The wrong time to come home


I had been to a party and gate crashers arrived and I cleared out as there was going to be trouble.
As I was there alone I had no partner to go on to somewhere else and I decided to go home.
Normally if my parents are home I park behind them in the drive but as they were still out I parked in the street.
The lights were all on in the house so I assumed my younger sister was home so I just let myself in and walked into the lounge expecting her to be watching TV.
As I went in she was naked and giving her boyfriend oral sex. He had his pants around his ankles and as soon as I entered they both panicked and he pulled his pants up and flew out the door. My sister was trying to find her clothes and was racing about naked. I started to laugh and this made her even madder. I said dont worry about it Sis, just think how much worse it would have been if it had been dad and mum.
She is only 15 and her body is developing and she has quite nice firm breasts and her pubic hair I noticed is shaped into a strip.
I said calm down nothing will happen and I am sorry I interrupted your boyfriends pleasure. Then I noticed a condom on the floor that had obviously been used.  I said to her - well I see that giving him head is not the only pleasure you both had and then I picked up the condom and said I am glad to see you are taking precautions. I wrapped it in a tissue as she had a box handy and gave it to her. I said I wouldnt leave that about for the oldies to find.
She calmed down and had begun to dress herself and I said dont do that for my benefit I have seen you naked often enough but the strip is new, how long have you had that?
She said I did it today because I knew Tony - that shit - was coming over and we planned to have a night of sex together.

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I said he certainly didnt hang around did he. Not only that but he didnt like me shaved and even when we had sex he came in a minute and I never got to even feel it. I cant believe I even gave him head, after his shocking performance.
I said how often have you been having sex and she said its my third time and the second with him.
I said how long have you been fucking.
She said two bloody weeks and this happens. I had it off with Dale the first time. (Actualy he is friend of mine. ) Then she said after he got what he wanted and my virginity he didnt want to know me - he is a shit too.
I said you are not having any luck.
The she said you wouldnt be interested would you, I am so horny and I am only going to go upstairs and masturbate half the night to get over it. Come on she said I wont mind, I know we shouldnt but I also know you have been sharing yourself about and I know two girls who you have slept with. I even watched you one night when you thought I was in bed. I went outside and watched through the window.  
I said hell I dont know about fucking you, I have never looked at you in that way, but you are really making it hard for me.

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She said well if its hard make good use of it and fuck me.
I laughed at her pun and said are you certain.
She said more than anything else. If you do it to me I will be the happiest girl alive. How many brothers would help out their horny sister after he walked in on her lovemaking. Please I really want to do it with you. I have looked at your cock so ofetn and wondered what it would be like inside me.
I said well come on into my bedroom and we can see if we can. I have some reservations about doing it with you but I will try.
She picked up her clothes and the condom and as we walked to my room she said the juice is running out of me just thinking about it. I hope you last longer than he did, the shit. I wont be giving him another chance, I cant even imagine why I went down on him. He wouldnt even get undressed even to have sex with me and just slipped his pants down. Hell I was mad.
We went into my room and she didnt waste any time and got onto my bed and waited for me to undress.

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   As I did she looked at my cock which was hard, and said oh Christ that looks wonderful. Now I know why Sue enjoyed you fucking her. I couldnt help myself that night and masturbated three times before I could get the sight of you two fucking out of my head.
I climbed on the bed with her and she said will you kiss me first and I said I will try.
She said as far as I am concerned I am not seeing my brother but I am imagining its one of the gardeners at school that everyboy lusts after.
I was looking down at my naked sister already positioned ready to fuck. The sight of her naked body even though she was my sister certainly got me going. I didnt think I would be able to earlier but I was certain now I was going to and enjoy her, and if possible get her to enjoy me.
She sat up and we kissed and she had her tongue in my mouth. I was a bit reluctant to do that at first but I closed my eyes and I began to imagine this was some girl I had picked up and she was willing and so was I. It didnt take long, only about a minute and she pulled away and said come on I want this badly.
She resumed her position for missionary and I got down and looking down at her I said you did a good job on yourself, it looks really nice.
She laughed and said I actually used your razor, so if there are a few hairs in it you will know where they came from. I nearly used Dads but I just couldnt do it with his.
I used my fingers to open her and have a look at this little cunt I had seen for 15 years and never imagined I would be looking at it like I was.

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I said you really look nice.
She said it feels much better than it looks come on fill it up with that wondeful looking cock of yours.
I positioned myself and got the tip of it between her lips and said are you ready.
She said stop teasing me - get it in and in as far as it will go.  
I slipped it into her now wet and waiting cunt. It went in easily and as I went in I could feel the tightness of her vaginal lips around the shaft as I slid myself into her.
How does that feel she said, I tightned up as you went in to make it feel better. Keep it going right up me. I want it in as far as your balls.
I said are you sure this is my sister I am fucking, you sound like a little whore.
Great she said - I love talking dirty when I am getting fucked but useless was in and out before I even got to feel him earlier, but then his cock isnt as big and beautiful as your cock. Yours is perfect for me, its just the right size. Dale wasnt bad but he was only interested in fucking me and he wasnt interested in how I felt at all, even though he knew it was my first time. He lasted about 4 minutes and blew his load and then got dressed and left me there. At least he said you werent bad, in fact pretty good for the first time, why didnt you bleed, I was waiting for that, are you sure I am the first guy to fuck you.

