The Wonderful Divorce Part 3


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Brad goes back to sleep but I just can't stop replaying the image of my brother fucking me over and over again in my mind.   I decide to take a shower.   I turn on the water, close the door and the steam begins to fill the bathroom and me.   I am picturing the look on Brad's face as I told him to fuck his baby sister. . . I begin to massage my tits as the bathroom gets steamier and steamier, just as my thoughts.   I am standing in the bathroom as I continue to twist and pinch my nipples, they are so hard they hurt and I love the pain.   I step into the hot shower tits in hand, I fill my hands with the lavender bodywash I love so much.   I slowly wash my tits, paying special attention to my nipples, I slowly move my hands down my tummy aware of every inch of my skin. I think to myself, Brad just fucked me, so hard, how can I still be horny. . . .   I move to my cunt, my clit is still so hard I don't even need to part my lips, it is protruding out.   I get a little more bodywash in my hands and I begin to roll my clit between my forefinger and thumb.

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    And to think when I was younger I thought it odd that I should have a little penis. . . now I know the joys of it.   Very carefully I grab the base of my clit and I begin to stroke it. Every time I come to the tip bolts shoot through me, I pick up my pace, bracing myself against the shower wall with me left hand.   Squeezing harder with every stroke I can feel myself ready to cum.   I stop myself just at the edge, I want to enjoy every sensation.   I lay down in tub with the hot water hitting my entire body, my right hand goes back to my clit and my left hand finds my soaking wet hole.   I quickly stick 3 fingers in my hot, wet hole and resume stroking my clit again.   Oh my god, I can't take it anymore. . . . I squeeze and stroke, pump in and out.

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  . . . until I can not contain myself any longer.   I am moaning and thrashing around the tub, unaware that Brad might hear me.   I give one last hard squeeze on my clit and I slam my fingers in and splash, I explode.   My hands are covered with my juices and I can't breath.   I gently work my hole a little longer to bring me down from my high.   I quickly finish washing, now that the important parts are clean, step out of the shower, throw on my towel and open the door.   
Brad is standing just outside the locked door leaning against the wall with his cock in his hand.   His head is glistening with precum and he looks as though he can take no more.   I immediately drop to me knees and finish him off, I feel gobs of hot cum running down my throat, I can barely swallow fast enough.
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