The Family Secret


It was a sunny Saturday morning, the quietness of the suburbs lended to the comfortable waking up to the day. Little McKenzie awoke in her bedroom stretching and yawning in her little pink, skin tight pj's. A little spaghetti string tank top and tiny short shorts that caress her ass crack and crotch like a second skin. Her breasts were perfect, easy to imagine through her tank top, which wrapped her B sized plump breasts to perfection with her nipples protruding visibly. McKenzie was only 14, but she had already matured into a little sex vixen in her own right. The teen was one of the top models in her age group, thanks to her dad entering her into modeling at age 13. She got out of bed, standing 5'4'' and weighing 95lbs. Some would say she was petite, but she had enough meat on her bones to shy away from any "anorexic" remarks. She walked into her bathroom and started to brush her long, light brown hair. After a quick touch up of her face, she headed out and downstairs to the kitchen.
Mike, McKenzie's oldest brother who's 18 and ready to move out is sitting along with his other two brothers, Greg, 17, and Sam, 16, at the kitchen table eating breakfast. They all seem to stop what they're doing as McKenzie makes her way down the stairs, her perfect breasts bouncing to every step she ascends. She looks up to see them staring, they catch her crystal green eyes like daggers to the face and return to their food on the table.
<!--[if says, "Hey boys", in a sexy but cute way.
<!--[if muter back through full mouths trying not to notice, "Morning. "
<!--[if eyes roll to the side though as she passes them and opens the fridge, bending over oh so slightly and sticking her perfect ass out for them to gaze upon.

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   She finds the milk carton, opens it up, turns to the boys and drinks straight from the carton. Some milk spills out the sides of her mouth, she just lets it dribble down her chin and onto her chest. The boys almost choke in unison. McKenzie lowers the carton, looks at them with her milk mouth in confusion.
<!--[if you guys ok?" She ask's.
<!--[if yea, fine find. " The boys say together.
<!--[if smiles and puts the milk back into the fridge and prances into the living room where her father is sitting down watching the news. He's sitting in his lazyboy, remote in hand and coffee sitting next to him on the coffee table. McKenzie skips into the room and places herself onto her fathers lap, hugging him. He pats her on the back, smiles, but tries not to miss the view of the TV.
<!--[if Good morning daddy. " McKenzie stretching out the word daddy.
<!--[if Hello honey, how are you. "
<!--[if I'm good, can I watch the news with you?" She asks.

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<!--[if Sure babe, just make yourself comfortable. "
<!--[if does just that as she positions herself in her fathers lap, her back being flat against his chest, off to the side a little. Her ass planted on his crotch, and her legs in a L shape. Tim, her father now realizes his sexy little girl is acting a bit bold this morning. Usually she squeezes into the area between the arm and him of the chair. His thoughts begin to travel elsewhere to avoid any recollection of a tight little ass being in direct contact with his crotch. This is hindered by her slight movements, and her little pouts as she does so, moving just enough to send sparks flying to his cock. He find's his eyes drifting down to his scantly clad daughter, noticing how erect her nipples are, and long and smooth her legs shine, and how she keeps sucking on her finger with her soft lips. All it took was another slight shift of her ass, and Tims cock began to thicken.
<!--[if Baby, I think it's time you go and sit on the couch. " Tim say's almost nervously.
<!--[if just shifts her ass more, looking up at her father with her puppy dog eyes and pouty grin.
<!--[if But daddy, I like sitting in your lap. "
<!--[if couldn't say no to that, I mean just looking at her made his heart melt, and if she wanted to sit in daddy's lap, she was going to do just that. The only problem was, did she know or understand what she was doing.

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   McKenzie had woke up extra horny this morning and for some reason decided to see if she could tease the hell out of her male siblings. She knew very well that she had an effect on all of them, especially her father.
<!--[if second that passed more and more blood rushed down towards his shaft. Finally, contact was made, Tim started sweating and was wondering how his daughter would react to this contact. McKenzie felt her fathers cock start to press into her ass. She smiled, thinking that she had succeeded in really teasing her dad, but instead of getting up, which is what she planned on doing the moment contact was made, she simply started to move in tiny movements, adjusting her ass so that her pussy would feel the contact.
<!--[if was easily accomplished because as soon as she moved her pussy into position, his cock had literally become at almost full mast, pressing really hard now up into her crotch. Tim wondered how she would react to his erection, but to his surprise McKenzie wiggled to her delight. McKenzie was really getting turned on now, feeling her fathers large dick being pressed firmly into her crotch. She lets out a little moan as she moves her ass back and forth, rubbing her pussy lips against her fathers rigid rock hard cock. Tim felt he had to say something, but he couldn’t, he was hypnotized by his lusty daughters enjoyment on his lap.
<!--[if started to make obvious rubs now, almost grinding her crotch against her fathers cock through there clothes, panting small breathes and letting out soft moans. McKenzie looks back and deep into her fathers eyes as she spreads her legs wide around his legs.
<!--[if Daddy, I’m so horny. Will you please, please let me cum.

