It was a Friday night and I had just been out down the town with a few of my mates. It was only ten when I set off home but I had been on mornings all week and I was fucked so I’d left my friends, jumped in a taxi and headed home.   After the short taxi ride home I got out of the car and walked around the back of my house because I only ever took the back door key out with me. I unlocked the back door and walked in. Now this seems like a good time to fully introduce myself my names Joe and I’m 19 and I live with my mother Jackie. The two of us live together in a small two bedroom house. My sister moved out last year and my two brothers live with their dad. We don’t have the same dads me and my sister do but my two brothers have a different one he’s a complete prick he once beat me when I was 15 and dislocated my jaw so my mother left him.
Now for my mother she’s around 5’8” with a medium build, she’s not fat by any means she has really nice big round breasts that at the age of 45 have started to drop a little but they still look rather firm and she also has a arse like a peach that when she wears tight fitting jeans looks really good. She has short brunette hair and she’s recently come back from a holiday and has golden skin that is still firm. As for me I’m around 5’10” athletic build due to the fact I play a lot of sport. I have very short brown hair and a well defined upper body decorated with tattoos.
Any way as I entered the house and closed the door behind me. I was in the kitchen, I was thirsty so I filled a glass with water and drank it as I walked through into the hall. I then saw some light coming under the living room door so I gathered that my mother must still be awake so I thought I’d say hello before I went up to bed. But as I got closer to the door I started to hear heavy breathing and muffled moaning noises.

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   All I could think was what the fucks going on. So I slowly walked up to the door and listened. As I listened I heard what I continued to hear muffled noises and I needed to know what was going on so I slowly started to turn the door knob and then I gently opened the door.
What I was greeted with I could not believe. In front of me on the couch was my mother face buried into a cushion, on all fours with her tits hanging down getting fucked from behind by some tall man that I have never seen before. As I stand there unnoticed in the door way watching this scene in front of me, the man was pounding away behind my mother. I could hear the slap of their bodies every time he thrust into my mother his balls slapping the underside of her and her tits swinging backwards and forwards in sometimes violent jerks. His body glistened with sweat his eyes tightly closed you can see that he is really giving it his all. All I did was stand and watch. Confusion reigning in my mind, I need an emotion to react to. Am I angry? No. Upset? No. Disgusted? No. Then what? Turned on? A little. Excited? Yeah.

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   Now I’m even more confused.
“Oh my God I’m going to cum!!”
My mother shouts as she raises her head up from the cushion her face all bright red and flushed. As she looks around towards her lover she sees me. Fuck what do I do, I’m stood there holding a glass of water with a completely lost expression on my face. She jumps off the couch and onto the floor almost taking the man and his dick with her. “Joe!!!” She’s now on the floor four feet in front of me one arm over her breasts the other hand covering her pussy, the man has fallen down onto the couch dick on full show. His 8” member in all its glory gleaming in the light and its dripping with juices.
“Oh my God Joe!!”
I looked back at my mother sat there on the floor desperately trying to cover herself up, looking up at me with an expression of complete fear. As I looked an alarm turned on in my head and it screamed run!! And run I did. I turned and ran out of the door, through the hall, into the kitchen, out of the back door, through the garden, out the gate and stopped behind a wall where I collapsed to the ground with a thud. Trying to catch my breath as well as my thoughts. I sat up with my back to the wall. What the fuck just happened? I’m looking around the streets empty all I can see is rows of cars lit up with street lights.
I bring my hands up to my face and rub my eyes, before dropping them again. One of my hands drops into my lap.

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   Dazed I start to feel something. I try to work out in my head what it is, then it comes to me. I try to squeeze my hand but it’s met with solid resistance and I know that I have an erection. My cock is fully hard and it actually feels like it’s trying to expand even bigger. I whip it up into my waistband and get up off the floor. I walk around in a daze for a while, trying to piece together what I had just seen. It was obvious that I had just been turned on by watching my own mother get fucked by a complete stranger. It turned me on just thinking about it. I closed my eyes just for a second and I could picture her there on all fours. What was I going to do? I couldn’t walk around forever, so after walking around for an hour I headed for home.
As I walked past the front of the house I could see that the living room light was off so I walked around the back and walked in through the back door. The house was dark and I didn’t put the lights on I just used what light there was and felt my way quietly up to my room. When I got into my room I lay down on my bed in the dark and continued to think about my mother and I closed my eyes and I could see it in my mind. My hand found its way into my trousers and I started to rub my hard cock. I then unbuttoned them and slid them down and took them off dropping them on the floor and took my shirt off.

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   I then spat on my hand and rubbed it onto my cock. I pulled my foreskin back then let it slide back again as I started to masturbate to the vision in my head. It was electric, by far the best wank that I had ever had.
A little beam of light shone across me from between my curtains from the street light beyond. My dick glistened in the light. I am stroking the whole length of my 7” shaft. I am in a world of pleasure and my whole bodies tingling. Then snap! Back to reality! With the sound of a door handle and the squeak of my door. Then the room’s filled with light. I look over and there in my doorway is my mother, stood wearing a dressing gown hand on the light switch. Now it’s my face that’s filled with fear. I don’t react. My hand wrapped around my cock. We stare at each other. I see her eyes move from my face to my dick and rest there.

