hot cum in my moms mouth. then after a few minutes of silence my mom got off her knees and said "I can't wait until you are able to fuck. Your father could never go for very long.

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       Now that he is dead I haven't gotten any for almost 3 years, will you fuck me when you are ready. " I said "I would fuck you right now if it wasn't for these damn casts" she gave me a big hug and went to go take a bath. We did that almost every day for two weeks, until the day that I was able to get my casts off. I was looking forward to that day because I would finally be able to pleasure my mom like she has been doing for me. When I was driving home with my mom I said "today we are finally able to fuck" she just grinned and noded. We got home and we became alomst like animals. We ran to my moms bedroom and got naked as fast as we could we just started kissing and licking each other. Then I started fingering my mom's wet pussy and she started moaning. Then I started licking her tits. Then I stopped fingering her and spread her legs and jammd my long shaft into her and she started moaning. I was going back and forth, I started licking her tits and she started screaming "FASTER! FUCK ME!" I satarted going as fast as I could her pusy was so wet and warm it felt so good. At this point she was screaming "I'm going to cum!" but I wasn't even close to being done all those times my mom would give me head maid me able to go for along time. She cummed I could tell because I got really wet. Then I turned her over she asked what I was doing and I told her "I have always wanted to try this. " I stock my cock as far as I could up her asshole.

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       She started screaming "OOOOHHHHHH, I have never felt this good!" I was going as fast as I could and I started slaping her ass. I pulled my cock out of her ass and jammed it back into her pussy. I was going, and cummed what seemed like it was a gallon of cum in her. After she looked at me and said "you are the greatest I came two times. I want to fuck you every night" And we have. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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