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She said I had to explain I had torn my hymen about six months earlier when I put my hair brush handle into myself when I was masturbating. It hurt like hell for a couple of minutes and I bled a bit but not that much. Nowhere near as much as I do on my period.   Pity he said I would loved to be able to tell the guys I tore you open when I took our virginity. He is a bastard too, I am just a cum bucket to him.
I laughted and said you really are a little sex kitten arnt you and i said well I am really enjoying this, you are really good and I promise I will try and get you to cum if you can organise it for yourself.
She said you arent too bad yourself in fact this is the first time I have begun to enjoy being fucked. Come on lets get into this and get the action going, I really want this to be the best fuck I have ever had.  Shit that cock of yours know where to find the special spots doesnt it I can really feel it on my clit and its fantastic.
I had started slowly and now the two of us were working together, she was rising to my thrust and between us we were really having one of the best fucks I had ever had myself. I had been with Sue a few times and it took us a while to get the action right but we were now really having sex. There was no love or emotion as lovers but she was providing me with a most pleasurable fuck and I was trying to get her to enjoy something she had not previously had the pleasure of while being fucked- an orgasm.
She started to tell me how good it felt and how she was feeling my cock going up and down inside her and it was hitting her cervix occasionally as I went in deep. Shit she said I never realised how good this could be.
Then I said holy shit, I didnt put a condom on.

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Oh fuck she said and then said well thats too bad, I am not stopping now to let you. When you cum then I will have to take the risk, but I should be ok I had my periods finish only a few days ago and Sex-ed explained the safe and fertile cycle and I am safe from what they say.
I said I can pull out.
She said no way I want it all in there. If I am letting my brother fuck me I am doing something really bad so adding to the badness wont change anything, if I do get pregnant then we will worry about it then and I can have an abortion.
I said what a little tramp you are.
She said fuck the complements, this might be the one and only time we ever do this so make the most of it. It will certainly be a night I will remember for ever.  How many other brother and sister fucks do you think happen.
I said I know a few, in fact my first was Jan and you know her.
She said Eddy's sister.
I said yes thats her, she and I fucked each other for months before I found out he was fucking her too.   
Hell she said what happened then.
Nothing really we kept fucking and after a while we were at it one day and he arrived with Sue. He knew Jan and I were fucking in her bedroom together and the two of them joined in on the floor and we ended up swapping afterwards and thats when I had my first one with Sue and we began to go together.

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   Eddy kept fucking Jan for ages before he got caught by their mother. There was a bit of a fuss and she told them to stop but after a few days they started again and after that their mother didnt do anything even when she knew they were still fucking each other. All she did was put Jan on the pill.   
Shit she said I can imagine what mum and dad would have done.
I said he would have killed me, so lets make this worth it.
She said believe it or not I am getting close - speed it up and go harder, I really want this to be the most wonderful fuck I ever have.  
We stropped talking and I started to work on her hard and fast and she was making all the right moves and sounds and I knew she was so close to cumming and then she started to grunt with every sroke I had going down on her and then groan and sing out yes yes yes. oh fucking shit fuck me hard I am cumming - holy shit this is fucking fabulous fuck me hard keep going this is unbelievable. Then I started to cum myself, by now I couldnt care less if I gave her quadruplets I was having a wonderful orgasm and my cum was spurting into her by the gallon. My cock was having one of its best orgasms ever as she and I continued to push together as I squeezed every drop of cum into her.  She was telling me to keep it going and I was still able to kep a bit of stiffness there and keep my cock inside her. She was still squirming around under me and she was really concentrating on her orgasmic pleasure and within about 30 or 40 seconds my cock began to harden again and I began to fuck her again. I had never done this before, having two fucks without stopping and she was grunting and groaning and really trying hard to get herself worked up and then she looked at me and said I am ready again now fill me up again, oh hell this is unvelievable.  
I started to work hard and fast, this was no pure animal sex and I had never enjoyed fucking anybody ever before like this. The two of us were working together but taking as much pleasure from our fucking as we could get.

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   I was not thinking of anything else but the next orgasm I was about to have and then we came together again. Again my cock spurted hot and wonderful semen into her.  By now her cunt was a well of baby juice and the fucking we were doing was like a pump in a well, there was cum and cunt juice all over us from the two loads of cum I had filled her with. As she came she let out this long slow moan and was making unintelligble sounds as the euphoric sensation of her orgasm consumed her totally.
I had cum together with Sue once but this was amazing. I had fucked my sister twice without stopping and had two orgasms and had them both together with each other.
My cock collapsed completely this time and slid out of her covered in the lovemaking juices we had both made. The smell of sex was almost overpowering. The mix of our cum, cunt juice and sweat was unmistakable and there was no way my parents would be allowed to come into my room until this smell had evaporated. Then I noticed she was weeping a little. I said shit did I hurt you and she said no I have never felt like this before, this is the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced. My cunt is the centre of my universe at the moment, I have never ever felt like this before and the sensation I am having down there is possible the most amazing feeling I have ever had.  
She sat up and kissed me like I had never been kissed before. her wet sweaty body was pushed against mine and her tongue half way down my throat. She wasnt kissing her brother, she was kissing a lover she didnt know.

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   Once she exhausted herself we lay together on the bed and she said I dont care but my cunt is leaking like a bust pipe on your sheets.
I said I dont care either, I have never ever had an experience like that before. If you were not my sister I would never want to be apart from you.
She said you wont be, you mightnt want to do this again, but believe me we will if I have any say in it.
I said tomorrow we might feel different. She said we will - I will want you more and more. Please if I ask, dont use the excuse I am your sister. I am sure we will be able to work it out.
Now I am going to have a shower and go to my own bed before Mum and Dad come home. At this very moment I wish I was pregnant to you, but tomorrow I know that will change.
Sleep tight and dont worry about what we did - I wanted it and I loved it and I want more. I am not your little sister any more.
That night I lay awake for hours thinking of what we did and how we must never so it again - but somehow I dont think that will happen, I am sure we will and even if its half as good it will be perfect.      

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