The Wreck


The Wreck
Julie didn’t remember much about the actual wreck itself. All that she remembered was coming to the intersection, stopping at the red light and turning right on the red. She didn’t see the other car coming or otherwise she would have never turned. The car slammed into the passenger side of her little car. The side that her son, Sam, was sitting on.
From that point it was pretty much a blur. Her next memory was being in the hospital. The first thing she asked was how her son was doing and the doctors told her that Sam had been pretty lucky. He hadn’t sustained any life threatening injuries, but he did suffer two broken arms and he also broke both of his hands in the crash. Julie was very lucky. She escaped from the crash with only minor injuries.
Julie felt pangs of guilt over the next three weeks as she and her son slowly recovered. If only she hadn’t been in such a hurry to drop Sam off at football practice none of that would have happened. The guilt kept eating away and eating away at her until she was a mess. She kept trying to think of ways to make it up to Sam. Ways to make life easier for him.

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It was bad enough that he was going to miss his eighth grade year of football, but he was also going to have to go through several months of painful rehab.
In Sam’s eyes the worst thing about the whole situation was since both of his arms and hands were broken he needed his mother to help him with all kinds of things that were very private that he used to do for himself. The worst of which being having to have her wipe his butt after using the bathroom. He thought that it wasn’t possible to have anything more embarrassing happen to him in his entire life, but he was wrong.
Sam, being an eighth grade boy, had developed a very high sex drive. He was used to pleasuring himself at least three times a day for the past year and a half at least. He could no longer do this. That meant that he was a time bomb of hormones waiting to explode.
He would get hard while watching the television or just sitting on his bed reading and there was absolutely nothing that he could do about it. The problem finally peaked when his mother was helping him slide down his pants so that he could pee. As she reached into his boxers and pulled out his penis it got instantly hard.
That was the worst moment of Sam’s young life. He had gotten a hard on in front of his own mother and there wasn’t even anything he could do to hide it due to his inability to use his arms and hands. There was a dead silence between them. Julie turned her back and looked up at the ceiling while Sam was able to strain piss through his raging hard on.

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   He was so red in the face that he didn’t think that he could ever look his mother in the eye again.
When the erection finally subsided his mother tucked it back into his pants, pulled up his pants and then sent him out of the bathroom. She shut the door behind her, washed her hands and started to sob. Not only had she screwed up his football season by running a red light, but this was something that she hadn’t even thought about. The boy must be going through hell not being able to masturbate she thought to herself. She knew that at his age she masturbated quite often.
She knew that Sam masturbated often. She did his laundry and always found his cum rags. By the amount of them she knew that he did it several times a day. It was just one more thing that the boy couldn’t do now because of her.
After she composed herself she exited the bathroom. She and Sam didn’t speak a word between them for two days, but Sam noticed that his mother’s gaze would drift down to his cock every few minutes. Unfortunately most of the time he had a hard on. After another day passed Sam was sitting on the couch late, late at night and watching a movie on Cinemax that he managed to flip to with his toe. He saw his mother and sat there stunned as she saw that he was watching a movie where two people were having graphic sex.

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He got up from the couch as quickly as he could and ran into the bathroom to hide in shame. Seaming that he couldn’t lock the door behind him it soon opened and his mother, Julie, stood there looking at her son who had frustrated tears running down his cheeks. She walked over to him and hugged him to her body. She saw that even through all of his embarrassment and shame that his cock was still standing at full attention, pitching quite a tent through his pajama bottoms.
It was then and there that Julie decided she was going to help. She turned her humiliated son so that he was facing the bathtub.
    She moved behind him and slid down his pajamas. “Mom, what?” Sam started to sputter but his mother stopped him quickly.
    “Shhh,” she said. “Don’t talk. Your is asleep in the bedroom and he can’t know about this. ”
    Sam started to sputter again, but as before his mother quickly shooshed him. Then she reached around the waistband of his boxer shorts and slipped them down around his ankles. The boy’s erection then was out in the open for all to see. It curved upwards and was harder than any cock that Julie had seen for a long while.

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       She didn’t know if what she was about to do was right. She didn’t know if it would ease her guilt, but she was willing to give it a try.
    Still standing behind Sam, Julie reached around to the boy’s stiff member and grabbed it. Sam’s eyes grew wide and he made a stifled sound as her fingers wrapped around his pole. Julie put her other hand over his mouth so that he couldn’t make any more noise. She then started to rhythmatically stroke his cock back and forth.
    Sparks of confusion and excitement were shooting through Sam’s young mind. No one had ever touched his cock before. And he liked what she was doing. Every little inch that his mother stroked felt incredibly good. He had never felt like this before.
    His breathing grew heavy and his knees grew weak. His mother continued to jiggle and move his cock until it finally happened. Sam closed his eyes and grunted. His mother’s loving hand had coaxed the biggest orgasm of his life.

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    Her pumping got faster and faster as rope after rope of his hot, gooey, seed shot from his rigid member and into the bathtub which he was facing. She continued to milk his penis after it seemed that every last drop was gone from his body. He slumped back in her arms where she kissed him on top of the head and whispered that she loved him.
    She pulled his boxers and pajama bottoms back up and sent him to bed. After she was done cleaning his cum out of the bathtub she snuck into his room where he was on the verge of sleep. Julie bent down, kissed him on the forehead and whispered, “No one can ever know about this. I’ll be back in here every night at eleven o’clock. After your father is asleep. ”
    She then walked out of Sam's bedroom, closed the door, went in and laid down with her husband. She felt very confused, but somehow less guilty than she had in quite a while.
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