There Can Be Only One Ch 27


There Can Be only One Ch 27

Ross heard his dad leave early in the morning; he had deliberately set his own alarm to go off at 5. 15. He lay in his bed watching each digital minute tick by until the display showed 5. 25…the front door opened and shut…his dad on his way to where ever he was off to for 8 days. The minutes ticked by slowly as he slid his hand up and down the hard one eyed monster between his legs…as he waited impatiently for the five minutes to pass he had allowed just in case his dad returned.

He rose from the bed discarding the shorts he wore to bed on the floor…his cock pressed hard against his belly as he gave it a couple of more hearty strokes now that it was now free from any restriction. He left his own room and crossed the hall, slipping into his parent’s bedroom.

It was a close thing who got the bigger surprise…his mother who quickly threw the cover back up over her body on seeing the bedroom door open, or Ross catching a glimpse of his mother laying with her legs apart and nightie pulled up exposing her breasts just before they were hidden by the quickly replaced white duvet.

They both stared at each other…in the dim light that was filtering through the curtains Ross could still see his mother’s face turn bright crimson. Ross started to approach the double bed.

“Ross…what…what do you want?” Alice Gorman was not fully composed at being caught with her hand between her legs…she just hoped that her son did not see exactly what she was doing…her face burnt even more, realising that he would have to be totally sexually ignorant not to know that she was masturbating.

Ross smiled and reached for the cover that was gripped tightly between his mother’s fingers. She released her grip knowing that it was futile to resist the downward pressure that her son was applying wanting to see her body as she lay in bed.

Alice could not look her son in the face when her body was slowly revealed…not that Ross would have noticed for his eyes were watching the mature woman’s body as each inch of flesh was revealed.

Ross smiled when the cover was down at her mother’s knees…her cunt glistened with juices that she had secreted as she lay masturbating. Ross reached and took his mother’s hand and slowly lifted it to his face.

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Alice gasped when she realised what her son was about to do…completely mortified she could not look away from her young offspring as he first smelled her vaginal aroma and then slipped her fingers into his mouth sucking her fragrant juices from them.

Ross withdrew her fingers from his mouth and lowered them to her pussy.

“Carry on…” Ross spoke quietly.

“Please Ross…no…don’t make me. ” Alice’s words did not agree with what her cunt was telling her to do…for even as she spoke her index finger was lightly caressing her engorged clit.

Ross smiled and watched how his mother played with herself. His eyes wandered up to her exposed breasts. They were almost flat as the muscles had long since given up trying to support their pertness. Her areolas were deep pink with half inch torpedoes pointing straight up…his hands magnetically drawn to reach down to mould them.

Alice Gorman groaned as her son kneaded and pulled her breasts. Sexual pulse waves raced down to her clit when ever he twisted or pulled on her nipples with that extra little venom.

“What were you thinking” Ross’s voice was throaty

It took a moment for Alice to absorb what her son had asked before she spoke quietly…a renewed flush of embarrassment seeped through her face.


“Me what?”

“You…you making love to me” you could see her swallow as the words came out.

“I don’t make love…I FUCK” Ross’s reply was designed to shock…by the way his mother gulped it had a definite sexual response.

“Lose the nightie…and don’t wear it again to bed…”

Alice Gorman stopped masturbating, quickly sitting up and stripping off her cotton nightwear, tossing it to the bottom of the bed before lying back down.

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   Her cunt ached to be touched but she let her hands lay either side of her prone body.

Ross stepped to his left before pushing his cock down slightly to his mother’s face. Alice Gorman knew exactly what was required of her. Raising her head a little she grasped her young son’s cock in her right hand and fed it between her willing lips.

She sucked and licked the cock as if it were the finest thing ever to enter between those forty three year old lips…at that precise moment she could not think of anything finer…she loved…no worshipped that six inches of hard flesh.

Ross could feel his arousal rise much more quickly than he had hoped…and was starting to have trouble controlling his impending climax…his mother had certainly learned how to please him with her mouth in the short time she had started to give head. He pulled away from his mother’s sucking mouth.

Alice’s look of disappointment was short lived as she watches Ross climb onto the bed and crawl between her outstretched legs which spread even wider as he positioned himself ready to impale her. Her whole body tensed in preparation as to what her son was about to do to her.

Taking his mother’s wrists in either hand, Ross pulled them up so they were pinned aside her head. He smiled. “What do you want?”

Alice Gorman was lost…lost in a world that a month ago would have been totally alien and abhorrent to her…but now she wanted to be fucked like the slut she was…her own son’s slut.

“Fu…Fuck me …fuck your slut mother”

Ross smiled as his cock self guided itself to the entrance of his mother’s pussy. He looked deep into her eyes as he slowly adjusted his body weight…the hard man flesh slipping easily into the wanton willing cunt.