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   Seconds tick away like as if they were hours. She drops her hand from the switch and it lands by her side. It’s now that I lose control of my limbs. My hand starts to stoke my dick again very slowly. She responds by taking a step forward towards me legs crossed, eyes transfixed on me as if in a trance.
I continue to stroke myself, as her hand moves from her side and she slowly tugs on her gown and it falls open exposing what is underneath. She is wearing a short blue silk night gown with lined with a see through lace. It barely hangs down much further than her pussy. I look up and I see her bighting her bottom lip. I look down and I can see her picking her nails. As I am looking at her I feel myself getting even more turned on. Her night gown struggling to contain her 34DD breasts slightly covered by her dressing gown. I take my hand off my cock and bring it up to my mouth and spit on it before returning it to its previous position and resuming stroking. Her hand then moves from by her side it slowly brushes her leg en route to her pussy. Her thumb clearing the way for her fingers by lifting up the bottom of her gown exposing a light blue thong partially covered by her hand.

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   She runs her middle finger the length of the pussy exposing the outline through the thong. She then starts to rub her pussy in curlier motions.
She licks her lips and lets out a little moan. Just a little “mmmmm” my hearts racing, I’m breathing faster and deeper in through the mouth and out through the nose. She stops and lifts her hands up as high as the top of her chest then with the middle finger on both hands he peels her dressing gown away and lets it slide of her body and fall to the floor. Leaving her standing in the night gown. I stop and then I stand up and I face her. We are six feet apart and I slowly start to walk towards her. I stop just short of her. The sexual tension between us is incredible as I raise my hands to her shoulders guided by running my hands up the curves of her body. Then with the my index finger I gently slide the tiny straps of the gown down her shoulders and let the gown slip down and fall to the floor.
Now we are stood inches from each other I slowly move my hands down from her shoulders down the top of her arms and it cupping the side of each breast down onto her hips as we move closer. My cock slides up against her. Our mouths are open and are now inches from touching. Then I close my eyes and move in.

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       Our lips touch. Her soft lips against mine. Small pecks followed by her soft tongue gently searching out mine finding it and rubbing its self gently against it. I then feel a hand moving slowly up the inside of my leg. Soft skin brushing up against my thigh. It then reaches my balls and gently cups them and rubs them. Then the hand turns its attention to my dick. This soft hand starts to stroke very slowly. She breaks the kiss and leads me over to the bed. She lays down with her legs over the side of the bed and her arse on the edge of it. I drop to my knees between her legs and raise my hands to her hips. I grab the light blue lace thong and gently pull it down exposing a completely shaven pussy.
    It even seemed to release the smell of her pussy. I inhaled deep through the nose it smelt so sweet. Her thong was so wet and warm to touch I dropped it and raised my hand and touched her pussy.

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       It was so hot I couldn’t believe it and it was really slippery. I ran my finger along the inside of the pussy and then I took my other hand and I parted it exposing her clit. I lowered my mouth to it and kissed it. I ran my tongue around it and sucked on it. It tasted so good. I then raised my right hand and started to insert my fingers into her pussy and I finger fucked her as I licked her clit. I looked up over her body as I was doing this, her big boobs slightly parted I reached up with my left hand and grabbed one. It felt so good, it was nice and firm but at the same time soft, she had really big nipples they were like the tip of my thumb. She suddenly sat up and grabbed my head and pushed deep into her pussy as she came. I couldn’t breathe but I didn’t care, I could feel her come wash over my fingers as I removed them and put them in my mouth. They tasted so good as I licked the silky cum of my fingers.
    She then guided my head away as she stood up followed by me. She then turned around and climbed onto the bed ass facing me. I climbed on behind her and positioned myself behind her looking down at her ass. I could see her tight ass whole which made me even more excited she reached back and took my dick in her hand and guided it towards her pussy.

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       When the tip of my dick touched her hot wet lips I could feel them start to part and engulf my cock as it started to inch its way in. Once I was half way or so I started to thrust in and out getting deeper and deeper each time right up to the balls she started to rock back onto my cock. It felt incredible. I could feel me balls slapping against her I could hear all the same sounds I heard earlier my skin slapping against hers but now I could here squelching from her wet pussy as my cock motioned in and out of it. I then reach forward and grab her swinging boobs and take their weight in my hands as I squeezed them letting her hard nipples slide through the gaps in my fingers.
    I stopped and pulled out and she got up as I sat down on the bed and she climbed on top of me. Now her tits are in my face I lift one up and put her nipple in my mouth and start to suck on it, it’s literally the size of the teat on a baby’s bottle. I sucked away while she grinded on my cock. She moans and she starts to breathe deeper and fasted. She wraps her arms around me tight and starts to fuck me harder. I wrap my arms around her and we press our bodies together I lick my fingers and run my right hand down her back to her arse. I start to rub her arse hole when her hand grabs the back of my head, “I’m going to cum. Are you going to cum with me?” Whispered in my ear, I nodded, “Yes,” We both go at it bodies pounding together, we both getting hotter and hotter, I feel my orgasm building, I can feel her body tense in my arms, she grabs me tighter,
    “I. . .

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      . . I’m cumming!!!”
    Right then I slide my finger into her tight ass followed by another just before she comes, I feel her arse hole tighter around my fingers as I arrive at orgasm shooting my load into her I go light headed and almost short of breath, our mouths meet and we share a passionate kiss as our bodies come to a stop. We stop kissing and she kisses my cheek then my neck then shoulder and I remove my fingers from her arse.   We stay in that position for a couple of minutes until my dick softens and falls out followed by a mixture of our combined cum. She gets off me and lays down next to me. She reaches down and sticks her fingers in her pussy I turn onto my side to face her she then brings her fingers up to her mouth, “mmm tastes good. . . ” I lean over and kiss her as she returns her hand to her pussy I can hear her fingers going and out squelching, she brings her hand back up and I wrap my mouth around them licking her fingers clean. I then lay down next to her and she snuggled up against me and starts to stroke my now limp cock. She looks up and looks into my eyes, “This is our little secret okay?” She said “Yeah. ” I replied.
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