the preachers family part 2


Topic: chapter 2  
     Lisa never said a word. She simply turned and walked away. Sarah and Jason figured she’d be freaking out on them but she didn’t say a word. Jason went to his room and Sarah remained in hers, each waiting for a knock on the door that never came. Even after their Dad had come home nothing was said. Lisa simply acted like nothing had ever happened. When they had the chance to talk about it the twins were unable to even fathom it. Why didn’t she say anything?
    The next morning during breakfast Pastor John announced he’d be gone all day. One of the elders of the church had been rushed to the city hospital and he and a couple of the board members were going to go visit. The hospital was a couple of hours away so he wasn’t sure how long he’d be gone but they weren’t to hold dinner for him just in case this was an all day affair.
    As he left Sarah and Jason began washing and drying the breakfast dishes. Lisa sat there at the kitchen table sipping some coffee making small talk but still not saying a word about what she’d seen. This had Sarah so perplexed she just had to push her Mother’s buttons and see what she did. So she handed a dish to Jason who had his back to the sink facing their Mother. As she let go of the late she placed her hand on his stomach, slid it down slowly, and rubbed his cock through the sweat pants he was wearing.  
     Lisa didn’t say a word so Sarah did it again only this time she kept rubbing.

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   She kept her hand on his cock and kissed him. It was a long sloppy kiss and still their Mother said nothing. Though they hadn’t discussed it Jason knew what she was doing. Sarah pushed down Jason’s sweat pants and his hard cock sprang to life. All eight glorious inches were at attention and Sarah wrapped her hand around it and stroked.
    Sarah didn’t let go of his cock as she stepped over to a chair at the kitchen table and took a seat. As she sat down she began to suck her brother’s cock right there in front of their Mother who still said nothing. She just quietly sat there watching them. Sarah sucked that big dick for a few minutes then turned and said to her Mother “Doesn’t he have the nicest cock Mom?” Lisa just quietly nodded.
    Jason pulled Sarah up and kissed her saying “Let’s go out into the living room where it’s more comfortable. ” So they walked arm in arm out into the living area and Jason pushed his sister down onto the sofa. Lisa followed them but still said nothing; she just took a seat beside Sarah on the sofa.
    Jason pulled Sarah’s clothes off, knelt down, and crawled between her legs. He kissed her and she kissed back. Then he started kissing her neck and ears slowly working his way down to her small breast biting and kissing her nipples.

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   He didn’t resist as Sarah pushed his head lower and was soon licking her pussy as their mother watched intently.
    Sarah looked at her Mom who seemed hypnotized by what she was watching. “Oh God Mom, he’s making my pussy feel so good. I feel like such a fucking slut right now. ” She was pinching her nipples as she said this. “Oh his fucking tongue feels so good; he just makes me want to cum!” Sarah blurted out. All the while Lisa just watched intently without saying a word.
    Mom just watched as her son’s tongue brought his sister to a mind shattering orgasm. Jason was telling his sister “Yeah cum for me you fucking bitch. Cum in front of your Mother you slut. ” And that just fuelled her fire and made her cum all the harder. Lisa smiled at them as she watched and listened.
    When her orgasm subsided Sarah was ready to be fucked. So she had Jason sit down beside their Mom and she crawled into his lap and guided his cock into her waiting pussy. While she started to ride her brother’s hard cock she reached over to her Mom and started to undo the buttons on her blouse.

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   Lisa offered no resistance and even opened her blouse fully once it was undone.
    She started to rub Lisa’s breasts through the bra saying to Jason, “Mom has such nice tits, don’t you think so?” She slipped her fingers under the bra cup as she asked this.
     “I always thought Mom was hot,” Was Jason’s reply. “Get that bra off of her so I can see her tits you slut. ”  As he said this he also reached over and started fondling his Mother’s tits. Lisa still said nothing but reached behind her back and unclasped her bra.
    They both rubbed and pinched their Mom’s now exposed tits and Sarah started talking directly to her Mom once again. “You like watching us fuck don’t you. You like watching his big hard cock sliding in and out of my fucking wet pussy. ” She kept going; “I want you to say it Mom, I want you to say you like watching us fuck. Tell him you like his big fucking cock. Tell me you like my beautiful shaved pussy. Say it you fucking slut, say it!”
    “Oh God yes I like it!” Lisa finally spoke; she could take it no longer. “I like his big hard cock, and I like your sexy shaved pussy, and watching you two fuck is driving me wild!” Lisa then started to undo her jeans and push them off.
     “Oh yeah, like Mother like daughter,” Jason said and then adding, “Just a couple of fucking sluts.

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   Yeah Mom get those clothes off, sluts should be naked. Show us your pussy; let us see how big of a slut you really are. ”
     Lisa got her pants off and spread her legs wide exposing her hairy pussy to her kids. She started rubbing it and said “Oh Jesus watching you two fuck drives me wild, it’s so wicked and evil and I love it. ” She continued with her foul chatter, “I’m so tired of being good all the time, I love this, it makes me feel like a fucking whore”
     Sarah went wild with lust and once again came in a mind shattering orgasm. She screamed “Oh God! Oh God, I’m Cumming! Watch me cum Mom! Watch me cum all over my brother’s cock!” and her body trembled with orgasm.
     As she caught her breathe she reached her hand down between Lisa legs. “Oh Mom you are so wet. ” she said as she started to finger her. “I think you need some cock in you slut. I think you need to fuck your own son like the cock slut you are. ” She dismounted and took her Mom by the arm and helped her to straddle Jason’s lap. She then reached between them and guided her brother’s cock into her Mom’s soaking wet pussy.
    As Jason’s cock slide inside of her Lisa lost all self control and started fucking him wildly. Then she felt Sarah’s tongue start to lick her asshole and she could take no more.

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   She came nearly right away creaming ‘I’m such a fucking slut!” as she erupted. Her orgasm was the most intense she’d every felt. It was so intense it left her in tears afterwards.
    Now it was Jason’s turn to cum. Sarah pushed her Mom off of him and began sucking his cock. She sucked for a few moments before offering it to her Mom. Lisa opened her mouth and took her son’s cock into it intent on sucking the cum right out of it. Sarah started encouraging her “Yeah you fucking slut, suck your son’s cock! You’re going to swallow his cum aren’t you bitch! Suck that cock you fucking whore!” finger fucking her mother as she did so.
     At a few moments Jason exploded in his Mothers mouth. Lisa sucked up every drop and licked his balls clean. While doing so she climaxed again thanks to the furious finger fucking her daughter was giving her. As her climax subsided they all hugged and kissed one another knowing that this was the beginning of something wonderful.

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