Alice maintained the low guttural moan throughout the slow downward stroke, until her son’s cock was fully embedded in her.

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Ross paused momentarily before he started to fuck his mother hard and savagely from the very first partial withdrawal…content in the pleasure his cock was getting. He held her wrists pinned down in a manner that was a clear message that she was his…and his to use as he wished.

As he took his mothers willing pussy he started to whisper into her ears…words that coming from a group of unruly youths would have shocked and embarrassed her but spoken by her own son only spurred her on to meet his aggressive love making.

Alice’s cunt squeezed the forbidden flesh that was making her moan…scared that on the next outward stroke it would leave her wanton cunt and not return. She started to repeat the names that she was being called, agreeing that she was a fucking slut and whore that was only there from now on to please her son’s sexual wishes. She started to fuck back urging her son to fuck her harder.

Ross’s continued his verbal attack on his mother until he felt his cock was about to burst impregnating the sopping noisy cunt with its potent seed. He lowered his mouth to hers and kisses it hard…his tongue entering the parted lips as his mother kissed back.

The moment Alice Gorman felt the first pump of illicit juice squirt into her pussy she was lost to her own climax. Her whole body shook in an uncontrollable burst of sexual shocks…her complete skin reacted as if a wire blanket of small electric current was thrown over her as wave after wave of orgasms ripped through her body.

Ross collapsed exhausted and out of breath. The soft body of his mother beneath him as he lay there coated in sweat. He released her wrists and closed his eyes when he felt his mother embrace him with both arms as they tenderly pulled him close to her warm body.

Alice Gorman lay perfectly still…listening and feeling her son’s heart beat above her. Tears of joy were gently trickling down her face as she held her own flesh and blood in her arms.

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   She could feel the softening cock still jerk occasionally causing her own cunt to respond back with a squeeze of the cock still in her. Her cunt ached and felt sore…but would have accepted another pounding by her son if he so wished for she knew that her body did not belong to her any more…it was her son’s to use and abuse…for his pleasure.


Ross woke up from his nap noting that he was alone in his mother’s bed. It was 7. 35. He rose and went for a shower in his mother’s bathroom. By the time he returned to his own room he could hear both his sisters moving about in their rooms…each playing their own music as they got dressed.

Some fifteen minutes later Ross surprised his mum by walking up behind her and giving her a quick kiss on her cheek before turning back and heading to the breakfast table… “Can I have a couple of pieces of toast please?”

“Yes…yes…everything alright son?” she looked at her son with a little suspicion at his marked change in attitude…last time he was awake he was definitely not the caring boy that had just given her a kiss on the cheek

“Of course…why shouldn’t it be…I have the best mum in the world” Ross started to pour the cold milk on his bowl of Corn Flakes humming to himself.

Alice smiled full of pride.

Alice could not believe the ten minutes they sat together…Ross eating his breakfast in almost silence smiling occasionally at her as she sipped on her second cup of coffee. The attractive mother of three was almost disappointed in not being told to undo her blouse and show her breasts again to her son…or even getting under the table and sucking on that gorgeous cock …that piece of flesh that should have been totally forbidden for her to see never mind take deep in mouth…or her vagina. She was jerked from her incestuous thoughts when she saw Cathy enter the kitchen fully dressed ready for school.

“Want some toast as well?”

“No thanks” Her reply was dry.

Cathy had woken with the intention of nipping into her brother’s bedroom, only to return back to her own room disappointed that he was not there, and so miss out on continuing to learn to take him deep into her own throat. She wondered whether it was her mother or sister that was attending to his needs.

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   She was also angry that he had chosen one of them over her.

Cathy sat down and reached over to get the box of Corn Flakes, biting her tongue from saying anything to either of them.

A few minutes later Susie entered the kitchen…you could tell that she most definitely was not an early morning person by the expression on her face…but she had agreed to get picked up by Carol at nine thirty and go shopping with her best friend. She just grunted a ‘morning’ to anyone and everyone in general.

Ross smiled and waited until Susie sat down. Just as she was about to open the tub of yogurt she paused on hearing her brother speak.

“Stand up Susie” he spoke quietly and it sounded that it was a request rather than an instruction.

Susie looked puzzled but slowly shoved the chair back making the legs squeak against the floor.

Ross rose from the table and returned to stand directly behind his big sister, concealing whatever he retrieved from the kitchen drawer from the three pairs of eyes that followed his every step.

Ross rested his hand upon his sister’s right shoulder and let it slip down.

Susie shivered when she felt the gentle hand slide down her spine and over the soft round globes of her ass…the silk of her dressing gown accentuating the sensuous feel of the delicate touch, even if it were that of her brother’s hand.

