The Brady Bunch - Part 3


He walked to the refrigerator, poured himself a glass of juice, and thenwent to the table and sat down. He smiled at Greg and Marcia,then told them he liked to watch. Marcia giggled, thenwiggled her ass at Greg, who was still inside, but no longerfully erect. She rippled the muscles in her pussy, helpingGreg regain his erection. When he was hard he began fuckingher again, stroking long and deep, again drawing grunts fromMarcia. Peter watched for a few minutes, drinking his oj,then reached into his shorts and pulled out his cock. Hepushed back from the table, far enough that Marcia could seehim, and started fisting his cock, stroking and squeezing. Heknew that if he could get involved in the fuck happening infront of him, getting a group thing going with all six ofthem would be easy. He stared at Marcia's closed eyes, hopingshe would open them. When she did, finally, he grinned ather, then stroked his cock, hard, pointing it at her face. She answered his grin with one of her own, then nodded herhead. Peter was out of his chair like a shot, and up on thetable. He slid toward Marcia, his cock pointing at theceiling. Marcia raised up on her elbows, lifting her facehigh enough for Peter to rest his prick against her mouth. Atfirst she just lipped it, giving it quick little kisses,moving up and down the shaft. Then she took the head in hermouth, her tongue massaging it.

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   She sucked on the head, thenslid down the shaft, taking most of him into her mouth. Herhead bobbed up and down on his rod, in time with Greg's cockthrusting in and out of her pussy. Marcia came first, pulling off Peter's cock, moaning andwrithing on the kitchen table. When she finished, Greg pulledout of her, picked her up, and carried her to the couch inthe front room, Peter following along behind, cock bouncingup and down with every step. Marcia told Greg to lay on the couch, then climbed ontop of him. With one hand she held his cock, with the othershe spread her pussy lips. She lowered herself onto his tool,slowly, savoring the feel of it going in, enjoying the powershe felt being in control of the fuck. When she was all theway down, nothing but Gregs balls showing, she looked atPeter, then at her ass, then back at Peter to see if he gotthe message. He did. He made a mad dash for the kitchen,poured some oil on his hands and cock, then hurried backto the couch. Marcia was in mid-ride, her ass pistoning up and down,Greg's huge cock appearing and disappearing. Peter climbedonto the couch, took hold of Marcia's hips, and pushedagainst her asshole. He pushed hard, the oil on his cocklubricating her butt. Her hole relaxed suddenly, allowing himto slip inside. About two thirds of his shaft went in on thatfirst plunge.

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   He was surprised when she didn't tense up. Healways had to wait for Jan to get used to him being in herass. He pushed again, slipping the rest of the way in, hisballs touching Greg's, who was completely inside Marcia'spussy. Greg lifted Marcia slightly, enough so that he couldslide out, then ram back in. He started fucking, long, hardstrokes, the kind that drove Marcia crazy. Peter could feelhim doing it, feel it in his own cock every time Greg thrust. Peter began his ass fuck, imitating Greg, pulling almost outand then thrusting back in all at once. Marcia was moaning,writhing madly between the boys, driven almost crazy withlust. Peter felt her orgasm begin, felt her ass squeeze tightas her pussy spasmed around Greg's cock. Buried deep in herass, he felt Greg thrust in hard, felt him swell, felt hiscock jerking and shooting inside her, so close to his own. Hethrust a couple more times, then started shooting himself. Hepumped shot after shot into her ass, feeling completelydrained when he was done. Marcia went upstairs to shower, leaving Greg and Peterto clean up downstairs. They walked back to the kitchen,stood by the sink and soaped up their dicks, washing themclean. Peter figured this was as good a time as any to tellGreg about the others.

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   The results were everything he hadhoped for. When he talked about Cindy's cocksucking talentsGreg's meat began to swell. Greg was surprised at himself. He'd cum twice in thelast hour, and now hearing about 14 year old Cindy suckingcock was giving him another erection. Hell of a way to starta day. Greg hung his rod in the sink, grabbed the rinser, andsprayed warm water across his cock, balls, and stomach,rinsing off the soap. Just as he finished Jan and Cindywalked in. Both girls stopped dead in their tracks. Of all thethings they might have expected first thing in the morning,Peter and Greg standing naked in the kitchen with semi-erectcocks was way down the list. Jan reacted first. Her handswent to her breasts, began massaging them through the mensshirt she wore to bed. Cindy licked her lips, pushed one handthrough the fly of the boys pajamas she still wore everynight. She rubbed her pussy, one finger slipping between thelips, spreading them. By now the boys were fully erect. Without a word theywent to the girls. 

   Greg stopped in front of Jan, pulled herto him, and kissed her long and hard. His hands went to herass, which he massaged while his tongue probed her mouth. When the kiss was finished he backed off a step, pulled hershirt over her head and tossed it aside. Her tits weremagnificent. Full and round, they jutted out from her ribswith almost no sag. Greg moved close, lifted her in his arms,and carried her to the table, the same table he had fuckedMarcia on less than an hour ago. He sat her on the table,pulled up a chair, and started licking and sucking her boobs. Breakfast was finally ready. Peter had pulled Cindy to the floor, stripped off hershirt, and was sucking her hard little nipples. He had onehand inside her pajama bottoms, frigging her cunt, makingsure she was wet enough to fuck. He mounted her there, noteven removing the pajamas, fucking her through the same holeshe had used to rub herself. Greg had moved down to Jan's pussy. His mouth was pushedtight against her, his tongue going in and out, his handssqueezing her ass. He pulled away, stood up, pushed her downon her back and spread her legs. Jan watched as Greg moved up between her thighs.