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<!--[if words almost struck Tim like a dagger to the heart, but at the same time in his hypnotized state of mind, he just nodded his head.
<!--[if Why of course honey, do whatever you want. ”
<!--[if that said McKenzie started to grind her pussy against his boxer covered cock hard, focusing her movements quick and short. Tim was about to cum himself as he felt his daughters tight pussy lips and ass encasing his cock like they were a perfect fit. McKenzie started grinding faster and harder, panting her breathes and soft moans as she got closer and closer to cumming.
<!--[if out of no where, McKenzie starts bucking wildly, holding her breath and biting her lip as to not scream aloud. Tim had almost came in is boxer shorts right then, knowing that his horny little daughter had just came. McKenzie bucks some more, giving out little whimpers, and the flops back upon her fathers chest. She turns around and smiles at her father.
<!--[if daddy, I owe you one. ”
<!--[if jumps up and heads to the bathroom. Tim sitting there with a hard on from hell decides to head to his own room to finish what she had started. He muttered all the way there why the hell he went through with that and what now, what now.
<!--[if started the shower and proceeded to strip down naked. Tim had started up his computer and loaded his voyeur cams, opening up the one he had installed in the bathroom.

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   It started just in time to see his little girl getting into the shower. He had two cameras in there, one located directly above the showerhead. He pulled out his cock and started to wack off to his little girl taking a shower.
<!--[if had just started soaping herself up when she heard the door open, she shrugged it off but was startled when the shower curtain was whisked open by her oldest brother Mike. McKenzie covered herself up, and gave a little squeak. Mike looked at her with his hands on his hips, standing there in his boxers.
<!--[if I saw what you did to dad, and that ain’t right!” Mike said sternly.
<!--[if What are you talking about Mike, what are you doing here?”
<!--[if You know what I’m talking about, and you know what I’m doing here. ”
<!--[if pulled down his boxers, revealing his large cock to his little sister. He then stepped into the shower and pulled the shower curtain shut. Tim, watching this on his computer, almost stood straight up to put a stop to whatever it was going on, but he decided to see what Mike was up to.
<!--[if just stood there, half erect, in front of his little sister. McKenzie stood back against the shower wall, still covering up.
<!--[if Well, what are you waiting for, make me hard so you can rub your pussy on my dick!”
<!--[if But Mike, we are brother and sister, we can’t do that. ”
<!--[if You might as well had fucked dad right there on the lazyboy you little slut, now suck it!”
<!--[if had snapped in McKenzie’s head at that moment, for some reason she felt obligated to please her older brother the way she did her dad.

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<!--[if Alright Mike, but don’t go telling anyone about this, ok. ”
<!--[if of course agreed and McKenzie knelt down in the shower and started to suck on Mikes half erect cock. Mike looked down at the beautiful sight, her full lips wrapped around his meat, her cheeks being sucked in as she devoured his cock in her mouth. McKenzie sucked his dick hard all the way to the tip, where she would lick her tongue and practically make out with the head of his cock, then dive back down to the base and continue this for several minutes.
<!--[if was in shock, but he couldn’t peep his eyes away from the computer screen, he could only watch. It was so intense, he couldn’t believe how slutty his daughter was.
<!--[if was rock hard now, watching his sexy little sis go to town on his cock, he didn’t want it to end but decided he needed to sample that sweet little pussy of hers.
<!--[if Ok sis, stand up and turn around. McKenzie knew what was next, though she had sex before, she was still rather new to the sex thing. Mike observed the perfect curves of her ass and felt between her crack, seeking out her love hole.
<!--[if one hand on her ass and guiding his cock in with the other, he places his large cock head at the tight little entrance of his little sisters pussy. McKenzie honestly couldn’t wait, she was so horny she yearned for a cock to pump her full. Mike did just that, pushing his cock in inch by inch until he hits balls deep. McKenzie moans oh so innocently, Mike pulls back and pushes back quickly, starting a rather quick pace early on.
<!--[if midsection collides into McKenzie’s ass with every hump, sending a loud wet smack echoing in the bathroom followed by little whimpering moans.

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   Mike grabbed both sides of her ass now as he starts to pound her relentlessly, making McKenzie’s plump titties bounce back and forth. McKenzie met every driving thrust with one of her own back into her older brother. They fucked hard and fast, like horny rabbits they humped in the shower.
<!--[if wanted to hold back, for he knew that he would bust if he kept up this pace, but yet he thought this needed to end quick anyway before anyone got too suspicious. So he kept fucking her hard, gripping her ass tighter and pulling her into every thundering impact. His cock slid back in forth quickly inside her pussy.
<!--[if Oh god, you’re so tight, fuck sis, fuck!”
<!--[if Fuck me Mike, fuck me fuck me fuck me!!!”
<!--[if just went haywire after hearing her say that, he drove into her so hard and fast he amazed even himself. McKenzie started cumming, bucking hard back into her brother and he started to feel tense.
<!--[if Fuck sis I’m gonna cum!”
<!--[if Oh fuck Mike, don’t stop, I’m cumming!”
<!--[if they bucked hard, slamming into one another without abandon. McKenzie came first, moaning and squealing as her orgasm slammed her from behind. Mike came like a fire hose, thrusting his cock deep within her confines, gushing his cum inside her load after load after load. Tim, watching all along busted his nut, in a frenzy he started to clean up and shut down his computer.
<!--[if two siblings winded down their pace, McKenzie still humping back, Mike still spurting his cum inside his little sisters pussy.
<!--[if Oh Mike that feels so good, don’t take it out. ”
<!--[if kept his cock buried deep inside her, still making slow but very forceful thrusts.

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   He reached around and squeezed her tits, twisting her nipples, leaning his chin over her shoulder.
<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]-->
“ Damn lil sis, You’re a damn hot fuck. ”
<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]-->
McKenzie giggles, “ Looks like we’ll have to do this again sometime. ”
<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]-->
“ Oh defiantly, there will be many more times. ”
<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]-->
To be continued…
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