Ross bent his knees as his hand continued to glide downwards over her outer thighs…pausing momentarily when it came into contact with bare skin…perhaps 4 or 5 inches above her knee.

Susie gasped when she felt the warm hand slide inwards and slightly upwards towards her bare pussy only to turn her head and look over her shoulder at her brother whose hand left her leg only to see him fingering the lower couple of inches of her silken robe. She was wondering if she was going to get fucked over the breakfast table with her mother and sister there to watch her humiliation…her face brightened as she felt her cunt react to the prospect of being taken so easily and willingly.

“Is this dressing robe new?” He smiled looking up at his sister.

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Susie looked questioningly at his brother before answering softly. “Yes…Jason got it for me for Christmas. ”

“Pity” Ross smiled.

Susie’s thoughts of being shagged soon disappeared as she immediately realised what her brother was intending to do when she saw him bring the pair of scissors from behind his back …she screamed and tried to pull away. Ross was anticipating her move and had grasped a good handful of the robe in his hand dragging her back to stand before him, twisting on the material tightening his grip preventing her from escaping.

“Stand still…” The tone of Ross’s voice had turned from soft and polite to quite menacing.

“Mummmm” Susie turned to her mother for help.

“Ros…” Alice Gorman’s voice tailed off as soon as it started when she saw the silencing stare her son gave her.

“Stand still …. ” Ross repeated instruction to his sister. “Legs apart…”

Susie knowing that any objections would be ignored by her dominant brother and accepted defeat doing as she was asked.

Ross snipped the thick edge of the hem before slowly ripping the fine silk up to her waist. As the lightly tanned legs started to come into view Ross felt the blood start to flow to his cock. By the time he had parted the silk to frame a perfect round ass he had to fight the urge to press his lips to the inviting flesh.

Cutting through the restricting belt that prevented him from completing the rip in one movement, he continued to tear the expensive cloth apart.

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   He noticed that there were no tan marks upon his sister’s body…something he had not noticed before this morning.

He had not taken any real interest in any of the female’s backs before but his sister’s showed an even colour of flawless skin which made him want to run his tongue all over it and worship such perfection.

Snipping the final piece of doubled material at the collar he laid the scissors on the table. Slowly peeling the two halves of ruined garment over her shoulders and down her arms before letting them drop at her feet, he retook his seat at the table.

Tears were trickling down his sister’s face.

“Sit down Susan” he deliberately used her given name to emphasise his authority over her.

As if he should offer an explanation he spoke quietly…

“When I say something I expect you to do exactly as I asked…naked when dad is not in the house means exactly that…” He turned to his younger sister and then his mother before continuing… “And that applies to you both…there will be consequences if I am disobeyed”

Ross’s mother and sister just nodded their understanding of his words.

“Do we have to be naked as well?” Cathy asked not quite sure what he really meant…just understood that if she didn’t do as her brother said she would be punished.

“No…it does not…Susie is the only one to be naked at all times” Ross smiled at his younger sister.

Susie opened her mouth about to object as to why that rule only applied to her but shut it before any words came out.

Ross looked at the three women under his complete control and smiled to himself before speaking once again.

“There Can Be Only One…”…he paused for effect, wanting those five words to sink in before looking at Cathy and continuing… “And who is that?”

Cathy smiled… “You are…Master”, forgetting her earlier disappointment in not being the one to suck him off.

Ross smiled at his sister when she paused before adding the word master…a nice touch he thought. He looked at his mother waiting for her reply.

“You Ross”…she could not bring herself to call her young son Master…although she knew that he indeed was master of her sexuality.

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Ross looked at her elder sister, the tears now stopped but the hate in her eyes still present. She gritted her teeth fighting the urge to say what she was thinking but in a very quiet hardly audible voice… “You are”

Ross grinned…in the two short weeks he had the only three important women previously in his life under his complete control. He looked at the three in turn thinking he must be the luckiest guy in the world.


Ross once again surprised his mother by giving her a peck on the cheek as he got out of the car, something he would never have done a week ago and risk ridicule from his peers.

He had listened to his mother’s reasons as to why Susie should be allowed to wear clothes about the house as they drove to school…all quite valid and probably true…and maybe he would let his elder sister wear clothes again…but not now…not for a few days…he wanted them all to be sure to know that his word when it comes to control over them was finite.

As he entered the school gates he was engrossed with his mobile phone mulling over the few saved messages he had written and had just managed to send the first text message from his drafts when Sean caught up with him. After the initial greetings Sean immediately started to rattle on about what level and how many kills he made on MW2 the previous night. Ross listened with a disinterested ear…his mind was elsewhere.


The day dragged slowly…Ross was waiting for the last period of the day to come…he had never been so keen for the French lesson to come.