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   She hadnever even seen anything as big, much less had it inside her. His strong hands gripped her ankles, raising her feet to hisshoulders. He pulled her closer to the edge of the table,then looked into her eyes. She felt his cockhead spreadingher pussy lips, then he pushed, gently, only moving a coupleof inches into her. She looked into his eyes, then, silentlytelling him to give her more, to fuck her completely. He slidhis hands down her legs to her thighs, then to her hips. Hegot a firm hold on her, then drove into her with all hispower, forcing himself all the way in. Greg began to piston Jan's snatch, fucking her the wayMarcia liked it, with long, hard strokes. With every strokeher tits bounced toward her face, then came back when hepulled out. Jan must have noticed where he was looking, ormaybe just liked playing with them, because she grabbed herown boobs and began massaging them, rolling them with herhands, tweaking the nipples to make them even harder. As hewatched, pumping into her, she pulled her right breast to hermouth, licked her nipple, then took it between her lips andsucked on it. Greg had never seen a woman suck her own tits;it was more then he could handle right then. With a grunt heburied himself in her snatch just as she let out a long moan. She tensed, her body arching up off the table. He pushed indeep, then let loose with a shattering orgasm, his cockjerking time after time.

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   When he was finished he pulled herto a sitting position and kissed her again, long and hard. Cindy was thrashing about on the floor, in the middle ofher second orgasm, Peter still rock hard and pumping. WhileJan and Greg watched, Peter pulled out of her and turned herover. He stretched out on top of her, his cock restingbetween her butt cheeks. While Cindy was still relaxed, Peterpushed his bone against her asshole, slipping almost halfwayin. Cindy was exhausted, left limp by the force of herorgasms. She simply went with it when Peter turned her over,expecting him to mount her from behind. His rod was hotagainst her ass, slick with her own juices, and she couldfeel it throbbing. She felt him sliding it back, and waswaiting for him to fill her pussy again. When he pushedthrough her asshole she was surprised, but didn't have theenergy to fight it. Later she found out that assfuckingsometimes hurt, but right now there was no pain. She stayedrelaxed, and allowed Peter his way. After all, he had alreadygotten her off twice. Peter thrust again, burying his bone in Cindy's tightlittle ass. She was tighter than any hole he had ever beenin.

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   He pulled back slowly, then pushed it in again, all inone stroke. His pace increased, her tightness andsubservience making him harder and hotter. Jan slid from the table, dropping to her knees in frontof Greg. She took his cum coated prick into her mouth,licking and sucking, cleaning it while also causing it tostiffen again. They watched Peter pounding in and out ofCindy's ass, watched as he buried his log in her butt andjerked spasmodically, watched him collapse atop her when hisorgasm finished. Bobby woke with a piss-hardon, climbed out of bed andheaded for the bathroom. He was standing about two feet awayfrom the toilet, aiming his stream into the bowl when Marciawalked in. She had forgotten her cosmetics bag after hershower, and didn't realize anyone was in the bathroom. Shestopped dead, staring at the boy's erection. Bobby wasstartled by her presence, but there wasn't much he could doabout it. The longer she stared, though, the more it excitedhim. Marcia stared at Bobby's hardon, watching it. At firstit was softening as the piss left, but as she watched itbegan to stiffen again. She had never seen such a smoothcock, or balls so nearly devoid of hair. When he finished shemoved towards him, reaching for his balls.

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   She wasn't reallyhorny, Greg and Peter had taken care of that, but Bobby'sballs were practically calling her. Her fingers itched tofeel the soft fuzz, to cradle his young balls, to fondlethem. She dropped to her knees before him, stroking his cockwith one hand, rolling his balls with the other. She pulledhis foreskin back, marveling at the velvety smoothness of hisshaft. Without a word she took him into her mouth. She suckedthe head, licked it, while fisting the shaft with one handand holding his balls with the other. Bobby was taken completely by surprise. He was barelyawake, and he was already being blown. He throbbed inMarcia's mouth, then dropped his hands to her head, pulledher against him, and began to shoot. He shot hard, but notvery long. Everything had happened so fast, he hadn't evenbeen hard more than a couple minutes. Marcia swallowed the hot, sticky cum spewing into hermouth, and continued to suck. She wanted him to stay hard,wanted him to fuck her right there in the bathroom. When hewas fully erect again she stood up, turned her back to him,and bent over, resting her hands on the toilet cover. Bobbypushed her robe up out of the way, moved up against her butt,and sunk his pole into her pussy.

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   His hands gripping her hips, Bobby began fucking, movingin and out slowly and steadily, wanting this to last muchlonger than the blow job had. Marcia was just as tight asCindy, even if she was older. He continued his slow, steadyfucking, helping Marcia build toward her own orgasm. When shebegan to moan and gasp he increased his tempo, thrustingharder and faster, matching his rhythm to her moans, matchingthe frenetic pace she was setting, pushing back against him. She was bringing him to his exploding point, even as he wasdriving her to her own. With one final push backward, sheimpaled herself on his cock. He could feel her cunt clenchingand releasing. With a sigh he thrust one more time, then gavehimself over to his own orgasm. He flooded her cunt, theirjuices mixing and coating his cock. Marcia slid slowly back down the hill, coming back tolife. When Bobby pulled out she turned to him, pulled himclose, and kissed him passionately. They showered together,then dressed and went downstairs. They walked into thekitchen just as Greg began to shoot, his cum filling Jan'smouth and dribbling out onto her chin. The four sweaty kids went to shower while Marcia andBobby fixed breakfast. The way this day had started,everybody needed a big breakfast.


  Continued in part 4. . . More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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