The deomonstration part IV


As Sarah watched the other woman hold Henry’s organ, it seemed to swell in the woman’s hands, the penile head turning a darker and darker purple by the minute, while the woman’s skilled fingers slid over the oiled surface bringing moans of pleasure from Henry as his fists clenched and unclenched at his side, his hips rising up as if to offer his long, thin organ to the woman, as if fearful she would stop her ministrations to his pro-offered organ. Not that there was much chance given the fee he’d paid. Sarah remembered the Doctor’s thick member so recently in her mouth and longed to suck Henry’s manhood and yet it was so different from the thickness her virgin tongue had worshiped. The doctors was big and meaty, a mature man’s cock while Henry’s organ was longer and thinner, almost as if it were not quite finished developing and would one day fill out into the fullness of manhood. Strangely these differences did not make her desire for his organ any less. She secretly loved Henry and desired him more than she’d realized. The doctors hands had wandered up to her breasts and where teasing about her nipples, but were doing nothing for her urgent need. His skill had been so completely effective before this she could hardly imagine him unaware of her arousal. “Please. ” She softly pleaded. He just reached for her hands. She fought them free and half turned toward him although she hated the idea of leaving the sight of Henry. “I need…. ”. “I know. ” “Then why…” “I leave tomorrow.

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  ” She looked at his questioningly. “I won’t be here to help you, so let me help you now. ” He took her hands and guided them to her own breasts, as she turned back and once more looked into the other room. Henry was perspiring as the woman rubbed his organ ever so slowly teasing him, squeezing every once of pleasure out of the encounter. Her own hands suddenly felt good next to her stiff nipples and she found herself cupping the sensitive nipples letting them rub lightly against her palms imagining Henry touching her nipples that way. Her fingers located the stiffening tips and gently began tugging on them, a soft moan of pleasure escaping un-noticed from her lips. She became aware the doctor’s body was all of a sudden close behind her, his thick meat once more hard and extended sliding under her buttocks. She both shivered in fear and delight wondering if her was going to take her virginity right then. She knew in her heart that no matter how much it hurt she would allow him any violation of her body for the pleasures he was providing, but it was soon evident that he was doing something very different. She jumped as his organ slid smoothly over her external wetness brushing her center of pleasure. “You want Henry, don’t you?” He whispered in her ear. Sarah couldn’t trust herself to speak, but managed to nod working her nipples much harder with real passion now instinctively grinding her sex back against his organ seeking penetration. “You can’t let the boy enter you down here he told her his fingers finding her soaked opening, but you can take him in your mouth and as long as he is well oiled like I now am he can do this. His cock was suddenly against her anus applying pressure. It was something she’d never considered, but she was so aroused and so eager for male penetration she accepted and pushed back for a moment.

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   Her passage opened and his lubricated head entered her back passage. He waited for her to adjust and then just when she was prepared for him to trust further in he pulled back disarming her fears and then he was suddenly much deeper taking her before she could tense up. He stopped once more as she thought about this new sensation. It was scary, allowing him to take, not just his pleasures, but to use her body, and yet it was also very pleasurable. She had never known her anus was so sexually responsive. His hands guided her hands to the wet cleft between her legs as he began to rhythmically thrust her incredibly tight opening into her virginal, but willing body. Sarah’s whole being was exploding in pleasure, fear, and plain hard work. She struggled to stay in position watching Henry’s cock, which was now leaking some type of wet emission, but not like the Doctor’s huge explosion and he didn’t seem to have reached his climax. Sarah wished she could lick it off his head. The Doctor’s penis was savaging her rectum and her body couldn’t contain her cries and sighs of pleasure, fear and pain. Her fingers began searching for the spot that so desperately wanted attention and eventually located the tiny stiffness that responded to her touch. Her own hands seemed to instinctively know just what to do and in moments she was building rapidly toward an explosion. The doctor’s organ was moving rapidly in and out of her and suddenly he moaned and she could feel him contract over and over inside her anal passage. Henry suddenly cried out and large streams of white sperm shot out of his organ hitting the woman’s face and hands as well as leaving a large amount on Henry’s heaving belly which the woman began to clean up with a towel. Her own orgasm took her by surprise sweeping though her body, releasing the flood of warmth that centered on her pelvis.


   She could feel her ass contracting forcibly around the Doctor’s penis still buried in her bowels giving her even greater pleasure as she cried out over and over again as each wave of pleasure possessed her being. When she at last calmed down he removed himself from her anal opening and she realized she felt a certain odd sensation down there. She felt opened, almost raw, reamed-out even, and yet sexually alive and willing. “I can let Henry do that to me?” She whispered. Anytime you want. But don’t let him enter your vagina because that is how you become pregnant – you know, how you make a baby and you aren’t ready for that until you marry. “How many times…” “You mean how often you can do it?” She nodded. “As often as you wish. When you first start you guys will likely do if every day or even more. Just do what you like. And don’t let anyone else know you are doing it. By the way, you can rub yourself that way anytime you want, not just when you are being taking by a man” He tossed her a towel and she began cleaning up. He was well ahead of her having started drying off as soon as they finished. As he adjusted his shirt he glanced out the other door’s peep-hole. Turning back her looked at her still bare breasts, her public hair displaying signs of her wetness and he wanted her once more.

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   He walked over and ran his hands over her responsive breasts and she shivered in pleasure feeling a new gush of wetness between her legs. “You need to stay in here a while my dear. ” He whispered. “Why?” There is someone in the waiting room. Valerie’s next appointment I believe, but in a town like this you would want the wrong people learning of your visits here. ” She drew in her breath at the very horror of her family learning what she’d been doing glad he had protected her from such a fate. “Who is it?” She asked. “Your Father. ”
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