Adèle was sitting at her desk as usual when they all entered the room. The concerned expression on her face was probably only recognised by Ross…but then of course he knew why she might be worried.

Ross walked straight up to her desk to accept the brown A5 sized manila envelope…once again none of his fellow classmates took any notice of him as they got in the last bit of chat with each other before taking their seats.

There was no need for Ross to open the envelope for he knew what was in there, but curiosity got the better of him. As soon as he sat down he broke the seal and peered inside. He smiled…a pale blue pair of panty briefs were neatly folded…he assumed they were placed carefully that way so that the envelope would not bulge if the panties were just stuffed in there.

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“What have you got there, mate?” Sean asked as he leant over trying to get a peek into the package.

Ross snapped the seal back down. “Nothing…just something that Adèle wants me to give to Susie”

“Susie…how does Susie know ma-dam-moi-selle” Sean smiled at his attempt to be amusing with his pronunciation of the mademoiselle.

Ross swore silently to himself for slipping up mentioning Susie, but was saved trying to explain his way out when Adèle called the class to order and the lesson began. He dropped the envelope into his bag.

Adèle unable to concentrate on teaching had given the class a written exercise. She sat uneasily behind her desk wondering if it were only Ross that knew that she was naked beneath the skirt she wore…her eyes moving slowly from pupil to pupil to see if there were any other smug faces besides that of her tormentor. She jumped when the phone vibrated in her hand.

As inconspicuously as she could she opened the message…the colour from her face visibly drained. She looked directly at the sender of the message who was staring right back at her with a huge smile upon his face. Her eyes once again scanned the room to see if anyone else was watching her, happy at least that it would appear that Ross was the only one that knew of her predicament.

The young French teacher took a few moments to compose her self before addressing the class. The moment she left the room the usual buzz of chatting between classmates erupted when a teacher left the room. Ross was thankful that Sean was one many that reached for their phone to check for messages or blogs.

Ross held his own phone in his hand…flicking through the screen showing the apps he had downloaded but not selecting any…he just wanted to appear to be busy with his phone.

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   It was nearly four minutes before his phone buzzed with a message coming through. He opened it after quickly glancing around to check no one was looking over his shoulder.

Adèle was visibly shaking as she sat on the toilet with her skirt down at her ankles. She was fighting back the tears as she cursed her self for getting into such a predicament…one she could not think of a way to get out of. She had just sent a picture with her legs spread wide showing a neatly trimmed pussy. She jumped when the phone buzzed.

Her eyes glazed over as she undid the buttons of her blouse exposing her small firm breasts neatly encased with the blue lacy bra that matched the panties that she no longer had. She eased her right breast out and holding the phone at arms distance she took the next photo as requested. She hit send on her phone.

Adèle rinsed her red eyes with cold water reflecting on what her young blackmailer was intending on doing with the five pictures she had sent him. Snapping out of her thoughts she quickly returned to her classroom…the children quieting down and putting away their phones before returning to their exercises.

The pretty dark haired teacher could not look at Ross for the remainder of the fifteen minutes of the period they had left. She was glad that it was the last lesson of the day.

Ross was slow leaving the room, making sure that he was the last one. He smiled as he approached the worried teacher.


   He spoke quietly and quickly.

“Don’t worry Adèle, the pictures will be safe and put along with the others I have of you. This was just to check to see how far you would be willing to go to keep me happy. ”

Adèle was about to speak but could not think of the right response quickly enough.

Ross turned to walk away before stopping and adding as an after though…

“When do I meet that sister of yours?” He left as a barrage of abuse was hurled at him…words spoken in French that he could not understand but knew exactly what she meant by the hatred in her voice.


Ross held his mother’s head as it bobbed up and down. He was not that gentle but again he did not force her down as far as he had the previous night with Cathy.

He held her head down when a car slowed down and stopped near to where they were parked in the lay-by. A friend of Cathy’s rolled down the window and asked if everything was fine. Cathy smiled and waved them on as Ross sat there in the front passenger seat grinning as his mother was hopefully out of sight as she gave her son the blow job. A few more words were exchanged before thankfully the car drove off with her friend’s mother still curious as to why there was no sign of Alice.

Alice Gorman wished that she was more forceful when her requests to wait to get home to suck her son off were ignored by her son when he made her pull into one of the many lay-byes. She knew why Ross was so insistent of course. Ross was exerting his control over her for refusing to let them eat at McDonalds for dinner. They had a somewhat heated argument in the car about who was in charge of family…and Alice had come out with a major victory.

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   Conditions were reached and limits set. Alice Gorman had full have power over every aspect of her children’s lives…except when it came to sex, where Ross had full control. Ross of course was exercising that control.

Comments on or about the story very welcome and suggestions as to where you want the story line to go may be sent to my e-mail addy. Nastymann@hotmail. co. uk
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